How floor companies can brand at low cost okorder

The shaping of the floor brand is a systematic project. For the current meager profit of the flooring industry, how to shape the brand with as little money as possible is what the flooring company dreams of. Very special times require extraordinary means. As long as the flooring companies are willing to work hard, it is entirely possible to build the brand with low cost. So how do you achieve branding at low cost?

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Floor companies The 12 rules of low-cost branding

1. Social Responsibility Rules

The floor brand needs to shoulder the shaping process. Social responsibility, only in this way, can ensure the healthy growth of the brand and the long-term foundation, and it is possible to achieve ultra-low-cost brand operation. Social responsibility is a relatively general concept, large and wide, difficult to define clearly. Social responsibility in a certain sense Subordinate to the moral category, the ancients said: ‘There is no morality, no morality, no morality, no morality. ‘Being moral, it is cultivation, it is civilization, it is the cornerstone; no virtue, no faith, despicable, self-destruction. We call It is the law of social responsibility.

Floor companies want to build a strong brand at a low cost. First, they should shoulder social responsibility and accept the society’s detection of corporate conscience.

Second, Taishan Law

No matter what brand strategy the flooring company ultimately adopts, it must ensure the controllability of the branding process, including investment. funds Controllability, controllability of human resources, controllability of product and service quality, etc., these elements are indispensable to ensure the robustness of brand building. We call it the Taishan rule. Conversely, if we do not follow the Taishan rule The quality of products and services may lose control when brand awareness rises rapidly and sales volume rises sharply. The consequences will be unimaginable.

Floor companies are in a tight budget. In the case of competitive pressure, we must learn to effectively control resources and make rational use of resources to make the brand develop steadily when branding.


The fundamental element of the brand is people. The creation of a successful flooring brand is not a person, a department or a brand planning agency can do it independently. It requires the participation of all employees of the flooring company. All employees must have a strong brand awareness, and consciously use their own practical actions to maintain the brand image and contribute to the construction of the brand building. We call it the ‘full member brand management’ rule, or TBM law for short. If you don’t follow the TBM rules, employees will not be able to talk about brand building. There will even be some people who are constantly ‘stealing bricks and smashing tiles’ and digging the corners of brand building. This will not only cause the floor. The great waste of brand resources has also greatly increased the cost of flooring branding.

While flooring companies should mobilize all employees to maintain corporate and product brands while building brands, As a part of the corporate brand, the whole people mobilized and made themselves a corporate gold sign.

Fourth, the rule of water drop stone

a floor brand to be familiar to consumers in a certain area, it is inevitable To do a good job in brand communication. However, brand communication not only requires time accumulation, but also requires sufficient resources for the flooring companies to support, such as human resources, material resources, financial resources, selling resources, consumer mental resources and so on. As a result, some resource-constrained flooring companies are hard to do brand communication work, and they don’t even know how to start. The key to solving the problem is to accumulate resources bit by bit, to use resources realistically, to avoid losses caused by fraud, and ultimately to break the limits of resources and successfully achieve brand communication. We call it the rule of dripping stone.

Conversely, if we do not follow the law of dripping stone, by creating a false background, fabricating authoritative information, etc., and seeking the ‘one night riches’ in branding, then we will inevitably receive corresponding punishment.

Five, ‘Brand Allusions’ Law

‘Brand Allusions’ refers to the brand in the birth and development process can directly highlight the brand characteristics Iconic event. Brand allusions are often used to express some broad and profound themes. For example, the Haier refrigerator incident has become the most typical event for Chinese companies to pay attention to quality, and thus has become the classic of countless large and small media, books and universities. Case ‘. The main role of ‘Brand Allusion’ is that it can quickly convey the brand characteristics to the public, strengthen the public’s perception of the brand, and because of the vividness, fun, uniqueness and legend of the brand allusions, can generate the brand’s own speech. The situation – the masses easily remember and actively spread, get a large number of free communication opportunities, significantly reduce the cost of brand communication, and effectively promote the widespread spread of the brand.

Floor companies should explore from all aspects of the enterprise, pay attention to observation, learn to find ‘brand allusions’, manufacture ‘brand allusions’, so that ‘brand allusions’ to promote the long-term development of the brand.

VI. ‘Live Advertising’ Law

All possible relationships with customers, potential customers and the public in the flooring company The employees can be said to be important media in the process of corporate brand communication. They spread the ‘live image’ of the company, so we call it ‘living advertising’, for example, entrepreneurs, human resources managers, sales people, Press spokespersons, after-sales service personnel, security guards, cleaners, etc. are all important ‘live advertisements’ for enterprises. These ‘live advertisements’ play a vital role in the spread of the floor brand, even to a certain extent.The brand image of the floor company has the power of ‘killing and killing’. Therefore, in daily operations, flooring companies must carefully create their own ‘live advertisements’, which can not only avoid the harm of ‘live advertisements’ on brand image, but also reduce the negative impact of negative communication on brand reputation. More importantly, it can Give full play to the positive communication role of each ‘live advertisement’, thus effectively reducing the cost of brand communication, thereby reducing the cost of branding. We call it the ”live advertising’ rule’.

The floor industry is also a labor-intensive industry to a certain extent. If each employee of the company can improve their own quality and can represent themselves on the company’s brand image, the company will receive A large number of free brand communication opportunities. Corporate employees are rich resources for branding of flooring companies. Floor companies should instill brand awareness into each employee when branding.

Seven, one arrow and more carving rules

One arrow double carving is used to metaphor to do one thing for two purposes. Borrowing this idiom, the one-man multi-carving method we proposed mainly refers to the brand communication behavior of the floor enterprises to achieve multiple purposes, not just to spread the brand name. Only in this way can the flooring companies truly make full use of resources and significantly reduce the cost of branding.

Floor companies must innovate in branding techniques, so that planning events can produce multiple effects on the enterprise. ‘Take one to ten’ to minimize the cost of shaping.

Eight and four potential rules

‘Four rules of the law’ is an important principle for floor companies to achieve low-cost branding First, it means that public relations activities and the creation of news soft texts must conform to the trend of social development, the trend of industry development, the trend of enterprise development and the interest of consumers. Comply with the ‘Four Forces’ principle, it can effectively realize the active attention of consumers and the free reports of the media, and even get the support of relevant government departments. This can help flooring companies achieve low cost and build strong brands.

First, in line with the trend of social development. The trend of social development, as the name suggests, refers to the overall trend of social development, such as the increasing living standards, more and more people-oriented, or more and more full of human care.

Second, in line with the development of the industry, that is, recognize the overall trend of an industry development. This is more direct to branding than the trend of social development.

Third, in line with the development of the enterprise. Because only by recognizing the development trend of the floor enterprises, that is, the development prospects and strategic tactics of enterprises, enterprises can take effective measures to promote the development of the brand and promote the sustainable development of the brand.

Fourth, in line with consumer demand. The change in consumer demand determines the final choice of flooring products. The branding of flooring companies should constantly adjust their strategies as consumers’ needs change.

IX, convex lens rule

floor enterprises need to concentrate limited resources, especially financial resources, choose a suitable focus, do not waste any resources, and gradually break through To achieve a low cost to shape the brand. We call this the law of convex lenses.

When building a brand, floor companies can look for events that can reflect the advantages of the company’s brand, and vigorously promote the highlights of the corporate brand from the event.

Ten, the heart is the law

Since the ancient Chinese emphasized the heart attack, the Three Kingdoms period, the establishment of the Shuhan, Southwest The leader of the barbarians, Meng, received a hundred thousand troops to invade the country. Zhuge Liang took the ‘heart attack’, seven and seven vertical, so that he was finally moved, and vowed not to reverse. Since then, the southwest of Laos has settled down. This is the tactical value of ‘spoofing the city and attacking the heart.’ Being able to ‘be a war without a fight’ is the highest level of strategic planning and can significantly reduce the cost of flooring branding. We call it the rule of the heart.

Floor companies in the difficult expansion of the brand, the development of difficult to break through, may wish to use this rule, hearted customers, will have unexpected gains.

XI, the law of land and air

From the perspective of brand marketing, the Air Force refers to advertising, public relations activities, Event marketing and other activities that inform product functions, attract consumers’ attention, and enhance brand awareness and reputation; Army refers to the actual and ground-based work of rules and regulations, organizational structure, sales policies, and channel construction. In the process of growing the floor brand, the two played different roles. The Air Force focused on the pull, while the Army focused on the thrust. The Air Force needs to solve the problem of how to let consumers know about the product, pay attention to the product, and finally generate the desire to buy the product. . The biggest challenge facing the Army is how to occupy the channel, so that consumers can more contact with the product, how to price, how to promote, how to arrange the terminal, so that consumers have a greater probability of making a purchase. It can be seen that the two are complementary, and they are indispensable. Only land and air can cooperate to attack the city, otherwise it will cause waste of resources and increase the cost of brand building. We call it the law of land and air.

Floor companies must adopt land and air cooperation tactics when building brands, not only to let consumers know that there is this brand, they are willing to buy their products, but also to let consumers buy Happy, comfortable. Similarly, the planning and implementation of flooring business activities also requires land and air cooperation.

12, 3S rule

3S includes ‘Shi (Shi)’, ‘Shi (Shi)’ and ‘ Potential (Shi)’. ‘Things’ mainly refers to basic things, such as: raw material procurement, product production process supervision, finished product quality inspection, service level control, financial management, and office conditions, production equipment, plant environment, etc. . ‘Things’ is the foundation for the survival and development of flooring brands. ‘city’,Mainly refers to the market, such as: whether the product has a market, how big the market is, how to win the consumer, and then occupy the market. ‘City’ is the soil for the survival and development of flooring brands. ‘Potential’ mainly refers to the situation and situation. If the brand wants to develop, it must understand the trend and be good at taking advantage of the situation. This ‘potential’ mainly includes the trend of social development, the trend of industry development, the trend of enterprise development, and the development of public interest and demand. In order to achieve low-cost brand operation, flooring companies must do a good job at the basics, do a good job in the market, and be able to review the situation and take advantage of the situation. We call it the 3S rule.

Floor companies must fully grasp the ‘3S’ when building a brand, to do a good job in basic work, master the market and seek momentum, identify the situation, coordinate with the situation, one can not be less .

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Floor cross-border wooden door terminal joint monopoly market okorder

In the current fiercely competitive society, it is not an easy task to monopolize the market in a certain industry. As far as China is concerned, the flooring industry can count hundreds of brands, and Often dense in a certain area. What is the most important thing for a company that wants to achieve good long-term development? Only a single product production can no longer meet the requirements of social competition, and it cannot guarantee the grand goal of a company to be bigger and stronger. How to have a broad vision and see the direction of the future development of the company?

Cross-industry marketing has made many entrepreneurs shine. For these four words, there is the following explanation: Cross-industry marketing is a cross-industry, cross-product, cross-regional combination marketing model, which brings about efficient innovation between industries, effective combination of products, and regions. Cooperation and development. It is a kind of enterprise development thinking with wisdom. It is different from the traditional and monolithic enterprise development. By mobilizing all available social resources, cross-industry marketing provides cooperation and growth for enterprises on the basis of mutual benefit. Good scientific planning.

In just a few years, one after another Chinese forestry brands have introduced cross-industry marketing strategies. With the emergence of successful cooperation cases such as Haier and Fudeli Zhangyu, the concept of cross-industry marketing, under the advocacy of the China Institute of Inter-Industry Alliance, with the support of the Forest Industry Association, has been increasingly Many social and industry-wide attention and attention.

Vision determines the direction, consciousness determines the strategy, in the more mature land of production floor, the enterprise began to enter the wooden door market, and the real card can also dig out the real gold, which undoubtedly added to the marketing strategy. The new explanation, the consistent behavior of major manufacturers, may also explain this, cross-industry marketing is getting more and more people’s attention, it will also be the direction of future social development.

China has been the first to say that it has been strong since the ancient times. Whoever thinks first who will grab the occupied land first will win the race earlier. At the beginning of the article, the companies such as Shiyou, Mengtian, Nature, and Shengxiang have achieved remarkable results in the land industry after years of operation. Resource advantages, seizing the wooden door industry, strengthening industrial integration, and rapidly monopolizing the market are new strategies that make people shine.

Terminal joint staking laps

As the market matures, the momentum of development in recent years has been rapid. The industry has formed five core areas of the Greater Beijing-Tianjin region, the Pan-Pearl River Delta region, the Yangtze River Delta region, the three northeastern provinces, and the northwestern Southwest region. In 2007, the total value of the wooden door industry reached 40 billion, and the manufacturers exceeded 10,000. There are hundreds of factories.

In the Chinese market, an unavoidable fact is that the current wooden door enterprises are too small and the industrial concentration is not high. According to statistics, it can be said that there are more than 5,000 wooden door enterprises with industrial production, and there are more than 3,000 enterprises with a certain scale of mechanized production, which are more than 5 million yuan.

At present, the production and sales methods of Chinese wooden door enterprises restrict the benign development of the whole industry. Many enterprises have experienced more than 10 years of development, but the entire Chinese wooden door manufacturers have a total production of more than 100 million enterprises. Compared with other categories of building materials industry, such as flooring, ceramic tile, paint and coating enterprises, the development is seriously lagging behind. For example, nowadays, there are brand agreements on flooring, ceramic tiles, paints, cabinets, electrical appliances, etc., but there are few wooden doors. Designated brand.

The lack of market, immature, scarce, is the opportunity for companies to survive in the cracks! Li Ganlin, manager of the Shengmen Mumen Hubei business unit, said that if the wooden door is standardized, the door opening is standardized, and the competition for the industrialization of the wooden door will tend to become hot.

At present, the major enterprises that have matured in the flooring industry have begun to enter the wooden door industry. This terminal combination and the market-occupying mode are in full swing. On the one hand, enterprises use the mature resources at hand to break the bottleneck of the wooden door industry, so that the wooden doors can also be standardized and scaled to produce stocking stocks. The competition in the market has increased the pressure on funds and other scales, on the other hand, like Enterprises such as Shengxiang Heya, which has already occupied the commanding heights, have the opportunity to acquire restructuring and cooperation, gradually merge the market network, and sprint and rapidly expand.

In 2007, the total value of the wooden door industry reached 40 billion, and few companies with a total production of more than 100 million. The data seems to be sufficient to show that the development of the wooden door industry is not mature and is still in a groping phase.

After five to ten years of industrial upgrading in the wooden door industry, several or more than ten large brand enterprises will emerge. At least 50% of the country’s wooden door enterprises will face the fate of being merged and eliminated. Even if it can survive, the market space is small. Li Ganlin said.

Building a model to strengthen the brand

The immature development of the industry is also a reason why the door enterprises cannot get out of the regional limits and erect the national brand. Beijing’s wooden door enterprises are not fully counted in about 1,000, but in fact there are less than 200 qualified, many small companies with no qualifications are competing for this cake, making the development of formal enterprises more difficult. On the other hand, the intellectual property rights of wooden doors are relatively weak, which gives some space for small companies to develop. The degree of homogenization of the wooden door style of the whole industry is quite high. Due to the low threshold of the whole industry, more than a dozen people can produce it. The homogenization of this wooden door style gives many small companies the opportunity to imitate, and it can be said that they have survived. Batch of people.

To be a business, not only to be a businessman, but also to be an operator. Doing business and running a business is two different things. Japan’s richest man, Liu Jing, said in his book, “One Victory and Nine Failures”: What is the difference between the operator and the businessman? Most businessmen are like the way they buy and sell goods. In this sense, the presidents of most SMEs are still not operators. Operators must have clear goalsIt is able to formulate a strict business plan, lead the company to grow rapidly, and maximize the benefits of the company.

This road has been found, the bottleneck problem is also urgently needed to break through the march, how to become bigger and stronger, upgrade speed, accelerate success; build a model, strengthen the brand according to the ideas given by Yan Jingzheng.

Release date: 2011/12/30 10:59:37

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There are many precautions for purchasing composite wood flooring. okorder

1. What are the main technical indicators that should be understood when purchasing composite wood flooring?

When purchasing laminated wood flooring, the main technical indicators that should be understood are: 1. Wear resistance index; 2. Impact resistance; 3. Resistance to stains and stains; 4. Resistance to smoke; 5. Contact surface Wear; 6, scratches on the casters of the chair; 7, volume expansion after water absorption; 8, formaldehyde emission.

2, how to understand the amount of formaldehyde released?

Formaldehyde is a chemical gas, the content of air to a certain concentration, it will cause harm to the human body. It is mainly used in the manufacturing process of composite materials to act as a bonding agent. The formaldehyde contained in the floor will not evaporate immediately, but will slowly evaporate due to different temperature and humidity conditions, and the volatilization time is more than ten years. Long-term living in an environment where the concentration of formaldehyde exceeds the standard, formaldehyde will cause obvious damage to the eyes, nose and respiratory system of people or cause skin diseases. Animal experiments have also shown that excessive levels of formaldehyde release can also cause cancer of the nose and respiratory system.

Therefore, countries have strict standards for the amount of formaldehyde released from plywood products. For example, Japan and the European Community countries require that the amount of formaldehyde released per 100 grams of plywood must be less than or equal to 10 mg, otherwise it is not allowed. Listed sales; China’s formaldehyde emission standards for plywood products (GB/T18102-2000) stipulates: Class A (excellent products)? D? D per 100 grams of plywood formaldehyde emission must be less than or equal to 9 mg; Class B (qualified products) ?? D? D per 100 grams of plywood formaldehyde release is greater than 9 mg, less than 40 mg.

3. What should I pay attention to when installing?

Answer: 1, can not be installed on uneven or wet ground, such as kitchen and bathroom. 2, can not be installed on the newly laid cement floor. 3. The concrete floor should be dried for at least 80 days. 4. Use a polyethylene mat that is at least 2 mm thick. 5, can be laid on the plumbing floor, but can not be laid on the electric heating floor.

4, why must the strict installation conditions?

A: If the floor is installed on the ground that does not meet the specifications, the following consequences will result: the floor is drum, uplifted, and the floor is uneven.

5, why should we go to the construction site survey in advance?

A: Professional and technical personnel conduct surveys according to the standard, in order to ensure that the ground conditions meet the specifications before the installation of the floor, to ensure the best installation results.

6, Q: Why should we implement a 24-hour delivery system?

A: In order to adapt the floor to the temperature and humidity difference between the indoor and outdoor of the user’s room, the floor will not be deformed after installation, and the installation quality will be guaranteed.

7, Q: What is the difference between composite wood flooring and solid wood flooring?

A: The biggest difference between composite wood flooring and solid wood flooring lies in its structure. Composite wood flooring is a composite structure with high surface wear resistance and good moisture resistance; while solid wood flooring feels good, paving It feels luxurious after loading, but it tends to be deformed when it is long. Both of them have their own characteristics, but because of its unique advantages, and the selection of wood flooring from the fast-growing forest, it can protect the natural resources of the environment to the greatest extent, so it has been received by many consumers around the world, especially Environmentalists are welcome. Since the birth of laminate flooring in 1985, sales have been rising rapidly. By 1998, it has reached 180 million m2, and it is likely to become the most important material for floor decoration in the near future.

8, the formula for the number of baseboards required:

The number of square meters of the floor used in the room floor / 2.4.

9, the indoor cost of the installation of stairs should be calculated as follows:

(floor meters used in the floor of the room + floor meters used for stairs) ☆ unit price + stairs level ☆ 70 yuan .

10, Q: How to determine the purchase area when buying the floor?

A: Add 8% or so of loss to the actual use of the house. The final settlement of the project is based on the actual installed square meters.

11, Q: What is the green core moisture-proof function?

A: There are two main types of composite wood flooring, one is particle board, the other is quality intrusion 8. 呙芏 呙芏 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 小 是 小 小It is pressed down and is used now. Among them, the density of medium density board is 550 kg-880 kg/m3, the density of high density board is ≥880 kg/m3 or more, and ‘Ruijia’ is a high density board. Since the core layer of the composite wood floor is wood, it is still afraid of water and water. To this end, ‘Ruijia’ flooring has added special moisture-proof additives in the production process of high-density boards, so that the floor water absorption thickness expansion rate of the ordinary core layer is smaller, and it has a comprehensive moisture-proof effect. In order to distinguish, the moisture-proof core layer is usually dyed green, which is the green core floor seen by consumers.

12, Q: Is the green core moisture-proof floor not afraid of water?

A: The composite wood floor is moisture-proof, and it is also woody. The wooden things are all afraid of water. The green core moisture-proof floor mainly plays the role of strengthening moisture. Some composite wood floors can be soaked in water because these floors are excessively increased in the amount of urethane resin or processed using phenolphthalein. However, the addition of urine aldehyde resin glue will inevitably lead to excessive formaldehyde, and phenolphthalein rubber is highly toxic, and it is strictly forbidden to use indoors in foreign countries.

13, Q: How to care.

Daily care is very simple, no need to polish, wax and paint, just use a vacuum cleaner to clean or wipe with a damp cloth, mop. If you are accidentally soiled with nail polish, ink, alcohol, etc., just use a nail polish remover or detergent to clean it. Special Note: Never use water to wash the floor; do not use a highly corrosive detergent to clean the floor. The wear layer is aluminum oxide, which is an amphoteric oxide that reacts with acid and can also react with alkali. reaction. Avoid alkaline substances, scrub with rice water is a goodMethod. Avoid sanding, waxing or painting on the floor.

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Analysis on the structure of laminate flooring okorder

The laminate flooring consists of a four-layer structure. The first layer: wear layer. Mainly composed of Al₂O₃ (aluminum oxide), it has strong wear resistance and hardness, and some reinforced laminate flooring made of melamine can not meet the standard requirements. The second layer: the decorative layer. It is a layer of paper impregnated with melamine resin, and the paper is printed with wood grain or other patterns resembling precious tree species. The third layer: the base layer. It is a medium density or high density laminate, also known as the High Density Fiberboard. After high temperature and high pressure treatment, it has certain moisture and flame retardant properties, and the basic material is wood fiber. The fourth layer: the balance layer. It is a layer of kraft paper with a certain strength and thickness, and is impregnated with resin to prevent moisture and floor deformation.

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Analysis of Competitive Strategies of Foreign Enterprises in China’s Flooring Market okorder

With the rapid development of China’s economy, multinational companies in the wood flooring constantly adjust their business structure in China to meet the challenges that come with them, and strive to become a ‘sustainable development’, ‘respected’ and ‘localized’ companies. . Create market advantage through product and technology leadership, expand market to provide perfect customer service and establish a holistic system through strategic merger. At the same time, Wood Floor Multinational’s world-leading research and development capabilities will be its strongest competitiveness in the Chinese market.

1. Manufacturing, sales and service close to the market

While implementing the globalization strategy, wooden flooring multinational companies actively promote localization, using localized personnel to produce locally Production of wooden flooring, and the provision of a variety of localized marketing services and financial services, to form a localized competitiveness, so as to be closer to customers, close to the market, to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of local wood flooring consumers.

2. Firmly control the core technology

Market competition is essentially a contest between modern technology and competition for technological innovation. The world’s various wood flooring companies firmly control the most critical elements such as product standards and core technologies in the division of labor in the industry chain, occupying a dominant position. And by continuously increasing investment in research and development, and enhancing its technological innovation capabilities, it will develop new energy-saving wood flooring products through new energy, new materials and new technologies in key areas such as safety, environmental protection and energy conservation, occupying the technical commanding heights and improving The degree of monopoly on key core technologies to obtain high profits.

3. Market adaptive technology development globalization

In recent years, international technology alliances have increased, and wood flooring multinational companies have established research and development cooperation in the field of technology and developed joint technology development, thereby promoting The globalization of technology development, the speed and intensity of the diffusion, transfer and utilization of technical knowledge have greatly increased. In order to make the developed wood flooring products more in line with the needs of the local market and more convenient to use the local human and technical resources, and the ‘market and users where to build the factory, where to produce, local sales’ strategy More and more wood flooring companies are spreading technology development organizations (of course primarily adaptive development and design) to the rest of the world.

Release date: 2012/1/30 13:12:30

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How to make bamboo flooring last longer! This is the key! okorder

The bamboo splicing is made of adhesive and applied at high temperature and high pressure. The floor is non-toxic, firm and stable, no glue, no deformation. After the special harmless treatment of the sugar, fat, amyloplast, protein and other bamboo materials, it has a strong anti-insect function. The six sides of the floor are sealed with high quality imported wear-resistant paint, which is flame retardant, wear-resistant and mildew resistant. The surface of the floor is smooth and soft, with good geometric dimensions and stable quality. It is a high-end decoration material for residential, hotel and office rooms.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170208787.jpg”>

The theoretical life of bamboo flooring can be Up to 20 years, the correct use and maintenance is the key to extending the service life of bamboo flooring. The most important thing in the use of bamboo flooring is to maintain the indoor dry humidity, because the bamboo flooring is dried, but the bamboo is a natural material, so also It will change with the climate. In the dry season, especially when opening the heating, consumers should adjust the humidity in different ways indoors, use a humidifier or put water on the heater, etc. When it is wet in summer, The window should be ventilated to keep the room dry. In addition, the bamboo floor should avoid sun exposure and rain. If it meets water, it should be dried in time, and should avoid hard object impact, sharp scratches and metal friction bamboo floor paint. When keeping the bamboo floor clean every day, you can clean it first, then wipe it with a wrung towel. If conditions permit, you should also use a floor wax within two to three months. The structure of the bamboo floor is generally divided into UV paint. Floor, The decorative layer, substrate layer, moisture barrier layer, abrasion resistant solid texture, color, beautiful soft, fresh and natural bamboo pattern, bamboo Xiangyi people. Winter

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Analysis: How to prevent risk economy in flooring enterprises okorder

In recent years, the flooring industry has been affected by many unfavorable factors. The survival and development environment of flooring companies is not as good as before. Many of the weaker flooring companies can be described as thin ice, but in fact, the financial risks of enterprises are controllable. The following four major measures can help the floor enterprises to effectively reduce the risk of financial risks, and ensure the survival of the company and further development on this basis.

(1) Grasping the changing trend of the macro environment and improving the ability of enterprises to adapt to changes in the financial management environment. First, flooring companies should conduct serious analysis and research on the changing macro environment. In particular, it conducts sufficient analysis and research on national industrial policies, industrial policies, new technologies, new products, and changes in the international trade situation. Grasp the trend and law of change, adjust the financial management policy method in a timely manner, so as to improve the ability of enterprises to adapt to the changes in the financial management environment and adaptability, so as to reduce and avoid the financial risks brought about by environmental changes. Second, establish and improve the financial management system to adapt to the changing financial management environment. Enterprises should set up efficient financial management institutions, equip high-quality financial management personnel, improve financial management rules and regulations, strengthen the basic work of financial management, and enable the effective operation of corporate financial management systems to prevent financial management systems from adapting to environmental changes. And the financial risks generated.

(2) Strengthen risk awareness and establish an effective risk prevention and treatment mechanism. (1) Establish a risk responsibility system. The leaders of the floor enterprises must bear the overall responsibility for the unit’s operational risks, focus on risk management, and focus on major financial revenue and expenditure decisions. (2) Play the role of the chief accountant in monitoring and prevent financial risks. As the chief accountant’s staff and assistant, financial management is an important responsibility of the chief accountant. (3) Play the monitoring role of the financial department. Standardize corporate financial management, formulate practical internal financial management measures, improve fund management, and control the scale of loans and guarantees. (4) Establish and improve the internal financial supervision and restraint mechanism, carefully review the visa system, and the economic contract must be reviewed by the contract management department and the legal consulting unit before the contract can be stamped.

(3) to improve the scientific level of financial decisions, to prevent financial risks arising from mistakes in decision-making. (1) In the process of financing decision-making, the enterprise should firstly predict the amount of funds according to the production and operation situation, and then determine the reasonable fund structure by calculating the correct analysis of the cost of funds and the risk analysis of each financing method. Make the right financing decisions based on this. (2) The liquidity of the enterprise is the life of the enterprise. The enterprise must accelerate the turnover rate of inventory and accounts receivable, carefully study and analyze the level of capital turnover, and the internal relationship between various assets, and the fixed assets and inventory reserves. The scale is scientifically positioned to ensure good liquidity of the company. (3) When deciding on important investment matters of the enterprise, relevant personnel such as production technology, marketing, legal consultants and investment experts should be organized to conduct evaluation and demonstration, and all feasible solutions should be carefully analyzed and evaluated, and the optimal decision-making plan should be selected. , avoid subjective assumptions to reduce risk.

(4) Establish a financial risk early warning system to further enhance the ability to prevent financial risks. (1) Establish a short-term financial early warning system by preparing a cash flow budget. In the short run, whether a company can sustain it does not depend entirely on profitability, but on whether there is enough cash for various expenses. The premise of early warning is that the enterprise has profits. For enterprises with stable operations, because their accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory are generally stable, when any one of the three is out of balance, it will cause a crisis. Therefore, we can These three projects are used as a source of warning for short-term financial risks. (2) While establishing a short-term financial early warning system, it is also necessary to establish a long-term financial early warning system.

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Carpet laying is also feng shui, carpet feng shui knowledge okorder

Carpet is the simplest accessory to change the home feng shui. Because the carpet often covers a large area, it has a dominant position in the overall effect. Therefore, in addition to using the color and pattern of the carpet to introduce a good gas field to enhance the wealth, the orientation of the carpet is also Be especially particular about it. The following Tangshan decoration company’s famous decoration will bring you to know about the Feng Shui knowledge of the carpet. The carpet in front of the sofa is of the same importance as the Mingtang in front of the house. It is also equivalent to a piece of green grass in front of the house. The following points should be noted when setting: 1 Choose a colorful carpet, avoid monotonous color. Carpet, red or gold-colored as the main color is more auspicious; 2 harmonious composition, bright and bright carpet, pleasing to the eye, is the best choice; 3 try not to use a single color carpet, too cold, will make the living room look lifeless It is not conducive to the accumulation of gas. If the carpet has a dense and thick texture, it can slow the flow of air in winter and adjust the indoor microclimate. If the colors and patterns of the carpets are properly matched, the halls will have different gas and space changes. At the same time, the color of the carpet can also be used to drive the home. The general pattern has its own five-line attribute, such as the wave shape, the five elements are water, the straight stripes are wood, the star shape, the pyramid pattern is genus or the plaid pattern belongs to the earth, and the circle is gold. The orientation and color placement can bring good. Fortune. If the gate is open in the south, the color of the shipment is red. Because the south is a fire, the red carpet with straight stripes or star-shaped patterns on this side can make the family full of energy and bring fame and fortune. If the gate is open in the east and southeast, the color of the shipment is green, because the east and southeast are surrounded by wood, and green is the main color of the tree, which has a dynamic meaning. The green carpet with a wavy pattern or a straight pattern on this side has a positive catalytic effect on home transportation and fortune. If the gate is opened in the southwest and northeast, the color of the shipment is yellow, because the southwest and northeast are the land, and the yellow represents the honor and wealth in China. At the same time, this orientation is the dominant wisdom and marriage. Putting a star-shaped or individual-patterned yellow carpet can bring prosperity and marriage and beauty. If the gate is open in the west and northwest, the color of the shipment is white and gold. Because white and gold symbolizes nobleness and purity, if you can put a white or gold carpet with plaid patterns or graphics in this orientation, you can bring good people. Transportation and fortune can also increase the reading and transportation of children. If the gate is open in the north, the color of the shipment is blue. Because the north is in charge of the cause, if you want to find a good job or want to promote business, you can place a round or wavy round blue carpet in the north of the living room. Flourish.

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How to maintain plastic flooring? Plastic floor maintenance tips okorder

◆ When transporting furniture and equipment, cushioning should be added to the transportation route, and it should not be dragged directly on the floor. ◆To prevent scratching the ground, do not wear shoes with nails to walk on the ground. If possible, replace the soft shoes with shoes. ◆ Place a cushion between the furniture and equipment feet and the floor. The cushion size is slightly larger than the base size. ◆When the plastic floor is cleaned, it should be cleaned with mild neutral detergent and warm water. Do not use strong acid or alkali to clean the floor. Care must be taken when treating floors with organic solvents. ◆ Pay attention to avoid hard or sharp appliances and drop on the floor to avoid damage to the floor. ◆The chewing gum stain adhered to the floor can be wrapped in plastic bags, frozen into ice cubes in the refrigerator, and then placed on the chewing gum, so that it cools and hardens, and then carefully scraped off. ◆ In order to reduce the wear of the plastic floor surface, extend the service life of the floor, and keep the floor clean and beautiful, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned, waxed and maintained regularly. Usually once every 1-2 months. ◆Plastic floor, can not directly contact the heat source, can not place high temperature items above 60 °C on the floor, such as electric kettle. The cigarettes that are randomly discarded, if not completely extinguished, will leave marks of burns on the floor.

◆Plastic floor should be sprayed with ink, oil, etc., and should be disposed of in time. Daily cleaning can be done with washing powder water and soapy water to remove stains. If you encounter smudges that are difficult to remove, do not use scouring to polish them. You need to find a professional to deal with them in time to remove the pollution.

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Floor companies cross-border mergers or purchases or risk? okorder

In recent years, as the degree of competition in the flooring market has gradually become hot, it has become the norm for companies to seek benefits. Nowadays, cross-border integration as a resource, the effective form of strong alliance is gradually favored by enterprises. Although the cross-border trend is hot, flooring companies need to recognize the risks in the actual cross-border process.

Floor enterprises cross-border mergers or acquisitions or certain risks

With the one-stop demand has a certain market, many flooring companies are optimistic about the potential of this market, many flooring companies also began Trying to learn other home furnishing companies in the home industry to conduct cross-border mergers and acquisitions, this aspect is conducive to the diversified operation of the flooring enterprises, better to adapt to the market, but the floor enterprises also need to see, cross-border mergers and acquisitions are not necessarily good, but instead Will increase the company’s operational risk.

The industry believes that for well-operated flooring companies, large-scale mergers and acquisitions, especially cross-border mergers and acquisitions, can not be considered absolute positive. After all, reorganization is uncertain, and cross-border increases the risk of flooring business. The number of mergers and acquisitions by the flooring companies in the industrial chain is still well known. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions are inevitably ‘unfamiliar with life’, and sometimes the price may be hit by the price.

Floor companies need to effectively avoid cross-border risks

The advantages and disadvantages of the reorganization of the floor enterprises and mergers and acquisitions directly affect the company’s future performance. As the recipient of the assets, the flooring companies must be cautious. Cautious. Some financial experts said, ‘The market’s enthusiasm for mergers and acquisitions, especially cross-border mergers and acquisitions, has made some parties too confident, which has resulted in the infusion of assets, but it has become a burden for the company. ‘

Therefore, the floor enterprises that intend to cross-border mergers and acquisitions must have a strict focus on cross-border risks. For well-operated flooring companies, large-scale mergers and acquisitions, especially cross-border mergers and acquisitions And can not be regarded as absolute advantage. After all, restructuring has uncertainty and will increase the risk of flooring companies. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions should not be blindly catered to market demand.

In the current complex market competition, the development of flooring companies must also take into account many complex factors. Although cross-border mergers and acquisitions seem to expand the market space, they actually increase the risk of business development. Therefore, the flooring enterprises must have targeted development in order to maximize the profit margin.

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