South African illegal gold mine collapsed 200 miners worried about being arrested and refused to go out, February 17th, according to Voice of China, “News Night” reported that according to a comprehensive report by the Australian News Network and the British Broadcasting Corporation today, an abandoned gold mine in Benoni, South Africa, on February 16 In the event of an accident, more than 230 illegal mining workers were trapped underground. So far, only 11 miners have been rescued. It is said that the rest of the trapped gold diggers face the rescuers and refuse to go out. Someone came to help, why are they still willing to stay in the dark underground?

In fact, these miners are likely to be trapped earlier on the 15th, but because there were no people around the mine, until the morning of the 16th, police officers who were inspecting illegal mining came nearby and heard it. Their cry for help.

CCTV correspondent in South Africa Du Jun: I am now in the site of a collapse of an illegal gold mine in eastern Joburg. I have a red crane behind me and I am trying to clean up the rescue. Stones on the road.

The rescuers removed some of the huge stones and opened a rescue channel. The trapped people were rescued. About 30 people at the top of a ventilation shaft at the mine can talk to the well. It is said that there are about 200 people on their work platforms below, but the number has not yet been finalized.

Moses, Captain of the Johannesburg Municipal Disaster Relief Team: It is now certain that 11 people have been successfully rescued. As for how many people are there and their current status, we cannot confirm it now.

Rescue workers said that the 11 miners rescued were not injured. Many trapped miners were able to leave the mine, but they were reluctant to leave. Because in South Africa, illegal mining can constitute a crime, and once these miners are inspected by medical personnel to prove innocent, they will be immediately arrested. Finally, the rescue team still let some miners give up the resistance through dust.

The British “Daily Telegraph” said that miners are likely to be counted by competitors. However, this statement has not been confirmed by the South African authorities.

South Africa is famous for its rich mineral resources. Among them, gold reserves account for 60% of the world’s total, and platinum group metals account for 90% of the world’s total. Therefore, South Africa has become a place of fascination. Become a high-incidence area for illegal mining.

In 2009, at least 82 people were killed in a fire in the Hamoni gold mine in South Africa. It is reported that the deceased were mostly illegal miners. In March 2012, at least 20 workers who had illegal mining died from alive.

And the recent accident has once again highlighted the worrying status of illegal mining activities in mineral-rich areas. He Wenping, an African expert, interviewed the CCTV reporter Zhang Jianing and analyzed the reasons for the mining chaos in South Africa.

He Wenping: The political climate surrounding the elections in South Africa has made the unemployment situation serious, and the legally-employed miners demanded higher wages. This kind of movement is surging, and the legal mining industry now often strikes. It makes some normal. After the mine production stopped, after the pause, the supply of mines in the market was insufficient, and some illegal mining activities in the chain were more than ever.

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