Tencent teamed up with Changhong to release smart TV, expanding the “friend circle” for AI scenes


[Guidance] Yesterday, Tencent announced a strategic cooperation with home appliance giant Changhong, based on Tencent’s AI assistant solution, Changhong’s new generation of smart TV CHIQ- Q5R is officially released.

Reputed as “China CES”, global three major household appliances and consumption One of the electronics exhibitions, the Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) officially opened on March 8th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

At this year’s AWE, many Internet giants are in “smart homes There have been some new moves in the field, and many top companies such as BAT will compete in this field. Yesterday, Tencent announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with home appliance giant Changhong. The new generation of smart TV CHIQ-Q5R based on Tencent’s AI assistant solution was officially released.

As one of the core products of Tencent’s AI technology field, Tencent Dangdang AI assistant is backed by Tencent AI Lab, etc. The platform and Tencent’s massive content ecosystem have been deployed in many areas such as smart car joints, smart speakers, smart wear, and robots. This time, Tencent’s AI assistant made its debut at AWE and reached a strategic cooperation with Changhong. The CHIQ-Q5R smart TV product was jointly released. According to Lei Feng.com, this product is also the first landing of Tencent in the home appliance industry. Tencent’s efficient cooperation with image capture and voice interaction.

Accelerate the intelligent transformation of appliances

This cooperation between Tencent and Changhong at the AWE show, the significance of the layout of the two parties for the home appliance industry They are very important.

It is foreseeable to use the intelligent voice assistant as a breakthrough point, 2018 Smart home appliances will usher in a new spring. This cooperation with Tencent Dangdang AI assistant in the field of home appliances is also an important expansion of Tencent’s eco-partner program, continue to empower the industry, promote the integration of manufacturing and the Internet, is also an important development of Tencent’s AI strategy.

Chen Qian, deputy general manager of Tencent Intelligent Platform Products, said this time The cooperation with Changhong, the head enterprise of home appliances, is only the beginning. At present, there are plans to cooperate with other companies such as Hisense. When asked if there is a big preference for screening partners, Chen Qian said: Tencent’s attitude towards partners is very open.

The use of jingle is to empower the industry, this industry is not just For the speaker industry, the future of the user’s future life may be intelligently supported, so we have no clear division of priority preferences.

In the layout of smart homes, other giants have also entered , launched a series of smart home life products such as smart refrigerators, and this time Tencent and Changhong chose smart TV as a cooperative product, naturally there are alsoTheir considerations. Chen Qian said: TV is a family interaction center, and smart TV will become the entrance of family interactive terminal. It can be applied directly to Tencent’s image recognition and voice interaction technology on smart TV, connecting Tencent’s huge content resources (Tencent video, Tencent Music Entertainment Group) , reading group and other life entertainment content resources), connecting devices, services and users from both technology and content.

From this point of view, from technology to content resources, you can do As a big ecological ring, Tencent’s technology, resources and Changhong’s experience in the home appliance industry for many years are very strong advantages. Based on this, Tencent’s strategic layout and product landing in the smart home field will be more rapid.

In the eyes of Tencent, bring AI technology to people’s lives The key is to “scenarioize” the requirements, closely combine the customer’s needs with the usage scenarios, and truly meet the user’s needs in order to truly realize the market value of artificial intelligence. In the future, Tencent will continue to output the underlying AI capabilities, act as a catalyst for intelligent upgrades of home appliances, and send consumer-grade AI to people, allowing AI to land, be perceived, empower the industry, and add more color to life.

Chen Qian, Deputy General Manager of Tencent Intelligent Platform Products Division >

Tencent jingle Eco Partner Program

In January of this year, Tencent Dingdang released the “Tencent Dangdang Eco-Partnership Program” when participating in the CES (International Consumer Electronics Show). It is necessary to fully open AI capabilities and empower the various industries.

In different scenarios, different smart solutions are required. This requires cooperation and innovation with eco-partners from all walks of life. Tencent hopes to achieve “AI in ALL” in the future, combining the new AI technology mastered by Tencent with the practical application of various industries, making new technologies such as AI truly practical. value.

And during this AWE meeting, Tencent’s Dangdang showed The strategy of “AI in ALL” helps the intelligent development of home appliances and consumer electronics, and cooperation with Changhong is one of the results.

Tencent jingle said that consumer electronics is an important entry point Tencent will share the complete set of AI full stack technology that Tencent has precipitated over the past two years with the partners in the home appliance industry. With the cloud brain as the center, it will implant intelligent genes for the home appliance industry, let the consumer electronics speak and let the industry accelerate. Artificial intelligence evolution.

At the same time as expanding the ecosystem of partners, Tencent’s Dangdang said It will play a decentralized role as an enabler, with hardware vendors at its core, and its own AI technology strength, massive content resources, Internet services, traffic, marketing cooperation and other series of Tencent ecosystem resources to achieve more The full empowerment of the field. Based on Tencent’s powerful resource integration capabilities, the upstream and downstream resources of the industry chain will be integrated, and the partners will be placed within the Tencent Department’s ecosystem. The package will provide a series of resources including technology, content and services to help the hardware manufacturers become intelligent. Full chainRoad solution. More and more hardware manufacturers have joined the game, implanted intelligent genes, and continue to grow and develop in the industry’s intelligent ecosystem.

Tencent jingle booth at AWE, viewers can see Tencent jingle Covering the floor-to-ceiling products of six popular AI scenes including cars, TVs, headphones, speakers, robots and mobile phones, including Changhong Smart TV, Excellent Robot, GGMM Speaker, 1More Headphone, PACEWARE Watch, Guoguang Ailang Headphone, etc. Tencent’s Dangdang also said that it will continue to expand its eco-partnership circle and access all aspects of smart life.

In the future of smart lifewater And electricity

After a series of changes in consumption, channel changes, and technology iterations, the speed of penetration and integration of the artificial intelligence industry and the economic and social fields is gradually accelerating. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are gestating, and artificial intelligence is entering a new stage of development.

In this context, the intelligence of hardware devices has become the trend, but Not every company has the ability to integrate big data, theoretical algorithms, computing power and network facilities, and can use a lot of manpower and resources to develop technology. Although the artificial intelligence of the scene application has made a breakthrough, it still faces industry barriers to promote difficulties. To solve these problems, giant manufacturers have unique advantages.

AI will become a basic capability in the future, Tencent’s computing power The advantages of big data, application engineering, technology and application scenarios will also become the core advantages of Tencent’s AI strategy. Tencent’s jingle also said:

Continue to explore with Tencent AI Lab Break through the technical achievements of the artificial intelligence core algorithm, constantly improve its technical strength, and provide “universal interface” for major hardware devices. With the concept of “opening and sharing”, it has become the basic entrance for intelligent integration of various industries, and strives to become the “water and electricity” for Chinese families to enter the era of intelligent life in the future.

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