Smart + Things to accelerate industrial floor

5G phone turned out so that the public ecstasy, mankind has to enter 5G era. 5G commercial Internet means not only faster, but also those of artificial intelligence only exist in science fiction, the autopilot, things are also very likely to achieve, and this year mentioned in the government work report “Smart +” is not No matter how far. From the industry point of view, IDC predicts that by 2020 the world will have more than 50% of Things data will be processed at the edges. And edge processing device can only partial data , can not form a global awareness, thus remains a need in practice by means of cloud computing platforms to achieve the integration of information, it can be said, the edge cloud computing two pillars of support is becoming of things. “Industrial” and “networking” the future will be highly integrated into the Internet industry “industrial” and “networking” in two parts, some people think that the overall low level of domestic industry, industrial upgrading needs more urgent, some people think of things for the industry, the information safety requirements, certain things higher than consumption. So, for China’s industrial sector, it is more urgent upgrading of pressure? Information security is more urgent pressure? On this issue, Dr. Intel China Internet of Things, CTO and chief engineer Tommy accepted the interview with the author. He said the industry defines a scenario, Internet technology applied to this scenario, the technology behind the Internet is implied Internet, data collection and in-depth analysis of the data, is intelligent and independent. Things for the industry, the United States proposed industrial Internet , the European industry made 4.0, China 2025 China put forward the manufacturing, we have expressed a higher level of industrial upgrading should attain. Hand, the domestic production of the actual situation, many factories still in the stage of industrial 1.0,2.0,3.0, rarely see the real enterprise 4.0. 1.0 phase problem is how to collect data, the problem is that either the equipment is relatively old, no interface provides device status; or with data interface, but manufacturers did not purchase the appropriate service, if you want the machine manufacturers to provide data, the need for additional paid or production line equipment from different manufacturers, there is no interoperability between them, or equipment and MES systems (manufacturing execution system production process), the entire plant management systems from different vendors,Nor to achieve interoperability between them, in short, different manufacturers face different problems. Therefore, it is necessary to push through a number of data collection and open standards-based solutions, data analysis and faster landing. In addition, with regard to security, if you leave security solutions like building built on the beach, not solid. Tommy introduces Intel’s idea is, whether at home or abroad, should promote open standards of security, based on open standards policy made, solutions, products, in order to be more user acceptance and use. 20 years ago, industrial and things completely irrelevant, industrial system equipment manufacturers are very focused on the industry itself, the Internet company does not care industries, both of which have obvious boundaries. Today, the boundaries between the two has become increasingly blurred. China’s Internet industry manufacturers are looking at the Internet, but also set up their own industrial node. Traditional industrial equipment manufacturers are looking at how to put Internet technology to the industrial system to. In a few years, this convergence will become more apparent. Industrial things with only enough 5G 5G deployment, the bandwidth is wider and wider, lower and lower transmission delay, and 5G may be isolated from the communication channel, so as to reduce interference between different applications. However Tommy that, in the field of industrial things, not enough light has 5G, 5G carries TCPIP protocol because, in fact it can not guarantee quality of service, it is put into a package from point A to point B, the intermediate may be after forwarding a number of nodes, each node forwarding process will be delayed, how the delay control current agreement has not been fully resolved. Industry more demanding requirements for delay, if the 5G technology used in industry must have the new technology aid. TSN (time-sensitive network) is the solution to these questions. Intel saw 5G, wireless Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi industry and other industrial applications in a timely manner the challenges faced by the industry and therefore cooperation with ISO, to promote the latest communication technologies landed in the industrial field. The scenes cut, the overall architecture of the Internet of Things industry networking clearer reference in the industry was driven Intel to cut the scene. Tommy explained, first, to ensure that the scene fit and end customers; second, starting from the scene, many technical points (eg: machine vision, AI, edge computing, industrial things internet) has a landing point, the user I know ultimately solve the problem. Whole industry chain upstream and downstream can discuss how to make the device production lineManagement, performance monitoring, yield enhancement, quality process control. After the concept is clear, algorithms, computing platforms, system hardware it easier to do it. With co-edge cloud architecture Control Engineering Copyright , is also very easy and industrial expansion of Things platform provider very effective dialogue, everyone to the scene as a common concern to build the overall program, in the process of building and floor in, we are very clear on the scope of their work, it will naturally be more clear on the value of the share, and ultimately can achieve win-win situation. In addition to the driving scene outside, Tommy believes to be more transparency between service providers, openly discuss these solutions to customer value as the final drive. To do this, there is a basis other problems can be solved. In addition to building the ecosystem, whether it is industrial or industrial Internet of Things, I want to develop good are inseparable from the ecosystem. Intel ecological building has done a lot of work , the foreign industry Web Consortium (IIC), Intel is one of the initiators, Intel is also involved in the country built AI, edge computing industry Union (ECC). By way alliance partners to integrate the upstream chip manufacturers, card manufacturers, midstream and downstream on a platform , on some common issues to discuss, to do joint solutions in the process of doing the program, we can achieve interoperability, integration work, so that these programs can fall faster in the actual production.

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