Digital design tools: consider the safety of buildings okorder

Digital tools, such as BIM, should be accepted by designers because they help create safer buildings, according to research published by institutions of Occupational Safety and Health (Laboratory).
Research commissioned by the Institute of Labor and Research has strengthened the need for security to be designed from the ground up, not considered as an afterthought. The study found that digital design tools can have an impact on improving security from the start of the project.

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Argentine sea view room perfectly integrated into the environment okorder

This house was designed and built on a quiet beach in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Only a few meters away from the dunes, you can easily step on the beach, soak up the sun, and build a strategic position that can provide a relaxing life experience and stay away from the hustle and bustle. On one side is the blue sea and on the other side is the lush forest. What can you enjoy the wonders of nature to make you more comfortable? There are no obstacles to the building, only a small amount of vegetation, acacia and sand.

The natural framework of the above plot gives us a perfect view of the sea. The main body of the house is made entirely of concrete, and the choice of materials has practical reasoning. The house has two different living units, one for the family and one for the guests.

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New MULTISPACE family lighting applications okorder

The new MULTISPACE family luminaires are produced by the company LAMP. The dazzling reason is its official purity and cord, which provides innovative solutions for contract and retail projects. The combination of the environment and a single light produces a structure that is more spatially contrasted and forms a stream of light. Its wide range of luminaires include suspension, wall mount and spotlights.
Suspension lamps are equipped with T5-HO fluorescent lamps, which are suitable for ambient lighting. They can all be assembled or created in a continuous line. For the spotlight project, there are single or dual modules with QR-111 or CDM-R111 reflectors that fit the side of the illuminator. For places where only one light is needed, there are individual or double wall mounted lights, as well as tracking or base spotlights, all using QR-111 or CDM-R111 reflector lights.
Among its accessories, you can find signs of small brackets hanging on the fixtures, which allows users to customize any color pairing with corporate projects.
MULTISPACE luminaires are made of extruded aluminum, and wall-mounted luminaires and spotlights are made of die-cast aluminum. They are all painted in a matte white texture.

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The longest side of the corner of the clay slab curtain wall is 9 feet. okorder

Terrart-Large offers large-format elements of clay slab curtain walls, based on individual manufacturing, project specifications. A consideration for projects where large or very large elements support wind loads and structural and aesthetic design.

A single ceramic component can be adjusted up to 6 feet in length. The height can be adjusted to the desired horizontal grid. The hollow chamber of the clay slab curtain wall can be made into curved, chamfered elements or corners. The specially designed corner plate has a maximum side length of about 9 feet.

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The lamp is completely made of branches and reflects nature. okorder

How can we better integrate ourselves with nature? Now we have found a very good way. Floris has succeeded in this, grafting the beauty and light of a tree. Create a light bracket by stripping the bark and then creating a shadow. Branch, then divide into three parts to build the various components. The light truly reflects nature and challenges the concept of separation between the outside world and the inner world.

Table lamp” width=”630″ height=”516″ />

With the stripping design, a branch is naturally converted into a floor lamp.

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Eurospan ceilings can be seamless okorder

Now, almost all walls or ceilings have excellent acoustic performance, eliminating the need for traditional exterior fabric covering panels. Eurospan has an innovative concept in the interior acoustic design of the Eurospan ceiling. The Eurospan system is a complete acoustic system consisting of four components:

1. High-performance integrated fiberglass with a white matte covering surface.

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Oscar sofas bring you a different feeling okorder

Today, the color of the sofa is varied, but it is also a good choice for all-white wrapping or beige or gray tones. For example, this version of the Oscar sofa has a stunning light purple and standard The combination of polished aluminum legs is so appealing. The combination of strong colors can bring vitality to our space. Pillows with extra contrasting colors are an easy way to create 3 to 4 different shades that give the room a cohesive and a perfect palette.

If you have a more neutral color choice in your home, you can give your room a calm choice. Here, although the Oscar’s cushion is light gray, the color contrast of the legs can still bring a different impact. Here, the cinnamon skin is the perfect backdrop to a dark blue background, and the combination of the two tones also gives the sofa a heavy metal feel. In addition to the perfect color statement, the leather is easy to clean, just wipe it with a simple damp cloth, even if it is red or milk stains.

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Romantic chairs give you a different experience of life okorder

No romantic person will give up choosing such a romantic chair. The designer let Charles show his talent talent without being outdone. He redesigned a romantic chair. The outline of two angels, a man and a woman as the back of the chair. Wings are the best handles. When there is no one sitting, a pair of loving angel projections appear behind the sun. The chair is fully wrapped with paint and can completely protect the material of the chair from sun exposure. The stencil cut of the seat symbolizes the eternal life, while the nose-to-nose, face-to-face, mouth-to-mouth, and heart-to-heart. This is a romantic piece of furniture. Don’t you want a romantic piece of furniture that allows you to enjoy the sun while enjoying a romantic atmosphere.

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The Future Academy of Karolinska Institute okorder

In Sweden, architects renovated a building that was not used by Karolinska College, making it a bright, airy space that provides space for learning and socializing. In the future learning environment Solna is flexible, meeting the needs and providing space for eating, meeting and learning. Inside, you will find a warm feeling, like a comfortable sofa, a variety of work areas, a house like a booth and a lush forest filled with fresh oxygen to satisfy the children who are eager to learn.

Karolinska Institute is one of the largest and most prestigious medical schools in Europe. Innovate the facilities of the Academy by reshaping the underutilized space between the Becherius Halls. Bright, open spaces are now used as a home away from home, for teachers and staff. “Our idea is to create a second home and provide ample ideas about their meetings, exchange ideas, learn from each other, and we want to feel like going home. ” Architect Eva Falk said this.

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Eco-friendly hotel in Bangalore okorder

The architect created a simple and eco-friendly hotel and welcomes visitors to Bangalore, India. Using locally sustainable materials, including grey stones, recycled wood and biodegradable reeds, the stone building is in harmony with the surrounding environment.

This 1200 square foot hotel is located in Bangalore. The house has a small kitchen, a study and bedroom, no dividing walls, all distinguished by simple and flexible boundaries. This openness provides shelter in a traditional central courtyard and maintains a uniquely tranquil atmosphere.

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