Schneider Electric, Huawei join hands to show the country’s first international TSN edge is calculated based on the OPC UA test bed

During the 2019 General Assembly, Huawei’s full link held in Shanghai, Huawei join hands Schneider Electric, for the first time in China demonstrated the wisdom of the factory edge computing based on the TSN OPC UA (based on time-sensitive network of industrial communication protocols) test bed. Schneider Electric Modicon M580 PLC as an important part of a test bed for testing network performance based on the TSN OPC UA protocol and to enhance the overall performance of the operation of the device. The test bed is designed to provide the infrastructure to test and validate innovative platform environments, such as switches TSN, TSN edge computing gateway calculated based on the OPC UA edge of an open Internet and the manufacturing industry and other industrial markets and other industry partners to ensure that products and solutions to better meet market demand. The test bed is currently the only international TSN of OPC UA based test bed Control Engineering Copyright by 35 furniture companies have a global reach and institutions to build synergies, including the edge of the computing industry alliance ( the ECC), Huawei, Schneider electric. Schneider Electric continued to uphold support for open standards. By opening the EcoStruxure architecture and integrate OPC UA, it can be achieved using a uniform communication standard implementation from the scene, edge control to the cloud layer interconnection and interoperability, convenience and value of open, high-speed communications for machine builders and end users.
TSN is calculated based on the edge of OPC UA test bed in 2019 shows Huawei’s full coupling of the General Assembly
Based on OPC UA TSN is the most important industrial areas of Internet innovation. It provides a real-time through open communication network interconnection, to meet the industrial production safety, deterministic latency and high reliability requirements, make up the traditional real-time industrial Ethernet in ease of use, interoperability, lack of bandwidth. At the same time CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright through a more intelligent and efficient network, so that manufacturing resources, data, models and methods in the field of big data, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence can be shared, to achieve the transformation of the industry upgrade and promote intelligent manufacturing CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , upgrading of the manufacturing of digital, networked, intelligent key technical level. Huawei’sTSN (time-sensitive network) solutions, for example CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , which provides support for SDN unified network management and ultra-low latency and high reliability industrial control network, with a proprietary scheduling algorithm TSN , TSN optimize network utilization; and by including multiple analysis models and simulation platform management tools control Engineering Copyright , which greatly simplifies the implementation of the difficulty of TSN. The test bed also provides other critical applications such as predictive maintenance, data analysis, industrial control virtualization; and import of artificial intelligence technology, improve the intelligent edge, while two key characteristics of cloud collaboration, to provide a complete market-based edge computing advanced industrial digital solutions. Schneider Electric is a core member of the Foundation OPC UA, OPC UA and TSN industrial Ethernet technology is Schneider Electric’s current strategic direction of the main push. In order to ensure consistency and ecosystem integrity agreement, Schneider Electric and Huawei to work together to build a test bed to test network performance OPC UA based on the TSN and the overall operating performance of equipment upgrade.

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