2019 forecast the development of things: the digital transition urgent and block fiery chain technology

By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to generate an additional revenue of $ 344 billion and 177 billion dollars while also reducing operating costs. Things and smart devices already in the world’s major indexes to improve the performance of the plant and increase productivity levels 40-60%. The following discusses the 2019 forecast of development of things, covering things impact on the business and technology, including digital transformation, chain blocks, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G.
a forecast of things, increase data and equipment in 2019, there will be about 36 billion devices connected to the Internet actively for daily tasks. With the introduction of 5G, will open the door to more devices and data traffic. You can respond by increasing the use of edge computing this trend, which will make it easier and faster to process data close to the operating point. Things forecast Second, the digital transformation of things and things are a key driver of digital transformation industries. Sensors, RFID tags and smart beacon has started the next industrial revolution. Market analysts predict that between 2018 and 2020, the number of networked devices in the manufacturing sector will double. For many industries, these devices completely changed the rules of the game changed from development to supply chain management and production process in every aspect, manufacturers will be able to prevent delays, improve production performance. In addition, in 2019, 87% of healthcare providers will use the Internet of Things technology for healthcare providers and Internet of Things smart pills, smart home care, personal health care management, electronic health records, managing sensitive data and overall a higher degree of patient care, the possibilities are endless. This improvement can be applied to many vertical and horizontal industries. Things to predict three things to increase investment affect the undisputed Things have and will continue to attract more venture capitalists involved in highly innovative projects hardware, software, and services. According to International Data Corporation (IDC) data, by 2021, things expenditures will reach $ 1.4 trillion. Things is one of the few markets are emerging and traditional venture capitalists interested. The popularity of smart devices, and customers are increasingly dependent on the use of them to perform many everyday tasks, which will increase the excitement investment Things start-ups. Customers will wait for the next big innovation of things, such as smart mirror will analyze your face, if you look fromTo like sick, it will give your doctor a call; intelligent ATM machines will include intelligent security cameras, intelligent fork will tell you how to eat and what to eat, intelligent bed will automatically turn off the lights when everyone sleeping. Things predicted four things smart extension of Things is all about connectivity and processing Control Engineering Copyright , there is no better example than the wisdom of the city, but the city recently wisdom a little stagnant . Smart sensors deployed in the community will be recorded walking routes, car-pooling to use, building occupancy, all the contents of the sewage flow and temperature changes throughout the day, the purpose is to create for the people who live there a comfortable, convenient, safe and clean environment. Once the model is complete, it could become a template for other communities and ultimately wisdom wisdom of the city. Another area of ​​promotion of smart things in the automotive industry in the coming years, autonomous vehicles will become the norm, now we have a large number of vehicles networking application that displays the latest diagnostic information about the car. This is accomplished by networking technology, networking technology is the core of networked vehicles. Vehicle diagnostics will not we were the only things progress in the next year to see, and networking applications, voice search, and current traffic information will change some other things that we drive model. Things forecast V. artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence is to understand things data currently collected large amounts of data and to improve the basic elements needed for their commercial value. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help in the following areas of Things data analysis: data preparation, data discovery, data visualization stream, time-series data accuracy, predictive and advanced analytics, and real-time geospatial and location (logistics). Here are a few examples. 1, data preparation: define data pool and clean them up, it will take us understand the concept of dark data, lake. 2, data discovery: to find useful data in defined data pool. 3, the stream data visualization: By definition, the data is found and to visualize it intelligently process, so that the decision process can be performed without delay. 4, the time series data accuracy: High accuracy and completeness of the data to maintain a high level of trust of the collected data. 5, advanced forecasting and analysis: This is a very important step, we can make decisions based on the collection, discovery and analysis of data. 6, real-time geospatial and location (Logistics): to maintain a smooth and controlled data. Things prediction six, fog calculatedAnd calculating a fog things distribute the processing load and transferred to the network edge technology (IOT sensor). The benefits of using fog calculation of Things solutions provider very attractive. Some of the advantages of allowing users to minimize delays, save network bandwidth, rapid decision-making and reliable operation, and protect a wide range of data collection and analysis through better insight and local data transfer the data to the optimum processing position. Microsoft has just announced plans to invest $ 5 billion in Intranet matter, including fog / edge computing. Cisco, HPE, Dell and other hardware manufacturers are building-specific infrastructure for the edge. The infrastructure designed to be more robust and secure, while security vendors will start offering the service to its existing endpoint security solution to prevent data loss, and gain insight into network health and threat protection, including advanced user control and application whitelisting and control, which will help companies quickly adopted and promoted the edge / fog calculations. Things predicted seven things and things of the current block chain centralized architecture is one of the main things the network vulnerable. With the addition of billions of networked devices and more devices Control Engineering Copyright , things will become the primary target of cyber attacks, which makes security extremely important. Things block chain security provided new hope for several reasons. First, the block chain is public, everyone involved in the block chain network nodes can see the data blocks and stored in the transaction and approved them, although the user can still have the private key to control the transaction. Secondly, the block chain is decentralized, so there is no single authority can approve eliminate single points of failure (SPOF) weakness transactions. Third, and most important, it is safe, the database can only be extended, the previous record can not be changed. In the next few years, manufacturers will realize the benefits of the block chain technology embedded in all devices, and compete “block chain certification” label. Things forecast Eight things and standardization Standardization is one of the biggest challenges facing the development of the Internet of Things , it is hoped early in a struggle between the dominant market leader in the industry. Including HomePod, Alexa and GoogleAssistant including intelligent assistant devices are the future hub of the next phase of smart devices, companies are working with consumers to establish a “Consumer hub”So that they can more easily continue to add devices without setbacks and problems. But we are now fragmented. One possible solution is to make a limited number of suppliers dominate the market, allowing customers to choose one to use, and stick with it on any other networked device, similar to the Windows we use now, Mac and Linux operating systems, this is done in the absence of cross-platform standard. To understand the difficulty of standardization, we need to address all three categories in the standardization process: platform, connectivity and applications. In the case of the platform, we are dealing with UX / UI and analysis tools; customer contact point and connection process and equipment; and finally, application control, data collection and analysis to their homes. All three categories are interrelated, we need them, the loss of any one category will hinder the process of standardization. Without organizations like IEEE or government agencies to vigorously promote the universal standard networking equipment, it can not solve the dispersion problem. Things predicted nine of Things skills shortages IDC data show that in 2020, investment in the Internet of Things (IoT) will exceed $ 1 trillion, but things need skills may hinder this growth. In fact, according to Canonical report shows that 68% of companies are still struggling to hire Things experts; Experis latest technology from observing urban employment report shows that since last year at this time, technical skills demand grew by 35%, as companies want to use material the power of networking. Technology Watch report pointed out that urban employment, things greatly increased the number of networked devices, and has expanded the amount of data that enterprises must deal with, therefore, critical to the success of large data characters for the Internet of Things. The report found that companies are willing to pay for those skills, high wage and daily wage data professionals than any other technical disciplines. The report also found that Control Engineering Copyright , due to the networking equipment will bring more business for the network security vulnerabilities, therefore, need security skills. The demand for IT security contractors increased by 24% (year on year). Companies are filling short-term emergency security vulnerabilities and exploit existing contractor staff training throughout the enterprise, while shifting the focus of IT security more flexible contracting model to respond to the needs of the Internet of Things. University keep up with demand, so in order to cope with this shortage, publicDivision need to establish in-house training programs, and create their own team, engineering team to enhance their skills CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , cultivate new talent. This trend will continue, this is an opportunity for new engineers, but the company might be a challenge.

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