Service-oriented manufacturing | new form of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry convergence depth

From the point of view service activities, service-oriented manufacturing services are not only included in the delivery of products and maintain product operation status and the general service product to function properly, but need high-tech support, be able to bring additional value to the business of value-added services , belong to the category of modern service industry.
can drive the development of manufacturing high-quality development of service-oriented manufacturing to reshape China’s manufacturing industry value chain, an effective way to promote industrial upgrading Control Engineering Copyright , for manufacturing high-quality development of an important role. First, service-oriented manufacturing to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing industry. An important reason for service-oriented manufacturing industry is to develop scientific and technological content of products to enhance and accelerate technological upgrading, high-tech trend of the product itself more and more significant, resulting in more complex product mix, product user demand for professional services Higher and higher. This also means that service-oriented manufacturing companies need to increase investment in product research and development, and constantly enhance the technological innovation capability, a new generation of information technology to improve production efficiency, innovative business models. Through the development of service-oriented manufacturing, technology and capacity to promote the development of manufacturing enterprises in the design, manufacturing and other sectors accumulation extends to the service areas , can enhance product differentiation, increase user stickiness, thus Butterfly promote traditional labor-intensive industries, rising to achieve high-end global value chains. Second, service-oriented manufacturing to provide new space for the growth of the manufacturing sector. Traditionally, manufacturers mainly revenue from product sales, but revenue from products and more disposable. The development of service-oriented manufacturing sucked products and services fused to form a product service system Control Engineering Copyright , the one-time product sales into a sustainable service revenue, companies can provide to the product by the user service to get a steady stream of cash flow. Although carried out early in the service-oriented manufacturing, manufacturing companies will face greater financial pressure Control Engineering Copyright , but from the point of view the product lifecycle, enabling manufacturers to get more product sales compared to only more income, but also be able to iron out the impact of economic cycles on income volatility to a certain extent. In addition, service-oriented manufacturing enterprises can also improve manufacturing value-added and profit margins. For example, by strengthening the upstream part of manufacturing R & D services that can improve the design, technology and quality products, the productHave a greater competitive advantage; downstream manufacturing sectors derived from the on-line monitoring, lifecycle management, information services and other value-added activities, are also more personalized, manufacturing enterprises to form differentiated advantages, high value-added services to increase revenue activities the proportion. Also see service-oriented manufacturing means more service content in the manufacturing sector, the resources, less energy consumption at the same output, less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; customization mode will supply and demand more closely match less waste because the product unmarketable backlog caused; online monitoring, lifecycle management, manufacturing companies can use their expertise to improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, which will facilitate downstream user production and use of green technology, promote the overall development of green manufacturing. Conducive to the development of the service industry development of high-quality service-oriented manufacturing, to promote manufacturing and services achieving high levels of integration, interactive, collaborative development, it can help create a new growth engine for the service industry, improve the productivity of service. On the one hand, service-oriented manufacturing to create a new growth engine for the service industry. Service-oriented manufacturing is based on the know-how and manufacturing capabilities for product design, manufacturing to further develop high value-added service activities, it is a new type of service. Many service-oriented manufacturing model R & D design, customization, total integration, general contracting, lifecycle management, system solutions, and other value-added information services include high-end service activities. Therefore, service-oriented manufacturing also new opportunities for development of modern service industry. And with the support of the next generation of information technology, enterprise manufacturing various fields between the links between manufacturers and users, can achieve higher frequency data link, manufacturers can more dynamically control the product and user state conditions, changes in demand, and thus more of the manufacturing sector may be derived from value-added services, more service-oriented manufacturing model can be created. On the other hand, service-oriented manufacturing can improve the productivity of service. The traditional manufacturing industry is the largest R & D investment, innovation and the most active industry sectors, is an important source of scientific progress, higher labor productivity and total factor productivity. In contrast, the services sector is technological progress slower and more difficult to improve productivity. Service-oriented manufacturing service activities included use of information technology as the representative of a new generation of high-tech, cutting-edge technology, innovation and investment, high R & D intensity, has the characteristics of technology-intensive and high value-added. The development of service-oriented manufacturing conducive to reverse the traditional service unitDoor technological progress slow, inefficient situation, promote the improvement of the service sector total factor productivity. In short, service-oriented manufacturing characteristics of both advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, represent the future direction of development of new models. Especially the new generation of information technology industry into a mature and development and manufacturing service model innovation to provide a broader space. Service-oriented manufacturing as the starting point to promote the depth of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry convergence, should strengthen the publicity of service-oriented manufacturing, the guide, the infrastructure, standards, and other aspects of industrial generic technology innovation to give strong support control Engineering network Copyright , advance manufacturing enterprises to develop service-oriented manufacturing, professional services to encourage manufacturing companies to develop products based on more technology-intensive, data-intensive value-added services.

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