STRATASYS launch of F120 ™ 3D printer in China

Global 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions for leading brands in the Chinese market Stratasys released the latest development of F120 3D printer. F120 is the newest member of Stratasys F123 FDM printer product line, using Stratasys FDM technology reliable? (Fused Deposition Modeling: fused deposition modeling), plus powerful printer engineering grade material, F120 for the Chinese designers, engineers, and teaching and research institutions set bring cost-effective, flexibility of the desktop and preferred industrial grade 3D features in one printing solution , so that the quasi-3D industrial grade print quality on non-professionals fingertips. New release ceremony hand in hand F120 3D printer general agent in China by the Stratasys – Shaanxi disabilities extraordinary three-dimensional Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the ancient city of Xi’an. Hi-tech Zone, deputy director of Weinan, Weinan 3D printing base charge Mr. Jiang Tong, president of Stratasys South Asia Michael Agam, extraordinary leadership at all levels as well as persons on behalf of the agents at all levels attended the conference. Shi is the extraordinary high-tech enterprises, not only rich in desktop and industrial-grade 3D printer market development experience in the field, in the field of 3D printing has accumulated a solid customer experience. Stratasys, president of South Asia Andy (Michael Agam) expressed: “3D printing technology has existed for 30 years, often known as the” next industrial revolution “under, it is considered to be the cornerstone of rapid prototyping, simplified by providing the necessary tools and optimize product development processes, to enable enterprises to achieve a more competitive commitment. 3D printing solutions as a pioneer and global leader, Stratasys has been committed to the reliability and repeatability of innovation and creativity, and trying to build with excellent performance, and the accuracy of products to meet growing customer demand, such as aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, health care and education sectors. “” as China continues to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector, increasingly moving to a manufacturing power, China advanced 3D, demand for additive manufacturing technology and solutions is growing. thus, additive manufacturing technologies and solutions have become an integral part of this transition, and artificial intelligence, or many other things such technologies side by side. this is why ChinaStratasys has been a strategic market for us, and now, more important is to ensure that our customers can find the most appropriate solution for each of their specific needs. This is why in recent years we have been expanding investment, including experts of a larger whole new experience center and more solutions and applications. Through increased investment, and relying on our industry-leading 3D printing technology, global experience, resources and local partners, we are confident that collaborates with clients to help them continue to optimize the business, development and growth. And the F120 strong launch Control Engineering Copyright , once again demonstrates our commitment to cultivating the Chinese market actively commitment. “Andy further said. F120 is suitable for Stratasys introduced the first desktop 3D printer. But unlike other desktop on the market is 3D printing, F120, while the high cost of printing the finished effect has reached the semi-industrial-class print model superior performance, the machine supports a maximum of 254x254x254 mm 3D printing, can be used for multiple automotive industry, electronics, and other functional tests .F120 education using ASA and ABS-M30 thermoplastics, such commercial grade material having excellent strength, durability and finish control Engineering Copyright , to meet the needs of a variety of 3D printing molding and manufacturing. Stratasys the launch of the F120, equipped with GrabCAD printing software, seamless and stable printing process monitoring print jobs to the greatest limits to progress and improve print output. Therefore, control Engineering Copyright , F120 3D printing for users, providing unprecedented printing experience. 3D printing as one of China’s manufacturing industry upgrading and restructuring of important technical advance, access to national policy support. in recent years, 3D printing (including Desktop) industry development momentum Control Engineering Copyright , the market continues to grow, in 2018 exceeded $ 2 billion is expected in the future will continue this strong growth.

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