2019 Chinese industrial software industry market size of nearly 300 billion

Chinese industrial software industry market is expanding, the future development prospects of software industry refers solely or principally used in industry, software industry to improve the R & D, manufacturing, production management and industrial management performance. Software for the use of information technology of industrial process control logic, the code management process, thereby driving operational equipment and management in accordance with established automatically efficient operation logic, and to achieve a predetermined function. With the modernization of China’s construction industry, driven by policy, the industrial software market is expanding, future development prospects. 1. Policy landing, indicating the direction for the development of the industry with the development of China’s manufacturing industry, the importance of the software industry increasingly prominent, the Chinese government’s emphasis on the software industry has gradually improved. After the Ministry of Industry from 2015 that “Made in China 2025” development strategy , steadily intelligent manufacturing floor, has issued a special policy document in the standard system, information security, pilot and demonstration projects greatly promoted the development of intelligent manufacturing and industrial software in China. “Thirteen Five” period, China will build a comprehensive well-off society and accelerating the pace of industrial development in the software industry modernization, while demand for industrial software, industrial Internet has further increased. Since 2015, the policy frequently landing Control Engineering Copyright , will guide the development of the industry, while providing policy support for the healthy development of the industry. 2, Chinese industrial software industry development process analysis: collaborative application stage to deepen the domestic industrial software development roughly divided into three stages: the first stage is the stage of software development itself, in pure software stage, foreign companies dominate the market; second stage is the software It stages collaborative applications, at this stage, collusion and optimize business processes. Domestic manufacturers began to accelerate the pace of development , and gradually catch up with foreign manufacturers; third stage is the “industry cloud” stage, at this stage, the software is no longer a single software control Engineering network Copyright , but integrated a variety of software, and provides a “software + services” overall solution, at this stage, based on the Chinese domestic manufacturers of industrial development of the truth, to accelerate the local software upgrade service levels, began to gradually go beyond international manufacturers, but at present China is in the end collaborative applications software industry – “cloud industry”Between the early stage of the domestic manufacturers as a whole has not been able to go beyond the technical and service level international industry giants present, China’s software industry is still in a strong software management, software engineering weak;. Low-end software more than [123 ], less high-end software status Chinese industrial software industry development analysis of the situation
source: prospective Institute for industrial finishing
Chinese industrial software product revenues continue to increase in the “2017 software industry economic operation of the Ministry of industry “I mention that in 2017 China’s software revenue grew more than 10%, of which the industrial software product revenue more than 100 billion yuan, an increase of 19.9% ​​over 2016.” 2018 software and IT service industry statistical bulletin “the data show, 2018 China’s industrial software product revenue 147.7 billion yuan, an increase of 14.2% accordingly thrust reversers, 2016, 2017, China’s industrial software products revenues were 129.33 billion yuan and 107.87 billion yuan
2016 -. 2018 China’s industrial software products revenue statistics
source: prospective Institute for industrial finishing
to promote the “two” deep integration, Industry development prospects China is transforming from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, is the gradual emergence of world-class companies in the industry of home appliances, electronic equipment, shipbuilding and other industrial enterprises in the internationalization process, the demand for information technology will drive the software industry development, while the domestic software industry has a unique advantage in localized products and services, more strategic security next few years, with the “Made in China 2025,” the gradual implementation of modern China to speed up the process of industrialization, industrial software applications expand the scope and depth, industry will maintain a stable growth in 2018 China’s industrial software product revenue growth of 14.2%, forward projections over the next few years, China’s software industry enterprises will gradually grow, industrial software product revenue will remain 10% -15% growth rate, until 2024, Chinese industrial software product revenue will reach 295 billion yuan
2019–2014, China’s industrial software product revenue and forecasting statistics
source: Institute for prospective industry sort out

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