Routine maintenance of hydraulic cylinders for dump trucks

Today, I will talk to you about the principle and daily maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder of the dump truck. The well-known ancient Greek physicist Archimedes once said this sentence: “Give me a fulcrum, I can pick up the whole earth” . The principle of the hydraulic cylinder of the dump truck is similar to this. No matter what the weight is, the hydraulic pressure is manually introduced into the cylinder through a simple cylinder, so that the hydraulic oil cannot be retracted due to the obstruction of the check valve. Push the cylinder rod up. Then the dump truck compartment began to rise continuously. The principle of the drop is the same. Open the hydraulic valve to return the hydraulic oil to the tank, thus completing the self-unloading work.
Understand the working principle of the dump truck to get a better job. What do you need to do during the daily maintenance of the dump truck? The following small series summarizes the following points for reference:

First of all, the regular inspection of the cylinder should be done frequently. Although the material of the cylinder is relatively hard, there will be no problem, but if there is a problem, the consequences are very serious; Therefore, regular inspections are often necessary.

Before re-use, first check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, whether the system is damaged, whether the link between the link mechanisms is reliable, whether the car, the power take-off, etc. are intact.

In the process of using, the pressure must be zeroed first. If the pressure is too high, the oil will be sprayed outside. The disassembly is to protect the thread on the piston rod from damage. In addition, different disassembly methods are selected depending on the cylinder.

After the final use is completed, it is also necessary to do the troubleshooting and routine inspection in time. If everything is in good condition, you can also do a maintenance. It is also necessary to clean and maintain in time. I hope this article in Xiaobian will help you!

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