Rescuing money, Greece wants to cut thousands of civil servants okorder

The Greek parliament passed the civil service reform bill at midnight on the 18th, and scheduled to abolish thousands of people to obtain the next bail-out loan from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The President of the National Assembly stated that the government ruling coalition, which holds a majority of the Congress, passed several extremely harsh bills with 153 votes in favor and 140 votes against. The ruling coalition meeting is only 5 seats more than the opposition party, so it is a thrilling pass.
These reforms include public officials, including thousands of teachers and municipal police officers, who must seek another job within eight months or accept government-appointed positions or they will be unemployed.
At the same time, the Greek people have been holding up the rumors of the rumors in the past few days to launch street demonstrations. According to police estimates, about 3,000 people gathered outside the parliament building on the evening of the 17th to protest.
Greece passed the Public Servant Reform Act to remove obstacles to the next 6.8 billion euro bailout loan. The euro zone finance ministers set up a conference call on the 24th to discuss the funding.
German Finance Minister Xiao Bole will visit Greece on a rare occasion on the 18th, rumored to be a company that has set up aid funds to assist in operational difficulties. Xiao Bole publicly praised the efforts of the Greek budget to reduce the deficit before the trip.
Over the past four years, Greece has been forced to implement a series of painful reforms in exchange for the €240 billion EU-IMF bailout fund. However, measures such as mass layoffs and reductions in pensions have made domestic people unfamiliar, leading to frequent protests and strikes.
On the whole, Greece must relocate 25,000 public servants and lay off an additional 4,000 people by the end of this year. It is scheduled to complete the reset of 4,200 public servants by the end of July.
Last month the Greek government announced the closure of the state-run Greek Broadcasting and Television Corporation (ERT), which led to the departure of the Democratic Left Party and the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Samaras.

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2015 Key turning point to save the planet okorder

In 2008, British scientists declared that humans have only seven years left to save the planet and humanity themselves! If greenhouse gases cannot be controlled in these seven years, then the earth will enter an irreversible vicious circle in 2015. All kinds of disasters will sweep the earth, causing humans to encounter all kinds of unprecedented “doomsdays”.
This is not an alarmist. British scientists claim that if human efforts to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions fail, then the Earth will face the greatest disaster threat since the asteroids hit the Earth 65 million years ago, causing the extinction of dinosaurs, a series of catastrophic Natural events will sweep the earth unstoppably. Experts say that the current climate of the Earth is less than 1 degree Celsius from the warmest climate in 1 million years. If humans burn out other fossil fuels left on Earth, the temperature of the Earth will rise by 13 degrees Celsius. Within a year, the lack of water resources will become a headache, and violent conflicts may follow.
Pathogens swept through modern cities. If the Earth’s temperature continues to rise, some killer bacteria from the tropical jungle will sweep through the modern city of mankind. Mosquitoes with malaria will take root and multiply in the UK, most European countries and the continental United States, and malaria now kills about 1.5 million people worldwide each year. The deadly viruses carried by other insects will also follow, such as dengue fever, West Nile virus, encephalitis and yellow fever. If human efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions fail, by the end of the century more than 180 million Africans will die from deadly diseases related to climate warming.
In the next few decades, the “climate refugees” who were forced to leave their homes will rise to 1 billion people. Experts say: “By the middle of this century, climate warming will force people to leave their homes and cross borders into neighboring countries, triggering social instability, racism and resentment from local residents. & rdquo; Climate warming will cause many parts of the world, including California, Australia, southern Europe and most of Africa, to be gradually eaten or deserted by the desert, and millions of Africans will experience drought and famine. By 2050, how to feed the 9 billion people on the planet will bring an unimaginable burden to the planet and agriculture.
In the early 21st century, it has been described by some scientists as the beginning of the 6th era of annihilation. Today, the rate of disappearance of biological species on Earth is 1,000 times faster than at any time in the past 65 million years. Experts predict that by 2050, a quarter of the plants and animals on the land will suffer extinction, especially animals such as polar bears are in danger of extinction.
The UN report pointed out that nine of the top ten natural disasters in 2007 were caused by climate anomalies. There are indications that the Earth’s ecological environment is undergoing qualitative changes. Behind the enjoyment of material civilization that gives us a comfortable life, there is a huge crisis. The Earth’s north and south glaciers are disappearing at an alarming rate. This disappears not only with beautiful glaciers, but also with the ecological environment we live on. Global warming is evolving into a huge crisis in human history. Humanity is facing the danger of collective extinction. If we ignore it, we will become the chief culprit of the children.

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Shocking cultural capital and the contribution of Singaporeans okorder

At the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, the Singapore film Sandcastle was one of the seven major films screened by International Film Critics Week. This is the sixth consecutive year that Singaporean film has become the most important film festival in the global entertainment industry. The main show of the movie. British film critic Tony Rains commented on the film: it “strongly shocked”. Every brand advocate will admit that it is a very influential brand that gives a strong impact.
These cultural products contribute to the shaping of national brands in their own unique ways. Just as the company’s employees reflect the company’s image, the country’s general public is its most important brand ambassador. The American people are the most enthusiastic brand ambassadors of American national brands at home and abroad. When tourists look for official buildings in the countries where they travel, they often use the national flag to distinguish them. This is probably not very useful in the United States, because basically every commercial building and civilian house hangs the American flag all year round, showing that it is the United States. The pride of the people. As an international ambassador of American national brands, Americans will instinctively advocate the core values ​​of the United States, such as freedom and democracy, as long as they have the opportunity. They will also wear the American flag badge on the lapel of the jacket.
However, Singapore’s approach is different. Singaporeans have played a part in the process of shaping national brands for decades, in contrast to the fact that government agencies have played an absolute (and sometimes overwhelming) role. This chapter focuses on the role of ordinary people and civil society in the non-governmental or commercial sector in the shaping of Singapore’s national branding.

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The weak property market dragged down the US economic recovery okorder

In the US, the quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) slowed down, and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke declared that the “stress test” results were good. Against the background, data disclosed on May 12th showed that the median house price in the US fell by 13.8% year-on-year in the first quarter. This “poor” decline is somewhat unacceptable, and it also reminds analysts to calmly examine the current and potential drag on the weakness of the US economy.

Obama, who has been the most important task in the current term of office, will not understand the importance of stimulating the US housing market. Its economic team has also continued to use various means to help nearly 10 million American families avoid foreclosure, strengthen their financial and policy commitments to the “two rooms”, and support the housing market by lowering mortgage interest rates. However, in reality, US housing prices have fallen and fell in unresolved ways, making people wonder whether Obama should “waste” funds in huge economic stimulus plans and put them more in the rescue plan for the real estate industry. go with.

In fact, the poor state of the US real estate is more due to their own problems. First of all, the role of real estate in this financial crisis is much more than just “one physical industry.” When the US auto industry was in trouble last autumn and oil companies experienced a decline in performance in the first quarter of this year, the US real estate industry experienced a landslide trend in the second half of 2007, which was inconsistent with the time when the country’s financial industry began to suffer. On the other hand, the nature of the real estate industry makes the US real estate industry still have to rely on and wait for the financial support of financial institutions in the process of getting rid of the recession, which means that the industry faces a continuous downturn longer than most other industries.

Secondly, as one of the industries of the subprime mortgage crisis, the US real estate industry has suffered from the direct impact of the subprime mortgage crisis and the financial crisis. “Declining demand – performance decline – unemployment rate The soaring-surplus default rate surged “the indirect impact of chain implementation, so the industry is more traumatic than other physical industries.

Considering the real impact of the real estate industry on the upstream and downstream industries in the real economy chain, the long-term downturn and deep-rooted US real estate industry is likely to delay the US real economy. Recovery process.

in time, a huge amount of single consumption characteristics, making the financial system to restore lending has become an important prerequisite for the real estate market rebound. The “stress test” shows that the Bank of America, which has the largest capital increase, claims that it will return all government bailout funds within a few months, but this does not mean that bank credit will be fully restored by then. In addition, the release of housing stocks and the US consumer’s acceptance of this crisis have made a certain amount of savings, although it will be synchronized with credit recovery, but it may take more time.

in the interaction with the real economy, the United States still need to rely on real estate recovery in the employment rate of the United States to obtain consumer confidence, in order to ensure its stability and continued to pick up.

analysts believe that if we get rid of the weakness in the US real estate market situation, is actually a result of the US financial system and the real economy revealed signs of stabilization. From this perspective, the current weakness of the real estate market is a inevitable process for the recovery of the US economy. The Obama administration has recently proposed that its economic stimulus plan “can create or protect at least 3.5 million jobs.” The plan creates the possibility of “confidence” between economic confidence and the real estate market to jointly get out of the crisis. Before the above expectations finally become a reality, the weakness of the US real estate industry will continue to drag the US economic recovery process “step by step.”

Source: China Securities Journal

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US HDG market is weak, scrap prices are expected to continue to rise okorder

The price of the single-barrel billet rose slightly

In recent weeks, CIS and Turkish billet prices have remained stable. The overall performance of the Middle East market, including Egypt, was weak, so billet prices in the region remained unchanged. In addition, Turkish steel mills are not interested in billets from the CIS and Southern Europe due to weak demand for steel from the Middle East and North Africa.

Currently, the price of the CIS billet is $380/ton. ~400 US dollars / ton, an increase of 10 US dollars / ton from last week.

EU hot rolled coil demand began to recover

Even if the current import price is lower than European steel The manufacturer’s offer, buyers of European hot rolled coils may start buying products because there is room for bargaining. As some domestic dealers began to replenish stocks, demand gradually recovered. In addition, there are some traders who are increasingly interested in imported products.

Hot rolled steel coil offer from the Commonwealth of Independent States to the European Union Very stable, the price of the products shipped in June is 300 euros / ton ~ 350 euros / ton. Mexico’s offer is between €300/ton and €320/tonne. In addition, the EU’s cold-rolled coil prices have also rebounded slightly, but it is not expected to grow much, as demand remains sluggish.

The domestic HDG market is still weak and the scrap price is expected Continue to rise

Since last week, the United States The import price of hot dip galvanized coil (HDG) has remained stable, but the price of this product in the United States has dropped further during the same period. Many US steel producers are engaged in price wars to maintain market share. At present, the price of HDG in the US market is about US$507/ton~$551/ton, which is the same as last week, but the steel mill’s surcharge of US$20/ton was rejected.

In addition, scrap prices are expected to continue to rise in May, It may push the price of flat products to rise. But as long as the demand does not improve, the buyer will not accept the rising price.

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For forest resources, EU timber trade rules are becoming stricter okorder

According to the draft EU law on the protection of global forests against climate change, suppliers of timber to EU countries must prevent illegal logging. The European Commission said that the company should absolutely guarantee that the timber sold to the EU-27 is legally harvested. According to the European Commission, one-fifth of the EU’s imported timber may come from illegal logging.

European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said that illegal timber or wood products will no longer be allowed in the EU market. The draft needs to be approved by EU governments and the European Parliament, a process that takes a year or more. The EU is constantly strengthening the protection of forests as part of curbing global warming.

This draft on timber trade will reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions by 1/5 by 1990 by 2020. The goal is to reduce dependence on mineral fuels by multiplying the use of renewable energy such as wind energy. This new proposal is also part of the EU’s agreement to reach a forest protection agreement with countries with more serious illegal logging. The EU and Ghana agreed in September that timber exported by African countries to Europe should be certified.

According to the draft, EU timber suppliers must adopt a certification system to prove that their products are legally harvested. Since there is no clear definition of illegal logging in the world, legality will be determined according to the laws of the timber producing countries. The responsibility for the audit will be implemented on the first company in the EU market to order timber. Responsible persons include EU importers and primary processors. Companies can develop their own auditing systems, as well as a recognized auditing system.

However, environmental groups such as Greenpeace believe that the draft is too weak and requires EU legislators to be more rigid. Sebastien Risso, an official of Greenpeace’s EU forestry policy, said the company should be required to prove that timber is legally harvested and that operators are also responsible for ensuring compliance with environmental and social standards through a robust traceability system. Finally, the EU needs to entrust authorities to discover, investigate and prosecute illegal cases.

The European Commission quoted FAO as saying that the global forest is decreasing at a rate of 13 million hm2 per year. In another policy report released on October 17, the European Commission recommended that Europe should provide funding for forest conservation in developing countries through the Global Forest Carbon Mechanism (GFCM).

EU funds may come from the auction of carbon dioxide allowable emission allowances before 2013, which is under the group’s emissions trading system. Emission allowances allocated to European energy and production companies. The European Commission said that in 2020, 5% of auction revenues from GFCM could reach 1.5 billion to 2.5 billion euros. If a new global agreement on climate change is reached, the European Commission will consider allowing the company to apply forest protection credits after 2020 in order to meet the limits of the emissions trading system.

The EU does not agree with this type of credit in the trading system. The system requires companies that exceed quotas to purchase emissions credits from lower-emission companies. The European Commission has proposed the possibility of establishing a pilot phase in accordance with the GFCM, and governments can apply forestry credits during the pilot phase to achieve their emission reduction targets beyond 2012. The pilot phase will also consider a new agreement to address global warming, which requires the EU to increase its 2020 emission reduction target to 30%.

The European Commission said that based on the initial assessment, companies will be allowed to use forest harvesting credits to offset some of their emissions after 2020. The emissions from deforestation are three times higher than those imposed by the EU trading system for power plants and other plants. The inclusion of forestry credits within the system by 2020 will result in excessive credit supply and lead to a sharp fall in licensing prices. Friends of the Earth of Europe praised the position of the European Commission on this issue.

This policy document on deforestation will have an impact on the EU’s position in global negotiations, the 2012 Kyoto Protocol New negotiations on climate change will take place after the expiration. The EU Environment Minister discussed the document at the Luxembourg meeting in October.

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What are the precautions for buying smart toilets? okorder

Is the smart toilet cover really practical? Many consumers will have such confusion when they are decorating their new home. With the popularity of smart toilets, more and more people will try such products, and it will indeed bring convenience to life. So what brand of smart toilet cover is good? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you in detail, then talk about the smart toilet cover purchase precautions, to provide reference for friends in need.
First, the smart toilet cover is really practical?

1, smart toilet cover advantages

Intelligent toilet cover has the biggest advantage is to provide people with automatic sterilization function . There are many bacteria in the toilet, and it is easy to cause infectious diseases by holding up the contact. The smart toilet lid can effectively kill bacteria and has great benefits in preventing bacterial infection, hemorrhoids, constipation and the like. In addition, the intelligent toilet lid can also bring cleaning function. After washing, it can also be heated and dried. The new massage function can meet the different flushing needs of men and women.

2, smart toilet cover shortcomings

Today’s smart toilet cover does not match all the toilets. Some home toilets are not installed because of the limited distance from the water tank. The intelligent toilet cover adopts an intelligent control panel surface, so the elderly and children are prone to misuse, affecting normal use, failing to achieve deodorizing, self-cleaning effects, and even causing malfunctions. The price of smart toilets is still very expensive today, and many families are discouraged.

Second, smart toilet cover purchase precautions

1, when buying a smart toilet cover, pay attention to whether it matches the toilet in the home. Since different toilets are different in length from the water tank, all smart toilet seats are not suitable. Please measure the size before purchase and confirm with the customer service.

2, the functionality of the smart toilet cover is very important, most of the smart toilet seats are equipped with a hip wash function, but the specific experience is very different. Conditional families can purchase toilet seats with baptism and child wash functions, which can meet special needs and be safer and safer to use.

3, the safety of the smart toilet cover is very important, some inferior products will have shortcomings such as leakage, high water temperature, drying and overheating, which directly affects the user experience. Therefore, when purchasing, you can pay attention to whether the product has corresponding protective measures, especially the design of the anti-electric wall is very important.

4, the purchase of a large brand of smart toilet cover is very important, this relationship after the quality of the product and after-sales service.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Anhui Anqing City has completed the phased effect of the main road in the old city okorder

  The reporter learned from the Office of the Municipal Wastewater Comprehensive Improvement Leading Group that since the launch of the special action for comprehensive sewage treatment in the city, as of the end of June, the municipal level has issued 10 batches of sewage treatment tasks list, In the 1864 investigation, 1674 has been rectified, and the completion rate has reached 90%. The promotion of the rectification work has achieved phased results.

  In terms of rain and sewage diversion, the storm and sewage diversion of the main road in the old city has been completed 18.8 kilometers, and 16 districts have completed the reconstruction of rainwater and sewage diversions in the districts, and newly built sewage pipelines are 6.2 kilometers; In the old district, 17 rainwater and sewage diversions were reconstructed, and 10 new sewage treatment and lifting pumping stations were built. This year, 24 old residential renovation projects will be started, and the rainwater and sewage diversion will be implemented simultaneously.

  In the pipeline remediation, the main sewage pipeline was inspected for 450 kilometers, and the sewage pipeline network capacity was improved. The main pipeline of the eastern New Town sewage was dredged 136 kilometers to repair the damaged and disconnected structures. At 332 sexual issues, the problem of unsmooth main sewage pipelines in the eastern New Town has been basically solved. In 2019, it is planned to renovate the main sewage pipelines of Longmianshan Road, Jixian South Road, Jixian North Road and Wenyuan Road, and the main pipeline project of Longmianshan Road and Jixian Road has started construction. Each district will simultaneously carry out the transformation of the district pipe road sewage pipeline.

  In terms of sewage collection capacity improvement, the sewage from the east of the Shun’an River in the eastern new city was repaired into the Chengdong Wastewater Treatment Plant through the pipeline, and the sewage interception project of the Ring Shitang Lake was put into use, and the Phoenix Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed and put into operation. And began to collect domestic sewage in the west of the Tongan River, the scope of sewage collection continues to expand, and the treatment volume has increased significantly.

   In addition, in terms of water system management, since last year, the municipal key project management office has completed 13 water system management. A total of five water system projects are currently being implemented. Among them, Qintan Lake has completed a total investment of 155 million yuan, of which 96.7% of dredging was completed and 61.3% of sewage interception pipelines were installed; Shenlingtan completed a total investment of 8.5 million, of which 47% was completed; and Shitang Lake intake completed 1470 Million, which completes dredging 96%.


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The easy to use toilets are all selected, after reading these little whites okorder

We all know that when we decorate, we buy materials while we are constructing them, so when we understand the decoration, we will definitely find this order to understand. In the last issue of Xiaobian, I introduced you how to paint the paint. I interspersed in this issue to talk about the purchase of bathroom products. How can I buy a good toilet? What do we need to know to buy a toilet? Drainage method, flushing method, brand, price, whether to choose a smart toilet, etc., let’s start with the following!
The toilet that is easy to use depends on the choice of this Raiders.” Choose the difference “

First, the toilet is a good split or a good one

Toilet purchase
When buying a toilet, many people can’t tell what One-piece toilet, what is a split toilet?

Smart toilet
Synchronous: The one-piece toilet connects the water tank to the toilet, and people can have water flow by simply pressing the button Come out, the amount of water is too much, easy to wash, the installation of the connected toilet is relatively simple, but the price is higher, the length is longer than the split toilet. The one-piece toilet is also called siphon type, and the siphon type is also divided into two types, siphon jet type (mild noise); siphon spiral type (quick, thorough, low smell, low noise). The general appearance of the Siamese is better.

Separate: The water tank is separated from the base, and the toilet needs to be bolted to link the toilet to the water tank. The split toilet is cheaper, the installation is a bit more troublesome, and the water tank is prone to damage. The split type toilet is also called the straight type, and has a large impulse, but the noise is also large, but it is not easy to block. If the toilet paper can be directly put into the toilet, there is no need to set a paper basket next to the toilet. The split toilet has strong punching force and smooth water, which is the advantage of the split toilet.

Although some toilets are said to be one-piece, they are actually fired separately. The last process is spliced ​​together and then glazed. This can be touched by hand if the sides are smooth and free of unevenness. It is one-piece firing, and if there is bump connection, it is separate.

In addition to the traditional split and one-piece toilets, there are wall-mounted toilets to reduce the crowded space. It is especially suitable for wall-mounted toilets. Wall-mounted toilets also have the advantage of Convenient for hygiene, the bottom is suspended.

Second, the toilet is straight or the siphon is good

The toilet is much easier to use. Because the flushing pipe of the straight flush toilet is simple, the pipe is thick, the path is short, the momentum of the water flow is large, and it is particularly easy to flush down the large dirt, so it is not necessary to fear that it will block, which saves a lot of heart. In terms of water saving, it also saves more water than siphon.

The toilet
Another point is that the siphon-type toilet has a high water level. Every time it is convenient, it will worry that the water will splash on the body, which is unsanitary. The straight-through water storage surface is small, so it should be hygienic.

Toilet purchase
Therefore, if the family is small, it is better to choose the toilet. It has a small footprint and is simple and convenient to use. If the water pipes in your home are filled with traps, you should choose a flush toilet. Otherwise, you will know that the toilet is blocked and your heart is blocked.

Smart toilet
Three, wall row toilet and floor drain toilet which is better

The difference between wall toilet and floor drain toilet: The biggest difference between the two is drainage The installation of pipes and water tanks is different. The wall-mounted toilets are also called wall-mounted toilets. They are directly suspended on the wall space and make reasonable use of the wall space. The floor space is small and the bathroom space is saved. The floor drain toilet is a traditional toilet placed directly on the ground. The floor drain toilet has a hole distance of 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, and there is no need to pre-bury the water tank, etc., as long as the center of the sewer is finished after the tile is finished. The distance is one of the above three.

Why is the wall-mounted toilet slowly replacing the toilet: The wall-to-ceiling toilet is to move the toilet pipe to the wall. When purchasing the wall-mounted toilet, there will be a pre-water tank, which is first pre-buried. After the tiles are placed, the ceramic pieces are installed. Wall-row toilets are more and more popular with modern young white-collar workers. It also has some advantages:

1, small footprint, toilets that will occupy the place and Parts such as water tanks are hidden in the wall, very clean and tidy, giving a stylish sense of exquisiteness.

2, the noise is small, because the water tank is installed in the wall to block the noise when flushing.

3, more convenient to clean, is the first choice for people with cleanliness, can be cleaned in 360 degrees without dead ends.

4, easy to shift, can be completed without the use of a shifter, more convenient than the floor-standing toilet.

But there are some inevitable shortcomings: it is very inconvenient to repair the problems in the later stage. It is necessary to cut the wall and the gravity is much smaller than that of the floor drain.

Toilet purchase
Fourth, how to choose the size of the toilet

1, look at the hole spacing

1). The key is the problem of toilet water distance. The toilet water distance, also called the hole distance of the toilet, refers to the horizontal distance from the center of the water pipe to the wall after tiling. The toilet is mainly divided into a floor type and a wall type (wall type). At present, the floor type toilet is more commonly used. Different from the wall row type, the floor-mounted toilet does not need to embed the water tank and other things, only the horizontal distance from the center of the water hole to the wall after the brick is finished after the brick is finished;

2). The general hole spacing is now 300mm, 350mm, 400mm and 450mm, the more common is 300mm and 400mm. Because the drainage method of the floor-mounted toilet is not the pre-buried pipe in the wall, the drainage of the toilet is downward, so the measurement of the hole pitch is very heavy.Want. The measurement hole pitch must be accurate. If the hole pitch is 300mm, the 350mm water distance can not be installed.

3). How to measure the hole pitch? In fact, the measurement method is relatively simple, and the measuring tool selects a general tape measure. First determine the center of the drain hole and measure the straight line distance from the center to the wall. The distance obtained should pay attention to the thickness of the tile. For example, some manufacturers toilets display 400mm, generally only 380mm, manufacturers will reserve 20mm tiling thickness for consumers to adjust.

Smart toilet
2, size of the doorkeeper

The installation position of some toilets is close to the bathroom door, and the size of the door should be considered during installation. Go in, if the water distance of the toilet is enough, but it is too close to the door, it will be encountered when opening the door. This requires on-site measurement. Generally, this is the case. The common treatment method is to slap one part of the door and build a part on the other side to make the door avoid the toilet; or change the water hole of the toilet, but this kind of treatment will put the layer The height will increase and the whole bathroom will be very depressed.

V. How to distinguish between good and bad toilets

1. Weight determination

In fact, we can judge the quality of the toilet by weight. A good quality toilet, the weight is relatively large, usually around 100 kg; and the quality of the toilet, it is relatively light, generally only about 50 kg. Then, we can measure the weight of the water tank cover to roughly judge its quality.

2. The number of sewage outlets

The quality of the toilet is not the better the sewage outlet. On the contrary, the toilet with only one sewage outlet is better.

3. Glaze smoothness

From the glaze inside the toilet, you can also roughly determine the quality of the toilet. The toilet of good quality has a smooth surface and a smooth color. In addition, we can also touch the inner wall of the sewage outlet. The smoother the quality, the higher the quality. On the contrary, if it is very rough, the quality will be very poor. After a long time of use, it will be easily damaged.

4.Drainage opening caliber

The inner wall is made of glazed toilet. During the process of use, it is basically not stained, and the sewage discharge capacity is also very good. Not easy to block. Then when we buy the toilet, we can measure the size of the lower drain, not too small, at least to reach into a palm.

5.Water tank

You can also judge the quality of the toilet through the water tank of the toilet. On the one hand, if the sound of the water tank is large when pumping water, then the quality is poor; on the other hand, you can also add a small amount of blue ink to the water tank, and then observe whether there is blue water flowing out of the toilet. In this way, it is also possible to detect whether the toilet is leaking.

Toilet purchase
6. Determination of water quality

The quality of the toilet water parts has a relatively large impact on its service life, so we When purchasing a toilet, also check the quality of the water.

Judgment method: Press the button at the water tank to hear what the sound is. If it is a crisp sound, it means that the quality is no problem.

7. Flushing method

The flushing method used by the toilet is different, and the effect is different. Therefore, when purchasing the toilet, you should consider your own. In actual situations, choose the flushing method that suits you.

Six, toilet online buy or physical store to buy?

Seven, domestic toilet what brand is good

smart toilet
eight, toilet Shopping Tips

First of all, we must know that the toilet is basically divided into a joint and a split. The one-piece toilet has a barrel shape, which has low space requirements, beautiful appearance and high price. Split toilets are more traditional, but they are very popular and cheaper.

Secondly, whether the water is smooth or not is very important for the selection of toilets. There are two types of flushing methods, flushing and siphoning. The flushing type directly discharges the dirt by means of the impulse, and the disadvantage is that the flushing sound is louder. The principle of the siphonic toilet is to use the flushing water to form a siphon in the sewage pipe to discharge the dirt, and the noise is small in use. The siphon type is already the mainstream in the market because the flush is cleaner and the noise is smaller.

The appearance is the first element of the purchase item, of course, the appearance mentioned here does not refer to the value of the face. It refers to the smoothness of the glaze. The glazed surface of the toilet should be smooth and smooth, and the color should be saturated and beautiful. After checking the appearance, you should also touch the toilet’s water outlet as smooth as the appearance to avoid blockage.


The better toilet is able to reach the position of all-ceramic because the temperature is controlled in the firing, so it will feel heavy in the hand. When you buy, you can pick up the water tank cover with both hands and compare the weight.

Toilet purchase

In the era of rising living standards, the experience of going to the toilet has become very important. Smart toilets have many more intimate experiences, but at a higher price, choosing a good smart toilet has become one of the main topics in the renovation of new homes. If you really want a pleasant toilet experience, try Ina New Sai Tiansi fully automatic smart toilet, automatic opening and closing function to free your hands. Warm water wash, let you experience the refreshing bathing. The most suitable for “lazy cancer” patients is the water net technology, which can clean stubborn stains on the surface of the material with a simple rinse.
<brIX, smart toilet purchase

1, smart toilet is easy to use?

2, smart toilet how to choose

Smart toilet
electricity safety: smart toilets can only be used when the power is on, and the water frequency between the bathrooms is high, so the safety of electricity must be taken seriously. When purchasing, you can consult whether there are protective devices such as plug leakage protection, water-free power-off protection, water temperature, air temperature, and sitting temperature overheat protection to ensure daily safety.

Energy consumption: Every function of the smart toilet needs to use electricity, so whether it is energy-saving or not is also required. For example, smart toilets have both instant and heat storage modes. The two are more energy-consuming than the heat storage type. That is, the hot type is used to make the water temperature higher, while the heat storage type needs to maintain the water temperature.

Function: Basically, the functions provided by each brand of smart toilets are similar, seat heating, hip wash, women’s wash, automatic induction flip, warm air drying and so on. So, what we need to consult is the detailed design of these functions. For example, there are several ways to automatically flip the cover. There are several temperature positions for the thermostatic seat. Is the hip wash and the women’s wash the same nozzle? The drying time is How long… Learn more about the features that are more granular.

Operation: A smart toilet is used by all the young and old, so the smart toilet that is too complicated to operate should not be considered, and it is not practical. In terms of selection operations, you can ask if there is an easy-to-use design. For example, setting a button button, a button can achieve a process of hip washing, drying, flushing, and the like.

Would it be better to buy overseas?

When you buy a smart toilet, many people will think that buying one overseas will be better than domestic. But in fact, this idea is wrong. One is the voltage problem, that is, the domestic 220V voltage needs to be converted to 110V; the other is the water quality problem. In many parts of China, the water quality is hard and it is easy to produce scale. In China, it is more suitable to use sanitary products with filter water purification system. In contrast, many foreign countries may not have water quality problems, and they will not install a filter water purification system.

About the purchase of the toilet, Xiaobian divides it into 9 small parts to tell everyone. After reading it, you should understand what kind of toilet is suitable for you. Finally, Xiaobian makes a summary: whether the toilet is good or good, straight or siphon, floor or wall row; how to choose the size and brand; judge the quality; how to choose the smart toilet, etc. Content.
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How can traditional home furnishing companies be indifferent when the overwhelming 618 e-commerce promotional advertisements strike? okorder

For the traditional offline home building materials dealers, this year has not been satisfactory. It is a blessing to have fewer people in the store, a small number of transactions, and no loss of money every month. A number of home building materials dealers said that it was difficult to do business last year and did not expect this business to be more difficult to do this year. A dealer said that sales in the same period of this year fell by 70% year-on-year, and it has reached the point of closing the door.
Why is it difficult to do business? Mainly due to the change in consumption habits of household building materials and the sharp decline in demand for home building materials. The sharp decline in market demand stems from the rise of hardcover houses and the popularity of decoration companies; the change in consumer habits comes from online competition.

Starting in May, in the various channels such as TV stations, networks, and self-media, Jingdong, Tmall and other e-commerce platforms began to intensively launch 618 promotional advertisements. As the online consumer carnival in the first half of the year, it received widespread attention from consumers. Although the 618 promotion is not solely for home building materials, because of its influence, home building materials are involved, and receiving consumer attention is normal.

Online home building materials are good to sell, different people have different feelings. People who are engaged in online sales may feel that marketing costs are high, the experience is not enough, and customers are slow to make orders. The traditional offline home dealers envy online traffic and have plenty of opportunities. For consumers, whether it is online or offline stores, the main considerations for purchasing home building materials are price, service and convenience.

A refurbished owner tells himself about the purchase of home building materials. The products purchased online include water heaters, switch sockets, kitchen appliances, etc., and like tiles, bathrooms, cabinets, wardrobes, curtains, etc. The product, which is still selected to the store selection. When talking about the reasons for buying decoration products online, one mentions that the price is transparent and convenient for comparison; the second is to buy online, returning goods is more convenient, do not need to spend a lot of tongue; the third is that the price is still relatively affordable. These three reasons lead to their purchase online.

Of course, e-commerce has developed to the present, operating costs are not lower than physical stores, you can imagine that the price advantage will gradually disappear, convenient, transparent, and good service, becoming an attractive place. Therefore, when the overwhelming 618 e-commerce promotional advertising hits, it is still time to attract consumers with affordable prices. As a traditional home building materials dealer, you should see the real logic behind it.

Compared to e-commerce, traditional home building materials dealers also have their own advantages. As soon as we can experience it, the home building materials itself is a heavy experience product, which is tangible and tangible. It is a real feeling for the consumers. Secondly, there is a guarantee that the products of the home building materials store, if they take the fake, Once filled, it will be easy to find. If there is any problem with the product, it is also convenient for after-sales. For traditional home building materials dealers, better products and services can be better localized, that is, local old customers refer to new customers.

How traditional home building materials dealers do business well, the key is channels, including store retail, home improvement, distribution, engineering, etc., focusing on doing a certain channel, gradually promoting, on home building materials For dealers, it is a good way out. If you don’t make a good channel, then there is really no way to live.
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