Rockwell Automation: speed up and simplify the digital transformation of enterprise

Analysts expect that by 2025, total global networking devices will reach 7.5 million units, of which nearly half will come from the industrial environment, in addition to large amounts of data has been collected, these devices will also collect a large amount of new data. Future, companies that fail to use these data will be lost to those companies use these data. So, exactly how the digital transformation of enterprise turn? Perhaps this is no uniform standard answer, but some of the leading vendors have given a clear path and implement solutions. This is where the Control Engineering Copyright , focused on industrial automation and information technology Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk InnovationSuite joint PTC launched innovative suite of digital high-profile industry. Today, we take a look at how Rockwell Automation helps manufacturers simplify and accelerate the digital transformation through this innovative package. General Manager of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd. Greater China Technology Center in the 2019 Automation Fair Dai Pengfei introduced FactoryTalk InnovationSuite when peanut butter met chocolate peanut butter cup will have a transformation through automation and information technology a few years ago, a lot of manufacturing companies have completed construction of ERP, MES, SCADA and DCS and other business systems, began to transition towards digital manufacturing data-driven direction. However, the business-driven systems MES, DCS and other bias different operating production, digital core is data mining, data value extraction and data decision-making, not only more difficult, the goal is difficult to achieve, and the period of time required is shorter, the need for immediate return on investment. Digital transformation of many companies before you actually begin to fail, they fail often because they do not know where to start and how to start. Some rough estimates, currently 85% of the digital transformation project ultimately failed, and can not achieve the desired objectives. Therefore, the digital transformation requires a simple, fast and effective tool for value, not only to make digitized want, but also tangible. Rockwell Automation is obviously well versed in this. In June 2018, Rockwell Automation and well-known industrial company PTC things to establish strategic cooperation Control Engineering Copyright , and PTC had $ 1 billion in equity investments. In November the same yearAs the product after the establishment of the first cooperative strategic alliance, Rockwell Automation has introduced this FactoryTalk InnovationSuite digitized by PTC supports the transformation solutions. Rockwell Automation cooperation and PTC’s, like peanut butter met chocolate, peanut butter cup and the first FactoryTalk InnovationSuite that the two sides after the collision. This is a set of software tools to help customers implement a set of digital transformation, integration of PTC’s industry ThingWorx Things platforms, including Kepware’s industry connections and Vuforia Augmented Reality (AR) tools, but also the integration of the Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Analytics MOM and platform, while achieving the underlying data exchange between these platforms.
easy steps to accelerate the digital transformation of business today, big data, artificial intelligence, networking, cloud platform, AR and VR IT and other new technologies into the industry, this area has brought infinite possibilities for the traditional industries, and on the other hand it has resulted in industrial enterprises or confused or blind obedience. How will these new technologies for the integration with enterprise use? FactoryTalk InnovationSuite set of integration tools a good solution to the integration of these new technologies and traditional IT automation technology. As can be seen from the software included, it actually covers three parts, namely to build a hardware platform for networking and the Internet of Things, data visualization, data analysis and final mining, which is the Rockwell Automation to simplify and accelerate business step three digital transformation. PTC ThingWorx step1 included in FactoryTalk InnovationSuite is a world class industrial platform things, can be almost art, the dynamic system and attached devices coupled together, the rapid deployment of equipment monitoring, management, and control of the interconnect remote data collection. Rockwell Automation’s MES platform and ThingWorx has been done to integrate the product level, while for other manufacturers MES, ERP systems, ThingWorx also has a corresponding interface to quickly implement data integration. Meanwhile, ThingWorx is a cross-industry common platform to quickly build out the industry needed their own business scenarios IndustryThings platform, it is also very easy to deploy, support for different sizes and different cloud forms, generally the fastest only a few days, up to a month, you can see a meet future business scenarios POC floor.
step2 based Vuforia AR virtue of, for data visualization, FactoryTalk InnovationSuite advantage of filling can be described. Vuforia can open up the boundaries of digital and physical world, the industrial system-generated digital information superimposed onto the real industrial production physical scene to create a digital twin body with real-time status information. Through the AR glasses, a cell phone or a tablet, can process three-dimensional real-time data CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright surface of the object more intuitive display system, such as machine speed, production batch, the production efficiency , equipment utilization, etc., are interconnected people and systems, greatly improving the efficiency of operations and understand the business decisions of the data. The third section
step3 FactoryTalk InnovationSuite of Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Analytics Big Data Analytics platform. The platform provides professional analysis tools to support the production of advanced analysis capabilities, but also in the source data from the nearest edge of the end of the deployment, to achieve data collection, cleaning, sorting and transformation, significantly reduces the data processing time. It is also part of the future FactoryTalk InnovationSuite greatest value. Accelerate the entire value chain to create value from the data view, use of the existing emerging technologies, enterprise for all data analysis and calculation, and then guide the research and development, production, operation and management of the whole process, which is the digital transformation of the value chain. And will benefit the entire value chain by combining FactoryTalk InnovationSuite innovative suite of IT and OT from multiple data sources.
For the employees, intuitive, user-friendly interface will enhance employee productivity digitized, they will better perform the task, and to avoid the risk of security and compliance through easy access to required information. Each worker receive the right information at the right time , Delivered in the right way, in order to maximize productivity. Role-based application can increase flexibility, agility and safety of workers. Employees do not need to rely on paper-based or PDF manual, work instructions and augmented reality experience digitized, can take full advantage of the information-driven innovation capability simplifies analysis across the enterprise integration. For business operations, it can be more efficient, more flexible and lower cost. The suite provides advanced analysis auto IT and OT source of the raw data to improve operational performance and reduce downtime, for example, before the study of the performance of a specific device or OEE factors of influence, operations manager can view a facility or multiple facilities overall performance. The suite uses artificial intelligence techniques to simplify the complex process of analysis, you can run real-time diagnostic and uses predictive and prescriptive analysis, so users can respond to problems before any serious failures, maintenance personnel will be able to access real-time performance and service history, so that technicians can better diagnose and repair the equipment at the first time. For production management, innovation suite can extend existing MES system, and analyzed using data combined with AR experience to improve workflow. While maintaining the flow of execution and implementation of dynamic scheduling flexibility in the workshop, reducing costs and accelerating time to market. So that can protect the current investment value, innovation and increase the production process through technology. Digital transformation of heritage expertise and industry experience to build things from the platform, data collection, access and visualization, data analysis and mining to large, it all looks very “tall.” Does that mean the digital transition needs to be done is very upfront investment it? In fact, no matter how large or small and medium enterprises, can be found from the FactoryTalk InnovationSuite their own digital solutions. On the software side quick in getting started, FactoryTalk InnovationSuite in various software can also be purchased separately, and uses a subscription model of charging methods, may apply for the pre-start package to start the asset-light digital transformation. Common operations in terms of hardware investment, as long as the initial stage common ordinary commercial server or rent any brand of public cloud software platform can achieve rapid deployment, does not need to build a data center or private cloud, and this innovative kit can be installed in common system (windows and Linux platforms) on. In terms of technical personnel, requirements are not high CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , just to understand some basic IT knowledge can, and online training resources are very rich, each user can through the official website of the massive training resources, learn from one installation to deploy best practices and other hands-on tutorial, users can take steps in accordance with the instruction manual again through network resources can quickly learn how to use the various tools within FactoryTalk InnovationSuite platform. Do digital transformation of the first stage, assets need to configure a light, fast and flexible platform can quickly take advantage of the value of the product data, the user can focus namely SaaS, functional types of things that can be given to PaaS platform layer that is in the business application layer, you can start to make decisions quickly the value of enterprise data required for the transformation of data mining, and it can achieve immediate results. The century-manufacturing sector and a number of vertical industry application experience Rockwell Automation, through FactoryTalk InnovationSuite suite, the plant became a support of artificial intelligence, respond quickly and interconnected businesses, to help users with the technology and experience historical heritage, through the digital transition, the continuation of that as well.

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