The latest lighting, furniture and objects okorder

APPARATUS launched their latest lighting, furniture and objects at the Milan Design Week.
The SEGMENT table series combines a translucent resin base with a rounded painted tabletop to create a visual density between dynamics and lightness. The pedestal is made up of brass hardware and a segmented section that allows light to pass through its open space.
LANTERN’s ceramic lampshade is suspended from three copper rods, using the sphere as a design detail.
The METRONOME series balances the lampshade at one end with the ball at one end with a tapered base.

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Artist Judith Seligson presents her colorful geometric abstract artwork okorder

Artist Judith Seligson presents her colorful geometric abstract artwork. She will not only bring a single digital painting, but also show oil painting.
Kate Casey showcases the latest collection, including the Bastet End table, made of ash, white and green marble and black wood grain marble.
Sacha Nizami and Grace Neal co-founded the design studio sachaGRACE, which impressed the conversion of transparent synthetic resin into handmade art.

Samantha Sandbrook Art & Interiors will showcase her candy art installations and sculptural items. She pays attention to details and craftsmanship, bringing a playful and luxurious touch to her work through color and luxurious materials.

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Multi-functional room partition okorder

Invented for the first time in 1981, the Carlton room divider was designed by EttoreSottsass Jr and the Italian design team Memphis, which presents the style and essence of Italian design in a new way.
This postmodern work has always been popular because of the nature of its art design. Carlton has a very organized but adventurous design with bold and vivid colors, and the seemingly crumbling pieces of wood form an unusual shape.

This is a functional piece of art that runs counter to the traditional room divider design and can be used as a bookshelf or even a dressing table. Therefore, this product has a wider range of uses.

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Halloween decoration accessories living room okorder

When we talk about pillows, is this style with a pumpkin pattern beautiful? This is a great way to bring the colors of this season to the living room sofa, and the orange will not go to extremes.

Pure black globe is a chic way to bring Halloween style to black bookcases or shelves.
Look at this black vase, it almost looks It is born for Halloween decoration, you can insert a bare branch inside.
This black cat is to pay tribute to Halloween You won’t mind hanging it on your gallery wall.
Halloween is inseparable from pumpkins. If you don’t like orange pumpkins, choose these matte black models. They are very modern and stylish, and can be matched with any style.

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Latest collection from Matter-Made okorder

We areMatter-Made loyal fans, so we see their 2016The annual collection is very exciting. At the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, this American manufacturer introduced the popular Discus lighting series, as well as two new lighting seriesNixandMega. The portfolio also works with popular designers, including VisibilityandAna Kras. Their latest products are loyal to Matter-MadeDesign sense, simple Lines, neutral colors and luxurious materials.

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Amazing Italian country holiday tree house okorder

Suite BlueYesLa Cabane PercheeDesign a project. This is La Plantatapart of the hotel, located in Alena, Italy Dicastro. La Cabane Percheeis the main building of the French tree house Custom tree house.
Every tree house they build is unique because each tree is unique and different.
Every tree house is completely custom built in the designer’s workshop. All the small details and the characteristics of the address will be taken into consideration. Most importantly, this tree will become the home of the tree house. The tree house was then shipped to the site for assembly.
The assembly of the tree house does not involve pruning branches and nailing trees. This tree house Overlooking the beautiful fields of the Italian countryside, with a quiet view.

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List of works by Brazilian furniture designers okorder

Brazil is full of talented designers, let us appreciate their work.

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Tom Dixon’s Bronte restaurant opens in London okorder

Design ResearchStudio & DesignerTom DixonPublicBronteThe interior of the restaurant, which overlooks Trafalgar Square. Bronte<font face="宋体" style="font-size: 10.5pt The restaurant's design is memorable, inspired by Victorian explorers and collectors, and the interior's eclectic style blends with architectural features.

Although the background is more neutral, the elements are not neutral. The interior has green leather and black wood seating, a pink concrete breakfast bar, pink and green chairs, a green granite kitchen and a blue-gray cocktail bar.
Flat wall light is installed on a large power grid, the entire indoor ceiling is covered with interior .
DixonFadeThe chandelier is hung above the seating area and bar.

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Modern toy block okorder

The Portland creative agency monogoto recently launched a colorful toy block collection called KUUM, designed for the Japanese brand Felissimo. The 202 pieces of toys are made of beech wood and have 12 units (two color combinations) that can be disassembled into 36 different shapes. Each 12 units represents a theme: earth, fire, flowers, trees, mountains, sea, ice, stones, earth, moon, sun and sand. There are L-shaped blocks, flat blocks and half-moon blocks in each unit, which are carefully calculated and designed to maximize the number of combinations.

KUUM aims to inspire four creative skills: painting, architecture, puzzle solving and storytelling. The teaching principles provided in the works are a little bit imaginative and offer unlimited possibilities for creation.

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An industrial loft in the Netherlands okorder

Canal Houseis a historic loft located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which recently received Houtwerk BV refurbishment. The interior utilizes contemporary HI-MACS®Material(acrylic stone), they match the original details, such as brick walls, resulting in a comfortable Industrialized attic.
Most rooms use a solid surfaceHI-MACS®Material, giving the space a clean and simple feeling.
Loft area of ​​the master bedroom There are complete railings and doors. The attached bathroom and bedroom are very good, it is made entirely by HI-MACS® made of materials, including floors, walls, showers and sinks.
bath and HI-MACS®The wall created a no The appearance of the seam.

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