Wu said the low-tech RFID, enterprise “anger”!

“Do not have much technical content of so-called intelligent hardware actually worthless.” Recently, when mentioned in a speech broadcast platform leading computer scientists, academics, well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalist Wu, manufacturing RFID chips and readers enterprises this technique is not too high content belongs portion. Wu believes that in the future, there will be a lot of IoT manufacturing equipment business, a winner of 5G. But, he says: “There may be a hole that does not have much technical content of so-called intelligent hardware is not really worth much, for example, manufacturing RFID chips and readers enterprises, and so these companies, just as in. PC chassis, power supply manufacturing era, the era of smart phones, chargers, like manufacturing companies. when these increase the number of low-end hardware, the price of individual products will decline. “
Clearly, Wu does not deny the content of RFID technology, he is aimed at stressed: “in the IoT era, not only have new hardware, but also a new software and services, otherwise we are not strong demand for hardware.” today, a large number of mobile phone App copyright control Engineering All , to play this role. 5G at times, but also the need for new applications emerge. However, “RFID technology is not high tech,” “no-tech intelligent hardware worthless” industry caused by topic widely discussed.
RFID “value” sparked heated debate we know, the essence of RFID technology by means of radio frequency identification technology to achieve information and identification of objects. Then the intelligent and non-intelligent objects are connected, so as to create the greatest value to the networking industry. Take on this task by RFID, but was a lot of people regarded as a lower technical threshold technology. On this topic, “Global Observation of Things” interviewed a number of related employees to see how they were talking about.
■ RFID chip manufacturer in Suzhou Wu Jun, an RFID chip manufacturers for the teacher’s view, given the different views. He said:. “Basis of things, first of all if the hardware basis, more expensive if the base” That CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the hardware is the fundamental guarantee of things, and the product cost is higher . This requires the underlying technology manufacturers continue grinding technology, rapid development has to improve quality in order to control the prices, lead to more affordable technology products.Because it relates to the RFID chip status of our country. Respondents also mentioned that the domestic market is mainly dependent on foreign RFID chip, most applications use the British scene such as the head of Jay-frequency chip manufacturers, and domestic and foreign similar products RFID chip gap is still relatively large. He also indicated that: “Although imported chip performance is really good but the price is too high.” But, as they do for domestic RFID chip companies, the current market most of the occupied imported chips, resulting in the market is not able to quickly expand. ■ RFID modules, reader, label manufacturers located in a production of modules and RFID reader manufacturer in Guangzhou, which represents listened to “RFID technology is not high,” that argument, the mood a little excited, he asked: “If there is no technical content, Siemens RFID why the price to sell 10,000 to 20,000 yuan a? Omron products require seven or eight thousand.” he believes that CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , products the price is high, its technical content is proportional to , the price of the RFID system described problems. Shenzhen, a company focused on RFID tags, also said he did not agree with RFID tags belonging to the low-tech hardware products. At the same time, he is very optimistic about the development of the RFID market late, and that the late RFID chip prices will be reduced.
■ NB-IoT, LoRa and other communications technology vendors’ RFID vendors do so much, I think there are two reasons, first because of strong market demand, the second threshold is not high. “The same is engaged in communications technology NB-IoT and module manufacturers representatives LoRa express their views. He added, RFID technology has been developed for many years, engaged in related production companies will naturally be more and more. Speaking with NB-IoT, LoRa such techniques as compared to Control Engineering Copyright , the manufacturers representatives, can not simply analogy to judge the level of technical issues, but to consider whether the applicable scenarios . RFID is a passive communication mode, the main application scenario is a small amount of data transmission, such as warehousing, logistics tracking, object recognition. And the NB-IoT LoRa active communication is bidirectional, the application of very different directions of RFID. He added: “fitnessAfter all, also consider the costs of large-scale deployment and market acceptance, the market is the right leader to speak. “
■ IC test center has a multi-year integrated circuit device testing and testing and certification experience engineer, RFID is a near field communication standard, and do low-volume data transfer, he explained:.” And NB -IoT protocol, Lora protocol, a Bluetooth protocol, 5G protocol as the transport protocol are each positioned in corresponding scenarios do achieved. In addition, this technology is a relative concept, RFID technology from the content of this statement is purely theoretical terms of technology. “At present, the domestic self-developed chips in some low-end applications can do replacement, but in the high-end series, are still unable to replace foreign-made product comes RFID chip replacement problem, the engineer has their own opinion:.” In fact, many technology domestic manufacturers have been mastered, but the domestic manufacturers can not become the dominant technology. Reasons include the establishment of standards, to achieve trust, establish norms, eco-build and so on. “He believes CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , especially in the core technology, the entire natural science category, from the experimental theory, testing methods to the underlying technical infrastructure, are already defined in the Western world as early as a hundred years ago and development. “these countries to master the technology-dominated not static, they are constantly evolving. “Engineers stressed.” Global Observation of Things “have something to say now, RFID technology can be said to have been visible everywhere in our lives, not only the apparel industry to replace bar codes to record information, is very popular in the logistics industry, security, access control and so, RFID technology play well. seeing the growing market demand, many companies believe that RFID industry over and over into gold, have invested in the industry chain. in their view, RFID technology is mature, and is simple to master the technology, has no technical threshold. RFID technology is still in fact have a high technical threshold. in the ultra-high frequency (868-920Mhz) RFID applications are constantly expanding in-depth process. It is understood, RFID high frequency (13.56Mhz) technology appeared nearly 60 years, applications are most widely used. However, the same ultra-high frequency RFID technology (868-920Mhz), enter the application time in 10 years, there are manyWorthy of in-depth study of local development.
Meanwhile, as described in several of the practitioner, the technical threshold does not just depend on the technology itself, more of this technique is to look at the floor for a particular application’s performance. RFID technology system comprising a RFID tag, reader, antenna, and RFID middleware, to be successful landing, need to have an independent development overall RFID solutions capabilities, must come up with a set of RFID solutions for the scene. This involves a more complex design and coordination, integration and other issues, rather than the technology itself is mature will be realized. For each industry, in search of the most suitable RFID systems should consider the needs of the scene. Program for a motor vehicle such as an RFID, RFID tags need to withstand the high temperature in the coating process; RFID programs for monitoring and asset management, it is necessary with the passive sensors measure temperature, humidity, pressure and vibration integrated together provide more information for asset monitoring and management.

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