Renishaw launched QUANTiC ™ circular grating system

The world’s leading manufacturer of measurement products following the launch of QUANTiC after Renishaw incremental linear encoders, recently launched its circular grating model – QUANTiC round grating only has better diagnostic function compatibility, and the installation and operation of tolerance is also very relaxed.
system uses Quantic circular grating pitch is 40 μ m is RESM40 circular grating CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and provide a variety of different standard size ( Ø [ 123] 52 mm to Ø 550 mm). Taper mount formula (cross section A) angle encoder for high-precision applications, thin section (cross section B) circular grating suitable for applications requiring low moment of inertia of the application, the customer can choose according to the requirements. QUANTiC circular grating maximum operating speed (rotating shaft rotational speed) of up to 8,800 rpm Copyright Control Engineering , the angular resolution of up to 0.04 arc seconds. The new grating system is ideally suited for applications with large diameter vias. It not only has a very loose mounting tolerances, and can be equipped with ADT – remote calibration and in-depth diagnostics (Advanced Diagnostic Tool advanced diagnostic tools), so the installation is very simple. QUANTiC Renishaw mature integrated readhead optical filter system, a plurality of readings may be averaged grid scale cycles , due to the aperiodic nature of the active filter out dirt and the like. By means of a series of electronic signal processing algorithms, such as AGC (Auto Gain Control – Automatic Gain Control), AOC (Auto Offset Control – automatic bias control) and ABC (Auto Balance Control – automatic balance control) and the like can be further enhanced measurement signal accuracy. QUANTiC grating further comprises a third signal filtering layer by detecting a new design, which helps to better eliminate non-harmonic frequency of the signal generated by the gate scale contamination. All of these signal conditioning functions in combination CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to ensure that the QUANTiC can achieve very low SDE (Sub-Divisional Error – sub-divisional error), and minimize the signal fluctuations caused by contamination. QUANTiC grating help to improve the production efficiency of large-scale production lines, capable of substantial time and cost savings for OEM customers. QUANTiC grating series has received CE certification, in strict accordance with Renishaw made by the ISO 9001: 2008 certified manufacturing quality control system. As with all Renishaw grating products, QUANTiC also supported by a global team of professionals
, can provide real fast global service.

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