Selection and Practice of intelligent manufacturing industry under the background of Things

Mr. Lu said: “There have been no road, people walk more, it became the road.” Western proverb says, “All roads lead to Rome.” Also on the “road”, one is a blind alley and the road, one is Lulu interlinked. Mr. Lu Xun “road” is only possible to go and we have some of the “Road” is the practice of the road; West proverbial “road” is communicated from Lulu to go to find the most suitable way is to choose the road. Information enterprise manufacturing operations management seems to be facing both cases of “road.” On the one hand, although some companies often take part in a variety of outside “Yunshan sea of ​​clouds” of intelligent manufacturing forum, may return to their home, take a look at the old plant and equipment, or is in transition because of the pressure of work and other aspects of funds, intelligent manufacturing seems know where to begin. On the other hand, the day before the forum talking about ERP, MES speaking yesterday, today, speaking industrial things, but for some companies CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , industrial physical network seems too far, ERP or MES and may be outdated, and more choice, but also do not know how to proceed.
forum is never short of a new term, it seems that only a new term to represent a new era. A few days ago to see an article in the micro-channel circle of friends, the boss said a management software ERP outdated, now is the era of EBC. I do not know the shelf life of the term can EBC how long? Xu is a new term scared, there was a MES software company owner and I eat, I would like to ask the views of the MES market early, the boss is not afraid of the future of the MES market. It was quite funny, since the beginning of this year I wrote hundreds of articles, on a number of “XX trends” of the articles of the highest traffic. It seems, we are afraid to miss the trend of the future, or want to become “outlet lying pig.” Since so many people like to see the trend of articles, in this article, the author from the perspective of choice and practice, to talk about my understanding of the developments and changes in industrial manufacturing operations management of Things background.
Figure 1: ISA-95 and Industrial Automation Pyramid of things
According to the definition of ISA-95 and industrial automation pyramid of Things architecture model, the internal IT architecture CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [123 ], in the automation pyramid manufacturing operations management system (MOM or MES, unified below the third layerThe most likely called overlap between MOM) physical network platforms and industrial, as both of them are the support base in the second layer, layer and process control device, particularly to the IT / OT system is PLC / SCADA (DI ) or DCS (process industry), this may be the MOM system will be replaced by industrial physical network platform main reason some people think of it. But really MOM system will be replaced by the industrial platform of things it? I believe that is unlikely to be completely replaced, but more integration of MOM systems and industrial of things. In the fusion process, the function of the system will be adjusted on the MOM local , the change will be a new implementation. All that being said, based on the following two know: 1. MOM and Industrial things all have this, have their own strengths. MOM of this, in the present process; Things of the present industry, in this “substance (Thing).” It is the essence of intelligent manufacturing manufacturing capacity, while its carrier is the enterprise of people, processes and tools. The process can be long or short, long enough to span the industrial supply chain, warehousing operations to a short material. Digital Realization of the process is a sum of transaction records and relational databases (Record-Based) interrelated. Tools are mainly limited to a certain obvious boundaries “objects”, which digital implementation is the parameter and the operating state of the tool modeled and real-time presentation (Model-Based / Thing by sensing, communications, IT technology -Based). Someone had I consulted, whether the development of traditional MES system function modules in the industry of Things platform, the author’s answer is technically feasible, but the method is not optimal. In other words, the advantages of MOM and other IT systems in process management, transaction-based records, limited its ability to real-time data can handle and use; and industrial advantages of the Internet of Things platform is based on the “substance” of digital modeling and show that can the presentation of the other “objects” or device parameters and status data far exceeds the MOM system, but if it will be used for management of complex processes is some reluctance. 2. The nature of business management practice, and practice is the key to whether apply. In business practice, very often, on the feasibility of practice is better than theory advanced. According to the author’s observation, current, or relevant manufacturers in various forums to discuss industry in full swing of things, butTruly valuable to the enterprise, or the scene of great value in practice not much. Cliché is a device management optimization, OEE improvement, and so on; in fact, this is attractive to many companies and experts say not so much. Some Internet companies provide industrial solutions of things, the main content is still stuck on the surface. Instead, MOM and other IT systems implementation in the enterprise has been for decades, alternative solutions, can learn from success stories, or more, on the feasibility of the practice also stronger. In addition, unless it is building a new plant, the plant is in operation can not afford subversive (Rip and Replace) solutions fluctuation risks and uncertainty, they are more suitable for optimization on the basis of existing or new fusion (Wrap and Renew) type solutions. Therefore, according to the author’s understanding, the path to achieve the most intelligent manufacturing companies can use MOM and other IT systems and industrial integration with each other things, the integration of the main contents include fusion cycle integration and management of managed objects www.cechina .cn , see in particular Figure 2 below. Figure 2: MOM industrial fusion of things
The main management target system 1. Fusion MOM management target production processes (Processes), the main industrial management object thereof is networked platforms as a tool (Tools) “objects” that represent the company in two main types of capacity (the other is the enterprise personnel). Things records and Industrial Platform MOM system processes running in the “objects” of parameters and status, are integrated in the form of data or digital twin to the business model in order to show the way of industrial App available to enterprise employees. Thus, the fusion process management based on a model-based recording of the “objects” management, ultimately producing digital data driver (Data-Driven) a. 2. The integration of business management cycle of production activities can basically be summed up with the PDCA management cycle. In the implementation (Do) and check (Check) and other sectors, and each of the working mechanism in the form of process management type applications and tools to manage their own application class, but around the business goals they are consistent, you want to plan (Plan), analysis ( Analyze) or insight into the decision-making (Insight and Action) and other aspects of integration,The purpose of the integration is to seek the best overall business. In fact, things by industrial platform, companies can collect data about a variety of tools or equipment operation, this type of data and real-time far more than ever before. If the collected data is only used for equipment monitoring, it would be too narrow; if they combine data and processes running in plant operations, as well as enterprise-level plan to do a higher level of optimization, it is on the value of the enterprise more meaningful, this should be intelligent manufacturing proper meaning of it. If the intelligent manufacturing enterprises is a long road, that it is both choose the road, but also the practice of the road. The so-called choice is the choice of the old and the new, tools and processes, MOM and industrial integration of things; the so-called practice, that is, from the point of pain to solve current business enterprise, found in practice in their own way. The so-called worst decision is no decision, rather than waiting
CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , not action, find the most appropriate action in their own way, always in action around the beginning of the heart of the business – to solve the pain points .

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