Rockwell Automation ISA to become a founding member of the Global Cyber ​​Security Alliance

In order to provide better security in today’s complex and vulnerable manufacturing operations, ISA Global Cyber ​​Security Alliance today announced that Rockwell Automation as its founding members. The production facility may be a collection of thousands of technologies from different vendors. As long as there is a weakness, it could be exploited network security threats, leading to a trade secret theft, production downtime and even personal injury and other serious consequences. Therefore, ISA Global Cyber ​​Security Alliance automation sectors and enterprises, government agencies and other stakeholders to come together, work together to ensure the safety of industrial operations. Its objectives include: ● the promotion and application acceleration ISA / IEC 62443 standard ● culture network-aware highly skilled workforce ● further optimize compliance and preventive measures, “the whole industry needs to work together, because in the face of network attacks, we have a prosperity, a loss for both CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , “Megan Samford Rockwell automation product safety director CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright ,” whether partners or competitors www , as long as we work together to control Engineering Copyright , you can develop a generic solution to better protect operational security. we can also directly affect the safety of common solutions solving skills shortages. Meanwhile , and are eager to our customers to join our ranks. our goal is to protect their operations, so their opinions on us Mizu precious. “” network security is essential for the digital transition. network security is not only the letter An important part of information and intellectual property protection, but also tangible assets, the environment and worker safety are an important means of protection. Join our Global Cyber ​​Security Alliance is another important milestone in terms of risk help customers identify and mitigate, “Rockwell Automation CEO Blake Moret representation. Developed by ISA ISA / IEC 62443 standard is the world’s only on the basis of consensus reached, network security standards for automation and control system applications. LuoRockwell Automation’s “Security Development Lifecycle” has been the ISA / IEC 62443-4-1 certified, the program aims to integrate security throughout the life cycle of the product. Rockwell Automation recently introduced its first obtain ISA / IEC 62443-4-2 certified industrial controller. To join the Global Cyber ​​Security Alliance, please click here.

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