T5 DreamWorks welcomes the first incubator

On July 2, Shenzhen Smart Space Platform Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smart Space”) officially settled in T5 DreamWorks.

The head of T5 DreamWorks said that Smart Space is a start-up technology company with strong technical research and development capabilities. Its core team has more than 10 years of experience in industrial park information system development and digital operation. Providing consultative services for park planning and development, and helping park developers and builders to build smart campus infrastructure and application service platforms with great potential for future development. After the company settled in T5 DreamWorks, DreamWorks will be able to provide a full range of multi-dimensional incubator services, providing enterprises with all kinds of resource elements needed to accelerate innovation and development, and help enterprises to take off quickly.

The total area of ​​T5 DreamWorks is approximately 1919m2. A total of 196 workstations, public leisure areas, public meeting rooms, roadshow halls and tea & printing rooms are planned for small and medium-sized scale. Enterprise and accelerated team use.

In addition to the high-quality hardware environment, T5 DreamWorks also provides multi-level innovative resources for companies to settle in, such as Class creations, roadshows, face-to-face with investment institutions, global innovation through trains, study abroad & visits to famous companies. Help companies integrate innovative resources and accelerate growth.

In terms of incubation services, T5 DreamWorks provides corresponding supporting services according to the different stages of development of the enterprises. For example, for seed and burgeoning companies, T5 DreamWorks provides incubation/entry consulting and application, study abroad/foreigner entrepreneurship consulting, business plan writing, business model combing and even patent agency, taxation agency, legal consulting, business Registration and other services; for angels and growth companies, T5 provides entrepreneurship training, innovation ecosystem conferences, global innovation through trains, angel investments, FA services, industry exchanges, resource docking and other services; and for development and maturity Enterprises, T5 DreamWorks provide targeted corporate branding, policies and regulations, loan financing, credit financing, loan guarantees, mergers and acquisitions consulting, listing counseling and other services.

In addition, T5 DreamWorks will rely on Tianan Jinkong, a subsidiary of Tianan Digital City, to provide services such as fund-raising, resource-investment, and property rights in the company.

Dongguan Fenggang Industrial Development Promotion Association unveiled in T5

On June 27th, Dongguan Fenggang Industrial Development Promotion Association, Guangdong Dongdu Intelligent Industry Innovation Development Co., Ltd. and Dongguan The opening ceremony of the City Fengqi United Industrial Development Investment Co., Ltd. was held at T5. The aim is to jointly promote the development of Fenggang Town’s innovative industries, enhance urban quality, industrial transformation and upgrading, and coordinate development, and contribute to the achievement of a higher level of development in Fenggang Town.

Zhang Yaohong, Secretary of Fenggang Town Committee, Chairman of the City, Chairman and President of Urban Intelligence Group, President of Dongguan Fenggang Industrial Development Promotion Association, and Zheng Yaonan, Chairman of Dongguan Fengqi United Industrial Development Investment Co., Ltd. Mr. Huang Dongsheng, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Jingdong Urban Intelligent Industry Innovation and Development Co., Ltd., and Mr. Yu Anding, Managing Director of Tianan Digital City T5, and Mr. Zhou Yanqing, Deputy General Manager attended the event.

Zhang Yaohong said at the opening ceremony that the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Dawan District and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor Under the strategic opportunity, the establishment of Dongguan Fenggang Industrial Development Promotion Association, Guangdong Dongdu Intelligent Industry Innovation Development Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Fengqi United Industrial Development Investment Co., Ltd., let Fenggang enterprises have “intimate people, communication between government and enterprises” Communication has bridges and ties, and it is expected to play a role as a booster for promoting the development of Fenggang Town’s science and technology, filling shortcomings, and achieving higher levels of development at a higher starting point.

After the ceremony, the T5 International Conference Center held a forum to promote development, seek new ideas, and build a future Fenggang Entrepreneur Economics. At the meeting, Zheng Yaonan and other entrepreneurs conducted in-depth discussions and sharing on topics such as talent, transformation, innovation, listing in Hong Kong, and capital operation. Mr. Zhou Yanqing, deputy general manager of T5, gave a keynote speech on the ecological operation service system of the industrial park and introduced the industrial ecological operation service of Tianan Digital City T5.

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