Mistakes in the purchase of eucalyptus floors to avoid pits

There are many kinds of wood flooring materials, and the eucalyptus wood flooring is one of the solid wood floorings, which has good luster and good decorativeness, and is favored by consumers. There are many advantages to eucalyptus flooring, but there are certain disadvantages. Next, let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the eucalyptus floor, what are the misunderstandings of the eucalyptus floor. Still good friends who are entangled in wood flooring materials, take a look at this introduction to the eucalyptus floor.
First, the advantages and disadvantages of eucalyptus floor

1, advantage

The texture of the eucalyptus floor is more clear and obvious, we can see through its texture at a glance Identify true and false. The floor of this material has a good gloss and looks very beautiful.

The eucalyptus floor has a sleek and sleek texture, while the eucalyptus floor also has a luxurious and elegant radial texture. The beech wood flooring is decorative and it can be matched to different decoration styles.

The eucalyptus flooring also has the advantages of impact resistance, elasticity, corrosion resistance and good adhesion.

2. Disadvantages

Although this floor has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages. For example, this tree has a long growth cycle, so it grows slowly, and there are fewer good quality trees.

The parquet of the eucalyptus floor is very demanding and it is easy to crack at the joint. The processing of eucalyptus flooring is difficult and there are many processing defects.

Second, eucalyptus floor purchase error

1, excessive pursuit of texture consistency

Because this floor uses natural beech, For natural trees, its texture is difficult to agree. This is because the trees have different colors depending on the location of the planting and the sun exposure. In addition, even if the same piece of wood is sawn, the wood is darker in color and the wood texture is not exactly the same due to the different positions of the saw. Therefore, there are certain chromatic aberrations and textures in the eucalyptus floor. This is a natural phenomenon. We do not have to pursue excessive texture consistency.

2, laying large core board when laying

Although the touch of the floor is more comfortable, it can give us a good experience, but some users are too eager to feel I like to add a layer of large core board to the keel. This kind of practice is not correct. In fact, the quality difference of the large core board is poor, and the inferior large core board will also affect the paving quality of the eucalyptus floor. Therefore, if consumers have to pursue a high sense of foot, they must choose the big brand core products that are sold in the market.
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Sleeping bad bedding is the problem

The latest research shows that those who do not sleep well and sleep unsteady should consider switching to a bed with a woolen mattress, because wool products have the benefits of sweat absorption, body temperature adjustment, etc., which can make people sleep most peacefully. According to the British “Daily Mail” report, there are several advantages to the bed of wool products. The main points are as follows:
(1) The average person will have 1 liter of sweat per night while sleeping, and the wool fiber can absorb the human body. The sweat that is secreted prevents the body from rising and becomes too hot; while the mattress made of synthetic materials cannot absorb these sweats, making people more prone to irritability and difficulty falling asleep.
(2) Because the bed of wool products sleeps comfortably, people sleep longer and deeper;
(3) The bed of wool products is suitable for everyone, so a couple sleeps together Even if they like different temperatures, they can be very comfortable. According to the report, researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia surveyed eight volunteers and asked them to sleep on a bed of wool products, a quilt bed and synthetic materials at different temperatures. As a result, it was found that in the case where the temperature of the bedroom was warmer, the person sleeping on the bed of the wool product slept longer and slept more.
Wool Room managing director Chris Tattersall said in an interview with The Times: Our climate is changing, traditional forms of bedding such as polyester, down or feather products You have to change as the seasons change, but the wool can adapt to any season. Wool is far more suitable for the human body than other products. If two people sleep on the bed at the same time, the wool products will be adjusted according to the temperature requirements of each human body.
He added: The partner who sleeps on a bed may need a completely different temperature — one that is very hot and the other that is very cold. You can never find a bedding that is suitable for both people, unless you find wool products, the only effective solution.

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Egyptian cement prices rose

Egypt According to the latest market report of the National Bureau of Statistics, the price of cement and steel in April 2009 increased by 5.08% and 5.56% respectively, indicating that the open import market has little impact on the retail price of the domestic market. At the same time, the prices of various timbers in the domestic market in Egypt fell sharply, with the highest drop of 10.1%. The prices of other building materials have remained basically stable.

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How much does it cost to join a curtain?

How much does it cost to join a curtain shop? It has always been the focus of investors. In recent years, real estate developers have continuously developed curtains to become a major part of the soft-packing market, attracting many investors’ eyes and hope to achieve wealth through this investment method. But starting a decent curtain franchise should also consider the cost. How much does it cost to join the curtain shop?
Investing in the store first looks at the location, and the investment in curtains in the first-tier cities will definitely have high investment costs in the third-tier cities. Even in the same city, the cost of choosing downtown and suburbs is much higher. Store rent is always the primary concern of investors. The proportion is the largest. The annual price of the three-storey three-storey storefront is 200,000, 12-15 million, and 100,000. Of course, the bigger the store, the better the location. Then the price will be higher.

The store decoration is to reflect the store grade, not to say that the more expensive the materials, the better. It is used properly and well matched to maximize the store’s beautiful appearance. Many investors have no idea about curtain store design. I don’t know how to decorate the curtains to suit the market. Even if you want to decorate the team to do it, there are deficiencies. After all, they have not touched the curtains and don’t understand the curtain market and the psychology of the consumer customers, so the design is still flawed.

Finally, in terms of loading, the facade is external. Just starting to sell cheap fabrics, but the hanging samples must be graded. This will show the brand strength and grade. Some investors always want to get a few tens of thousands of samples to hold up the storefront, but Imagine that a set of villa curtains usually starts tens of thousands. Even a single villa is larger than the total amount of the store, so how to receive a higher amount of single amount.

How much does it cost to join a curtain shop? Simply give everyone an analysis. Investing in curtain shop should make a scale choice according to its own economic strength, and it is best to be suitable. Do not ask for too much blindness to bring pressure to yourself, affecting subsequent development.
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Chinese wood products encounter EU “green barriers” and some enterprises are affected

Recently, the EU passed a bill aimed at strictly controlling the timber and wood products sold in the EU. Industry analysts believe that this bill may form a “green barrier” for China’s wood products exports, and some Chinese timber export enterprises will be seriously affected.

Researcher Li Gang, head of the European Research Department of the International Economic and Trade Cooperation Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said in an interview with the reporter of China Sankei Shimbun, the EU The bill is not necessarily a trade protectionist barrier against China, but Chinese timber exporters should actively respond to compliance with the standard and minimize the impact of the bill on Chinese companies.

“Most of China’s exports to Europe are wood products, such as furniture and wood packaging, where additives during processing may create environmental issues. The EU is a very regular trading group, and they have higher requirements for environmental protection and pollution-free standards, so it is not surprising that such a bill is introduced. The first thing a Chinese company wants to occupy the European market is to comply with the standards of the importing country. If you feel that this bill has caused trade barriers, you can protect your rights and interests through complaints.” Li Gang told this reporter.

According to China Customs data, China’s exports of wood products accounted for 23% of China’s total exports of wood products in 2008, and the EU has become the second largest Chinese wood product. Large export market. In five years, China’s exports of wood products to the EU surged from $1.5 billion in 2004 to $4.6 billion in 2008.

“Europe is the second largest market for Chinese wood products exports. Chinese companies should abide by their standards and follow the order requirements in order to maintain this big market. There are also a set of standards for wood products in our country, but in general the EU standards are more authoritative.” Yu Huaqiang, secretary of the China Timber Standardization Technical Committee, said in an interview with the reporter of China Sankei Shimbun.

Yu Huaqiang pointed out that China also has relevant standards for wood products, such as preservative content, anti-corrosion grade, drying treatment, flame retardancy, etc. There has been a lot of progress, and there is also a trend of convergence with the international market, but there are some differences between Chinese standards and foreign standards. China’s standards are formulated by some experts and research institutes, so the practicality is not strong. However, foreign standards are jointly formulated by enterprises and have become the norm for self-discipline between industries. These standards are mostly based on market requirements, so they are more practical.

“Every country will have some standards of its own, and China’s standards will have their own strengths. For example, China’s anti-corrosion standards are higher than the EU, because China’s southern The humidity is far greater than that of Europe. Naturally, the standard in this respect will be higher than that in Europe. However, we have to admit that our environmental standards may be lower than those in Europe.” Jiang Mingliang, Research Fellow, Institute of Forest and Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, on China Sankei Shimbun The reporter said.

“Under such circumstances, Chinese timber products exporting enterprises should continuously reform traditional crafts and use advanced technology to make exported wood products in accordance with the standards of importing countries. In terms of compliance, the company will not be affected by any change in the bills introduced by the importing country,” Li Gang told reporters.

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Australia’s third largest iron ore supplier and Hualing to carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation

Hunan Hualing Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., which has just become the second largest shareholder of Australia’s third largest iron ore supplier, Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (“FMG”), signed a contract with FMG in Changsha on the 8th. Comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out further cooperation in the fields of iron ore development and sales, non-ferrous metals, engineering construction, equipment procurement and shipping.

In February this year, Valin subscribed FMG 260 million shares to issue new shares, and after purchasing 275 million shares of FMG shares from the US Harbinger Fund, it held a total of 535 million shares of FMG. The equity, representing 17.34% of the total issued share capital, became the second largest shareholder of FMG. Li Xiaowei, chairman of Valin Group, also became a director of FMG. Subsequently, the transaction was approved by the Australian and Chinese government regulatory authorities and completed on April 29.

The Hualing Group, headquartered in Changsha, is one of the few inland steel companies in China that does not have iron ore resources. Iron ore is all dependent on outsourcing. After the equity subscription, Valin signed a business cooperation agreement with FMG. FMG will supply 10 million tons of iron ore to Valin annually at the long-term agreement price of Australia’s iron ore to China. The comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement signed on the 8th is a further expansion of the agreement.

According to Li Xiaowei, the agreement includes joint exploration of ore and non-ferrous metals in Australia, research and development of low-grade iron ore and processing of raw materials with research institutions such as Central South University, and plans to establish a joint venture shipping company to discuss shipping cooperation. Possibility, etc.

Li Xiaowei said that FMG currently has an annual production capacity of 55 million tons of iron ore, and the future plan is to expand production to 95 million tons. In the plan, Valin will coordinate with China’s construction units and financial institutions to actively support FMG to build supporting facilities such as railways and terminals, and expand FMG’s iron ore sales in China. FMG also agreed to prioritize the procurement of construction machinery, train locomotives and other related equipment in Hunan.

FMG CEO Andrew Frost said that the close cooperation between the two parties will make FMG more Chinese, and may promote FMG to list on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first foreign ore listed in China. enterprise.

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The overall profit of the propylene industry chain increased slightly

In 2019, the world’s new propylene production capacity was mainly from Northeast Asia, and the new scale reached a record high. With the lighter weight of ethylene raw materials, propylene production capacity is no longer in close proximity to ethylene, and the low-sulfur marine fuel policy will result in a reduction in refinery propylene supply. The propylene industry chain in Northeast Asia continues to expand rapidly, while the Middle East slows down, North America and Western Europe are basically stagnant, and the world propylene industry chain will build a new trade balance. Due to the differential differentiation of propylene costs and the high price of polypropylene in various regions of the world, the overall profit of the world propylene industry chain has increased slightly, and the prosperity has continued.
China has ushered in the peak of propylene production capacity expansion in recent years, and all routes have new capacity. Among them, propane dehydrogenation (PDH) and coal olefins (CTO) have increased significantly through cost advantage, and propylene production capacity is the first to exceed equivalent consumption. Volume, will soon face overcapacity. Driven by the production of PDH in the eastern part of China and the CTO in the west, the expansion rate of China’s propylene production capacity is at a high level in recent years. However, Sino-US trade friction has pushed up the cost of PDH raw materials and the project variables have increased. Due to the improvement of the refining capacity of Shandong refining, the trading volume of propylene in the region has gradually enlarged, and the discourse power of propylene prices in Shandong market is expected to further increase.

In 2019, propylene equivalent consumption increased steadily, but the growth rate continued to slow down. Polypropylene, propylene oxide and acrylonitrile were the three fastest-growing downstream products, and the proportion of structure increased slightly. The proportion of acetone and acrylic acid was the same as that of 2017; the proportion of butanol was slightly lower.

World propylene prices hit a new high last year

In terms of production capacity, the world’s propylene production capacity experienced rapid expansion in 2014~2016 and a short-term slowdown in 2017, and accelerated again in 2018. In 2018, Asia’s propylene raw materials are abundant, and almost all production routes have new capacity, mainly from China, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc., with the largest new scale in the world. The lightening process of ethylene raw materials in North America is accelerating, and the new capacity of propylene from cracking units is less. The Middle East is rich in light hydrocarbon resources, and the newly added capacity is mainly from the naphtha cracking unit, which accounts for more than 50% of the total capacity of the region. Western Europe is also dominated by cracked propylene, and catalytic cracking capacity is barely new.

In terms of consumption, the growth rate of propylene consumption in 2018 has increased compared with the previous two years, and new consumption is at a historically high level. Emerging economies are the main driver of growth in propylene consumption. Global propylene consumption is mainly used to produce polypropylene, propylene oxide, acrylonitrile, acrylic acid, butanol, isopropyl* and other products. From the perspective of the proportion of downstream product structure, polypropylene is a downstream derivative of propylene*, accounting for 65.7% of global propylene consumption in 2018, an increase of 0.7 percentage points over 2017, and the proportion of propylene oxide, acrylonitrile, acetone and acrylic acid. Both fell by 0.1%, and the proportion of butanol decreased by 0.2%.

The growth in polypropylene consumption is mainly driven by the rapid economic development of the Asia-Pacific region, which is dominated by China, and many emerging economies in Central Europe and the Middle East. Among them, the Asia-Pacific region is driven by internal demand, and the Middle East is driven by plastic exports. The consumption of polypropylene in mature economies such as North America and Western Europe has steadily increased, but the growth rate is relatively slow. From the new consumption of polypropylene in 2018, it is 2.28 million tons in Northeast Asia, 520,000 tons in India and Pakistan, 330,000 tons in Southeast Asia and less than 200,000 tons in other countries.

Affected by crude oil prices, supply and downstream consumption, propylene hit a new high in four years in 2018.

In 2018, crude oil prices rose, supply in North America and Northeast Asia was tight, and global demand for polypropylene was strong, which contributed to the rise in propylene prices. In the United States, only a 750,000 tonne/year PDH propylene plant was put into operation, and propylene consumption growth was faster than supply growth, resulting in tight supply in North America. The new capacity in Northeast Asia is mainly in China, but most of the plants are put into operation at the end of the year. The output has not been released. In addition, the equipment maintenance in China’s Zhenhai Refining and Chemical, Fujian Refining and Chemical, and the downstream demand have increased the propylene gap.

China’s propylene source is more abundant

In 2018, China’s propylene production capacity was 34.83 million tons / year, and the output reached 31.4 million tons, up 5.5% and 9.2% respectively over 2017. The equivalent consumption was 40.1 million tons, an increase of 7% over the previous year.
In the new capacity of China in the past year, the non-traditional route of propylene has increased significantly. PDH clearly ushered in the investment peak due to its cost advantage, and the device structure accounted for 18%. In recent years, China’s propylene sources are more abundant, and refinery catalytic cracking to produce propylene, naphtha cracking propylene, PDH, methanol to olefin (MTO), CTO and other routes have been put into production. In 2018, the new capacity of propylene is 1.8 million tons/year. Due to the large increase in methanol prices in the past two years, some methanol-to-propylene (MTP) devices are in long-term parking conditions, and the MTO devices in the east have to reduce the operating rate. The MTO projects such as Jilin Cornell have been delayed. There is no new MTO capacity in 2017~2018. From the proportion of device structure, the proportion of PDH and CTO increased to 18% and 14%, respectively, while the proportion of traditional refinery and naphtha routes decreased to about 57%. At the same time, although the growth rate of propylene equivalent consumption has slowed down year by year since 2015, about 7% of annual growth rate in 2018 is higher than GDP, which is in a period of rapid growth. The downstream demand for propylene is mainly polypropylene, and the demand for polypropylene for propylene is 67%, which is slightly higher than the global proportion by 1.3%. The commissioning of non-naphtha pipeline construction equipment such as coal chemical industry has greatly increased domestic polypropylene production capacity. In 2018, the net production capacity was 1.25 million tons/year to 24.73 million tons/year, and the output reached 22 million tons. Demand for prohibition of waste and catering take-out has boosted demand for polypropylene, with demand reaching 26.4 million tons in 2018, an annual increase of more than 8%. Pulled by downstream demand, propylene oxide, acrylonitrile, butanolConsumption also maintains a relatively high growth rate of more than 6%, which can be affected by environmental protection. The annual consumption of acetone and acrylic acid is slow, ranging from 2% to 5%.

It should be noted that the pricing power of propylene in Shandong is further enhanced. China’s East China propylene market refers to Sinopec’s monthly quotation, while Shandong propylene market has become the benchmark price for propylene trading in North China, Northwest China and Northeast China due to its large trading volume and frequent transactions. It is usually priced by Shandong propylene price plus freight. China’s imports of propylene are mainly from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, and the import prices are dominated by these countries and regions.

Since the release of China’s crude oil import rights and crude oil import rights in 2015, the catalytic cracking capacity of Shandong refining has increased rapidly, and the propylene capacity has increased. 70%~80% of propylene in Shandong refining is sold to the outside world. With the increase in the operating rate of refining, the amount of propylene sold abroad continues to increase, which further enhances the pricing power of the Shandong market.

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Those interesting exhibits at the Black Hat Conference

There is a pop, face gift

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The choice of children’s room windows and doors is very important

The children’s room is a space for children to rest and study. In order to allow children to play in their own rooms, it is not easy to bump and rest without interruption. The choice of children’s room windows and doors is very important. The decoration of doors and windows should consider the decoration effect of the room, and also consider the safety of the materials to prevent accidents.
Children’s bedroom door selection points

The door is an important part of the children’s room. The children in the growing stage have special physical and psychological characteristics, which requires parents to buy the bedroom door. It is necessary to take into account some special requirements of the child.

1, pay attention to environmental protection. The environmental friendliness of the bedroom door is the primary consideration in the purchase of a child’s door. Some doors are not environmentally friendly, and contain a lot of harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Experts believe that the effect of excessive formaldehyde on children’s hematopoietic organs may be more serious than that of adults. Therefore, when choosing a bedroom door for a child, you should first choose a product with low formaldehyde content and environmental health.

2, pay attention to sound insulation. A good enough sleep is very important for the healthy growth of children. Choosing a soundproofed bedroom door will not only bring a quiet dream to the child, but also bring a good learning environment to the child. The choice of bedroom door requires special attention to the sound insulation index. For example, when selecting a solid wood door, the solid wood door with a dense material should be selected. The denser the door core, the better the sound insulation effect.

3, pay attention to safety. The safety of the children’s bedroom door is the second important factor in the purchase. In order to prevent children from bumping into the door, when selecting the bedroom door, please pay attention to the facade with as few raised decorations and corners; the metal door lock should avoid sharp and sharp, and pay attention to whether the door lock is easy to lock. For families with infants and young children, you can purchase products such as child door lock covers and security door cards to improve safety.

4, pay attention to privacy. When children grow to a certain age, they need to be relatively independent and do not like to be disturbed. That is to say, children’s rooms need to be relatively private. The first thing to do is the bedroom door. When choosing a child’s bedroom door, you should choose a fully enclosed surface to avoid buying a bedroom door with transparent glass windows. Closing the door, the children’s room is a small world for children, helping children to grow independently.

5, pay attention to decorative. The choice of the bedroom door not only needs to consider the functionality of the door, but also the decorative effect of the door, the matching of the door with the overall space style, and especially the choice of the door of the children’s room. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to avoid choosing a more rigid wooden board shape, and choose a more lively and beautiful door.

Children’s room window selection points

If the quality of the window is unqualified, there will be a great safety hazard. Therefore, whether it is to buy wooden windows, aluminum alloy windows or plastic steel windows, the quality of the windows must be checked at the time of purchase.

1, wooden window quality inspection: check the position of the window frame and window sash installation meets the design requirements; secondly, check whether the window frame is firm, whether the window shoulder surface is flat, whether the cutting edge is straight, and the surface has No defect, color difference; three check whether the hardware position is correct, whether the hinge installation is double-sided slotted, the groove depth is uniform, the edge is neat; four check the cover strip, the size of the pressure strip is consistent, straight, smooth, and varnish Whether the color texture of the wooden window surface is consistent.

2, aluminum alloy window quality inspection: a look at the material, including aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, color is consistent, hardware assembly is complete; second look processing, high-quality aluminum alloy window, processing Fine, tangential, and uniform angle (the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), there should be no obvious gaps and smooth switching during the splicing process; three look at the glass, see if it is hollow glass, there is no coating, The composite film is generally corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and high-gloss; look at the size to see if the window size is correct.

3, plastic steel window quality inspection: First, we must understand the PVC profile selected for plastic steel window, good PVC profile from the appearance of the surface is smooth, the color is blue; second, we must observe the surface of the plastic steel window with or without obvious Injury, grooving, cracks at the corners, etc.; three to check the plastic steel window frame should have a steel frame, the glass is installed flat and firm and does not directly contact the profile; four depends on the glass, if it is double-glazed, there should be no dust in the interlayer And water vapor; five should pay attention to the plastic steel window joint structure and window area is proportional to the design requirements, if not proportional, consider whether the bearing capacity is reasonable.
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Regarding smart homes, which development methods are more reliable for single products and systems?

[Guide] At present, the industry with the fastest development, the most grounded products and the largest market in the Internet of Things, smart home has always been concerned. However, the degree of attention is there. The real trillion-dollar market size has not yet developed, and smart home products have not really achieved product landing. However, the real development of the smart home market is only a matter of time, and this time node has been

   currently the fastest growing Internet of things, the most grounded products, the largest market, smart home Has always been a concern. However, the degree of attention is there. The real trillion-dollar market size has not yet developed, and smart home products have not really achieved product landing. However, the real development of the smart home market is only a matter of time, and this time node is not far away. So for the enterprise, how should the smart home go this way to pave the way for the upcoming market?


Source: worm creative

   Smart homes are differentiated according to the macro quantity of products, which are roughly divided into single products and systems. The competition between single products and systems has been around for a long time. The representative companies of single products, such as Google Nest, are famous for their smart home systems, such as the domestic material association. They all have their own unique development ideas. Which development method is more reliable for single products and systems? We may wish to analyze it in detail.

  1, single product development

   from the perspective of consumer demand and acceptance, single product seems to More favored by the market. No matter the smart sockets and smart lights that are launched on the market, they are widely favored by consumers. There are two reasons. First, the smart home market has not yet been rolled out. People have not enough understanding of the concept of smart home, and there is no personal experience in smart home products. Therefore, a single-smart smart home is more likely to impress consumers, consumers to buy a home with a taste of early adopters to feel the first. Second, because of the low R&D cost of single-product smart home, the market price is lower than that of the systematic smart home, which is more affordable and easy for consumers to accept.

   From the perspective of manufacturers, many manufacturers have entered the smart home field through transformation and upgrading, or start-up companies, and there are many shortcomings in capital, technology, channel sales, market experience accumulation, etc. Therefore, starting from the single product, not only can save research and development and input costs, but also enable unprofessional consumers to easily and effectively contact and experience smart homes, and quickly understand the functions, applications, and interests of smart homes.

   However, the shortcomings of the single product are that the function is single, the scalability is poor, and other products are incompatible, which is not conducive to the user’s upgrade to the smart home. Since the current industry standards have not been unified, if users purchase different products of different brands and different technologies, different APPs and other mobile terminal control methods are required because the products are incompatible, and as the user demands increase, more and more products are in operation. It will also become more and more complicated. At the same time, the single product can achieve less functions, can not meet the needs of home security, environmental regulation, lighting management, electrical control, etc., not strictly in the sense of the smart home we want.

  Second, systematic development

   manufacturers who follow the path of systematic development, focusing on smart home systems and ecological chains The creation, according to the actual needs of users, to create a comprehensive and integrated smart home system. The systematic smart home can cover more user needs, but also brings the improvement of home quality and the fashion and fast life experience. At present, there are many electrical equipments in the home, and the requirements for improving the quality of life such as home security requirements and environmental adjustment have also increased. Smart home one-button linkage equipment and environmental adjustment, security alarms and other practical functions can bring users a system. A complete and intelligent life experience, which is unmatched by a single smart home.

   Moreover, to be a systematic manufacturer, generally have a full understanding and understanding of the industry, have their own technology, research and development, product lines and solutions, the company’s comprehensive strength and industry experience is sufficient . The systematic development of smart home is the trend of future development, including the current smart home of single product, and it is only a stage in the development of the Internet of Things. In the end, it is necessary to return to the system line and provide comprehensive solutions.

   The current systemic smart home is not popular enough, first of all, the consumer concept has not yet been reached, followed by the systematic price of smart home is not enough for the people, ordinary users are not easy to accept. In terms of technology, solutions, product lines, etc., professional companies like IoT are already mature, and how to popularize it is ultimately the market.

   In fact, smart home is a complete system. The simple smart home items can’t reach the safe, energy-saving, fashionable and fast smart home life that users pursue. In order to create a high standard, high quality, high quality home intelligence, the single product will eventually move closer to the system. Therefore, from this point of view, the single product may open the door of smart home, but systematization is already building a grand blueprint for smart home. The single product is more like an industry transition, and will eventually return to systematization.


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