Robot hacking happen?

Has been in the headlines, the Security vulnerabilities have been happening, network security is a problem for most business concern. If the robot can not address vulnerabilities, hackers result can be devastating …… even fatal. From barista to cook pizza, automation is rapidly occupied the economy, it will be possible to take away 6% of jobs from the hands of the Americans in 2021. Manufacture of mobile phones, cars, aircraft factories now have been highly dependent on automated assembly equipment. All security breaches are likely to damage the company’s reputation and profits. Collection # 1 Data leak took place earlier this year, is known as the world’s largest hacker password data dump, about 65 million users account under attack on 340 sites. However, this is just a never-ending large-scale attack in the latest in a cyber attack. In addition to the parking ticket, political and public transport , hacking has become another common annoyance of modern life. Although hacking is common , but security vulnerabilities will still have a huge impact. We are familiar with many of these issues …… However, if someone attacks a robot do? Internet security firm Trend Micro has found that some well-known network security robot factory is also very weak, with some of it is very simple user name and password and can not be changed, even our passwords at all. A few years ago, a company called IOActive security company also highlighted how hackers can use some collaboration software robot to do something, and the IP address used by tens of thousands of robots are public, which obviously increased the compromised by hackers risks of.
plant operators and programmers through a remote connection management robot technology, to send commands to the robot via computer or mobile phone, and then if the connection can not guarantee security, then the hacker will be able to hijack a robot, so they can freely change operation and then cause product failures case of defective or damaged. Why do hackers want to crack the robot? We often regarded as network data theft attacks – hackers obtain passwords and personal data in order to steal money from people or sold on the black market. However, the reason for hacking computer systems as well. Some hackers This is done to disrupt service, some for the development of political views, some for leaking privateInformation, some simply because attempts. The following are five reasons why hackers might want to visit the robot: 1, currently in the emerging field of robotics, hackers can easily alter or destroy production results. Hackers can make some modifications to program the robot, which could damage the integrity of the product, it is almost impossible to track. 2, using blackmail software programs – like many computer attacks, hackers may be responsible for the robot and prevent access to it, to release it for payment and prevent them from causing further damage. 3, physical damage – damage to the robot might be personnel and / or equipment damage, which may give the company and its reputation has brought huge losses. 4, the production line interference – Hackers may change the productivity of the robot, resulting in the entire production line bottlenecks and / or damage to the product. 5, sensitive data leaks – can extract any stored data relating to trade secrets from the robot controller. What are the risks? All security breaches are likely to damage the company’s reputation and profits. However, the fact that the robot is a physical machine adds an additional cause for concern. They may cause real physical harm and injury. Since the robot is designed to solve human problems, so the consequences of cyber attacks could endanger people’s lives, not just endanger the future of the company. Attacks on industrial robots – whether robots or other collaborative robots, may affect the three key factors: 1, the safety -Cobots designed to safely around the human operator. Any malicious changes to its security features are likely to jeopardize this core functionality. 2, Integrity – integrity compromised because the robot is no longer fit for purpose. 3. Accuracy – Accuracy of small robots malicious changes may compromise the integrity of the product, and major changes may damage the robot itself. One of the most worrisome risk is security robot, completeness and accuracy of the change to almost imperceptible way. Before anyone note that the robot can run for a long time in a damaged state. 5 Ways years before robot hacking, network security firm Trend Micro found five network hackers can use on industrial robots. They also identified the specific impact of these hackers might be a robot, the operator and / or product produced. It is worth noting that all these attacks require the hacker to access the robot controller, protection controller is one of the main key to maintaining a safe robot.The following five types of attacks and the impact they found: 1, changing the controller parameters hacker can make minor changes to the control parameters of the robot. This can be cleverly almost undetectable but change the way product integrity change the path of the robot. Effect: 2 the product is defective or improved, tamper calibration parameters hacker may change the calibration parameters of the robot, which results in an unexpected move or deviate from its predetermined path. Impact: robot damage and / or bodily injury. 3, the logic of production hackers might tamper with a small and almost imperceptible change the way the robot program, and thereby interfere with production defects into the product line. Impact: the product is defective or modified. 4, changing the state of the robot hacker can change the state of the robot is unsafe state. As shown in IOActive year of 2017 as a hacker possible for a user in a virtually undetectable way to cover security restrictions collaborative robot. Impact: harm to humans. 5, the user changes the state of the robot can be perceived by a hacker robot appears to be in a state of CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but actually it is in another state, so that people around it does not know it actually in what state. For example, the robot controller can display is turned off, but it really is running without affecting the safety limit set: the harm to humans. How to keep safe? Hackers can present a lot of information about network security threats in a very spectacular way, it’s almost like the writers trying to “scare your actions” the same. However, the purpose of this article is not to make you panic. Instead, it is designed to allow you to open your eyes to see something that you may not have had previous problems with this information, you can better understand how to protect the robot from cyber attacks. One of the best ways to maintain and secure from hackers is to let themselves understand hacker attacks may occur, there is no risk of equipment! While on the one hand, the degree of industrial robots are getting smarter , also requires the relevant manufacturers should do the synchronization information security protection to prevent hacking controlling risks from the source; the other hand, industrial robots are used, manufacturers should regularly check whether there is a failure, and mass-produced products more to do quality work. Another point of view , after all, the robot is a machine, the machine long-term use will always fail, so to industrial robots “regular physical examination” is manufacturing firms can not ignore the work.

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