Rapid industrial automation layout + AI, the working class will disappear?

Verdi Opera House in the city of Pisa, Italy, the world famous tenor Andrea Bocelli was robbed of the limelight. After he finished singing “fickle woman”, who was not sure classic excerpts Nagqu “Rigoletto” in how much applause is dedicated to Andrea Bocelli and how much is dedicated to his orchestra’s conductor YuMi. But this is not important. It is important to baton handed a full robot hands, it is the first time in Bocelli’s acting career – his partner who learned how to accurately give orders to a symphony orchestra within 17 hours (including how humanoid subtle differences distinguish between strong and weak gesture shot), and the orchestra played alone consecutive 18 tracks on stage. After that night, the world’s one less human once thought of robot “immunity” of the industry. YuMi robot is the “man-machine cooperation” in the true sense of the human product.
01, fast automatic layout in the past, four families monopolize the industrial robot market, occupying first-mover advantage in the field of robotics, other countries can not have a chance to compete. With increasing requirements of countries to improve manufacturing and labor costs in recent years, the importance of automated self-evident that countries have significantly accelerated the layout for the robot industry. China, for example, the US group after the acquisition of the German KUKA robots, and giant Yaskawa Electric formed a joint venture with the Japanese industrial robots, the two sides are working robot in volume production. Large-scale use of robots , for enhancing productivity played an invaluable role in quantitative productivity will lead to a qualitative change in the form of a national economic and social development, and automation utility for enhancing productivity in Some are still in a simple repetitive labor and low value-added labor-intensive areas is particularly evident. But, now automation drawbacks is that most of the automation is only run automatically, no learning or the learning function is not strong, the system does not appear independently solve the fault, there is no ability to handle emergencies, and these are just the next necessary of. This requires artificial intelligence technology into automation or engineering controls go, the human experience and technology to achieve through automation, which is the future direction of automation to break.
02, automation + AI 2018 years, the concept of industrial Internet Huobian streets, business owners are far behind even more fully into the Internet industry. Internet industry trendThis road network in the process, the extent of human intelligence industrial manufacturing further demands. Under the concept of the Internet industry, the robot should not look clumsy monster, but people should have more flexibility. Provide comprehensive digital solutions for value-added benefits through another dimension weight capacity of border integration of AI technology extension robots, or through. Automation technology continues to leap in the ability of the robot has been able to handle more and more difficult task, even into some of the industry has its seemingly immune to more in-depth and humans employment competition. Automation by the enormous popularity of good government, businesses and organizations around the world into collective excitement , but at the same time, belong to an era of anxiety also will emerge: the human and once faced with massive been replaced. McKinsey recently published in a report, it said the size of the labor force automation on the transfer of the year is about to exceed the size of the transfer from an agricultural society to an industrial society.
03, AI + block chain, people will not easily be replaced by mankind once again into a huge panic. But we should realize that CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , this time with no slow down the pace, even if a high degree of automation, as long as humans have wisdom beyond the machine, will still be the leader of this society and domination By. The wisdom we need to achieve with the above characteristics robot methodology –AI block chain.
mankind by AI should work as an assistant, life, work collaboratively with AI, and thus have more time and experience, to focus on creative work, or to create more demand for innovation have more fun challenges emerging jobs. In this process, through human intelligence and depth of learning CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and accumulated a lot of wisdom, for their leaving more room for growth and irreplaceable. In addition, the block chain can not only help us reduce the risk of data Control Engineering Copyright , but also through the application scenarios, allowing us to better understand the nature of the business, the world’s rapidly drive forward.

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