Preview 2020: with a robot dream, different developments!

There is also a week or so, are the days of 2019 will be completely in the past, your 2019 How was it?
for the robotics industry is CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 2019 is clearly a less optimistic figures. Since the second half of 2018 the industry “cold” since 2019 almost all shrouded in the “doldrums” atmosphere. Once the dancing flames slowly fade once the surging tide began to recede, industries and enterprises belonging to the “optimistic” it is also lopsided. However, when companies have experienced a new round of harsh “shuffle”, when the development of the industry gradually return from the emotional to the rational, the new “highlight moment” Robots are re-bred. Since the second half of 2019, whether or robot Kechuang board new jobs and new professional , gave the industry has injected a lot of vitality Control Engineering Copyright , so more people look to the future. So, for 2020’s robot development, the existence of many uncertainties. Industry is a continuation of the downturn has been, or meet with new opportunities to re-warm spring? we do not know! But as a major subject and one of the players, no doubt prefer the latter. So in 2020, they show how the specific development? Enterprise: the development of the upgrade, transform itself for the industry in which the companies are concerned, whether it is body parts or systems integrator, in 2020 they have to do is undoubtedly accelerate its transformation and upgrading, promote the industry to a higher quality of stage . 2019, experienced industry continues to reshuffle, I believe more and more companies have been found. In the scenario continues to deepen, the value of continuous release, industry rising dividends case, a simple robot R & D, design or manufacturing has been unable to meet the development needs of the industry, with integrated, comprehensive solutions businesses tend to be more competitive, more survive, but also more popular. In this context, in 2020 the field of robotics enterprises should be more optimized and richer in terms of cost control, application design scene, itself from a single material, equipment providers transition to all-round supplier. This is also an important step towards industrial development to promote high-quality competition. According to “China Robot Industry Development Report 2019” revealed the emergence of the industry downturn of recent years,Reduced sales of domestic brands, enterprises disorderly price competition in the past and not without relevant. Price competition has been hurt since become the lifeblood of the industry and profit point “culprit”, the future of the industry much-needed transition from price competition to quality competition upgrade. Therefore, the enterprise’s own transformation is also an important step to promote the industry towards high-quality development. Ebb Tide experienced in 2019 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright in 2020, surviving companies will be more aware of the importance of enterprise transformation, will also noted the inevitable trend of industry transformation. Accelerate their own development, to promote the restructuring of the industry, it would be a dream 2020 robotics companies. Industry: Acceleration enabling perfect formats and for various sub-sectors in the field of robotics, the year 2020 should they focus on accelerating intelligent energized, and create a more complete industrial chain service format, in order to promote development of the industry more mature. Currently, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, robotics industry has become more diverse energized, no longer limited to the traditional areas of industry. For the robot’s major industry segments, enabling artificial intelligence robot development has gradually become the consensus, which allows us to see the robot’s intelligence and class personified. Therefore, the overall industry trends in 2020 will be on the way towards intelligent energized accelerating. In the field of industrial components such as push its robot intelligence level and modularity; 5G network is more concerned about the impact on their own decisions in the field of autopilot; in the medical field, key consideration of new materials for medical robots energized and so on. Meanwhile, on the industrial chain, the industry also needs to shift from the existing emphasis on research and development to focus on services that are shaping a more comprehensive format. Because of the surge in intelligence enabling make product demand, and the resulting business service levels and capabilities will also face enormous challenges. Only starting from the industry, the establishment of similar Ali, Jingdong robot maintenance, services platform to promote their businesses to better respond. Based on this, in 2020 the industry will accelerate at the same time enabling the intelligent application, the development focus shifted to the service format, through faster development, better formats and push the industry itself better and more mature. Government: macro-control policy guidance addition, for the government, in its 2019 industry downturn has been revealing a preliminary macro-control and policy guidance role inBy 2020, they have to do is to continue to strengthen the functions of these two areas, as soon as possible so that the industry back on track. From 2019 the development of the robotics industry downturn, we can find: a robot needs already show differentiation trend of the past era of explosion of incremental market gone; investment and financing industry at the same time to return to reason, and to transfer the soft goods; In addition, collaboration robot, AGV, logistics and robotics competition, concentration of market segments to further enhance; and more and more impact Branch board of robot-related businesses. In such a case, in 2020 the government on the one hand the need to give more dividend policy to deal with “money shortage” corporate investment and financing befell the great changes and when cool, and encourage and support more excellent enterprises and leading enterprises to drive other companies tide over the crisis; on the other hand control Engineering Copyright , the government also needs to introduce relevant policies to promote the development of robotics segments, while strengthening the standard-setting and supervision to ensure the healthy and orderly development. All in all, in 2020 the government role in the field of robotics is still very important. Industry weather the storm and subsequent rebound, are inseparable from the government macro-control policies and support, only the government at any time to adjust their policy priorities and direction, guidance and supervision can guarantee the times, in order to promote the development of robots to achieve their goals, to mature. Universities: tackling talent, led the market last For colleges and universities, due to the identification of new professional set up in recent years related to robotics and new jobs in 2020, universities will play a key role in the development of the robotics industry. Tackling talent, drive the market, will be its important mission of the new year. As we all know, talent has been the development of robot limit a major problem. According to the “Manufacturing Talent Development Planning Guide,” predicts that by 2020 China’s industrial robot market demand will reach 7.5 million people, the talent gap will reach 3 million, that is to say the problem of talent is still very grim. To solve the problem of talent, the government has had to build university personnel system as a “bridgehead” and “base camp”, there are more than 90 colleges and universities nationwide offer professional and college robotics. Although the robotics industry can not meet the development needs in the short term, but long-term will alleviate some personnel issues and solutions. Based on this, in 2020 colleges and universities will continue to play its personnel transport value for the industry to develop and supply more suitable and useful talents. But before this, also need to exploreConduct personnel training and enterprise cooperation mechanism, so that people are able to output truly meet market demand.

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