The balcony partition door is installed like this, the beauty is not necessary.

The balcony partition door is so useful to look at it~Tencent Home

Generally, there is a partition between the balcony and the room to separate it, what about the partition door? Is it practical to look good?

Folding balcony door

Use the folding door to separate the balcony from the interior, and the transparency of the glass does not affect the lighting inside the house, while the noise and temperature difference can be effectively isolated at night.

Balcony sliding door

Most people will choose the push-pull door for the balcony, which not only saves space, but also adds space A touch of style, sliding doors can be matched with any home style, generous and beautiful.

Disadvantages: Space is limited, and the spacious balcony can only be opened halfway.

Single door

For groups that prefer independent spaces but don’t want to be too dark, you can use a single door at the same time Add a window so that it does not affect the light in the room, or you can have a private space on the balcony.


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Overcapacity in the door and window industry

From the development of the home furnishing industry in the past year and the development momentum of the home furnishing industry in the first half of the year, the overall market environment is relatively low, and the development momentum of the building materials and home furnishing market is not optimistic by the industry.

The door and window industry is an important part of the home products, the consumer market demand is more high-end, but the growth of market innovation products can not meet the market Demand, door and window enterprises should see the current form, this big wave of the market can not be independent. The previously released “China Building Materials Home Industry Development Report” shows that in the context of the new economic normal, the overall performance of 71 building materials and home listed companies last year showed a phenomenon of “increasing income without increasing profits” and the loss was also expanding. As one of the most market-oriented and market-competitive industries, the current building materials and home furnishing industry is the world of small and medium-sized enterprises due to low barriers to entry. Among them, the door and window industry is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, which makes the survival time of most small and medium-sized doors and windows enterprises not long. The number of enterprises and the small average size bring the development status of China’s building materials and home furnishing industry to a low industrial concentration. Leading to the disorder of industry competition. In addition, the low concentration of industry has indirectly led to the overcapacity problem in the door and window industry. The main performances are: unreasonable product structure, more low-end products, less high-end products, and a certain gap between product quality stability and developed countries. Low-energy, low-emission, high value-added products have not yet become the mainstay. The main problems in the development of doors and windows industry are: lack of scientific and technological innovation capability, the output value of strategic emerging industries accounts for only 10% of the total industry, and the development is slow; the lack of information innovation, the low level of informationization of small and micro enterprises; Large, lack of specialized industry authorities, etc.

To solve the above problems, there are several directions that the home furnishing industry can break through in the future:

First, under the promotion of the national housing industrialization policy, the overall home is a big trend. Enterprises should extend the industrial chain and occupy as much as possible the high end of the industrial chain, from a pure raw material supplier to a whole, system solution provider;

Second, with the implementation of the Green Building Action Plan, the enterprise We should seize the opportunity to increase the intensity of research and development, production and sales of green building materials, and promote the transformation of the home furnishing industry into “greening”;

Third, in the new normal, the role of the service industry is more prominent, manufacturing Miniaturization, intelligence, and specialization will become the new direction of industrial development. Therefore, intelligence, service, and personalization should become the key points for the future development of enterprises. Fourth, the entire home furnishing industry is still in a state of free competition and industrial concentration. Low, in the future, with the entry of capital, industrial integration will accelerate, and home decoration will achieve integrated development.


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Treatment method of tin infiltration under the surface of float glass

   The formation of float glass is carried out on the surface of molten tin liquid. The environment inside the tin bath is complicated, and there is a three-phase system of glass-tin liquid-tin bath shielding gas. The tin liquid has a immersion angle of 175° with the molten glass at around 1 000 ° C, and is substantially infiltrated. However, because the tin bath is poorly sealed, the purity of the shielding gas is not high, or the glass body is responsible for the contamination of the tin liquid, the tin oxide may seriously contaminate the glass. In the structure of the glass, the apex angles of the anionic polyhedrons are connected to form a three-dimensional continuous network, and the alkali metal or alkaline earth metal cations are used as network exosomes to fill the gaps in the network. These cations and the network structure exhibit strong ionicity, and the bond between the bonds is weak. When the molten glass flows into the tin bath and floats on the surface of the molten tin liquid with a higher temperature, the cation having weak binding force with the polyhedral network structure is in an activated state, and ion exchange and ion diffusion occur at this time, so that the tin ion The surface of the glass diffuses and penetrates, causing tin infiltration.

  It has been found that a small amount of tin infiltration is beneficial to improve the resistance of the glass to chemical attack and mildew. However, when the tin infiltration on the lower surface of the glass exceeds a certain amount, it will cause the glass to be tempered, which means that when the float glass is subjected to hot working, the lower surface is colored, and under the microscope, the surface of the glass is slightly wrinkled, and the wrinkles are light. Interference, color when reflected, directly affects the quality of the glass. Not only that, but also the mechanical strength, dielectric properties and optical properties of the glass. As the amount of tin infiltration increases, the flexural strength of the glass increases first and then decreases. And in the double loop experiment, when the pressure receiving surface is the tin-plated surface, the bending strength is higher than the bending strength measured when the atmospheric surface is used as the pressure receiving surface.

   reduce the amount of tin, usually take the following points: (1) a reasonable forming temperature system, under the same processing time, the amount of tin in the lower surface of the glass will vary with temperature Increase and increase. Therefore, it is necessary to set a reasonable forming temperature system according to different thickness and different specifications of glass, control the length and temperature range of the high temperature zone, and reduce the diffusion and penetration of tin ions; (2) strengthen the tin bath seal, increase the groove pressure, and maintain the tin bath. The atmosphere is clean. Maintain the purity and total amount of nitrogen and hydrogen shielding gas in the tin bath, and maintain proper micro-positive pressure (3~5 Pa, sometimes even about 10 Pa) in the tin bath; (3) iron reduction, theoretically iron The reducibility is stronger than tin, and the addition of elemental iron to the tin liquid can cause a reaction of Fe+Sn2+→Sn+Fe2+ or 4Fe+3Sn4+→3Sn+4Fe3+, thereby reducing the contamination degree of the tin liquid.

   Therefore, finding a suitable method to reduce the amount of tin infiltration is very meaningful for improving the quality of float glass products.


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Northern Xinjiang diatom mud, creating a Chinese style on the tall

There are many cultural treasures in the splendid civilization of China for five thousand years, among which the architectural design is the most magnificent and magnificent. However, Chinese decoration is very stressful, and its high space and deep depth and the shape of the carved column are difficult to achieve in modern home decoration, resulting in many Chinese elements can only be used in the home.

But this still can’t stop people from Chinese The love of decoration. In order to create a high degree of fusion of Chinese culture “God” and “Italian” in the home decoration, many people choose the new Chinese style decoration style in the decoration design, and the most important and most difficult to create the new Chinese style is the household materials and The selection of the process. How to naturally integrate Chinese classical elements into the space of modern life, so that the solemnity and elegance of Chinese traditional culture are perfectly presented? Here, the northern diatom mud gives you the answer with the wall.


Go to the simple one. No need for expensive mahogany furniture, the diatom mud’s warm texture and artistic expression can create an elegant Chinese-style living room. The reasonable use of lines and borders, combined with the dreams of diatom mud in northern Xinjiang, can create a high-class Chinese elegance, whether it is white or freehand.


Mei, bamboo, orchid, and chrysanthemum are called four gentlemen in flowers. Because of its beautiful personality symbol, it has become the most common subject in the literary poems and literati paintings of the eternal literati. The diatom mud danqing process in northern Xinjiang uses mud as a pigment, and the brush on the diatom mud wall can be used to draw out the magnificent scenery of plum, bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum and majestic mountains and rivers.


Northern diatom mud engraving process has a large number of Accurate, reproducible styling, combined with intaglio and masculine techniques, the combination of monochrome and color can easily create the perfect artistic effect. At the same time, the engraving process can also be customized according to the pictures or photos that the customer likes. The customization effect is good, the operability is strong, and the personalized decoration is more obvious!


Northern diatom mud texture process, with a variety of natural Freehand expression. For example, the Iranian white travertines that show the great desert, the wonderful interpretation of the vertical and horizontal trend of the desert and the glistening of the glistening, and the symbol of the reunion of the Toulon with the corresponding colors also have a wealth of auspicious. The combination of texture and freehand brushwork just happens to be the grace and solemnity of Chinese classical style.


Brick art as a new product of Beijiang diatom mud 2018, Contains six styles, various size categories. The design of brick art conforms to the Chinese aesthetic, and the principle of center symmetry gives people a fresh and bright feeling. At the same time, brick art can also display different effects according to different needs of the owner according to the needs of the owners, in order to present bricks. The desire to create a beautiful home.

Article reprinted from northern Xinjiang diatom mud http: //


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Candy curtains, dreamy colors

Every girl has a colorful dream in her heart. Most girls still like the sweet color design for their own home. For the girls room, a beautiful curtain is enough to offset the other flaws in the room. Today we will take a look at these sweet shades.
The effect of the shades of pink is much better than the single color. The form of the gradient also makes you understand the charm of color change. Pink has always been synonymous with sweetness, so the shades of pink curtains are ingenious. The clever design adds to the window. A bundle of bundles is the homeowner’s beautiful imagination of dreams.

The combination of pink and pink is a warm beauty. This curtain has a strong Korean flavor, and the four-color stitching makes the interior refreshing. This space does not require too many complicated decorations, and the simple placement can highlight the beautiful charm of this curtain.

The white curtains are pale, and the plaid will immediately become chic. The idyllic curtains are often sweet and sweet, and the splicing of white and plaid makes the garden not rich and pure.

Light pink is not publicized, compared with other pinks, it is more low-key but deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The design of the white hem adds a touch of beauty to this curtain.

One side is a simple floral embellishment, and the classic red and white plaid, so the combined curtains are not difficult to be fresh and cute. The idyllic elements are so rich, with a simple interior space to add flavor.
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Teach you the toilet installation process and get a skill

4 minutes to understand the toilet installation process will be a skill

you need to prepare to install the toilet, you must know the basic steps and installation of toilet installation in advance What are the precautions in the process so that avoid can cause accidental damage during the installation process. Next, slide down with Xiaobian~

Toilet installation steps

Step 1

Place the mounting template on the floor and align the drain with the outline of the foot and the position of the five holes.

Step 2

Drill a hole in the ground with a drill bit, then insert the bolt sleeve. Before drilling, make sure there is no water tube or conduit under the hole.

Step 3

Install the bracket.

Step 4

Close the sealing gasket over the elbow outlet. When installing the toilet, do not use cement or other materials to fill the gaps in the foot of the toilet. In order to prevent the cement or other materials from being crushed or damaged due to expansion, the toilet gap should be sealed with mildewproof silicone. If a wax-sealed gasket is used, the room temperature should not be lower than 21 °C. If the gasket used is attached with an interior plastic sleeve, the gasket should be placed facing outwards.

Step 5

Install the elbow on the ground and tighten with bolts. The seal must be installed in the toilet to seal the connection between the drain pipe and the drain of the mounting surface to prevent water leakage. Do not over-tighten the nuts and bolts, as this will cause damage and cracking of the glazed ceramic.

Step 6

Carefully align and place the toilet Place it down. At the same time, press the edge of the toilet down so that the drain is inserted into the elbow. In order to achieve the best results, please determine if the toilet is level during installation.

Step 7

Carefully screw the screw into the bracket Until the toilet is completely fixed. Rotate left and right alternately to prevent the toilet from being off center. Install the nut, but do not overtighten it.

Step 8

Apply silicone to the base of the toilet bowl.

Step 9

Connect the water supply pipe check valve. It is recommended to open the water stop valve for more than one minute before connecting the hose to wash away the sand, debris and rust in the pipeline.

Step 10

Inject water to stabilize the float and test the flush. Within a few days after installation, all connections should be checked for leaks.

Toilet Installation considerations

1. Before the installation begins, the master will first conduct a comprehensive inspection of the sewage pipeline to see if there are muddy debris, waste paper, etc. in the pipeline. At the same time, check whether the floor of the toilet installation position is horizontal or not. If the ground is found to be uneven, level the floor before installing the toilet. The sewer should be sawed short, and as far as conditions permit, the drain should be as high as 2mm-5mm above the ground.

2, the drain must be leveled by the installer. The position of the bottom exit of the toilet should be equipped with a special flange for the toilet seat, or a glass glue, evenly opposite the water outlet, glue the bottom of the toilet bowl and the surrounding area, and the gap between the toilet and the wall is even, ensuring that the display is positive and stable.

3, after the toilet is safe, do not leak in the water The water level is correct, the flushing is smooth, the switch is flexible, and the toilet lid is stable.

5. If you install a foot screw, you must first use a special sealant installed in the toilet. Evenly spread 2cm around the drain of the toilet base, the drain of the toilet should be facing the center of the drain. After drawing the position of the expansion bolt on the left and right sides of the toilet, remove the toilet seat, punch the hole, and bulge the bolt.

6, stir the transparent sealant, seal the outer mouth of the toilet, let It maintains integrity with the ground surface. Of course, it is also possible to block the partial toilet water from the periphery of the toilet.

7, don’t forget to install or debug the water tank accessories. First check the water pipe, drain the pipe for 3-5 minutes to ensure the clean water pipe; then install the angle valve and connecting hose, then connect the hose to the installed water tank fitting inlet valve and press the water source to check the water inlet. Whether the valve inlet water and sealing are normal, whether the installation position of the drain valve is flexible, whether there is any jam or leakage, and whether there is any leaking inlet valve filter device.


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Stone presents a watermark to make a “pathological analysis”

The alkali and salt in the water at the crack of the stone react with the metal ions in the stone, and the color changes.

   1. When the stone is paved, it is not waterproofed according to the standard paving process, and the stone crack is the ditch of water transportation.

   From the perspective of stone formation, it belongs to sedimentary rock (simply said that the earth movement is formed by multiple layers), and the texture of the stone (dark crack) is inevitable. Because the stone texture (dark crack) is actually the invisible fault of the sheet, this requires the use of scientific and standardized techniques for the paving and curing of the stone. National standard: For the deposition of sedimentary rocks, it is necessary to first shovel the back net, and then apply the stone back protective agent or stone backing as a whole to prevent the disease from appearing in the stone. The removal of the back net not only increases the workload but also breaks the installation master. The stone of the project does not have a shovel net at the time of paving, nor does it do any back protection or stone backing. For this reason, the roots are buried: the stone is dark. The crack provides a loose passage for the alkali salt on the back of the stone. The alkali salt on the back side of the stone is transported to the surface of the stone by a dark crack under the medium of water, and then reacted with the metal component in the stone to cause color change.

   2. When the stone was first leveled and ground, it was not dry-grinded according to the standard process. The stone cracked place became the water storage device during the cleaning operation.

   National standard: When the sedimentary rock is ground for the first time, it must be dry-grinded to reduce the water absorption of the stone, dry grinding and leveling, brushing the stone waterproofing agent, and improving the stone 憎Water effect, and then scrape the water-based strong permeability repair glue to completely repair the stone crack, crack, and hole. The rough grinding uses a water-grinding process, and there is no stone waterproofing agent applied, and there is no scraping stone repairing glue. Excessive water storage in the stone cracks, so that the stone is oxidized and lesions.
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A new round of promotion in the furniture and home appliance industry

In the end, is the consumer demand in the first-line terminal market being over-extended, or is the transformation and upgrading result of many home appliance manufacturers failing to meet the current market upgrade and changing consumer demand? The home appliance circle believes that the reason is very complicated, but the way out is very clear, it depends on the manufacturers dare not move the real thing. The new round of double 11 big promotion has already detonated and started in the home appliance industry in advance. A few days ago, with more and more home appliance companies, they began to cooperate with Jingdong, Tmall, Suning Tesco and other platforms, and through the “product customization”, “service customization” and even “customer customization” methods and means, preheat this year The double 11 big fight for the battle. As a result, the old problems that have plagued home appliance manufacturers for many years have once again been pushed to the cusp of public opinion.
One round after another promotion, one after another factory tour, franchise store festival, and super brand day, driven by various home appliance manufacturers, have started. In addition to the good sales performance on the day of the event, at other times, this week, or even this month, it is basically difficult to sell goods. Whether it is the e-commerce platform that is popular among manufacturers, or the chain store channel under the line, they are faced with “more and more products, better and better service, but consumers do not know where to go.” Especially in recent years, in the process of transformation and transformation of home appliance manufacturers, the consumer demand in the terminal market “does not rise and fall”, which is the demand for home appliances as household durable consumer goods, which has been repeatedly followed by home appliance manufacturers. The promotion of the round “advanced overdraft” brought the dilemma of “eat the food” in the terminal market; or the increasingly changing and continuously upgrading consumer demand in China, which was not activated by the products and services of current home appliance manufacturers, thus showing a global Sexual consumption stagflation? For this problem, the view of the home appliance circle is: For the home appliance market in recent years, there are situations in which a large amount of consumer demand is overdrawn, and there are also many situations in which high-end consumer demand cannot be satisfied. In recent years, a large number of low-end consumer demand, because of round and round low price wars, has been heavily overdrawn, and even more serious squatting food situation; but many manufacturers did not pay attention to this situation, but fell into In the round and round of “vicious circle”, we should also see that in recent years, with the continuous upgrading of economic income and consumer demand, a large number of individualized and differentiated demands have not been met. Happening. That is, many home appliance manufacturers are paying attention to the consumption upgrade, bringing high-end appliances, high-quality appliances, and high profits. However, in this process, although many home appliance manufacturers have seen the trend and saw the opportunity, they can not really achieve, achieve goals and paths. Therefore, the key to solving the current dilemma of the home appliance terminal market is not simply to “go to low prices”, or “continue to fight price wars” or “promotional promotion activities”; nor to launch a series of high prices that are “satisfied”. Products, or simply adjust the structure, expand channels, change marketing methods, can solve a series of market demand problems. A key breakthrough in the current demand for home appliances, the home appliance circle believes that it is also to rebuild the runway and start again. First of all, we must break the stereotypes of the past, and do not take the lessons of the traditional era to solve a series of problems and challenges faced by enterprises in the Internet era, from brand positioning, product development, marketing methods, market channels and other links. Re-combine and position;

Secondly, don’t engage in simple one-size-fits-all thinking, price competition means are always two-sided, don’t negate price competition, and can’t rely solely on price competition. It is still necessary to integrate the price with the product selling point and promotion means, and to form a game of chess, and no more individual attacks.

Furthermore, we must abandon speculation and return to the right track of industrial competition as much as possible. We must dare to invest resources, including human, material and financial resources, in key capabilities and systems such as products, marketing and services. Carry out capacity improvement and system construction. It is necessary to correctly realize that a time when the giants of the home appliance industry have arrived, many times have to bow to big companies, big channels, and big capital.
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Integrated ceiling removal tips

Judging from the appearance of the bedroom in recent years, most of the owners pay more and more attention to the overall aesthetics, so the decoration of the ceiling is also very important, so that the emergence of the ceiling, especially the integrated ceiling is popular, its function Powerful, simple to install, easy to maintain, and gradually entered thousands of households, but sometimes need to clean or the lights are broken, need to be replaced, then how to disassemble? The following small series will introduce you how to split the integrated ceiling .

How to integrate the ceiling /strong>

1. Disposal method of waterproof gypsum board

For many users, waterproof gypsum is often used as a decorative material in the cooking area, but you know, this When the product is used for a long time, the surface is prone to fall off, and the smell of soot will cause stains on the surface and it is difficult to clean. At this time, it is necessary to remove it. Be careful not to touch the light steel keel during operation to avoid problems during the next renovation.

2, aluminum gusset removal method

This material is also a very common material, usually presented in a square, in operation, you need to prepare a suction cup, then Firmly stick a corner of the square, and then pull it with force, then the corner of the aluminum gusset will be tilted up, and the other three corners can be removed in the same way. Effectively removes labor costs for disassembly.

Integrated ceiling removal tips

1, for these products Disassembly and cleaning are not difficult. You only need to master three small steps, namely suction and pull. Demolition, in general, the manufacturer will be equipped with a small tool, as long as it is gently collected on the board, the air is sucked away, one corner is sucked tightly, and then the force is pulled out, the four corners are pulled out, and the whole block can be taken. The board was removed and the interior was cleaned.

2. After the outer panel is removed, the internal structure can be clearly seen. In the operation, the equipment and safety in the original ceiling must be taken into consideration. Many old houses in the last century have ceilings. There are heating pipes, and some houses are air-conditioning systems, to avoid damage to the pipelines and equipment due to dismantling.

How to install the integrated ceiling after disassembly

1, because it is not the first time to install Therefore, the tools to be prepared are relatively simple. If the keel is removed, the first thing to do is to install it, then install the boom in place, and remember to tighten the keel when fixing the metal plate.

2. If the disassembly is just to replace the lamp, then in the installation, first connect the wire and the ceiling, and at the same time, be careful not to tie the wire, then install the integrated ceiling lamp cover, preferably It is also convenient to use a lampshade made of acrylic material.

Summary: Ok, the above is about the how to split the integrated ceiling, I hope that You can provide some help. I believe that in the process of how to integrate the integrated ceilings in the future, friends will be more comfortable and create satisfactory results.


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The charm of custom cabinets

Since the cabinet is composed of cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen functional appliances, people have little selectivity in each combination. Therefore, in order to have the ideal perfect cabinet, more and more people will choose to customize. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of custom cabinets, you know?

Advantages of selecting materials:

We all know that the traditional base materials used for hand-made furniture are mostly wood core panels, veneers, wood core panels on the market, Many products such as veneers are inferior in level, and it is difficult to meet the standards in environmental protection and deformation resistance. If it is tailor-made, it will be much better. After all, it is all for home use, and it will not choose inferior materials.

Advantages of the production process:

The homemade whole cabinets are generally carried out on site when the house is being renovated. The construction personnel generally do not know much about the various requirements for making the whole cabinet. Rough, large error, little knowledge of the ergonomics and engineering materials involved in the whole kitchen, often there is no space reserved at the bottom of the console to accommodate the toe, and the height of the console is not adjusted according to the height of the operator. Reasonable phenomenon. The whole cabinets produced by professional cabinet brand manufacturers are all industrialized. From the cutting, polishing to installation, there are strict specifications. The high-temperature and high-pressure edge sealing is adopted. After sealing, the appearance is neat and firm, and the product process is of course far superior to the self-made products.

The advantage of price:

In fact, as far as the market of the cabinet market is concerned, the price of furniture made by itself is higher than that of the whole cabinet manufacturer. Some people may ask, why is it cheaper to order than to ask woodworkers? Because large brands use group procurement in procurement, coupled with factory-based batch production, the cost is greatly reduced, rather than a single high profit. The top ten manufacturers of cabinets, Dasen as a whole cabinet manufacturer, also have an advantage in price.

The advantage of the service life:

In fact, many people think that the cabinets they use are long-lived. In fact, the life of custom cabinets is also very long. Better than the finished product, many of the finished materials or designs are not in place, and the appearance is beautiful. Like some finished bookcases and shoe cabinets, the door will fall off or the plate will be deformed after being used for a long time. If it is an experienced designer, it will be in the human body. Engineering and mechanics have carefully selected the matching hardware, and the cabinets made are relatively strong.

The quality of life of a family is not only reflected in the living room, bedroom ring, the quality of the kitchen environment is also an important indicator of the quality of the home, and the cabinet as the finishing touch of the kitchen decoration, A beautiful and practical cabinet has become the focus of most people’s kitchen decoration.
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