How to choose the kitchen and bathroom lighting, avoid using regrets here okorder

  Kitchen and bathroom is a place with more oily and more water vapor, and the choice of lamps needs more attention. How to buy lamps for kitchen and bathroom space?
   Brightness: The lighting in the kitchen is generally worse, so the lighting requirements for the lamps are very high when purchasing the kitchen lights. Try to choose brighter lights to improve the overall The light.

   Moisture-proof: Because the water vapor in the kitchen is heavy, many furniture will be easily damp, so the choice of lighting must also choose better moisture-proof performance, avoid There is a certain safety hazard when it enters too much water vapor and explodes.

   Anti-oil: In the process of cooking in the kitchen, it will inevitably produce soot, so the kitchen lamps must choose strong anti-oil when selecting, so as not to accumulate for a long time. The soot affects the lighting effect of the luminaire, and there are certain safety hazards.

   Dust: If there is accumulated dust on the kitchen light, it is very influential to the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom should be very clean and tidy. If it is not dustproof, It will leave a sanitary corner, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose a kitchen light that is dustproof and well-managed.

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The enterprises in the financing home sector project can be roughly divided into several categories. okorder

To a certain extent, the investment boom in the home furnishing industry has a lot to do with the prosperity of the entire venture capital market in recent years. When hungry capital seeks new investment targets, the home industry appears in front of investment institutions with labels such as “smart”, “technology”, “internet”, and “consumption upgrade”. “Daily Economic News” and the “Future Business” Investment Report jointly released by the Investment and Financing Service Platform, show that from 2016 to August 2018, the financing of home furniture sector has reached 229 times, in the field of large consumption. The financing list is second only to the restaurant chain, accounting for 12.4% of the total financing statistics.
Among these financing projects, enterprises in the household sector can be roughly divided into several categories: smart home enterprises with the banner of “Internet of Things”; Internet home improvement enterprises with the banner of “Internet + traditional industries”; The home logistics service platform of the last mile” problem; and the home improvement design platform supported by “cloud technology” or “cloud platform”. Disassemble separately below.   

◇Smart Home

In the absence of imagination in the traditional furniture and home manufacturing industry, smart home has become a hot spot in the home industry for the past two years. Security, lighting, speaker TV and other products around residential and home life have also emerged, and related investment events are also frequent. However, the author is more willing to classify it as “electronic technology products”, and the application in furniture is still at the stage of embedded equipment (such as smart sofas). In fact, a complete smart home must include three major systems: (central) control management system (including data security management system), home lighting control system, and home security system.

The rest of the home wiring system, home network system, home theater and multimedia system, and home environment control system, etc., are only optional, and lack of the necessary system can not be called “smart home” . Overall, the domestic emphasis on “intelligent components”, such as smart door locks, smart speakers, etc., and the “smart home” with a complete system is still a lot of distance.


Internet home improvement was once one of the most closely related areas of the home industry and capital, but it also became the hardest hit area after the crazy investment boom. Since 2015, more than 300 Internet home improvement brands have appeared in the country. In 2017-2018, more than 20 Internet home improvement companies have received financing, most of which belong to the angel round or the seed round, which can survive to the B round. countable.

◇Home Logistics Service Platform

Most of the household products belong to non-standard parts, and the probability of damage is large. It is not only “delivery”, but also involves the installation of products and even after-sales maintenance. The most needed in this field is patience and pragmatism.

With the rapid development of home e-commerce, the home logistics service platform to solve the “last mile” problem has also developed. Rough statistics, including Hometown, Ant Anju, Rishun, Yizhitong, Master Wan, Delivery Artifact, Anda, Anbang, etc., a number of enterprises that help home end products and services, some of them It has been favored by capital, but its scale and frequency of financing are relatively small, which also indicates to some extent that this field still needs to be practical services.


In addition to smart homes and Internet home improvement, home furnishing companies relying on “cloud technology” are also receiving capital attention.

From the early start of the round side software, to the three-dimensional home, cool house music, dressing home, room box, Guju, Aifuwo, 72 Hyun, and the design cloud launched by Red Star Macalline Designers, etc., with the development of cloud rendering, cloud design, BIM, and VR, also ushered in a climax. Although the design software can solve the problem of “what you see is what you get” to a large extent, help the terminal better. In terms of communication and sales, in the long run, solving the problem of low efficiency and poor consumer experience in the home improvement industry is the real value, not limited to the effect display. It is also noted that in the investment field of the household sector, the capital of Lei Jun, one of the founders of Xiaomi, is quite prominent. According to statistics, Shun Capital’s investment in the large home sector covers different areas from front-end products to back-end services. Home-owned companies that participate in investment include Fun Sleep Technology (8H), Love Space, and Li Weijia, Xiaomi, Shenong 007, Cool Jiale, Bronze Master and Green Rice have also listed their brands in the “Mijia Eco-chain”.

For example, using Xiaomi’s own platform, brand crowdfunding such as 8H mattress, copper master and green rice have been successful and merged into Xiaomi Youpin Mall.
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Each curtain has its own characteristics okorder

Every household is inseparable from the curtains. It not only has the effect of adjusting the light, but also plays a finishing touch in the interior decoration. There are many kinds of curtains on the market, and each type of curtain has its own characteristics. The following small series introduces the types of curtains for everyone, and hopes to help everyone.
1, Roman blinds

What are the types of curtains? Roman blind is one of the popular curtain styles in the market. The main body is divided into two types: guide rail and curtain body. The guide rail and the curtain body are generally connected by velcro and rope. The curtain body is straight. When the bead curtain is pulled, the wheel and shaft will be Rotate, the rope will be shortened or lengthened automatically, and different wrinkles will appear when moving. It looks like a high-end atmosphere, which is more suitable for European and American styles.

2, roller blind

The material of the roller blind is generally a relatively stiff and smooth fabric. The main body is composed of a guide rail and a curtain body. Bead curtain. Unlike the Roman blinds, the guide rails of the roller blinds can be rolled up into the guide rails. More suitable for use in study or small apartment bedroom.

3, drape curtain

The drape is like a blade, hanging vertically on the upper rail, so it is called “draping curtain”, which can be shaded by left and right dimming. The style of the curtains is generous and the lines are bright, making the home more romantic and romantic.

4, venetian blinds

The blinds are one of the common types of curtains in the office. The curtains are mainly made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and easy. It has many characteristics such as cleaning, long life, no fading, sunshade, heat insulation, etc. It is suitable for office buildings, living rooms, hotels, villas and other places.

5, bamboo curtain

The main material of bamboo curtain is made of bamboo, comfortable and elegant atmosphere, and the home is matched with bamboo curtain, which instantly fills the space with the fragrance of the book. There are two ways to close the curtain, folding front roll. Many friends are worried that bamboo wood is easy to cause insects, and high-quality wooden bamboo curtains have been treated with mildewproof and varnish, so there is no need to worry about mold and insects. Very suitable for Chinese, Southeast Asian and other styles.

6, 木百叶

The hustle and bustle of the city, so many people are pursuing the feeling of returning to the original, I believe that the wooden venetian blind is a good choice, its antique, Natural, elegant, breathable, made of natural wood lacquer, it can be displayed in the home to show the owner’s style and taste, so that the interior is filled with rich book fragrance, very suitable for balcony window, study, tea room And other places.
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Consider these before changing the balcony okorder

In the adjustment of the home improvement pattern, the balcony is often the area that many people want to adjust. Especially for the owners who have two balconies at home, they usually consider renovating one of the balconies. However, although the balcony is generally small in size, but there is still a lot of problems that we need to pay attention to if we want to change or package it! Today, I will tell you about the six issues that need to be paid attention to in order to seal the balcony, so that everyone will be free to seal and leave a security risk.

1, package remodeling needs to pass the approval

Here to insert a sentence, the industry mainly pays special attention to the closure of the balcony must obtain the consent of the community property management department. News reports Many property owners have installed the balcony, the property is coming to the door. Because in order to maintain the façade of the buildings in the community, the property is not allowed to refurbish the balcony. If the occupant packs the balcony without the permission of the residential property management department, it is likely to be punished and repaired.

2, to distinguish between the primary and secondary

Before the decoration, the main balcony and the secondary balcony should be separated, and the function of each balcony should be clearly defined. The balcony is generally adjacent to the living room and the master bedroom. It is the main balcony. The function should be based on leisure and fitness. It can be installed in the gym, tea room, etc. The decorative materials on the wall and the floor should also be consistent with the living room; the secondary balcony is generally in the kitchen, or in addition to the living room and master bedroom. The rooms are adjacent, mainly for storage, washing and other functions, and the decoration can be simpler.

3, understand the load, do not arbitrarily change

The balcony of most houses is not designed for weight bearing, so whether you want to transform the balcony into What space, you must know its load-bearing in advance, try not to put too many heavy items on the balcony to avoid danger. In addition, there is a wall between the living room and the balcony. The door and window on the wall can be removed, but remember that the lower half of the window must not be removed, and do not explore the balcony in order to expand the space. This is very dangerous. the behavior of.

4, to ensure that the window is installed firmly

The balcony window must be installed firmly, pay attention to its resistance to wind. The drawing points of windows and walls, lintels, and slabs must be sufficient, and the nodes should be strong. The fixing should be firm. The frame and cross frame of the aluminum window of the balcony must be fixed on the guardrail and top of the balcony. It should be fixed in the concrete with nails and rivets, and then reinforced with painted angle steel.

5, pay attention to seal and drainage

The balcony package should be sealed, otherwise the air leakage is equal to no seal. The lower part of the window sash is most likely to seep water. Generally, a gap of 2 cm is reserved under the window frame, and it is filled with a special sealant or cement. In addition, there should be an outward slope on the outside of the closed form to prevent water seepage; in addition, because many owners now install faucets on the balcony and put on the washing machine, this requires the waterproof and drainage system of the balcony floor. In order to avoid leakage.

6, do a balcony package acceptance

The window packaged balcony requires close closure, uniform clearance, close connection of the fan and the frame, flexible push-pull, complete accessories, correct position installation It is firm, flexible and suitable for correct appearance. In order to prevent the rainwater from flowing back into the room, the outside of the window frame and the window sill interface should be filled with cement mortar, and the outside of the window sill should have a running water gradient.
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Waterproof and dustproof light, introduce okorder

With the continuous development of technology, modern lighting products have more and more styles and functions. Waterproof and dustproof lamps are used less in general household decoration, and are generally used in special industries. Therefore, many owners do not understand this. The following small series will introduce you to
   Dust lamp installation method

  1, LED waterproof flexible strip refers to the assembly of LEDs on a strip of FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, their There are probably several common types of general models such as 5730, 5050, and 3528.

  2, four-wire LED waterproof light has a bandwidth of about 22mm, a thickness of about 8mm, and a weight of about 0.25kg/m (4m-kilogram).

  3, four-wire LED waterproof light with a total of four wires, three rows of lights (note that not four rows of lights), each row of 24 meters, 24 * 3 = 72. Since the power of each lamp bead is 0.05W, the power of the 72-bead LED lamp strip is: 72*0.05=3.6W.

  4. When the LED light strip device is installed, it is usually placed in the light trough, and it can be straightened. It can also be fixed with a string or a thin wire. If you need external or vertical installation, you need to buy a clip and a tail plug. The original clip is fully illuminating. It is best to put a waterproof glass glue on the tail plug and the plug after the installation, so that the waterproof function is better.

   Second, waterproof and dustproof lamp installation attention method

  1, waterproof lamp belt must be equipped with a special plug (plug with transformer); When connecting, it is necessary to remove the clear plastic cover, and then cover the test light. Do not directly connect with the cover, so easy to short circuit!

  2, there is a “hinged” mark per meter, which can only be cut at the mark, and the wrong one or the cut will cause one meter to be off! Some will hit the mark Partially, it is best to carefully look at the position of the sign before cutting, and cut the local cut without the center. You can see it with care.

  Waterproof Lamps Level Introduction

  IP0: No protection.

  IP1: Prevent drip intrusion, and vertical drops of water (such as condensate) will not cause harmful effects on the lamp.

  IP2: Prevents drip intrusion when tilted at 15 degrees. When the luminaire is tilted vertically to 15 degrees, dripping will not cause harmful effects on the luminaire

  IP3: Prevents the intrusion of sprayed water, protects against rain, or prevents water sprayed in the direction of vertical angles less than 60 degrees from entering the fixture causing damage.

  IP4: Prevents the intrusion of splashed water and prevents water splashing in all directions from entering the luminaire.

  IP5: Prevents the intrusion of injected water and prevents water from the nozzles from entering the lamp from entering the lamp in all directions.

  IP6: Prevent the intrusion of large waves, and install the lamps on the deck to prevent damage caused by large waves.

  IP7: Prevent the intrusion of water when immersed in water. The lamp is immersed in water for a certain period of time or the water pressure is below a certain standard to ensure that it will not be damaged by water ingress.

  IP8: Prevents the intrusion of water when it is sunk. The indefinite sinking of the lamp under the specified water pressure ensures that it will not be damaged by water ingress.
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Aluminum floor mat, find out okorder

I believe that we have seen the floor mats in front of the major shopping malls. It is a product that can effectively remove the dust and moisture at the entrance to keep the ground clean, whether at home or outdoors. The use is very wide, and there are many advantages of the floor mat. The following is a small series for you to introduce the price and purchase skills of aluminum carpet mats.
First, the price of aluminum alloy carpet mats

1, aluminum dust-removing mat anti-slip carpet embedded scraping mat shopping mall hotel entrance hall dustproof padding, reference price 299 yuan.

2, hotel shopping mall entrance door aluminum floor mat dust dust-proof carpet embedded scraping mat shop hall mats, reference price 230 yuan.

3, gold magnesium solid aluminum dust-proof floor mat dust carpet embedded scraping mat commercial non-slip door cushion padding, reference price 88 yuan.

4, Kaiji aluminum dust-proof floor mats embedded carpet shopping mall hotel entrance slip slip mud pad foot pad, reference price 245 yuan.

5, engineering custom-made entrance door slip scraping mud dust aluminum alloy dust-proof embedded carpet hotel mat custom, reference price 374 yuan.

6, supermarket hotel door aluminum alloy floor mats embedded dust and dust carpet carpet mud pad embedded mat custom made, reference price 170 yuan.

7, mats into the door carpet door mats company mall hotel lobby door mat custom absorbent dust-proof mat, reference price 38 yuan.

Second, aluminum carpet carpet floor padding tips

1, whether it is to buy any products, when shopping, consumers It is the first to look at the brand. Choose a manufacturer with high reputation in the industry. In terms of quality and after-sales protection, there will be no embarrassment of the following customers.

2, when purchasing, it is also necessary to consider the flow of people and vehicles in and out, especially in places with high traffic flow such as supermarkets and shopping malls. Try to choose products with wall thickness above 1.2mm. The carpet surface is mainly sanded and dusted. Large-scale parking lots need to use aluminum alloy floor mats with large rolling pressure due to the entry and exit of vehicles. Generally, floor mats with a wall thickness of 2.0 mm or more are selected. Some hotel aluminum alloy floor mats occasionally overwhelmed by the vehicle, so consider when choosing.

3, cleaning and maintenance is also a big problem, clean and tidy ground will give people a relaxed feeling, the floor mat is good to clean is definitely an important basis for the selection of mats.

4. It can also be purchased by smelling when purchasing, because most of the mats are made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo branches and grass mats. Generally, there is no irritating taste. If you find that the floor mat has an odor, don’t buy it.

5, and the most important point is that you need to look at the material, because the mat material is related to its environmental protection and durability, so be sure to identify the material when purchasing. You can tear the fiber by hand, and carefully look at what material is made, you can discern the material of the mat.
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Upgrade direction of the home improvement industry okorder

Looking back on 2018, the home improvement industry has experienced market shuffling again and again. “Those companies that have not been smashed in the past lack the determination to think and change in the industry,” industry experts said. In the future, the installed company will not only sell a single product, but will also not only provide decoration services. After fully considering the core competitiveness, the installed enterprise will provide consumers with a more integrated product service experience.

1 From complex cumbersome to simple and convenient

From the current point of view, the decoration process generally has a long cycle, many links, involving a variety of types of work, crafts and materials, etc. The problem, and how to make the decoration process easier, the consumer experience is better, has always been one of the most painful points that home improvement companies want to solve.

“The biggest change in the creative center and the past is to leave the complicated link to the enterprise itself and return it to the consumer in a simple and convenient way.” In the newly opened old house decoration design and creative center, Dai Jiangping, president of the current decoration, told reporters that the current transformation, from product selection to design, from process to management quality assurance, is committed to making the decoration experience more convenient. In general, it is from culture, Engineering, product selection and experience have become easier.

Dai Jiangping told reporters that the complexity of the renovation of old houses is even worse than that of new houses. Nowadays, the concept of “making home decoration is simpler” is adopted, and the back-office system is constantly strengthened. In his view, only by the recognition of consumers, the development of enterprises can make fewer detours.

“At the moment, most of the products are in the marketing method, quotation or design, etc., which are all unchanged, which leads to serious homogenization competition, rigid process and low efficiency.” Facing the industry dilemma Chen Hui, chairman of Dongyi Risheng, believes that enterprises need to use digital to improve efficiency and streamline processes.

He told reporters that traditional manufacturing enterprises are more cumbersome from order to delivery, and the problems of adding and delaying are often uncontrollable, which will reduce consumer experience satisfaction. “Through the digital and all-information platform, users can be accurately positioned, and the individual processes of the company can be simplified.”

2 From product customization to “one-stop home customization”
The “2018 China New Middle-end Household Consumption Index Report” jointly published by the industry associations shows that the “new middle-class” population is appearing more and more. The survey shows that the new middle-class people aged 30-45 still occupy the main force of home improvement, accounting for nearly 90%.

For this part of the population, home improvement consumption is not a simple basic function and price tag, “quality” and “personality” are two aspects that they are more concerned about.

“The new middle-class people have a higher pursuit of design links, and believe that professional things are to be done by professionals.” An industry insider who did not want to be named said that this group of people is also not I am willing to spend a lot of time and energy to worry about the cumbersome aspects of the decoration, which will force the company to break the tradition and no longer focus on a single product, and strive to create a “one-stop” transformation.

In this regard, Dai Jiangping, president of the current decoration, said that this year will start from a new positioning perspective, mainly in the two major aspects of design and creativity, from product customization to one-stop, personalized “home Customized” to move forward. According to Dai Jiangping, the company will adopt a combination of home improvement design and product design. Each layer of the Innovation Center has its own independent and interactive home improvement design department and product design center. From products to services, from hard work to soft assembly, consumers can enjoy integrated customization to achieve the unification of space, function and visual aesthetics.

“In the process of home improvement with numerous materials and complicated procedures, how to integrate resources is a problem that enterprises need to think about and solve.” A person in the industry who has been cultivating the home improvement industry for many years said that behind the standardization of home improvement There must be life. “It is not only necessary to provide consumers with quotations, standardize construction, but also integrate life aesthetics into the whole process.” He said that for consumers, whether it is self-contained or personalized, the equipment needs to be done. It is possible to let consumers mix products with the utmost, and to bring the humanized experience to the extreme, in order to complete the transformation from customized products to customized homes.

3 From “all-inclusive” to the core competitiveness of private brands

In the past, most of the competition between home improvement companies was price and service efficiency, but in the process of decoration, the materials And the lack of control of the product, the value chain is difficult to highlight. At this point, how to find the enterprise’s own core competitiveness has become the top priority of development.

“The products that are put together are prone to various chaos, which is one of the main reasons that many consumers are arguing about home improvement.” Insiders pointed out that in the face of increasingly “critical” consumers, How companies build value chains around products is especially critical. In this regard, Dai Jiangping predicted that this year will be the optimization era of the home improvement industry. “Only when high-quality products and services occupy the highlands and unify the mind and pace, companies can better serve customers and win market opportunities,” he said.

For the loading enterprise, strong product design, production, service and after-sales links are essential elements to support the company’s long-term development. Whether it is a customized product or a packaged product, strong back-office support will gain more customer satisfaction and occupy more market share.
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Under what circumstances is it better to choose a reloading floor? okorder

Consumers always want their own wooden floors to maintain their original appearance, but the wooden floor itself is used for trampling, it is difficult to damage it for daily use. Although large-scale damage can only be repaired by re-paving wooden floors, small damages can be covered by some techniques at home. This floor maintenance class will teach you the magical floor damage masking method.
  The floor is often laid in our home improvement, but the floor will be damaged after a few years of use, causing them to lose their original appearance. Generally speaking, there are three main methods for repairing the floor: the first one is more serious damage, the whole is reinstalled, the second is partial damage, only the corresponding reloading repair is needed, and the third is the slightest damage. Just fix the paint.

   When repairing the floor, choose the appropriate repair method according to the specific material of the floor. If the home is laid with solid wood composite flooring or solid wood flooring, and the partial damage area is relatively small, you can not use any repair method, as long as the furniture, floor and other objects are used for certain shielding in the damaged place. If there is a slight scratch, the paint finish can be repaired. If the damaged part is relatively large and the damage is serious, the repair of the resurfacing will be carried out. If it is a reinforced floor, because the surface wear resistance is relatively high, once it is damaged, there will be obvious scratches. The slight repair will not have a good effect. Under normal circumstances, it can only be reinstalled as a whole.
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The kitchen area is not large, what are the issues to consider when decorating? okorder

Many times the kitchen has a limited pattern. If the kitchen is small, how can the budget be started?
First, you need to pay attention to the details:

1. Do not place the main functions of the sink, stove, or operating area in the narrow, difficult-to-operate position of the cabinet corner. You find that the corner just puts down the sink, it may be exciting for a few days, but after the first day of installation, you may regret it.

2. Try not to reduce the cabinet area because of the limited budget. The one-line layout is actually a helpless choice. The same cooking, if there is a island, basically only need to turn around to complete. If it is a one-line kitchen, according to the sink-operating area-cooking table 1 meter in each area, it is a long-distance attack of 3 meters round trip.

3. If you have chosen a kitchen with a flat shape, you can enrich the storage of the kitchen by installing shelves, hanging rods, and mobile carts on empty walls. Reduce walking. Keep in mind that the wall cabinet is not the only way to store it. You can increase the storage space with shelves, carts, etc.

Second, hydropower transformation

Hydroelectric transformation is a very easy to be despised, if there is no aspect in the early stage to consider the needs of the kitchen (especially all kinds of electrical appliances), etc. The surface treatment is good, and then rework, it will add a lot of trouble. In addition to the location of the gas (cooker) and water (sink), you first need to consider what other appliances are needed at home.

1, the necessary rice cooker, the electric kettle needs to be arranged in advance, reserve the socket, and don’t forget to leave a 16A socket for the refrigerator. If there is a planned island in the home, it is of course recommended to introduce water and water and electric circuits. The island is equipped with a water tank and an induction cooker, which will greatly facilitate daily use and even install various embedded appliances.

2 In addition, for convenience, it is strongly recommended to reserve two 110V power supplies in the kitchen, so that after using some Japanese electrical appliances, there is no need to drag heavy and ugly transformers. It’s a lot cleaner.

3. Change the voltage of 110V. Note that the power of the transformer is as large as possible. As the voltage becomes smaller, the corresponding buried wire needs to be thicker. If the Japanese socket is directly used, the bottom box needs to be buried. These technical details need to be prepared in advance and in good business.

4, it is recommended to list a list of kitchen appliances, gas stoves, range hoods, washing machines, water purifiers, kitchen waste disposers, instant water heaters, etc. Give the water and electricity positioning, confirm that a socket does not fall, and then remember to confirm the location of the socket, away from the gas stove and sink, to ensure safety.
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Design of ceilings in different areas okorder

Today’s integrated ceiling has been extended to the living room, bedroom, restaurant and other home space, what should be paid attention to in the selection of different space ceilings? “

With the improvement of the quality of life, in recent years, many people like to install integrated ceilings. The integrated ceiling is not only very beautiful, but also has good quality. And today’s integrated ceiling is no longer limited to kitchen. The space has been extended to various living spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, etc. However, although the integrated ceiling can be installed in various spaces, it is necessary to look at the specific conditions of the space to select materials. Below, Xiaobian tells you about the different space ceilings. What should I pay attention to when selecting materials?

1. Selection of living room ceiling materials   

Many family homes have a large number of light pools and dining rooms in the living room. Made of gypsum board, the gypsum board is light in weight, low in price and convenient in construction, but the common products are poor in fire resistance and moisture resistance. The only advantage that the average family can make as a gypsum board ceiling is cheap, but if the villa is integrated with a ceiling It is the best choice, not only fire and moisture, but also a variety of styles and shapes, can be customized to meet the needs of no one.
2.Selection of restaurant ceiling materials    

If you make a ceiling around the restaurant, do not make a ceiling in the middle. This ceiling can be formed by wood plywood, designed in various shapes, with spotlights or downlights, in the middle of no ceiling No new ceiling lamps are assigned. This will increase the visual height of the floor and fit into the living room of a large space.

If the space of the restaurant is high, then when you choose the ceiling, you will have There is a lot of room. You can choose a variety of forms such as fiberglass ceiling, plywood ceiling, gypsum sound-absorbing ceiling, etc. These ceilings are beautiful in appearance and have the function of reducing noise, which is your ideal choice.

3. Choice of bedroom ceiling material

The ceiling of the bedroom is not simple considering the waterproof function, so the material selection range is relatively simple. However, the sound insulation effect is relatively high. Bedroom The ceiling plays an important role in the decoration of the whole room. Therefore, in the selection of ceiling decoration materials, not only the principle of beauty and firmness should be adhered to, but also the principle of sound insulation and environmental protection should be adhered to. The integrated ceiling and shock absorbing cotton can satisfy The requirements of the home.

4.The choice of kitchen and bathroom ceiling materials   

The kitchen and bathroom ceiling decoration has basically been made of aluminum gusset Because of the large number of aluminum gusset plates, smooth lines, rich colors, good appearance, more fireproof, moisture-proof, easy to install, easy to clean, etc. It can be said that it is a special choice for kitchen and bathroom. Convenient, fireproof and durable, the price is not expensive.

5.Selection of balcony ceiling material

No matter what kind of material is used, the balcony ceiling material should be protected from moisture and moisture. Mildew, anti-cracking. The most basic function of the balcony ceiling is moisture and heat preservation. There are many kinds of balcony ceiling materials. There are gypsum board, plastic steel gusset plate, pvc gusset plate, aluminum gusset plate, aluminum composite plate and integrated ceiling in the balcony ceiling decoration. The gypsum board is not moisture-proof, so Xiaobian does not recommend installation.

It is recommended to use the sauna board or the integrated ceiling gusset as the balcony ceiling, and then put some plants to decorate the balcony ceiling, so that it is cold and blunt due to the floor tiles. The balcony is relaxing and naturally enjoyable.

The above is the precautions for the selection of different space ceilings for Xiaobian. Everyone must choose the appropriate ceiling material before installing the integrated ceiling to ensure the overall effect of the ceiling installation and create a self. The ceiling of the home.
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