“Strengthening Industrial Internet safety guidance” Interpretation

Recently, Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Ecology Environment, the National Health Board of Health, Emergency Management, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the State Administration of the market, the National Energy Board, National Defense Technology and industry jointly issued the “Internet security industry to strengthen the work of guidance” (Ministry of networked security [2019] No. 168, hereinafter referred to as “security guidance”). Now on “security guidance” about the interpretation of the contents as follows:
asked: “Security Guidance” issued background and significance of what is? A: The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to the development of the Internet industry, Xi Jinping, general secretary made it clear that Internet innovation to in-depth implementation of industrial development strategy. “State Council on Deepening” “guidance industrial development of the Internet” Internet + advanced manufacturing and the security network platform listed as one of the three major Internet industry system. The introduction of the implementation of “safety guidance,” First CPC Central Committee and State Council work arrangements, to speed up the manufacture of power and power network construction, Internet security system to strengthen the industrial layout; second is to help enhance the security level of Internet security industry, to deal with the industrial development of the Internet is facing network security new risks, new challenges; Third, it helps the parties reach a consensus building to promote synergy, each perform their duties of security system, the formation of industry Internet security force. For the success of the “security guidance” prepared to work together with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Education, Human Resources and Social Security, Emergency Management, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the National Energy Bureau and other relevant departments related to business systems research, extensive collect industry views of all parties, to clarify the responsibilities of Internet security industry interface, a clear focus on the task. “Security guidance” after the introduction of the Internet security industry will carry out work to provide evidence and guidance to local authorities and relevant enterprises. Q: What is “safe guidance” of the general requirements are? A: “Security Guidance” Xi Jinping adhere to the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, fully implement the nineteen Japan in the ninth Second, the Third Plenum of the CPC, and the manufacture of power around the power network construction, focus, control , network, platform, data security, implement the main responsibility of enterprises, government regulatory responsibility, improve the institutional mechanisms, building technology, strengthen public service capacity, promote industrial development, strengthen personnel training, construction of responsibility clear, sound system, advanced technology industry internet security systemEnhance industrial innovation and development of Internet security capabilities and service levels. “Security Guidance” presents four basic principles: First, build a strong security guarantee development. Adhere to both security and development, to ensure the development of industry Internet security and synchronized planning, construction, synchronous operation; the second is by balancing Control Engineering Copyright , to promote synergy. Strengthen coordination and planning systems, to promote research development efforts to form with the parties to create national, local, enterprise collaborative joint work pattern; the third is classified Shi policy, hierarchical management. Adhere to the basic idea of ​​classification and grading management, strengthen key areas, key aspects of management and protection, enhance the comprehensive level of protection; Fourth, integration of innovation, breakthroughs in key areas. Security management mechanism innovation and technology, the key to the core technology research to strengthen Internet security industry, to upgrade the industry supply capacity. Q: What are the main objectives, “safety guidance” is made? A: “Security Guidance” presents two phases of development goals. By the end of 2020, the establishment of monitoring, information sharing, emergency response and other safety management system; the development of at least 20 much-needed safety standard equipment, platforms, data; basically built Internet security technology to protect national industry platform, the foundation repository and safety testing verification environment; forming at least 20 innovative and practical security products in electronic information, aerospace and other key areas to address pilot and demonstration programs, foster a number of Internet security industry with core competitiveness of enterprises. 2025, established a relatively complete and reliable industrial Internet security system. Q: “Security Guidance” which presents the key tasks? A: In order to enhance industrial innovation and development of Internet security capabilities and service levels, “Security Guidance” presents seven aspects of 17 key tasks. One is to promote the security responsibility to implement. Enterprises to implement the main responsibility according to the law, the government perform their supervision responsibilities, the relevant competent authority to carry out the industrial field of Internet security industry guidance, supervision. The second is to build safety management systems. Improve supervision and inspection, communications, emergency response and other safety management system, the development of industrial enterprises Internet industry classification and grading guidelines , and constantly improve Internet security industry standards. The third is to enhance the security level of the enterprise. Urge relevant enterprises to deploy targeted protectionMeasures to continuously consolidate and control equipment, network, platform security. Strengthen the safety assessment of the identity resolution system, strengthen security platform to enhance industrial safety management APP. The fourth is to strengthen the industrial Internet data security protection. Guide enterprises to improve data security measures, the establishment of industrial Internet data classification and grading management system, to build the whole industrial chain of Internet data security management systems. Fifth, the construction of the National Industrial Internet security technology. Build national, provincial and enterprise security technology to protect three collaborative platform. Establish basic security repository and test verification environment, improve risk identification, against threats, the ability to defuse risks. Sixth, strengthen the capacity of public services Internet security industry. Conduct security evaluation and certification, to promote the audit identified evaluation mechanism. Encourage and support professional bodies, enterprises and other security services to enhance the security level, security products and solutions to enhance supply capacity. Seven is to promote scientific and technological innovation and industrial development. Increase R & D achievements and support efforts to foster security companies, pilot demonstration, the selection of outstanding security solutions and best practices, strengthen application promotion. Q: What safeguards “security guidance” implementation is? A: In order to protect the Internet security industry-related tasks effectively implemented to promote the orderly and efficient conduct safety, “safety guidance” proposed safeguard measures in four areas: First, strengthen organizational leadership CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [123 ], strengthen coordination, building duties, closely integrated and efficient operation of the working mechanism, concerted efforts. Second, optimizing environment, intensify support CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , encourage technological innovation and application of technology companies, to promote the safe development of industrial clustering. The third is to play the role of the market, brings together research with multi-force, a market demand for traction, government support to promote the development of the situation. Fourth, strengthen publicity and education, enhance safety awareness and related employees, to further promote the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, speed up the training of personnel.

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