Robot industry authoritative journals latest annual forecast released: emphasize the linkage of global cooperation, China is still a big demand for country

The most authoritative journal in the field of robotics worldwide, Science sub-published “Science Robotics” (Science Robot) annual forecast released focus report, which was first proposed a new point of view: the robotics industry needs to build global cooperation and collaboration. The first author of the report, Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, IEEE Fellow, founding editor of Science Robotics Yang Guang in the report, said, “Only through such cooperation and collaboration, we can truly change the social values ​​of the robot.” This reports of unusual significance. Currently CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the robotics industry at a crossroads this critical period, as the focal point forecast “scientific robot” once a year (paper), new viewpoints bright spots, let the robot contradictions and problems the industry has been resolved scheme.
fall on the Chinese robot industry, we should not “behind closed doors”, but rather “to open the door to” take advantage of the global industrial chain linkage effects robot, the robot technology design and manufacturing costs down, implementation techniques and products win-win. The main factor in national preparations for the budget plan, but the capital, and political development of the robot is restricted with the outbreak of new technologies 5G, AI, edge computing, it is expected this year Control Engineering Copyright , the global installed capacity robot We will continue to grow. China, no doubt still needs power. According to data from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) show that the United States, China, Japan, South Korea and Germany are five major market for industrial robots, the total installed capacity of 75%, and is expected to 2022 control Engineering Copyright , the average annual growth rate may reach 12%.
and national R & D investment in robotics, robot installations and other indicators (Source: Science Robot papers report)
“scientific robot” report that the international robotics market are aging with the locals, closely related to the relevant local government policies and other factors continue to improve. Elements I: Aging World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2050, Control Engineering Copyright , the proportion of the global population aged over 60 will reach 22%, the absolute number will reach 20 billion. Aging direct impact on the Fourier similar rehabilitation robot intelligent enterprise development. Fourier intelligent Gu Jie, founder and CEO of titanium media said that the future of robots is likely to have a scene in which the family company, with accelerated aging, the body gradually decline, the crowd dysfunction will be more and more, these most people need to do at home rehabilitation training, the other will need to be a robot as an assistive device to improve the quality of life, which makes rehabilitation robots become a necessity. Elements II: national policy as well as local government policies relating to international robot development. 2011 Control Engineering Copyright , the US government announced a new initiative called “National Robotics Program” (National Robotics Initiative), which plans to invest huge amounts for the next generation of robot technology research and development, and is expected to increase in fiscal year 2020 this investment, the formation of version 2.0, and further updates the investment scope. Although the United States continue to overweight in research and development of new technologies, but the brain drain, capital and other factors involved in the conflict, or restricting its development. In the military field, supported by the US government military robot developers accounted for 85% of the global market for military robots, Europe accounted for 15%, while China is only 0.1%. At the same time, IFR Korea will also be listed as one of the highest robot density, sales of no less than Japan. The South Korean government also decided that the annual budget of the country will also be put into large-scale to which the robot research and development (R & D), is expected to have $ 150 million to $ 200 million amount will be put to the capital and new technology research and development, and plans 2023 control Engineering Copyright , will expand the Korean robot market size to $ 15 billion. In fact, these are the technology-dominated government investment, but in the back, more is the game between the major powers in the political, so a lot of art does not disclose, many products only “behind closed doors.” This robot industry is concerned, a hundred more harm than good. On the Chinese market, by the national science and technology, patents and other policies greater impact. Due to patent the entire robot is still held in Japan and South Korea, Canada, among other countries, China’s machineProduct is people are “strangle hold”, so the cost of the robot remains high, so that the domestic brands cost compared to foreign brands robot robot is not much advantage. Three elements: the Internet business when Internet companies to join the wave of the robotics industry, the competition becomes more intense. Gu Jie believes in the future of intelligent robots track in this area, a lot of companies will be eliminated, gathered in the end, are some of the head company, capital will be injected into it, globalization is an important method of survival of the fittest. In fact, compared to a foreign subject to environmental and demographic differences, Chinese robot market is very broad. According to the National Bureau of Statistics show that China has 1.4 billion people. With the population aging trend to accelerate, as well as health care, education continued strong demand, there is a huge market potential and development space of China’s service robots. 2017 Control Engineering Copyright , the industrial robot sales in China last year reached 141,000 units. The following year Control Engineering Copyright , the expansion of the domestic robot market size to $ 8.74 billion. Market research firm IDC predicts that by 2022 Control Engineering Copyright , China robot market will reach $ 80.52 billion, accounting for up to 38.3% worldwide. 2018-2022 China’s robot market forecast data
IDC released
Gu Jie said that the current CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , China through a joint laboratory of the way, “Let the ETH Zurich Imperial College London and other laboratory technical cooperation with Chinese enterprises, and develop some doctors, let technology and products from the laboratory to the ground China , into real goods, rather than technology has been sleeping in a foreign laboratory. “this unique position will allow the robot industry or global linkage more smoothly. China robotics industry at a critical moment, globalization is the trend, “the scientists is to bring the dream into reality, after ten years of effort, we finally (robot) dream become a reality.” Chinese scientists, “the father of Chinese robot “Jiang Xinsong has said so. 1982In April, with the support of National 863 Program, China’s first industrial robot prototype successfully developed in Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Compared robot developed regions such as Japan, nearly a full 10 years later. With the Internet and the development of AI technology, and we are part of the developed countries in the field gap getting smaller and smaller. From deep sea to space exploration, from micro-robots to large-scale infrastructure robot, robot development in China is accelerating. On the one hand, the market demand by leaps and bounds. A set of data provided by Xinhua, expected in 2020 Control Engineering Copyright , (mainland) China robot technology spending will reach $ 59.4 billion, accounting for more than 30% of global spending. However, manufacturing robots, especially in terms of the core components of its own brand of robot, has been monopolized by Japan and the US and other countries brands, resulting in the price of industrial robots stubbornly high. The founder of a company engaged in the field of robotics has told the media that in August last year, although the sensors and hardware prices continue to decline, but the price of China’s own brand of robot is still high, there is no market size. However, the risks from private equity funds to entrepreneurs, are encouraging the future development of the robotics industry, a large-scale financial support, including a new song, a large number of state-owned enterprises emerged as a listed company. So far, many Chinese own brand of industrial robots and service robots for basic products have been landed. To rehabilitation robot, for example, Gu Jie said, except for some chips also need to import the United States, China rehabilitation robot can achieve localization.
Caption: Fourier smart recovery in Hong Kong
and the huge demand of the Chinese market, but also to the domestic robot manufacturers see hope. Gu Jie believes that the robotics industry is the future trend of globalization, China is the center of the floor rehabilitation robotics industry need to “lose (technology) come in, take the (product) out”, allowing domestic robotics industry to flourish. Although Fourier had sold the company’s intelligent robot products in more than 20 countries around the world, but it seems Gu Jie, China and the United States is the biggest market rehabilitation robot. The report also said , now the world’s leading robotics, is the capital and government spending, have a great need for better international cooperation and collaboration. This is both in warOn a little, but also tactically, because we are faced with similar socio-economic challenges and development needs new talent. From R & D perspective, the broad support of science and engineering in the field of robotics future needs, global linkage and cooperation is essential. This global way, will allow robots become more and more healthy development, China also will benefit from the robotics industry. With the development of new technologies, technical conditions, technical reserves reached a certain stage, China will usher in a wave of robot again.

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