Siemens publish digital cable boxes, significantly improve the diagnosis and monitoring of transparency

Siemens launched a new Siwarex DB digital junction box for weighing field, with robust housing Control Engineering Copyright , IP66 protection class, can be easily integrated into the SIMATIC environment. The junction box further expanded digital weighing Siemens portfolio, seamlessly integrated with the system to ensure the acquisition and monitoring of each operating state analog load sensor more fully than ever. Both for the targeted control of the weighing process, but also for extended diagnostics, and any error information can be clearly displayed by the SIMATIC controller and HMI.
Siemens control system and the electronic weighing module Siwarex WP seamlessly integrated load cell at any time for diagnosis, quick and easy maintenance of equipment , significantly reduce downtime . Weighing module precise operation, prevents incorrect measurements or incorrect, the state of the device to ensure complete transparency. Each digital connection socket up to four load sensor weighing system, the use of flexible, stable and safe operation. Moreover, a new function of the number of the terminal box is connected to each of the load cells individually monitored. For example, , it can be directly determined such as each sensor disconnection malfunction or an overload or the like, making the system easier to maintain; it can completely replace the multimeter , such as a level monitoring can be widely used, weighing silo or other industrial weighing container art. Siwarex WP231 weighing module backplane communication, connected directly to the SIMATIC S7-1200. For distributed SIMATIC ET 200SP system, it is recommended to use Siwarex WP321 weighing module. Seamless integration between Siwarex be significantly reduced and the SIMATIC debugging work. If necessary to adjust the mounting height of the load cell debugging, Siwarex WP weighing module can be used to view the operating condition of each load cell is achieved immediately. Siemens digital junction box can also be easily retrofit existing plants. If the field has used a similar analog junction box, it can easily be replaced with a digital Siwarex DB junction box having the same size , and connect it to the original cables, without modifying the normal weighing operation program and the electronic module inside SIMATIC.

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