Shu Industry Outlook 2019 Internet: platform wars shift from the crowded floor is king

Internet industry layout architecture has taken shape last year , “Internet industry” has become the industry’s vocabulary compelling, remarkable achievements, the current layout of China’s Internet industry has taken shape architecture. 2018, the Internet platform of rapid industrial development, the data show that China’s Internet platform products industry products has exceeded the sum of the other countries. At present, the industry has fostered more than 50 Internet platform has a certain influence, some number of platforms Industrial equipment connected more than 100,000 units, the emergence of a number of industrial innovation and commercialization APP application.
Of course, harmonious symphony was also a significant noise. 2018, with the sale of GE Predix storm and finally decided to operate independently Predix, industry to industry, especially the Internet platform of the future had in-depth discussions. Looking to 2019, the Internet platform, how will the industry develop? Market, investment, and technology applications such as dimensions and what trends appear? Beginning of this year CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , these issues put in front of the Internet industry practitioners. To stand out? Application is king landed in 2018, the industry as the industrial development of the Internet “first year” since the State Council issued “guidance industrial development of the Internet” “on deepening the” Internet + advanced manufacturing industry in November 2017, domestic the industry mushroomed internet platform will continue to emerge, in 2019 direct competition is inevitable. Pre-sales technical director of PTC to China, Qin said, after 2018 crowded, 2019 is a key node for all industrial manufacturers, the Internet platform. He believes that both the corporate decision-making, or specific business scenarios, as well as preparation of project funds, will be fully implemented in 2019. Deputy Director of Industrial Big Data application National Engineering Laboratory Jifeng Wei also believes that with the implementation of policies to promote in-depth and capital markets, the number of platform growth trend will continue and intensify in 2019. But industry Internet platform market is still in a critical period window period and the pattern of large-scale expansion undetermined, industrial ecology Internet platform has not yet formed, “killer” Industrial APP is yet to come, each platform connected devices and the number of enterprisesThe amount is still limited. So, now that the Internet platform into the survival of the fittest of the industry is still too early, but 2019 will be a platform for enterprises to seize the initiative in the coming critical period.
Then, in the fierce competition, which platforms will be more potential to stand out? Application floor is king. Jifeng Wei stressed throughout the industrial landscape, the Internet platform for industrial enterprises will be more clear market positioning and development strategy, each platform will begin to seek competitive differentiation. Platform with regional characteristics or features of the industry will take the lead in forming the competitive landscape, sticky-to-business platform started to emerge, and the early effects of the industrial Internet applications. 2019 platform facing the ice-breaking profit point from financing and profitability perspective, in 2018 the Internet industry financing platform is very active, but the profitability of the industry is still very worried about the platform, is currently one of the few profitable platform. Huge contrast Predix inputs and outputs also allow the industry to profitability and investment platform had doubts. Looking to 2019, which will continue to attract capital platform favored? Whether the profitability of the platform will change?
In this regard, industry experts believe that the development of any technology will go through the process of development from the blind to catch up on the cooling-off period in the capital market. After crowded, the Internet industry investment platform will enter the cooling-off period. Qin to mean, in 2019, the capital market or whether users will be more concerned about the RoI, landing platform and other application effect. Investment focus will be surrounded by advanced technology components of the platform, such as AI, AR and so on. CCID think tank director of Information Research Center Yang Chunli told reporters at this stage Copyright Control Engineering , the Internet platform for building our industry still own funds and government subsidies for the construction of the main enterprises of the main part of the outstanding industry Internet start-ups develop innovative programs to operate through equity financing. But because the Internet industry is still in its infancy, the Internet industry platform construction and application promotion facing the user acceptance is not high, the business model immaturity, lack of technical talent pool, return on investment cycle is long, that is, high investment, high cost, high risk “three high “phenomenon. According to statistics, in the survey of Internet industry awareness of SMEs, 59% of industrial companies understand the Internet CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 36% of companies have chosen not toVery much aware of the Internet industry. It is because of the pace of enterprise information ability level uneven, resulting in its industrial Internet has fast or slow, many companies understand the extent of the Internet industry also stop at the conceptual level. Moreover, most companies’ weak foundation “information capacity than the weak, networking capability, and poor ability to collect data acquisition constraints are intelligent transformation” pain points. ” Plus, the domestic manufacturing enterprises, lack of personnel, restricted the pace of development of the Internet in the field of industry.
by research data on the country’s 69 Internet platform industrial point of view, 14% of the platform invested more than 1 billion yuan, 43% of the investment platform of more than billion, 88% more than ten million yuan investment platform. In addition, there are many Internet platform and business and industry is far from complete, post-promotion also requires a lot of capital investment, overall investment is expected to each platform will be 2-3 times the current investment. Therefore, 2019 will be the platform for the Internet industry high investment-intensive year.
from a profit point of view, determine the characteristics of the economic platform of industrial internet platform explosive growth is difficult to achieve in a short time, Matthew’s appearance will take some time and the amount of data accumulated. Qin Cheng believes that industry profit Internet platform, must come from the massive data connection based on a wide range of applications and promotion. Therefore, manufacturers need only look up the road, but also down to earth. Real need to allow customers to see the practical application, copy summarize experience and rapid promotion to get massive connections and data. Jifeng Wei cited three profit model to reporters: First, short-term project-based revenue model to profit through intelligent transformation of medium-sized projects, but this model of growth is limited. Second, short-term profit model platform, cloud business process platform providers by providing application services earn money. Third, long-term profit platform mode, realized by breeding or internet using internet Eco aggregated data. Can be achieved after Jifeng Wei adds, platform providers only transition to long-term profit model in the business model profitable mutation, and because the industrial characteristics of the Internet industry brings complexity, it will be a difficult and lengthy process. But Control Engineering Copyright , even though the road is long, but for platform providers, perhaps 2019 earnings ice-breaking point. Yang Chunli said that with the Internet industry and finance industrySpeed ​​up the development of policy, capital market for industrial internet platform as the representative of advanced manufacturing enterprise investment activities and investment will gradually increase, the scale of financing and financing platform will be simultaneously increased. Coupled with the platform to further enhance the profitability of the enterprise, 2019 could become profitable platform for ice-breaking point. Emerging technologies and platforms will be more closely combined technology is the driving force behind development of the platform. 2018, large industrial data, AI, VR even block chain and other emerging ICT technologies and industrial applications of Internet platforms combined with increasing demands. 2019 is still in the exploration of the Internet platform of industrial technology applications, emerging technologies and platforms to be even more closely. Wherein an edge of computing technology will get attention, edge computing industry rapid development will occur. With the deepening of the device cloud operations, functions and applications end edge side of the device will be more and more. In addition, large data, AI, VR / AR technology is also of concern. Qin Cheng told reporters, with the accumulation of industrial internet platform for the promotion of industrial and big data, modeling and analysis of large data industry and other core applications will be more extensive, will bring a qualitative improvement for the floor value of industrial internet platform . It is worth mentioning that the application of open source technology will accelerate the development of the Internet industry has become the main choice into new businesses.

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