Taste the ancient capital of the new style Ariston Xi’an flagship competence center grand opening

On September 19, 2017, Ariston Xi’an flagship competence center was grandly opened, following Nanjing, Beijing, Changsha and Hangzhou. The sixth national flagship competence center after Shanghai marks the steady advancement of Ariston’s localization strategy in China and the new model of experiential marketing.

Ariston Xi’an Competence Center, 400-flat flagship build, all categories Showcase the whole line of wall-hung boilers, water heaters and system heating and hot water solutions. Following the brand’s consistently low-key and elegant style, it is based on the minimalist red and white color, highlighting the simple, stylish and dynamic “Italian style” of the Ariston brand. The meticulous layout and ingenuity of the experience space, from product stories to technical applications, into the immersive experience of life scenes, let consumers feel the brand content and product value of Ariston in the “immersive”.

Mr. Chen Daoli, President of Ariston China, visited the site and delivered a warm welcome speech to industry leaders, partners and media friends who took time out of their busy schedule. Ms. Chen Daoli said that the strategy and channels complement each other. Only by deepening the thinking of the big strategy into every store in every city can we consolidate the foundation of the company. As an important step in the strategic layout of the point-to-face and north-south response channels, Ariston’s completion of the experiential competence center across the country will not only help to consolidate and expand the channel influence of Ariston’s step by step, but also contribute to the overall improvement of Ariston. Consumer experience, better serve Chinese consumers! Excited by the excitement, Mr. Chen improvised his pen to write the “eight hundred miles of Qinchuan Wuhua Tianbao, 5,000 years of history and outstanding people. The legendary artisan brand of the first century, 250 million families share warmth!” Applause.

With the opening of the competence center, Ariston’s latest ONE series condensing gas heaters are also available in the Xi’an market. Condensation technology is gradually becoming the mainstream as an advanced solution for energy saving and environmental protection in home heating. As the flagship product of the Ariston Condensing Series, the ONE Series Condensing Gas Warmer is integrated with the new XTRATECHTM main heat exchanger, the IGNITION SYSTEM combustion automation system and the cutting-edge AUTO inverter technology, leading the industry with up to 108% thermal efficiency. Let Ariston’s “European Condensation Expert” be known. At the same time, the ONE series has more humanized “hands” control design in the application of smart internet, which also makes the smart home truly transform from vision to reality.

Ariston Flagship Competency Center Site Selection Xi’an shows the confidence and determination of Ariston to develop the western market. I believe that with the completion of the flagship store, Ariston’s brand penetration and influence will be further enhanced, and more and more consumers will enjoy it. To Ariston’s heart-felt, comfortable, and thoughtful products and services. Ariston’s cutting-edge condensing technology, which is one step ahead of heating products, is better responsive to the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Environmental Protection’s low-nitrogen emissions from gas boilers. Standard requirements, better for the majority of Xi’an citizens to protect the blue sky and white clouds!


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