Sixth China summit press conference and robot Yuyao investment talent

to participate in the conference of leaders and experts are: People’s Government Deputy Secretary-General of Ningbo City, Hu Wang Rong, Vice Mayor Yuyao hair Pixian, Liu Jin Long presidium summit, executive chairman Gan Middle School, Chinese Academy of weapons Northern Science and Technology Information, Deputy Director plateau, China artificial Intelligence Society, vice president Han Liqun, deputy secretary general of China Association for mechatronics technology application Wang Jihong. Press conference in two phases, also held a “talent recruitment Yuyao investment promotion” after the first phase of the Summit press conference. Experts and entrepreneurs attended the conference promotion of more than 70 people, more than 80 media correspondents. 2019 comes on the fifth anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping robot “jewel in the manufacturing crown” speech from 2014 to 2019 this year is China’s fastest-growing robot, a landmark five years. With the success of the first five robotic China Summit held summit specifications and the growing influence has become an important benchmark domestic robotics, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing technology, industry and market. It has been basically formed a “North Assembly robot world, robots south China Summit” pattern. Six Breakthroughs and then help “peak” upsurge of violence everySession of the China Summit robot robot industry will set off a boom. Sixth China Summit robots inherit and consolidate the success of previous summits, adhere to the “international, high-end, professional and effectiveness” of the direction, the focus has been innovation and breakthroughs in the following six aspects: First, invite more guests accurate. According to the theme of the summit, aimed at influential professional fields related to domestic and foreign academicians and experts have unique insight, entrepreneurs involved Members Forum, Entrepreneurs Forum, Youth Forum and other activities to spread the summit truly become the industry thought the collision point of view, express views an important stage, expert basis robot academician sessions invitation of the previous CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to be invited Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Internet Association, Wu He Quan, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese University (Shenzhen), Hong Kong president Xu Yang Health, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Department of Engineering Science, Peking University main Rengao Wen, Professor James L Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UK Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh Sethu Vijayakumar tenured professor, Vice-Chancellor, University of York Professor Jonathan Timmis robot , artificial intelligence and expert influential industrial areas of the Internet, as well as KUKA robots, Hikvision, new pine robot, iFLYTEK, laboratories and other famous enterprises Jingdong X participants.
Second, the event is much more abundant. Sixth Summit initially identified activities into academic exchanges, cited only talent recruitment, industry docking, special events, exhibitions, robot competition six sections, will always adhere to the “will open the door to do” philosophy Copyright Control Engineering , play an active role in cooperation unit Ningbo intelligent manufacturing Institute, the robot auditorium, Yi Chih home, Chi Friends of angels School, etc., using unclaimed section in the form of organization deeply involved in the preparations for the summit; at the same time access to relevant state ministries, provinces, Ningbo support of relevant departments CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and the introduction of new robots, intelligent manufacturing-related special events, such as “plug and play modules and intelligent manufacturing industry information Forum” expert Committee of Zhejiang manufacturing intelligence, “the province to promote the ‘robot +’ manufacturing and industrial robot collaboration whole topic zero spot” introduced as a sub-forum summit summit. 2019 “China Robot productionDevelopment of industry “white paper will be starting at the current summit. Also cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary fields invited top experts, entrepreneurs and investors to carry out cross-border dialogue. The summit platform up even more.

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