Tips for the maintenance of cork flooring okorder

The main component of cork is composed of dead cells of polyhedral shape, and the space between cells is filled with a gas mixture almost the same as air. The special structure and composition make cork have a series of special properties: light weight, flexible and compressive, strong impermeability, moisture and corrosion resistance, poor conductivity, thermal and acoustic insulation, friction resistance, non-flammable. Just because cork is made up of countless airbags, there are countless small suction cups on the surface. When people walk on it, when the footsteps are in contact with the ground, the cork flooring will slightly adsorb the footsteps on the ground, reducing the relative displacement between the footsteps and the floor. The friction is reduced, thereby prolonging the wear resistance and service life of the floor, and further reducing noise and sound absorption.

Cork laminate has the following characteristics: reasonable structure and good dimensional stability In the case of drastic changes in temperature and humidity, it does not crack or warp, does not rot; does not rot; good thermal insulation performance, summer can reduce the intrusion of hot outdoor air, in winter, indoor hot air can be avoided through the ground; cork is very Good insulator, especially suitable for many places with electronic equipment, need anti-static place; the foot feels comfortable and natural, and can reduce the damage caused by accidental fall. It is good for children’s bone growth and protects the knees of adults, especially the elderly.

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Perfect housewife must look at the maintenance of cork flooring Tips

1. After 24 hours of floor installation, the furniture can be placed on the floor, and the number of people walking on it should be minimized within 24 hours.

2. When maintaining the floor, Do not rinse, polish or clean with decontamination powder.

3, the surface of the painted cork floor is the same as the solid wood floor, usually a floor wax once every six months; usually only need to use the wringer Or wipe with a rag. The hard-to-clean place is removed with a special cleaning agent.

4. Avoid strong impact on the floor, carry the furniture for lifting, not to drag, and the furniture legs have cushions.

5, it is recommended to lay a foot pad at the door to reduce the abrasion of the sand on the floor.

6, when leaving home, please close the window, the door especially Faucet, so as to avoid rain and dripping water to soak the floor.

7. When testing water in winter, people must be kept at home to prevent the heating from running water to destroy the floor.

Maintenance of cork wallboard:

1. Use a vacuum cleaner, tweezers, and a semi-dry rag;

2. If it is a waxed wallboard, wipe it off with a damp cloth. ;

3, local stains can be wiped with an eraser, can not be removed with a sharp weapon.

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How to choose anti-static floor? Anti-static floor purchase considerations okorder

1, three anti-static raised floor, using high-strength, fire-proof, waterproof materials as the substrate, double anti-static veneer. It has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance and strong bearing capacity, and is suitable for large and medium-sized computer rooms.

2, all steel anti-static raised floor, made of high-quality steel plate after stamping and welding, infused with high-strength lightweight materials. High strength, excellent waterproof, fireproof and moisture proof, suitable for large computer rooms with high load requirements.

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What should I do if the wooden floor is soaked in water? okorder

What should I do if the wooden floor soaks in water? This can be a lot of friends. The best way to soak the wood floor is to pick up the floor and reinstall it. It is recommended to promptly notify the after-sales service of the floor and ask the manufacturer to provide a solution. If the hardening of the floor is not more than 12 hours, you can remove the furniture on the floor and dry the surface with a dry rag. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the wood floor soaking water in detail, and teach you how to deal with and prevent the problem of watering the wooden floor.

1. Typhoon rain and rain on the floor and large area of ​​water treatment

The typhoon brought by the typhoon has caused great damage to many people, one of which is quite a lot The floor of the high-rise households, such as low-rise households and windows, has been blistered in large areas. For such a large area of ​​water-absorbing floor, if reasonable measures are taken, the loss can be reduced a lot.

2. Large area of ​​solid wood and solid wood composite water treatment

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solid wood floor moisture expansion coefficient is large, once the water vapor enters the interior of the floor, it will cause bending deformation. Therefore, if there is a large area of ​​water in the floor, it is difficult to solve by drying the surface moisture. It is good to pick up the floor and reinstall. It is recommended to inform the after-sales service of the floor in time to ask the manufacturer to provide the solution.

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The correct treatment method: first carefully pry the floor, dry the surface water as soon as possible, and then superimpose it in the shape of ‘well’, using the weight generated by the lamination to prevent the floor The occurrence of deformation. Pay attention to the reverse side of the floor when placing it. In addition, these floors should be placed in a ventilated place and should not be exposed to the sun.

Although the expansion coefficient of the composite floor is not as high as that of solid wood flooring, it needs to be handled with care. For large-area soaking water, similar to solid wood floor treatment, it is best to remove the baseboard around the composite floor as soon as possible, and lift off the submerged floor, use bricks or other things to raise the floor, and stack the floor with ‘well’ Put it in the shade. Generally, a good quality composite floor can be re-paved after drying.

3. Strengthening the floor area for large-scale water treatment

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If the time for strengthening the floor is not more than 12 hours, you can remove the furniture on the floor and dry the surface water with a dry rag. Then remove the baseboard of the floor to reveal the expansion joint. The water vapor is drained by the expansion joint. It usually takes about 7 days to 15 days to dry according to the amount of water. If it cannot be recovered after 15 days, it should be considered to be replaced again.

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Exploring the development direction of the flooring industry okorder

Nowadays, after nearly 30 years of development, the flooring industry has just passed the above cycle and the market has gradually become saturated. At this time, the far-sighted enterprises should abandon the traditional model in the spirit of ‘people are cheap, I don’t have’, and use a differentiated development idea to embark on a new path of ‘people without me.’

Differentiation of the direction of enterprise development–big home, cross-border into the mainstream

The development direction of a company is like the leader of a ship, only the leader decides The direction is correct, and subsequent development will not hit the rocks. In the author’s understanding, the current flooring industry is very different in the development direction.

One, large home, extended product line, involved in cabinets, wooden doors and other home industries, such as the iconic floor, nature home, living home floor, Lianfeng floor And other well-known brands in the industry.

Both, cross-border development, transformation to other industries such as capital markets, overall home improvement, the Internet, such as Shengda floor, Del home, bunny floor, Bell floor, Lin’s Wood and so on. Moreover, many flooring companies are actively submitting IPO plans, and measures such as vigorously developing e-commerce and integrating online and offline resources are also evident. Now there are many floor enterprises in China behind some furniture building materials online shopping malls.

Differentiating Product R&D–Environmental and Functional Two-pronged

In the process of differentiation of flooring companies After determining the general direction, it is also necessary to carry out differentiated research and development of products. In the major stores in Changsha, the author asked about the floor store shopping guide, where the biggest feature of the product is, the most frequently worded in the answer is ‘aldehyde removal’ ‘net aldehyde’ ‘zero aldehyde’ and so on. Such as the Del floor aldehyde-free ‘core’ era, Shiyou ‘net aldehyde E0’ floor, nature benefit breathing ‘de-aldehyde’ floor, Lianfeng ‘all house aldehyde removal’ health floor.

Throughout these keywords, both of them put ‘green’ in the first place, and the products developed by these companies are also unique. Consumers are also very popular with this product with high environmental performance. It can be seen that in the current trend of product differentiation in the flooring industry, environmental protection will become one of the preferred directions for flooring companies.

In addition to the environmental differences, there are some flooring products that are also quite functional. When I visited Red Star Macalline, I saw the film. Geer’s honeycomb mute floor, the black rosewood health floor of Lianfeng floor, the massage floor of the spring floor, and the constellation floor of Hongnai floor, these characteristic floors attract consumers with their unique selling points.

Release date: 2015/12/10 8:49:34

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Composite floor color matching skills okorder

Home environment is a whole, the same, home improvement is also a whole concept. The floor serves as the carrier and stage for the entire home design. Floor design and selection, especially the choice of color and style, can best reflect the rich connotation of home, which is essential for adding the overall aesthetic effect of the home. The following small series introduces the color matching skills of the composite floor.

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Composite floor color matching skills 1. Black tea with pink tones Ivory color

The color of the floor of the dark tone often gives people a strong appeal and expressiveness, and the personality is more vivid. The red tone of the floor itself gives a strong visual experience, so the wall If the color is strong, it will appear uncoordinated. Choose a ivory color with a slight pink tone, which can transform the space slightly.

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Composite floor color matching skills 2, white and gray with

If you want to have a quiet home atmosphere, white wood flooring will be a good choice, The color of the wall can be chosen in gray and white, and the color of the wooden floor can be used to create a calm atmosphere without causing the wall to be heavy in color and the light weight of the wooden floor is ‘top-heavy’.

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Composite floor color matching skills three, dark brown with beige

The dark brown wood floor is darker in color. Some users like to paint the wall white in order to enhance the brightness of the space. In fact, this will make the wooden floor darker. You may wish to choose the same beige tea, so both The colors are relatively close, more fresh and elegant, and the sense of space is also larger.

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Composite floor color matching skills four, yellow and green with

slightly yellow wooden floor is easy to feel a warm and comfortable feeling, is also a common favorite color. If you choose a yellow wooden floor, the wall uses the ‘adjacent color’ rule, which is supported by the green color adjacent to the yellow, so that a warm atmosphere can be achieved.

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Home wood floor waxing method analysis! okorder

Since the choice of wood flooring, then the waxing and maintenance of the wood floor is essential. Waxing wood floors is a good way to maintain your floor. What are the waxing methods for wood floors, the process of waxing wood floors, the cost of waxing wood floors is not expensive, the benefits of waxing wood floors and the precautions for waxing wood floors?

Part1: Avoid maintenance misunderstanding floor waxing maintenance instructions

floor waxing maintenance is a maintenance method that many people know, but what is the floor wax? Is it all the floor? Can you wax? Is it only a method of waxing and curing? Everyone is not very familiar with it, so let’s take a look at some misunderstandings and basic knowledge of floor waxing maintenance.

First, the role of floor waxing maintenance

floor waxing maintenance refers to through a layer of wax on the surface of the floor, the wax on the solidification can be used to isolate the air, water vapor The role of dust, thereby reducing the damage caused by the oxidation or release of harmful substances in the air; at the same time, it can also reduce the degree of wear on the floor such as shoes, thereby extending the service life of the floor.

Second, floor wax vs floor oil

floor wax

floor waxing maintenance is the most indispensable natural floor wax. There are many kinds of floor wax products on the market. There are two kinds of floor waxes in general, one kind of liquid wax, which is cheap, easy to operate and fast to dry. The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is short, and the other one is solid wax, which must be To be polished with a professional high speed waxing machine. The utility model has the advantages of uniform wax layer, high brightness of the floor, high abrasion resistance and long service life.

Floor Essential Oil

In recent years, floor essential oil has gradually become the new favorite of floor maintenance. Floor essential oils are generally formulated with resin and natural trees, which have deep moisturizing and prevention. Cracking and repairing the effects of fine cracks. Compared with floor wax, the floor oil has higher hardness and brightness, but there is a problem that the floor is easily fogged. At present, there is no standard in the floor essential oil market, and there are many inferior products, which may cause the floor to absorb water and deform after use.

Second, floor waxing maintenance misunderstanding

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Rubber floor selection guide okorder

Rubber floor is a floor made of rubber sheet. It is soundproof, non-slip, anti-static, soft, resistant to cracking and elastic. It is light, wear-resistant and color-sensitive compared with PVC plastic floor. Bright and easy to lay and so on. It is used in hospitals, libraries, computer rooms, dust-free workshops, etc. It is an ideal decorative material for these places. At present, the world’s well-known rubber materials are Germany Nola, Italy Mondo and China Changda. The following small series introduces you to the purchase skills of rubber flooring. 1. Know the information about rubber flooring before purchasing, such as which manufacturer, brand, sales company, etc. have good reputation and quality is guaranteed. 2, when buying, first look at the manufacturer, buy rubber flooring and buy other goods are the same, want to buy a good product, we must first choose a well-known large manufacturers of products. Products produced by well-known manufacturers have mature production experience and quality assurance. 3. Understand the products, from production to sales to after-sales, there should be a complete service system, rich in production, sales, construction experience, can provide you with a full range of services, eliminating the need for you to understand the product Inconvenience, so comfortable to buy, but also rest assured. 4, look at the sample, look at the sample color, the thickness of the sample is suitable for your own needs. 5, pay attention to low-cost traps: Some consumers buy cheap plastic flooring, they buy cheap floor, the consumer’s psychological is easy to cause indoor pollution. Inferior plastic floor has high formaldehyde content, strong irritating odor, long release time and great damage to the body. Health is the first, so it is recommended that consumers would rather spend more money to buy a rest assured, and do not buy low-cost inferior plastic flooring. 6, test the floor, you can do a small experiment, such as you can put a cigarette butt, more than 1-2 minutes, observe the rubber floor surface without burn marks. It can detect the burn resistance of the cigarette. Sometimes there is a yellowing imagination, which is normal, because it is smoked from the tar, not known to the burning, wipe can be removed. To test the flame retardancy, a lighter can be used for the ignition test. (Generally, the temperature of the outer flame of the lighter is 280-500 degrees Celsius.) If the floor is extinguished from the fire, it means that it is flame retardant. There are other simple methods such as directly drawing the floor surface, biting the teeth, smelling, etc., all of which are rubber flooring.

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Standard size of badminton court okorder

The badminton court is a rectangular field with a length of 13.40 meters, a doubles venue with a width of 6.10 meters and a singles venue with a width of 5.18 meters. Each line on the court is 4 cm wide, and it should be counted from the outer edge of the line when measuring. The boundaries of the course are best drawn in white, yellow or other easily recognizable colors.

According to the international competition regulations, the space above the stadium is at least 9 meters. Within this height, there must be no beams or other obstacles. There should be no obstacles within 2 meters of the stadium. There should be at least 2 meters between any two courses that are juxtaposed. The walls around the course are preferably dark and not windy.

Badminton net standard

The badminton net is 6.10 meters long and 76 cm wide. It is made of high quality dark natural or man-made fibers with a mesh size of 15-20 mm. The upper edge of the net should be sewed with a 75-wide double-layer white cloth (folded in half) and passed through the sandwich with a thin steel wire rope or nylon rope, firmly hanging between the two net columns. The standard net should be tan or grass green. The net column is 1.55 meters high. Whether it is single or double, the two net columns should be placed at the midpoint of the sideline of the doubles. In the official competition, the upper edge of the net must be 1.524 meters high from the ground and 1.55 meters high at both ends of the net. Both ends of the net must be fastened to the post, and there should be no gaps between them.

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How to use the floor maintenance essential oil correctly? okorder

1, first use the vacuum cleaner or electrostatic mop to remove the sand and large dust on the surface of the wooden floor;

2, install the special nozzle for Yibang maintenance essential oil, adjust to the mist, and Spray evenly on the floor furniture, and then wipe off the essential oil with the matching electrostatic cloth in the electrostatic mop;

3, 5-8 minutes, then the floor and furniture surface are dry, not polished. .

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The Public Security Bureau of China Aviation Academy launched 110 publicity activities: the police and the people joined hands to create peace. okorder

On January 10, 2019, the country ushered in the 33rd “110 publicity day.” In accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, as the only public security bureau established in the university in the country & mdash; & mdash; China Civil Aviation Flight Academy Public Security Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the China Aviation Academy Public Security Bureau), in response to the characteristics of the service object, “Landscape experience, police people Working together to create peace as the theme, organized a “110 police to enter the police camp activities.

110 volunteers enter the police camp event

At 8:30 in the morning, the students of the Zhongfeiyuan Public Security Bureau have gathered students who participated in the 110 police experience. At 9 o’clock, the event officially began. On behalf of all the staff, Sun Jingbo expressed his welcome to the selected 8 police officers. He said: As the only public security in the country, guarding the peace, serving the teachers and students, and carrying out various forms of safety education, it is the unshirkable duty of the public security personnel of the Feiyuan. The mission is also a concrete manifestation of the 16-word policy of loyalty to the party, serving the people, fairness in law enforcement, and strict discipline.

Welcome Message from Director Sun Jingbo

Inviting students to join the team to participate in multiple police work as a police officer, Sun Jingbo said that the move is to enable more people to understand, understand, cooperate and support public security work; at the same time, through publicity and Interaction, improve the safety awareness of teachers and students, and participate in the construction of a safe campus.

At the ceremony, Deputy Director Lin Xinggui of the Zhongfeiyuan Public Security Bureau and Deputy Director Zhang Xiang issued police vests for the students. With a password, the prosecutors formally entered the flag-raising ceremony.

Deputy Director Lin Xinggui and Deputy Director Zhang Xiang dispatched police officers Use vest

All participants participate in the flag raising ceremony

After the welcoming ceremony, the volunteers visited the honor room and the video surveillance room to learn about the history of the public security and the construction of the campus.

All students visit the honor Room

Subsequently, the security detachment leader Wang Tao introduced 110 work content for the police and arranged the task for the day. Under the leadership of Zhu Hong, the preparatory instructor of the Ministry of Public Security, the police listened to the work of police, police training, traffic management, fire fighting, etc., and felt the whole day of the police.

During the whole activity, the students’ participation and enthusiasm were extremely high. Many people said that they participated in the activities as a police officer and had zero-distance contact with public security work. The experience, just a day’s work, let them sigh the front line of the police, “It’s not easy,” the years are quiet, because of the police, but also let them pay a tribute to the police profession.

Students receive activity tasks

The Public Security Bureau of China Aviation Academy has continuously strengthened the construction of the three bases. According to its own characteristics, it has carried out a number of activities close to the teachers and students. In order to attract more students to participate in this recruitment experience, in the early stage, the campus network red instructor Zhu Hong was the image spokesperson, and the posters, the campus official blog, the official micro and other forms were widely advertised, and more than 50 people were attracted on the same day. College students are actively enrolled. The activity used a panoramic and full-featured experience to popularize the public security business and security knowledge, and received enthusiastic responses from students and society. The relevant person in charge said that in the later stage, police and civilian interaction will be carried out in more forms, so that the legal system and safety concept will be integrated into the whole process of educating people.

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