Living with a pet, you need to design the interior like this

Living with pets, they can be our loyal little partners. However, in a collective residential area, it is easy for a pet to have a contradiction with the neighbor. In order to avoid such a situation, it is possible to choose a living environment that understands the pet as much as possible. For example, other residents in the apartment also keep pets.

Use a rattan product with good ventilation. Place a washable cushion inside. Choose a decorative design that embellishes interior design to beautify the living environment.

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Huang Rihan Yancheng shared: four new opportunities under the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative

Since the fall of 2013 in China, the Belt and Road Initiative has been progressing smoothly and fruitfully, and has been widely recognized and supported by the international community. More and more countries are participating in the cooperation.

& ldquo; The continuous advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative will not only create more space for China’s open development, but also bring greater opportunities for national development and the global economy.

On December 23, 2017, a hundred-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine and business media group jointly organized. “Elite classroom: & lsquo;One Belt, One Road & rsquo; new opportunities under the initiative to enter Yancheng. Huang Rihan, a well-known economist and director of the Institute of China and Globalization Think Tanks, shared the new investment opportunities under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Huang Rihan said, “The Belt and Road Initiative can be summarized in four words.” Wutong Liulang is a five-way project plus six economic corridors.

The first pass is policy communication, such as the “One Belt, One Road International Cooperation Summit Forum”, which is an important activity in the policy communication of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The second point outside of policy communication is the smooth flow of trade. With policy communication, trade will be smoother. Moreover, there is a prominent point, “One of the core points in the Belt and Road” is the main support or important breakthrough point of the surrounding countries.

The third call is funded. The AIIB should be built into a multilateral cooperation benchmarking mechanism, which must be more transparent and institutionalized, and it is not a Chinese-led one, but a joint effort by everyone to build it, which is equivalent to the “One Belt and One Road” service.

The fourth pass is the communication of infrastructure. In the past two years, the Belt and Road has gone through more than 20 countries, and projects in many countries have won the bid. Like port construction, airport construction, road construction, railway construction, and telecommunications industry, Tongtong has achieved great results.

 At the same time, the six economic corridors are also achieving positive results. We have already included them in the five links. Huang Rihan said.

For example, the six economic corridors include the construction of the new Asian Continental Bridge. There is China Central Asia. There is China’s northbound line between China and Mongolia. There is a China-Pakistan economic corridor with Mengzhongyin. In the Burmese Corridor, there is China’s corridor to the Indo-China Peninsula. The construction of the six economic corridors is also centered around the construction of the Wutong.

If you say that there is a core in the Belt and Road, the five links are its soul, and the six corridors are it. The skeleton supports the process of “outward and outward”.

In the focus of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Huang Rihan also made a wonderful sharing. First, we must focus on the construction of the six major international economic corridors of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge, China, Mongolia, China, China, Central Asia, West Asia, China, the Indo-China Peninsula, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar.

Second, we must focus on key countries, actively promote long-term friendly cooperation, and jointly build a community of mutual trust, integration, and tolerance, a community of responsibility, and a community of destiny.

Third, it is necessary to strengthen key areas, with interconnection and industrial cooperation as the fulcrum, promote international capacity cooperation and complementary advantages, and promote the development of pragmatic and mutually beneficial cooperation in a broad field.

Fourth, we must focus on key projects, create a number of landmark projects with basic functions and demonstration effects, and strive to establish an authoritative, standardized, and comprehensive “one belt, one road” project repository.

Finally, we must strengthen guidance and coordination, highlight key areas, clarify the positioning of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, give full play to comparative advantages, strengthen East-West cooperation, and achieve benign interactions, and form a nationwide participation in the construction of the Belt and Road. A game of chess.

Regarding the future investment direction of the Belt and Road Initiative, Huang Rihan said that mid- to high-end consumption has become a new economic growth point, and the economic transformation led by modern service industry has accelerated.

Since the 18th National Congress, the contribution rate of consumption to China’s economic growth has steadily increased, and the contribution rate of final consumption expenditure to economic growth has reached 64.6%, an increase of 9.7 percentage points over 2012. With the continuous upgrading of production and living consumption, and the increasingly active innovation of online and offline integration business, high-end consumption will become a new economic growth point that China is concentrating on, and promote the economic transformation led by modern service industry to accelerate development.

Based on this, Huang Rihan believes that the four industries will usher in a once-in-a-lifetime development opportunity.

First of all, the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry will accelerate, and advanced manufacturing will lead the development of the manufacturing industry.

Secondly, the information economy is developing rapidly, and the new generation of information technology industry has become the pillar industry of the future national economy.

Again, the green economy has become a strategic choice under the new normal, and the green environmental protection industry has entered a fast lane of development.

Finally, the country’s major strategic advancement and people’s livelihood security have increased, and there is still room for growth in infrastructure construction.

Huang Rihan believes that after countries and regions have learned that China’s trains can help them develop synergistically, they will undoubtedly participate more in the construction of the Belt and Road.

On the other hand, more and more participants will also urge China to strengthen itself with a higher standard of quality and a concept of keeping pace with the times and improve the environment for international cooperation.

The wonderful sharing of Huang Rihan led the audience to learn the atmosphere. The students listened carefully and took photos and took notes. Everyone said that through the sharing of Huang Rihan, they have a new understanding of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

At the end of the course, Centennial Luzhou Old Ageing Wine is a thank-you for Huang Yuhan’s wonderful sharing and gift to its 100-year-old Zhangzhou Thanks to the old ageing wine for 90 years.

After the end of the course, I was invited by the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wine to participate in the evening’s 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wine & Ellipse Sharing Dinner.

The guests enjoyed a drink, shared their management experience, exchanged business management wisdom, and laid a solid foundation for future cross-border cooperation and mutual benefit.

“The Elite Classroom is one of the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wines & Elections. It is one of the activities of the China Business First Smart and Resource Exchange Platform Business Leaders Club and the 100-year-old Luzhou Laolings The wine was launched jointly.

Centennial Luzhou Old Ageing Wine is the first brand of Chinese elite business wine. With its fashion temperament and the focus of elite business wine, it is deeply loved by elite business people; Business Leaders Club is committed to advocating business. Spirit, communication of business culture and promotion of commercial civilization. The two sides jointly held the “Business Lecture Hall” and middot; the elite classrooms reached nearly 10,000 entrepreneurs in dozens of cities across the country in 2017. In the future, the elite classrooms will continue to enter more cities and promote enterprise development and dissemination. The way of doing business.

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2017 environmental protection wardrobe top ten brands list

Choosing a suitable wardrobe in your daily life not only accommodates clothing and items, but also reflects your own lifestyle. In addition to paying attention to price, material, style, size and function, everyone should not ignore the brand. Next, you may wish to discuss the top ten brands of 2017 environmental protection wardrobe with Xiaobian!

Environmentally friendly wardrobe brand list 1: Canoa custom home

Canoya has always provided “home” as a whole The solution, innovation leads the healthy life of human beings as the mission of the enterprise, selects environmentally-friendly plates, and uses aldehyde-free materials to create a worry-free environment for consumers. The company strictly implements safety and environmental protection standards, adheres to the principle of leading technology and honest service, and tirelessly provides high-quality, healthy, environmentally-friendly, safe and reliable home environment products for the end users, so that users can enjoy the safety of aldehydes!

Environmentally friendly wardrobe brand list 2: Good Lai Ke wardrobe

China’s top ten environmental protection wardrobe top brand Hao Laike wardrobe was established in 2002, the brand belongs to Guangzhou Lai Ke Creative Home Co., Ltd. has been developing for 14 years. The good wardrobe is not only the first wardrobe brand in the domestic wardrobe industry, but also the independent wardrobe concept. A number of technical patents.

Environmentally friendly wardrobe brand list three: Yadis wardrobe

The Yadis wardrobe, one of the top ten brands of finished wardrobes, was established in 2002. The brand belongs to Guangzhou Hengya. The famous wardrobe brand of Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. After 14 years of rapid development, Yadis is not only the first batch of wardrobe manufacturers in China, but also a small number of modern home furnishing enterprises with professional standardization, individualization and large-scale production capacity.

Green wardrobe brand list four: European style wardrobe

European style wardrobe was established in 1994, after 22 years of development, the wardrobe products of Ou Pai Household Group Co., Ltd. Design, quality has a small reputation in the industry, strictly in accordance with international standards, in the raw materials of the product is also carefully selected, strict checks, truly good quality and environmental protection.

Environmentally friendly wardrobe brand list five: Shi Nieman wardrobe

The Shi Nieman wardrobe brand was founded in 2003, after 13 years of honing and development of the Shi Nieman wardrobe Guangzhou Panyu District has a furniture production base covering an area of ​​120 acres. Moreover, it also has a world-class German Haomai automatic production line, and its sales network covers 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China.

Wardrobe is one of the essential home configurations in our home life. In the above content, we have a brief analysis of the top five brands of China’s environmental protection wardrobes. These wardrobe brands can compete. The invigorating wardrobe survived on the market, and it also successfully entered the list of the top ten brands of wardrobes. It can be said that all of them are elites. Their quality, service and reputation are quite good. I hope that this analysis of Xiaobian can introduce It is helpful for everyone to buy branded wardrobes.

Environmentally-friendly wardrobe brand rankings: Qumei

Qumei’s top ten environmentally-friendly brand furniture is believed to be familiar to everyone, since the 1980s, the first batch of bending was made. After the wooden furniture, Qumei, the top ten environmentally friendly brand furniture, has moved to the path of original environmentally friendly furniture. After several decades of hard work, Qumei, the top ten environmentally-friendly brand furniture, has become a comprehensive enterprise that is designed, produced and sold in China for a small number of domestic collections. It is an internationally renowned original furniture brand.

Environmentally-friendly wardrobe brand list seven: Gujia

Now we see the top ten environmental protection brand furniture is Gujia home, Gujia top ten environmental brand furniture is a well-known domestic living room furniture brand. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on bringing healthy and comfortable living room furniture to consumers. After more than 30 years of hard work, Gujia, the top ten environmentally friendly brand furniture, has become a prestigious furniture brand and became the Olympic Games in 2008. Designated furniture supplier.

Environmentally-friendly wardrobe brand list eight: Kafuya

Why is Kafia’s top ten environmentally-friendly brand furniture respected by consumers? This is mainly because of Kafia’s top ten Environmentally friendly brand furniture insists on bringing a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle to consumers. In the highly competitive furniture market, Kafia’s top ten environmentally-friendly brand furniture uses top-grade solid wood materials and manufactures furniture in strict accordance with the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management system standards, which has won the trust of many consumers.

Environmentally-friendly wardrobe brand list nine: Huari

Huashi’s top ten environmentally friendly brand furniture was born in 1971, the company’s main research and development production for medium and high-end consumption Solid wood furniture and mattresses used by the crowd. After more than 40 years of development, the current top ten environmentally friendly brand furniture in China and Japan has been successfully listed in Hong Kong, bringing Chinese furniture brands to the world stage.

Environmentally-friendly wardrobe brand list 10: Shangpin home delivery

Shangpin’s home decoration has been in development for 12 years, and in 2011, together with the brand spokesperson Zhou Xun, experienced 12 years of tempering and Development, currently has more than 800 stores, world-class 3D virtual design and production, 3D virtual gift assembly system, is a modern furniture enterprise relying on high-tech innovation and high-speed innovation, but also has second-class processing control ability, able Let consumers see their future home design effects in advance.

The above is the introduction of the 2017 environmentally friendly wardrobe brand list, I hope to help everyone. If you are more inclined to the above several brands of furniture, then you may wish to go to the physical store to do a better price/performance ratio.Contrast, I believe that we can return with full load.

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I heard that joining the small honey life sharing motorcycle can make a steady profit without relying on it.

On October 14th, Shanghai Mouth Industry and Trade, Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology, with Dingdang Travel "Bai Fumei Tram

Shanxi Linyi Conference was held. Xiaomi electric bicycle official website leader V letter: QQ9349146

At 14 o’clock in the afternoon, the press conference in Venice, Linyi, Venice Water World The Grand Hotel officially opened. The executives of Shanghaikouyi Company and Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. visited the venue and made a vision of sharing economic development trends and social values. At the same time, the ceremony of awarding the person in charge of the area and the signing ceremony of the person in charge of the new area were held.

叮当旅行“Bai Fumei Tram is a big data Internet sharing platform based on Internet+ and integrating various resources. “The biggest feature of Internet+ is the integration of trading entities. The boundaries between buyers and sellers are no longer clear. In a word, the sharing economy makes it possible for every buyer to become a seller in the eyes of others, and vice versa. This new economic model can not only meet the diversified and personalized needs of the market, but also truly make the public entrepreneurship and innovation become reality. Xiaomi electric bicycle official website leader V letter: QQ9349146

叮当旅行“Bai Fumei tram, from landing to operation All of them reflect this characteristic. The concept of shared trams has shaped new ways of life, production and consumption. Unlike previous competition for ownership, the sharing economy has made people pay more attention to the value of resources. “Use instead of “ possession, consumers become users and sharers.

The concept of sharing economy will restructure the business model of the enterprise, the openness and sharing characteristics of the Internet, and let users and consumers become more connected in the platform of Dangdang.

The Shanghai Tongyi Industry and Trade and Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology’s Shanxi Linyi Conference is a sign of the direction of shared economic development and will surely gain huge economic and social effects.

Next, this month’s trip “Bai Fumei shared tram conference”

The second game, October 17th, Liaoning Panjin

The third game, October 21, Harbin Shuangcheng

Please look forward to!!!

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Sharing motorcycles] Nine advantages: trend trend, must-have, Xiaomi life circle

First, do not hurt friends, do not hurt the network

Second, stable There is no risk in spectrum security

Third, you can make money easy to understand

Fourth, can help civilians make money

Five, teamwork and mutual help

Six, good development prospects of trend industry

Seven, reasonable and legal

Eight, the company has strength and hematopoietic function

Nine, stable Long-term can continue to make money.

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Polar routing B70 zero yuan purchase countdown 3 days! Each set is reduced by 50 yuan!

[Good news] Old irons, the boss is crazy!! Hi big rush!! The last three days of the B70 zero yuan purchase activity!!

From today (August 29) By August 31, users who purchase more than 5 (including 5) B70s at a time will be reduced by 50 yuan each!! 50 yuan!!

(The group cannot be reduced at the same time Participate in)

Zoom in and highlight the super-obvious portal

The details are as follows:

Event time: 2017 August 29–August 31, 2017

Activities: Buy more than 5 units (including 5 units) at the regular price of B70 [i-wealth exclusive] in Xiaoji Mall. 50 yuan! For example, buy 5 sets, cash back 50X5=250 yuan, buy 10 sets, cash back 50X10=500 yuan!

Activity rules:

1, this activity and “ Groups can not participate at the same time;

2, August 29, 0:00-August 31, 23:59, the order successfully paid is valid;

3, After purchase, you can send a screenshot of the order to the email address:, with the Alipay account number and name, phone number; or Weibo private letter @极路Provide screenshots of the order and Alipay account number, name, phone number;

3, 10 days after the order payment is successful, arrange the cash back, directly return the payment to the Alipay account;

4, due to the nature of the event Participate in the activity of the polar route B70 [i wealth exclusive] does not support 7 days no reason to return;

5, the right to explain this activity is all routed.

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What is the Chu Chu push platform? Chu Chu pushes into the dealer to find Boge

Chu Chut is the preferred platform for global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship, which is invested by Tencent and is the only e-commerce investment of Softbank after Alibaba.

Through the Chu Chu push, I buy and save money, others buy and make money, and the beautiful promotional materials are all ready for you, moving your fingers, and entering the monthly income.

Tens of thousands of high-quality brands, millions of selected products, the world’s top buyers, first-hand supply, genuine protection, commodity commissions up to 20%-80%, truly self-buy, save money, promote Make money.

The core executives are all from well-known Internet companies and top micro-brand traders, and 2,000 professional teams are escorting your business. The sales director is one-on-one, with the hands to get you started, and the business school to help you grow quickly.

Ultra-strong brand supply chain

Chuchu pushes platform to connect with 5000+ famous brand suppliers worldwide, and optimizes more than 300,000 of the most cost-effective primary sources, eliminating intermediate links and directly The billion-level advertising fee will be given to customers and VIP shopping guides, realizing zero-distance docking between factory goods and customers, and no middlemen will make a difference.

Based on the massive goods on Chuchu Street, Chu Chutong selects the advantageous products that benefit from social communication, forming a leading platform for social e-commerce goods collection, and relying on Chuchu Street for many years of customer service and after-sales service. Industry-leading service capabilities such as quality assurance, escort the user’s promotion and purchase experience. Chu Chu push, is a social e-commerce platform to promote Chu Chutong goods, through strong technology research and development capabilities, community operation capabilities and convenient WeChat purchase and promotion experience, to create a business through the promotion of goods, create a community to obtain rich income platform. Excellent VIP shopping guides sign directly with the company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold and rich bonuses. It is not a dream to enter the million in a year.

VIPVIP Shopping Guide VIP Shopping Guide

VIP Shopping Guide

299 yuan of self-selected products in the mall VIP shopping guide

Effective VIP (there is more than 10 yuan in the retail reimbursement in the mall)

1. Entrepreneurship package commission: recommend a member to reward 100 yuan (WeChat cash withdrawal seconds)

2, sales commission: enjoy shopping 20%-80% commission, buy and save money, promote to make money

Upgrade Director

VIP shopping guide direct push 10 people + team The total number of people reaches 60 (the sales commission totals more than 10 yuan) and can be promoted to the director

1. Basic salary: This part of the income is reflected in the company’s OA system, and the monthly salary is issued on the 5th of the following month

2, entrepreneurship package commission: recommend a member reward 150 yuan

4, the director entrepreneurship package commission: the team other people each invite a VIP, get 50 yuan

5, Sales commission: enjoy 20%-80% commission on shopping, save money by buying, promote money.

6. Team Management Award: Team The monthly per capita income is more than 2,000 yuan, which rewards 20% of the total sales commissions of all VIPs in the team. More than 1000 yuan less than 2000 yuan, reward 16%. Less than 1000 yuan, reward 12%

7. Bole bonus: train a sales director, reward director monthly team management bonus income 10%, long-term effective

Tencent strategic investment e-commerce platform, Global social e-commerce platform, the preferred platform for mass entrepreneurship! It is also a shopping or online shopping. Do you choose to be a consumer or a consumer?

Save yourself and save money, save 20%–80%

Sharing money, earning 20%–80%

Whether it is office workers, treasure moms, student families, freelancers, as long as you have a entrepreneurial heart, you can achieve Dreams

[Chu Chu push] Tencent E-Commerce platform welcomes you!!!

2018 Absolute Force Mode!

by Tencent Strategy

Strategic investment! The capital crocodile jointly produced, Chu Chu push, Chu Chu Street, Chu Chutong belong to a company! The company has strong background! 2000 technical team! Absolutely safe and long-lasting platform! The second Taobao e-commerce!

Just 299 shopping to become a VIP, share one earn 100, share 10 people to reach 60 people, take the umbrella under the team to see 50, low investment and high return!

WeChat to withdraw seconds to

Registering Chu Chu to ask referees to ask for registration QR code

Chu Chu push, earn every day, free to download APP to become a VIP member! Let’s make money-making consumers together, download the Chu Chu push APP software together!

Chu Chu push||- Boge takes you to millions of years

Chu Chu pushes the official website blog

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Chinese Management: Arming Modern Management with Traditional Culture

Chinese companies are highly regarded in Western management, but truly effective management must be rooted in customs and culture. Chinese culture is profound and profound. These experiences are applied to the modern management of enterprises, which will form a real Chinese-style management and help enterprises to build efficient and harmonious management.

Yang Yizhi

September 23, 2017 On the day, the business media group entered Yan’an and joined hands with the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao Liquor to jointly launch the “Business Lecture Hall • Elite Classroom Yan’an Station, Professor Yang Yizhi, a famous doctor of philosophy, management and traditional Chinese culture research and promotion. The theme of traditional culture and modern management wisdom is shared, and the essence of the management of traditional culture such as Yijing, The Analects, University and Sun Tzu is deeply analyzed. The combination of case and theory, sharing vivid and interesting, won the recognition and approval of the majority of entrepreneurs on the spot.

The highest level of management

What is management?

In the view of Professor Yang Yizhi, management is in the process of organizing activities, for the differentiation of personnel, through Management theory and means, the goal is highly unified and division of labor, to achieve targeted, effective and university operations, and to achieve a management realm of “doing nothing”.

Professor Yang Yizhi said that when we discuss the coordinates of Chinese traditional culture today, we should put it in the ecology of international culture. Only in this way can we see the value and vitality of traditional culture in the present.

Compared with Western and Japanese management, China has its own management characteristics. The management philosophy in traditional culture generally believes that management should deliver management rights to individuals, through effective means to enable managed people to consciously abide by the system.

Carefully Listening to Business Leaders Club Members

Doing leadership must understand the “Book of Changes”

The Tang Dynasty prime minister Yu Shinan once said: “Do not learn to be easy to think.” As the highest level of classical forecasting and operations research, “Book of Changes” is called “the classics”, the first, the law of the law, the source, in order to do a good job of high-level leadership, must study and understand the “Book of Changes” Management wisdom in the field. Professor Yang Yizhi summarized the management of Yijing as three major axes:

—— focus on rational thinking: use rational thinking, judgment, and emotional interaction

—— Time change: “Time (time, situation), “position” (identity, occasion), day “time, place (bit), “ldquo; person and

—— advocacy Consciousness: “Deben is the end: repetitiveness

“I Ching” advocates that people master the rules of the universe to change, follow the “to avoid the evil” & ldquo; way, reach “do not worry, “Do not confuse,” the ideal of not fear, and finally achieve the middle and harmony in management.

Professor Yang Yizhi emphasized that enterprises should not simply pursue profits or interests. They should take into account the interests of all parties, be impartial, reduce obstacles, eliminate gaps, build loyalty, and live in harmony.

Sharing the scene

Management wisdom of the Analects

“The Analects of Confucius” embodies Confucius’s management thought based on humanism, mainly including “self-cultivation and “love”, that is, to cultivate their own character and perfect their personality, but also Treat others like you and your loved ones, and get along with others. Among them, self-cultivation is embodied in four aspects: repairing morality, repairing energy, practicing and repairing.

Xiude, precise life orientation, establish ambition, feelings and gentleman personality; repair energy, be introspective and know how to be united, not ashamed to ask, have an open mind and vision, form a comprehensive talent; practice, see Xiansi Qi, acting honestly and acting in accordance with etiquette, thinking and prudent in multiple dimensions; repairing, both German and French, with a positive and optimistic spirit, still <; avoidance <; benefit and not <; lost, neither “Don’t say, etc.

How to apply the thoughts of Anren in the Analects of Confucius in enterprise management? Interpretation of Professor Yang Yizhi, enterprises must clarify the responsibilities and roles of employees, so as not to deceive the superiors. It is necessary to know how to use it for the lower level. At the same time, he also mentioned Zengzi’s three realms of employment ——“ with the teacher king, the friend of the hegemony, the perpetrators died.

Yang Yizhi sums up Confucius’ thoughts into three words, “Lie”, “Benevolence”, and tells about the evolution and transformation of Confucius’ thoughts in the society of later generations, forming a variety of schools such as Mohist and Legalists. The influence has a long history, and even in the management of modern enterprises, its ideas have its reference.

A representative of the centuries-old Luzhou old age wine gives Yang Yizhi a gift

Elite Classrooms Boost Enterprise Transformation

The combination of theory and case studies, knowledge of Chinese studies, and Professor Yang Yizhi’s sharing of traditional Chinese culture and modern management,Let the SMEs and business elites present here be full, which will lead to collective reflection, the differences between Chinese and Western management and the use of traditional culture in business management.

After the wonderful sharing, after the sincere invitation of the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine, Professor Yang Yizhi and representatives of the business elite and the 100-year-old Luzhou old age wine attended the “Elite Sharing Dinner”. On the table of wine and delicious food, everyone talked about the management of various companies, exchanged business cards and docked resources, and the atmosphere was strong and harmonious.

Dinner exchange sparks

wind After passing through Zhangzhou, the people were drunk in Zhangzhou. The history of Luzhou Laojiao began in the Qin and Han Dynasties. It has been inherited and developed continuously and has become China’s “the originator of the incense, the wine master and the “Liangxiang National Wine”. Its sub-brand is a hundred years old Luzhou old age wine for Chinese elite business. The first brand of wine, with its fashionable temperament and the focus of elite business wine, is very popular among elite business people.

Elite Sharing Dinner

In New Technology In the era of business change, traditional business models and marketing models have failed, and entrepreneurs have collectively fallen into anxiety. The business media group and the 100-year-old Luzhou old age wine work together to create a business hall and middot; the purpose of the elite classroom is to help them find the right location, graft resources, successfully achieve business innovation, and create a new era of competition barriers. In the future, the exciting courses with dry goods will enter more cities and look forward to your attention!

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Zhao Guocheng, Chairman of the Business Leaders Annual Meeting, Mr. Zhao Guocheng, the chairman of the company

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Participant Series Report 6

Zhao Shengcheng, Chairman of Pinsheng Electronics, has confirmed participation Attend the “New Change and New Beginnings & Mdash;— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum hosted by the Business Media Group. From January 24th to 25th, 2018, he will have a heated discussion with several other guests at the Forum’s “Industry Efficiency Improvement Roundtable Forum brought by the Internet. What kind of “what’s going on,” Wait and see.

There is a saying that there is no product that Zhao Guocheng founded, and there is only a group of obscure ants in China’s 3C accessories industry.

The winning mobile phone battery, the flying legs, the patch cord, the bulls, the router, the roaring millet, etc. are still in the ear; in September 2017, the product wins a paper complaint and the Apple company is brought to court, accusing it. MFi mandatory certification prevents fair competition in the component assembly market and is caused by just one data line.

The news came out, all the media picked up the carnival, “the market first did not get the official certification”; Apple’s built-in chips limit consumers’ freedom to choose “MFi certified manufacturers to divide Apple into 20% &hellip ;… People’s dissatisfaction with Apple’s high-priced accessories for many years can be vented.

Regardless of whether the lawsuit wins or loses, Pinsheng has at least popularized Article 11 of the Anti-Monopoly Law: the operators with market dominance shall not sell goods at unfairly high prices …… /p>

Be the user’s gown

In September, Apple held the 2017 autumn conference, and the iPhone X, which supports wireless charging, was unveiled.

The next morning, Zhao Guocheng told him to go, the wireless charging base can be stocked.

A few years ago, Zhao Guocheng asked Pinsheng to launch wireless charging. Some company executives kindly reminded him that there is no mainstream product supporting wireless charging at all. Zhao Guocheng said: I looked at the various charging lines on the bedside table.

Accurate prediction of wireless charging trends is only one of Zhao Guocheng’s “famous works.” He has a keen sense of user pain points and product trends, so he also got a nickname: X light machine.

Even the simplest plug-in, I also poured the good intentions of Zhao Guocheng: the shape is no longer stupid, some are slim and firm, some are chubby, some are smart and cool, some It can also be pasted repeatedly, hidden under the table or next to the cabinet.

In 2016, the products that competed with the new national standard were put on the market, which brought great pressure to the friends.

Zhao Guocheng often asked the R&D staff a word: Why do you let users take money out of their bags? If others are not willing to pay, it means that things are “junk.” Even Zhao Guocheng gave the platoon to the nanny at home and asked her to sell …… the result was sold out, and the plug was approved for listing.

Today, we often refer to product thinking based on the user’s perspective as user thinking. Zhao Guocheng, a Chengdu native, has a more grounded description: the brothers in the history of Sichuan and Chongqing, who are straight and loyal, never do ribbing.

In the 1990s, the business climate was still primitive, full of fraud, price and running. Zhao Guocheng does not like to study competitors, but only research users, and often “plays users” and deduces what they need.

At the time, no 3C agent was willing to guarantee the battery of digital cameras and camcorders. Zhao Guocheng received an additional 5 yuan for a one-year battery warranty. The move won market support and orders were coming.

The so-called good people have good news. In fact, the battery return rate is only 1%, Zhao Guocheng’s overcharged “insurance money just enough to offset the cost of quality assurance.”

Incoming and entering the WTO

As more and more players enter the market, the 3C accessories market has gradually turned into a red sea.

As early as 2004, Zhao Guocheng discovered the need for users to charge anytime and anywhere, thus opening up a USB interface for the battery and inventing the earliest charging treasure. However, he made a mistake in the name: electric tyrant, mini power station, storage treasure … … also did not make a big publicity for this product. In the end, Pinsheng lost the opportunity to enjoy the exclusive “charge treasure.”

After the rise of smartphones, the demand for mobile phone batteries was blown out, and the product wins later than the friends like Scud. Become a laggard in this field.

Obviously, the 3C market is a cosmopolitan market with a fast-changing product line. Like Zhao Guocheng, every day, users of the user are obsessed with a slight negligence.

But unlike other laggards: the stronger the opponent, the more mad Mad Guocheng.

At that time, executives suggested that Pinsheng should launch low-end, lower-priced products to adapt to fierce market competition. Zhao Guocheng has set the basic tone: Pinsheng only makes products with better quality and higher price.

Zhao Guocheng said that only 30% of users may like better quality but higher prices, which is enough, and only win 30% of the people’s money.

In fact, Zhao Guocheng has long recognized that 90% of users like better products, which is in line with human nature.

In 2008, Pinsheng began to produce mobile phone batteries, and just now launched a battery that is higher than the highest price of Scud. Although there was no sales in the first half of the yearBut Zhao Guocheng is not flustered at all.

Originally, Zhao Guocheng discovered that although the market position of Scud battery is incomprehensible, it is made up of dozens of small brands. The price ranges from low to high, and is sold by different generations. Therefore, the first step of the product wins only needs to concentrate on launching one of the most expensive products, and it can deliver the information that the product wins better than the Scud battery to the market.

The key is the second step: Pinsheng battery suddenly cuts the price, the price is 2 yuan lower than the highest price of Scud. This led to an understanding between the channel and the user: the best product is cheaper than the Scud battery! Sales are quickly rising.

At that time, it was at the peak of the replacement of the showcase in the 3C shop of Computer City and Shangchao. Product wins and timely launches the event to order a free battery showcase, which is equivalent to providing merchants with a discount of more than 1,000 yuan. In just one or two years, tens of thousands of merchants across the country have replaced the showcases with the logo of the product, and they immediately smashed the Scud.

One of the most embarrassing things that Zhao Guocheng has done is the virtual battery capacity —— friends are all going up the standard, but the product wins but deliberately lowers the standard. This led to a result: the product quality of the product wins, the quality and function exceed the user’s expectations, and it is also better than the competitor’s same price product, and the market situation is thus opened.

Speaking from an idle gold cup car

One day in 2011, Zhao Guocheng visited the market in Beijing. By chance, he found that the warehouse was idle with a gold cup car. A car specially delivered for Jingdong.

Zhao Guocheng began to ponder: The warehouse of Pinsheng is located within the Third Ring of Beijing, and the Jingdong Treasury is located in the outskirts of the city. It takes 3 hours for the Jinbei car to be loaded out of the city. The time is basically gone. Moreover, users mainly place orders in the urban area, and Jingdong also needs to transport the goods from the warehouse outside the city back to the city. …… Is this not a double waste of logistics costs and consumer time?

From the perspective of the user, the user only cares about the delivery time. Therefore, Zhao Guocheng believes that the most reasonable way should be that the user places an order in Jingdong, and the goods are sent directly from the Shengsheng warehouse to the user’s home.

After returning to Chengdu, Zhao Guocheng began to instill the O2O model into the team, but no one could understand it. In the eyes of others, express delivery is fast enough. Why does Pinsheng, as a 3C accessory company, invest capital and manpower to deliver goods, just to let users get the goods faster?

At that time, everyone was more interested in Zhao Guocheng’s invention —— shared charging treasure. At an industry conference, Zhao Guocheng first proposed that the charging treasure can “lease the concept of renting,” and the entrepreneurial teams such as Street Power and Xiaodian were sitting under the stage to listen.

However, Zhao Guocheng insisted on delivery, and he naturally believed that it was more important for users to get goods faster.

This is not the first time that Zhao Guocheng has been in charge. When Pinsheng just got a firm foothold, he made a 3C accessories industry. “There is nothing in the past: in the national capitals and key secondary cities, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries, the establishment of the product wins direct sales store, its specifications are better than today Many mobile phone stores are even higher.

At that time, “the bosses of the losers were all thrown out, and the friends were laughing at the product wins.” After ten years, Jingdong and Tmall are all in the layout line. The offline channel has become a unique quality asset in the industry.

Not satisfied with the accessories manufacturer

After many attempts, in 2013, Pinsheng software development team made an omni-channel supply chain and marketing management system ——OCSS system .

Specifically, the OCSS system automatically imports orders for online platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, and Jingdong, and automatically assigns them to the nearest warehouse or store through the “near + in-stock principle” to complete the last one. Kilometers of delivery.

2013 “Double Eleven, the product victory with the OCSS system, processing 800,000 orders in 1,000 cities in one day, of which 75% were completed on the same day. It should be noted that the goods of other merchants are still on the road, and even tally in the warehouse.

2015 ——Uber enters China, and people discover that the OCSS system brings “the nearest + goods is Uber”; nearby + car, a discrete integration of intensive demand platform .

Obviously, today, when resources are waiting for prices, the OCSS system has become the capital that can be shown off.

However, Zhao Guocheng is not satisfied with a single delivery function. Because most O2O models are favored by capital, it is difficult to achieve profitability. The best thing to do is to make money O2O.

First of all, Zhao Guocheng “ eliminated the cost of O2O’s offline shop.

OCSS’s offline core is more than 300 direct stores and provincial-level distributors, all of which are historical costs.

At the same time, the OCSS system will be opened, and nearly 10,000 franchisees will be developed to improve the layout of offline outlets. For franchisees, the orders allocated by the nearest distribution system are profitable, and the idle staff and storefronts can be utilized, so the promotion cost is also extremely low.

To a certain extent, OCSS has helped achieve “low inventory” and “look-to-consume” to the new retail and Internet+ transformation of online and offline integration.

The future has come

Zhao Guocheng’s newest thing is the Thousand Machines Network.

ThousandsThe network is an upgraded version of the OCSS system. It is simply a chain mobile phone fast repair platform that is a strategic investment. It relies on online portals to cover the nationwide mobile phone + service convenience chain network, providing users with Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. Professional maintenance services for mainstream brand models such as OPPO.

At the beginning, Zhao Guocheng’s positioning of was a mobile phone trading platform, but it was quickly discovered that the mobile phone market is already a red sea, and the number of mobile phones in China is already high.

However, there is still a user’s pain point that few people touch: mobile phone repair is the most opaque and lowest user satisfaction area. Therefore, as a platform with a huge network of online stores, Pinsheng can attract users to the machine network for mobile phone repair through transparent and certified services.

What is the final form of the machine network?

For the C side Thousands of machines are a chain mobile phone fast repair platform, users can find repair points nearby, and can also enjoy the service of home repair.

For the B-end, is a supply chain management platform for the mobile phone repair industry. Merchants can purchase mobile phone accessories through the platform and have more service connections with users.

In this system, Pinsheng not only realizes the sales of products, but also the service commission collected by can reach RMB million per month. Zhao Guocheng said that has the strong advantage of OCSS system, which is difficult for other competitors to surpass. In 2018, Thousand Machines Network is absolutely confident to achieve the goal of service commissions exceeding 100 million yuan.

If Zhao Guocheng tried to solve the pain points of users through product innovation and establish a manufacturing-oriented enterprise for users, then today, Zhao Guocheng is trying to use technological innovation and business model innovation to support one. A win-win Internet platform.

(This article originally appeared in “Business” in 2017 October, published this abridged)

Author: Tang Liang

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Intelligent products are much worse and difficult to integrate, and the smart home industry needs to set team standards.

Image from “

Smart The variety of household products, lack of functionality, and limited application scenarios have long been recognized in the industry. Smart home products are still on the road to “single intelligence”. In addition, in order to better cultivate smart home products, the industry also urgently needs to establish certain home standards.

In such an intelligent age, it seems that the product does not add a little smart elements and is embarrassed to appear on the market. However, when more and more smart products enter the home, people find that not only these individual products, their intelligent functions may not bring the convenience, and it is difficult for these products to cooperate with each other to make people easy. Comfortable smart home life.

Groups compete for trillions of dollars

The smart wave of home appliance industry has intensified after entering 2017, whether it is traditional black electricity, white electricity or the rapid development of kitchen in recent years. Electricity has added intelligent elements to varying degrees.

On November 22nd, Changhong held a press conference in Sydney, launching its high-end brand Qiqi (CHiQ) series in Australia for the first time. The Qi Ke series is a series of smart home appliances launched by Changhong based on the family Internet, including TVs, refrigerators, freezers and so on. As Changhong’s future-oriented differentiated product line, Qiqi brand has been launched in China, South America and Europe.

On November 27th, Midea’s Clean Electrical Appliances Division launched a new product that was independently designed and developed, and launched a revolutionary smart cleaning appliance in conjunction with Toshiba. At the beginning of this year, Midea Air Conditioning announced that starting from 2017, Midea Air Conditioning upgraded its smart products, gradually eliminated non-intelligent products, and set a 6 million sets in 2017, and exceeded 12 million sets of smart air-conditioning sales targets in 2019. .

In March of this year, Haier released the U+ Smart Life 2.0 strategy, which was the first to introduce artificial intelligence solutions for smart home appliances, and to the “hardware + software + service model” transformation. Its Internet refrigerator products can not only automatically scan the barcode to identify the origin, nutrients, shelf life, etc. of the ingredients, but also automatically identify the air quality in the refrigerator through the VOC odor freshness recognition technology, and automatically carry out sterilization and purification.

The statistics of Ovi Cloud show that at present, the intelligence of black power has reached 90%. With the rapid development of technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and human-computer interaction, smart white power has also begun to accelerate. At present, the market share of smart products reaches 22.5% for washing machines, 18.54% for air conditioners, and 10.30% for refrigerators. According to Zhongyikang’s forecast data, the penetration rate of smart home appliances will further increase in 2020, and the proportion of smart appliances such as white goods, kitchen appliances and living appliances will reach 45%, 25% and 28% respectively. The year will bring a total market demand of 1.5 trillion yuan.

Not only smart home appliances, but also smart lighting, smart security, smart curtains and other products have entered the lives of consumers. At the Conrad Hotel in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea, after the reporter opened the door with the door card, he found no place to plug in the card. After a while, the reporter found that the porch light in the room had been opened. Pulling in the luggage, the wardrobe lights, the room lights, and the curtain lights light up in sequence. It turns out that the lighting of this hotel has achieved intelligent control. In the showroom of LGDisplay, if you want to leave a note, you can write on the board, click on the paper plane icon, and the paper will “fly” to the transparent window screen.

Intellectualization is still on the road

Although the tide of intelligence is surging, the reporters found that there are many slots for these intelligent products for consumers.

& ldquo; At night, all I need is that as soon as my feet touch the ground, the lights will light up instead of going to find the phone, unlocking, finding the app, and turning it on after turning it on.

Netizen “Drinking said that he usually loves tossing a variety of things with a sense of technology, recently installed a smart light bulb at home, the mode is a bridge + RGB with controller Light bulb + APP.

Although some unofficial APP versions have developed some fun features, such as controlling the brightness of the light through the input of the microphone, but in the most basic switching function, he thinks it is “simplified to complex” There is a suspicion of painting a snake. Moreover, as a technology enthusiast, he has replaced many home appliances with smart ones. The common feature is that they must be controlled by mobile APP, and each app is rarely compatible. Every time you want to open any appliance, he has to Look at a long time.

Consumer Ms. Wang told reporters that her father usually loves to go online to read all kinds of information, so she bought a smart TV for her father. However, in the process of teaching her father to use, she found that if it is just watching movies and TV programs, smart TV is not as convenient as ordinary TV. If it is a function of Internet browsing, it is not as convenient as a computer controlled by mouse and keyboard. Moreover, the system has to be upgraded at intervals, and this is not easy for the father who is over 80 years old.

Zhang Yachen, secretary general of the National Kitchen Standardization Technical Committee Kitchenware Subcommittee, said that some intelligent products now integrate a variety of flashy, even unnecessary functions, which not only reduce consumers’ smart products. The desire to consume and use, and the operation of these functions continue to test the stability of the system, which is not high, thus reducing the reliability of the product.

“ When adding various functions to home appliances, it is necessary to make it clear that it is convenient for users, or to simplifyThe single thing is complicated? He questioned. “If the intelligent products in the consumer’s home, or the control system of the smart home, are illegally invaded, it may endanger the personal and property safety of the consumers. Li Hongwei, deputy director of the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, said that smart homes, smart home appliances and network connections will bring risks to network security, information security and electrical safety. This kind of concern for users can also hinder their purchase of related products.

Li Hongwei also pointed out that moving from smart home appliances to smart homes is a major trend of intelligent development, that is, from local intelligence to the intelligence of the network and the intelligence of the way, and the network is all this development. basis.

But at present, both the WiFi technology and the NB-IoT technology adopted by many home appliance companies have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the WiFi technology has the advantages of easier access, mature chipset, and easier deployment, but there are also problems in that the access configuration cannot be uniformly completed, the cable is easily dropped, and the signal coverage is not comprehensive. The NB-IoT technology has the advantages of large capacity, high coverage, low power consumption, high security, etc., but it is not suitable for video signal transmission due to its low rate characteristics.

In addition, smart home appliances are being integrated into more and more functions, although they will meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, but they also increase the difficulty of repair services. The popularity of smart home appliances must be accompanied by a more professional after-sales service team to provide technical support.

Group standard setting work started

“ I think that the core of smart home appliances, or smart homes, lies in two words: & lsquo;more & rsquo; & & lsquo; new & rsquo;. Zhang Yachen explained that “more, it is easier to implement some functions than traditional home appliances; “new” means that after applying new technologies, it not only meets some of the existing needs, but also Inspire people’s new needs.

He pointed out that if some companies default on mobile phone-controlled products as low-level carriers of intelligent products, it will hinder the development of the industry. Therefore, the development of the smart industry must be regulated by standards.

Liu Ting, Dean of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and Xiao Duyu, Deputy Director of the Consumer Products Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said: Starting the smart home standardization work will help smart homes break down industry barriers and regulate industry development.

According to Zhang Yachen, at present, the national level of intelligent home appliances, home standardization system architecture has been set up, “Intelligent Household Appliances Intelligent Technology General Principles” “Smart Household Appliance Service Platform General Requirements” “Smart Household Appliances System structure and reference model “General requirements for the effectiveness of intelligent household appliances operation” four standards have been submitted for approval; 10 standards for the common requirements, technical terms, test specifications, etc. of smart home appliance system interoperability have also been established; The item standard is in the declaration.

However, Zhang Yachen also pointed out that the current development rate of both national standards and industry standards is far from meeting the development needs of technology and market. Therefore, the newly revised Standardization Law is for group standards. Policy incentives were given.

The “China Consumer News” reporter learned that in the field of intelligence, relevant industry organizations and institutions have begun to promote the formulation of group standards. As recently, led by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, Haier, Midea, Bosi Home Appliances, Hisense, Changhong, Skyworth and TCL jointly developed the first smart home interconnection standard. Through a unified conversion protocol, enterprises open cloud interfaces to achieve interoperability between different brands. That is: if the user’s home purchases different brands of home appliances, as long as they belong to the above seven brands, they can control other brands of appliances in any brand of cloud platform.

According to Guo Yongxin, deputy secretary-general of the China National Light Industry Association, the China National Light Industry Council is responsible for the design, drafting, review, and approval of industry standards. At present, the standard work of the smart home group has initially set up an organizational structure, namely, setting up a smart home standardization working group and a standardization expert group under the China Light Industry Federation, and jointly developing a smart home together with industry associations, industry standardization technical institutions, testing institutions, and certification bodies. standard.

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How do small bees share the benefits of electric bicycles?

Xiaomi Life Circle is a mobile internet platform under the umbrella of Shanghai Moutai Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. It is an online O2O sharing economic intelligent operation platform developed by Shanghaikou Yiye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Through the sharing of users in Xiaomi Life Circle, we will create big data and graft it in many fields such as shared trams, shared cars and smart O2O food fields. The company is responsible for the complete operation management and technical support of Xiaomi Life Circle, and is committed to creating a green and convenient O2O sharing Xiaomi life circle. The company has a project department, commodity department, business school, marketing department, planning department, customer service department, finance department, administrative personnel department, logistics department and other departments. Team leader WeChat: QQ9968134

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 28, 2017 in Singapore Science and Technology Park, Jianggan District, Hangzhou. The registered capital is 78 million, and the legal representative is Lin Tongbing. Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive front-end technology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, service, logistics, operation and maintenance of electric vehicles. Starting from the National Operation Management Center established in Hangzhou, the company recruits regional agents for the whole country and is responsible for the promotion and management of the O2O shared tram offline market. Since the establishment of the National Operations Management Center, it has signed hundreds of regional agents. Thereby achieving the linkage of the sharing economy era, and the triple play of the Internet, regional network and sales network. The use of Internet technology to achieve the accurate delivery of O2O shared trams, create your own Xiaomi ecosystem, and share the mobile client through O2O, so that more people can benefit from < shared economy & rsquo; Create, share, and win together.

The first wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

[Share] is the most popular nowadays Vocabulary, we are no stranger to the small yellow car, Mobike bicycle, shared charging treasure and so on. Team leader WeChat: QQ9349146

Recruiting the horse bonus period, how to join

Xiaomi shared the benefits of the tram partner, the entity does not hurt the network, not the fund disk, assured promotion, there is a time node If the amount of data is enough, it will stop.

The generated bubble is controllable, and the profit capital market will be used to make up for it. The company needs only the amount of data in the early stage.

1. Mall Shopping 880 becomes Members, recommend the first generation of daily dividends of 15 yuan, the second generation of 2 yuan per day, take 365 days to enter the gold to the public account operation, legal tax payment a mobile phone number up to 10 orders per day, all small main account cash withdrawal static play, The annual income is about 6 times. The investment is 880. The main account number is 10 orders for the small number. The cost is 11 yuan for 9680 yuan. The daily income is 15*10=150 yuan. The monthly income is 4,500 yuan. The return is two months, and the remaining ten. Month is a pure profit recommended direct push 100 single (self play is also OK), daily income of 1500, a year to earn 500,000, 200 single-year income of 1 million … … (Remarks: self-payment shopping on the 8th day to confirm the receipt, Your recommendation That is the 9th day of gains from the beginning of the second day, the first layer 15 per day income, the second layer 2 yuan gains) three distributors every day, in line with state regulations within range. Free choice to become a regional agent regional agency rights: investment 20,000, and the company signed a contract 1, each member of the team under the umbrella, an additional reward of 50 dollars

2, the districts and counties that signed their own Some people are using it, and the income generated every day can be 5%. No one in any region in China can choose it. First-come-first-served

3. Immediately after the company shares the car (Dangdang travel) Can be used as a proxy priority, and only a farm project

4, each recommended agent, you can get 10,000 cash rewards, you can also spend 3880 yuan to subscribe to a tram, get 70% of its income For example, if you earn 50 yuan a day, you can get 35 yuan. Continue to take 3 years, how much do you calculate?

[Shared motorcycle] Xiaomi Life Circle? Second wave

Motorcycles are put on the market in August

On July 14th, Xiaomi Life Circle and Jiangsu Green Coffee Electric Vehicle Factory reached a strategic cooperation, the first batch has been put into operation 5,000 units, and is expected to be put on the market around August 10

July 18 Xiaomi Life Circle and The Lima Group (Tianjin) factory signed a contract to reach a cooperation! The electric vehicle of the Lima Group was rated as a green vehicle by the state. With 300 sets of production per day, it is expected to produce 50,000-50,000 units in the national market.

The electric vehicles are in line with the national four major standards: 1. The speed limit is 20 km/h; Manned; 3, with pedals; 4, each motorcycle is equipped with insurance;

In addition, the company is about to launch [shared car jingle travel]

Xiaomi Life Circle? Wave

Encircling the city from rural areas and towns, making up for the blank space of the diver’s travel and special cars

Xiaomi Life Circle? The fourth wave

[Smart Farm]

The shared smart farm features: farm dishes, green leaves, from the farm to the farm to your kitchen. The intelligent farms distinguish between dirty, stinky and chaotic phenomena. You can enjoy the food in the market without smelling mixed smells. In many high-end residential areas nowadays, after 80s, 90s and 00s, I hope that I can enjoy the success without going to the market. So smart farms, you just need to open your mobile phone to place an order, and send it directly to your home within five kilometers.???

[Planning and Vision]

In 2019, 1 million motorcycles and 100,000 shared cars will be delivered, and 500 smart farms will be transformed and cooperated. In 2020, we will fully realize the smart food market in second-tier and third-tier cities. A round of B rounds C round D round E round financing will be realized and will be listed on the domestic main board and the Australian Stock Exchange.

The company wants big data, and with the data, it has the capital market favor.

National recruiting members, regional agents welcome everyone to join, support people, land projects, safe and reliable

Today’s WeChat market value is over 2 trillion, the initial 297 promotion members now have an annual income of 50 million, have you…

Today’s Alipay market value is more than 2 trillion The original 50,000 promotion members have an annual income of 50 million. Do you have any…

Today’s US group has a market value of over one trillion, and the most recent 250,000 promotion members have an annual income of 50 million. One of them…

Today’s Ctrip has a market value of over one trillion. The original 190,000 promotion members now earn more than 10 million a year. You participated in it…

Today’s Didi taxi has a market value of over RMB 300 million. The original 250,000 promotion members have an annual income of over one million. Are you here? This is the charm of the big number drama!

Today’s sharing era has been Come, Xiaomi Life needs to promote trams, cars, and smart farms. You are here! Team leader WeChat: QQ9968134

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