In order to facilitate the manufacturer to have a clearer understanding of the production situation

Figure 3-8 LSD Line Detection

3) Database

In order to facilitate the manufacturer to have a clearer understanding of the production situation, the software records and manages all the data in production (Figures 3-9, 3-10, 3-11). By arranging these data, the quality of work in each process and the types of defects in the production process can be collected and fed back for process control personnel to analyze and manage to improve product quality.

Figure 3-9 Data Summary

Figure 3-10 Data Waveform< /p>

Figure 3-11 NG Data Histogram

3) Transmission, positioning and motion control technology

In this machine vision inspection systems manufacturers, the loading and unloading mechanism, precision transmission mechanism, positioning mechanism and motion control technology are extremely important parts of the whole detection system, directly affecting the whole System detection performance. As shown in Figure 3-12, it includes several parts such as automatic feeding, coding, alignment, detection, rejection, and blanking. Each part accurately positions and works together on the tested workpiece to ensure the smooth progress of the inspection.

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Part of the gray value change is not obvious

The second type of scratch, Part of the gray value change is not obvious, the gray level of the whole image is relatively average, and the scratch area is relatively small. There are only a few pixels, and the gray level is only slightly lower than the surrounding image, which is difficult to distinguish. The original image can be averaged to obtain a machine vision inspection systems manufacturers, and subtracted from the original image. When the absolute value of the difference is greater than the threshold, it is set as the target, and all the targets are marked to calculate the area. The target with too small an area is removed, and the rest is marked as a scratch.

Second type of scratch defect image

The third type of scratch, The gray scale of each part is large, and the shape is usually elongated. If a fixed threshold is used on one image, the defective part of the mark will be smaller than the actual part. Due to the narrow scratches of such images, relying solely on grayscale detection will miss the defect extension. For such images, a combination of dual threshold and defect shape features is selected according to its characteristics.

The third type of scratch defect image

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Proibita Fatti per quanto Riguarda le Collane con Diamanti Nome Rivelato da un Esperto

Ottenere lo Scoop su Collane con Diamanti Nome Prima che Si Troppo Tardi

Le collane sono disponibili in una varietà di materiali come giallo, rosa o oro bianco o platino. Le collane di diamanti sono rigorosamente per una donna. Una collana di diamanti può avere solo una pietra centrale di diamante o un numero di pietre preziose con la più grande al centro. Qui troverai collane di diamanti, orecchini, anelli, pendenti, braccialetti e kadas.

L’unica Cosa da Fare per Collane con Diamanti Nome

Molte volte, oltre ai gioielli da sposa, una collana è l’unico gioiello che una donna indossa. Per iniziare, è meglio decidere se si desidera una collana di diamanti o un ciondolo di diamanti. Da ora hai deciso di acquistare la bellissima e straordinaria collana con nome di diamante, la prossima cosa è decidere da dove acquistarla.

Cosa Aspettarsi Da Collane con Diamanti Nome?

Le collane sono indossate da uomini e donne nelle culture di tutto il mondo ai fini dell’ornamento e dello status sociale. Proprio come i diamanti stessi, le Collane con nome diamante sono creazioni complesse per questo sono così preziose e popolari. Poi ci sono le collane di diamanti a strati, il ciondolo con gli elaborati disegni a catena, le stringhe di perle e i lari.

Collane con Diamanti Nome: il massimo della Convenienza!

Le collane sono antiche quanto la civiltà umana. Sebbene la collana abbia un design accattivante, può ancora essere personalizzata con alcune idee creative. Le collane d’oro sono alcuni degli abbellimenti più preferiti nella scena della moda di oggi. Che si tratti di un regalo per un anniversario di matrimonio, di un regalo di compleanno o di un omaggio alla festa di fidanzamento, una collana con nome in oro 14k e diamanti si rivelerà davvero una preziosa idea regalo.

Stimulating children’s kitchen set

Step2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen is an actual miniature kitchen with a stove, sink, cabinets, drawers, trash can and plenty of accessories designed to enhance the role-playing experience. It even has a window and a dish rack, not to mention the refrigerator door with a built-in water dispenser.

Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen has more or less the same features, but with slightly different formats. Like the previous model, there are special sounds that make the entire cooking experience look real (such as boiling water or the sound of a special frying pan). The countertop mimics the look of real granite and features elements that mimic stainless steel (oven, microwave and refrigerator).

The Step2 family kitchen has its own quirky features, such as a pet feeding center, a recycling bin and a reusable grocery bag. It also has a 41-piece set of accessories, a cabinet with translucent doors, a dramatic oven and a farm-style sink. As before, realistic sounds ensure an interactive and fun experience.

Step2 The Grand Luxe kitchen occupies a considerable amount of space. After all, this is a luxurious kitchen with a luxurious fridge with work lights, an oversized oven with glass doors, premium appliances and an elegant subway tile backsplash. The kitchen is also equipped with 78 kits.

This is the Step2 Grand walk-in kitchen with an impressive 103-piece set. It also has a refrigerator with a grill, stove, water dispenser and microwave. It also has a faucet and even a large sink for the phone. The entire kitchen has a very beautiful retro atmosphere, a walk-in design and an additional bar/dining area make it the perfect kitchen.

KidKraft Ultimate Corner kitchen has a surprisingly realistic look and a very beautiful modern ambience, given by the overall simplicity of the design and the clean lines of the entire character. This children’s kitchen is designed to fit the corners, including the fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher, all with an operable door.

The Step2 Grand walk-in kitchen is very stylish and lifelike. Its design is both modern and simple, with attention to detail. The fridge and oven have glass doors that let the children see what’s going on inside, and the sink has a gooseneck faucet. The extended breakfast bar offers extra storage and a nice attached surface, just like the real one.


KidKraft Uptown Espresso kitchens are not as big as others, but large enough for two or more children to play at the same time. The design is simple and suitable for children, with a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, dishwasher and a range of interesting features such as a blackboard surface and a lovely towel rail on the side.

The colourful Step2 Little Bakers kitchen features lavender and pink, with an oven, microwave, refrigerator and sink as well as built-in baby chairs. Like all the models we have seen so far, this model is also equipped with a special pan and a pan with electronic frying and boiling water.

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New hotel with modern Parisian style

This stylish new hotel in the heart of Paris offers comfortable and relaxing accommodation in the city’s activities and hustle and bustle. The hotel is a new hotel designed to provide guests with a variety of fresh air – from the inside to the rooms and food.

The 54-room hotel was created by a renowned hotel architect with a visual blend of nature, modern comforts and refined style. It is conveniently located in the heart of Paris, in the 8th arrondissement, close to the Paris Opera, department stores and countless restaurants, including its own bar and restaurant.

The building itself is an architectural jewel and an Ottoman building. It is a refurbished architect in Paris, and his apartment buildings are located on many boulevards in Paris.

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Wood-framed townhouse in Brooklyn

BFDO Architects refurbished the 20th Street House, a 20-foot-wide timber-framed townhouse with a small yard and front and rear extensions. They transform the layout and modify the size of the room by cutting in and expanding the volume of certain areas. In front, a covered porch and mud house are carved into the structure, making the door perpendicular to the street. This prevents visitors from entering the main room directly, just like most townhouses.

The architects use skylights, corner windows and floor-to-ceiling windows to provide the interior with the necessary natural light. The rear extension expands to 15 feet wide, paving the way for new kitchen and office corners.

To ensure that the front of the new illuminator remains intact, the architect moves the stairs to the other side and is now illuminated by the skylight above.

The corner window adds natural light while adding a diagonal view.

The bathroom combines bold tile and oak details for a casual, sophisticated look.

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Tidelli’s carpet simulator allows you to create your own custom outdoor rug

In recent years, outdoor carpet design has not made much progress, only basic options are available. But like indoors, our outdoor space is not necessarily boring and basic, so why is the carpet like this? Brazilian outdoor brand Tidelli has developed an online simulator that allows you to create your own custom outdoor rugs made from nautical ropes without having to be bored. The simulator is very easy to use, it offers a lot of options, starting with shapes (circular or square/rectangular), then size (anything you want), number of colors (56), two style options, even Border selection (if square or rectangular). When you make your selection, it combines the look of the carpet. If you like and want to buy, please fill in your information and they will contact you with the following order. Not great? Click the back button and adjust it until you are satisfied. The options are endless, you can see them when you get to know the simulator.

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Enhance your meditation practice with a comfortable meditation mat

If you meditate every day, you will know how difficult it is to find a quiet, comfortable place, especially if you are always on the go. These are meditation cushions, they are portable and they help to support your body so you can focus on your practice. If you have browsed online, you know that the options are quite limited. Enter Project Full, a San Francisco-based company founded by architects and industrial designers who are also dedicated to meditation and intellectual life.

After the successful Kickstarter event in early 2018, they launched a series of 100% organic modern meditation mats. They come in a kit that includes a bottom mat and a top support mat in five colors. Triangular cushions provide a comfortable sitting, relaxing or mediation place at home, in the office or on the go. Each mat is equipped with a handle that allows you to carry them easily or hang them on the wall when not in use.

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Unique pool

Some swimming pools are special because of their size, shape or design, while other swimming pools stand out in other ways. For example, this is a unique pool concept made from containers. This inspiring and interesting idea comes from Modpools. Their swimming pool consists of 2.4m x 6m containers that can be transported to almost anywhere. They can also be easily repositioned if needed to distinguish them from almost all other types of pools. In addition, even for small backyards, the size is perfect and the design is not simple.

The next unique swimming pool we will show you today is the studio MK27 designed for the Jungle house. This is an infinity pool on the roof, which makes sense in this case because the house is situated in a small open space surrounded by lush vegetation. The ground pool doesn’t make much sense unless the trees are cut down. By placing the swimming pool on top of the house, the architect ensures that it can take full advantage of the landscape and plenty of sunlight. At the same time, there is a lot of privacy even here, because the crown is much longer than the house.

Speaking of the rooftop swimming pool, Aamer Architects also designed one. We are talking about Singapore’s homes, just like the bridge between the two structures. The project was very special because the owner acquired the plot next to his own house in order to collect three houses so that the entire family could be together. The new structure must be synchronized with the existing two bungalows and partially determine the location of the pool on the roof.

This unique villa pool is located in a luxury golf and beach resort in southern Portugal. The entire project was completed by ARQUI + Lda. The house is U-shaped and forms a courtyard. There is a suspended swimming pool in this courtyard, which is the main focus of the entire estate. It’s not just a swimming pool, it’s also a sculpture. Water flows down from the suspended pool into the reflecting pool below it. This combination is striking in more than one way, taking the concept of a unique pool to a whole new level, blending the look and functionality in an artistic way.

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Other expensive homes

Back to Los Angeles, it used to be the most expensive property in the country to return to the market at a significant price cut. The asking price of $129 million is still there, but it is much lower than the $195 million in 2014.

This palatial manor is called Palazzo diAmore, named after owner Jeff Greene and his wife were married there. Designed by architect Bob Ray Offenhauser, the property was developed by MohamedHadid and they have expertise in large buildings.

The property covers 25 acres and has 35,000 square feet of main residence. The home has 12 bedrooms including a 500 square foot master suite. The home also boasts recreational facilities including a nightclub with its own laser light system and DJ station, a rotating dance floor, a bowling alley, a mega bar, a waterfall, a swimming pool, a 128-foot reflecting pool and a spa. More common features include a tennis court, a hammam and a kitchen with a walk-in fridge.

Take the $110 million penthouse in the Woolworth Building as an example. The price of the apartment in this city is not only an amazing price, it is only $50.9 million, twice the price of the next most expensive competitor.

The apartment was developed by Alchemy Properties, which purchased the iconic 58-story upper 30 floors for $68 million in 2012 and plans to build 33 apartments. According to Curbed, the floor plan for the 9710 square foot penthouse was first announced in 2014. There are no interior photos of the penthouse, some of the early photo legends are penthouses, but actually a different apartment inside. The loft will consist of seven floors and will have a 400 square foot open observatory.

For those who like to open up space, Colorado’s Xixi Ranch may be the choice. The property, launched for $149 million, is located in Mesa County near the Utah border and covers an area of ​​6,900 acres with 22,000 square feet of homes with views of the mountains and desert and unparalleled privacy.

Originally built by John Hendricks, founder of the Discovery Channel, the huge main residence has a two-story circular stone library. The eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms on the fourth floor can easily accommodate weekend visitors and take a helicopter to the home’s private helipad or its grass air strip. In addition to the common rooms at home, there is a spacious study, art studio, theatre room, games room, gym, staff quarters, swimming pool and spa, four fountains, six fireplaces, thermal heating and cooling system, emergency Generator and five garage.

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