Picking organic vegetables at a dollar. Experience the pastoral life at the Roman Lake Farm.

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to body maintenance, healthy eating habits, and in daily life, they also hope to be able to eat natural green and pollution-free vegetables and fruits. The ecological planting and picking of ecological farms has become a current trend in ecology. Farm picking, people can embrace nature more intimately and enjoy the country leisure time with their families.

Beijing Roman Lake Ecological Farm launches a one-time picking of organic vegetables, inviting you to experience the pastoral life, to encourage everyone to stay away from the city, into the countryside, and to lead the family to watch the fields and enjoy the farm food and experience on weekends. Rural farming fun in rural farming. I hope everyone can have a healthy and happy lifestyle, one dollar, pay for your health!

Rome Lake Ecological Farm is a production-oriented farm that focuses on the safe production of foodstuffs. It has no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, no veterinary drugs, no hormones, no genetically modified and other original ecologically grown vegetables and farmed animals. More than 50 kinds of original vegetables have been planted on the farm, as well as chickens, ducks, geese, green goats, Bama pigs, pet rabbits, dogs, cats and other animals for tourists. The park also has a dedicated children’s interactive area, and a variety of children’s programs for children. play.

The Roman Lake Eco Farm rents land for users free of charge, bringing your family and children to experience farming and eating. The vegetables grown on your own, harvest the fruits of labor and the joy of harvest. The Roman Lake Ecological Farm also handles membership cards for users who are concerned about the safety of ingredients. Every week, ecological vegetables, fruits, and original ecological free-range chickens, geese, eggs, miscellaneous grains and other ecological products are delivered to your home to meet your needs from farm to table. No security at all.

The Roman Lake Ecological Farm can accommodate more than a thousand people at the same time. It is a unit building, salon gathering, group activities, Farming experience, field picking, school education, parent-child interaction, shooting pastoral scenery, eating farmhouses and living in farmhouses.

The Roman Lake Ecological Farm is located on the shore of the Roman lake in Housha, Shunyi, Beijing. It is close to the scenic spot of the Roman Lake. It has beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. It is next to the beautiful Wenyu River in the northeast of the capital, with the ecological belt along the Wenyu Lake and natural Wetland, 167 square kilometers “Wenyu River green ecological corridor ecological zone, the natural environment formed by the four seasons of rivers and dense forests, is the weekend of ecological holiday in Beijing.

The Roman Lake Eco Farm welcomes you and your family to the farm to experience a 1 dollar picking event and enjoy a sun bath with your family. Happy time in the country fields.

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