Rockwell Automation help Guizhou Tire practice “along the way”

In the economic globalization today is facing new opportunities, “along the way” initiative is like a beacon of hope pierced the layers of fog, it indicates a new direction for the development of today’s world. As a bridge between China and the world dream the dream, “along the way” while bringing development opportunities for countries along, but also to Chinese companies more opportunities to go out. Since the initiative , domestic enterprises to actively respond to contribute their efforts to “all the way along the” building. As the only country in Southeast Asian countries and China attached land and sea, Vietnam has a significant geographical advantage in “all the way along the” construction. December 15, 2019, Rockwell Automation’s strategic partner in the new plant in Guizhou Tire “along the way” —— annual output of 1.2 million sets of high-performance intelligent all-steel radial tire project in Vietnam Tien Giang Province, Longjiang industrial Park started. Rockwell Automation also had the honor as the automation of information technology manufacturers, strategic partners invited to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Vietnam plant, and provide comprehensive automation information technology solutions and support services to Guizhou Tire in the factory of the future construction. Help “along the way.”
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tire manufacturer in helping people better, safer measure and experience the world while also expanding their horizons, to the world market. With “along the way” initiative put forward, more and more Chinese tire manufacturers began to go overseas, to explore the international market. At the same time, driven by the emerging technology of big data, networking and other industrial, tire manufacturers are rapidly moving in the direction of digital and intelligent. Green intelligent building factories overseas factories has become an important goal of building a tire companies. As the “Chi-made” era leader CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Rockwell Automation is supporting the tire company to achieve this goal, the wind sail “along the way.” Smart green plant on “along the way” Rockwell Automation’s strategic partners Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd. launched the construction of Vietnam’s first factory Longjiang River Industrial Park. The total investment of $ 214 million, designed annual output of 1.2 million high-performance intelligent all-steel radial tire. All products will be exported to,It is expected to achieve annual sales of $ 150 million. Ann Stone, president of
Rockwell Automation China Guizhou Tire, attended the opening ceremony of the new plant in Vietnam
as a powerful practice “along the way” initiative, the project has been attached great importance to China and Vietnam, the two leaders He had in 2017 attended the signing ceremony of the project investment agreement. Vietnam factory is the first overseas factory in Guizhou tire, using a world-class advanced equipment, the world’s leading production technology, and big data synchronization using advanced intelligent technology. After the project is completed, it will resolve the bottleneck of raw materials and export enterprises, “two out” to enhance the company’s international competitiveness. To help Guizhou Tire Factory to build green intelligent Internet platform based on industry, Rockwell Automation offers a full factory in Vietnam factory automation, Ethernet and help to build a new factory IT / OT integration of intelligent architectures through standard industrial plant for Guizhou tire plant in Vietnam to achieve the storage of raw materials to finished products of the whole production process’ automation, information and intelligence “lay a solid foundation. After commissioning the plant than similar plants improve production efficiency and product quality, a significant reduction in energy consumption and reduce emissions, the real safety, environmental protection, energy saving and efficient production.
Guizhou Tire Vietnam new factory groundbreaking ceremony for the opening (second from right, Rockwell Automation, president of China Shek)
comprehensive security in terms of security, Rockwell Automation customers’ core machine provides a perfect the safety assessment and targeted security solutions, greatly reducing the security risks of production equipment to ensure the safety of personnel, in full compliance with international safety norms CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to ensure the smooth implementation of the ODI project. At the same time by using defense in depth system to help Guizhou Tire achieve network and information security, can be reduced by 50% of the information security project implementation time, 76% reduction of mean time to repair (MTTR). Greatly improving efficiency in terms of efficiency, with mixer for example, the project by using Rockwell Automation PowerFlex? 7000 series medium voltage drive, you can speed downhill course in each liter mixing cycle reduce time-consuming than in the 20s, greatly reducing the batch cycle, is expected to improve efficiency by 15% of the batch, Guizhou tire to help with the huge economic benefitsWhen, to ensure the accuracy of process control. In addition, for the characteristics of the tire industry producing high corrosive environment, Rockwell Automation provides Guizhou Tire special corrosion-resistant products for the tire industry, can effectively reduce unplanned downtime, prevent environmental risks due to unexpected equipment failure caused, at the same time save energy, extend equipment life. Globalization Support for the protection of Chinese enterprises in overseas factories will not be easy, facing a series of challenges from aspects such as local culture and regulations. As a strategic partner of Guizhou Tire, Rockwell Automation in the project co-ordination provided by China, Southeast Asia and global resources to Guizhou Tire a package of support programs, hardware, software, after-sales, training, and application of new technologies in, a full range of safe construction and operation of new plant protection. Trustworthy on “along the way” partnership
posed for Rockwell Automation employees
Under traction “along the way” initiative, China and the world closer and closer, the Millennium Silk Road once again full of vitality. Rockwell Automation in helping enterprises to “go” has extensive experience and is willing to Chinese enterprises to provide full support in the process of internationalization, and to become a trusted business partner. More than 80 offices around the world we are providing a full range of services for overseas Chinese construction industry enterprises. Relying on the leading, comprehensive intelligent manufacturing solutions and global service network, Rockwell Automation is willing to support more Chinese enterprises to go abroad, in the international arena, intelligent, green, high-quality development path, great strides forward, help enterprises to sow the seeds of dreams, set sail “along the way.” Vietnam plant project is one of many projects Rockwell Automation and Guizhou Tire strategic cooperation, as well as Rockwell Automation support Chinese enterprises in the “along the way” to go faster and more stable in miniature. Current , Rockwell Automation ongoing closer cooperation with Guizhou Tire Control Engineering Copyright , Guizhou Tire help enhance the intelligent manufacturing capacity. Future, Rockwell Automation would like to help more Chinese enterprises in the international arena, intelligent, green, high-quality development path, great strides forward, wind “along the way” linking China and the world, so that Chinese enterprises have become industry leader!

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