Testing Application | Fuchs new push “Industrial Networking” series of ultrasonic sensors UCC * -50GK

4.0 as an industrial innovator, Fuchs has always been committed to the development of personalized and comprehensive products, innovation, provide future-oriented solutions that support more “Industry 4.0” applications. Recently, UCC * -50GK ultrasonic sensor section Fuchs latest release, to provide users with maximum flexibility and efficiency, designed for rich application scenarios designed towards industrial things (IIoT) application landing, a solid step forward.
Although users benefit TA compact, yet powerful: ● distance measurement up to 4m, a width of the sound cone can be adjusted even in a small space can be achieved accurately sensing.
● for solar and battery power supply system for the optimization, with low-power mode, the standby time is greatly extended.
● Only simple configuration, you can meet a variety of application needs. Embedded design output product by UART , LIN bus and the PWM, the controller easily integrated without PLC. After
Fans welfare come! Limited sample test to apply for
with immediate effect Control Engineering Copyright , scan the next Fanger Wei code to complete the application form to fill in, you can participate in activities that you will accept the return visit have the opportunity to experience free “UCC * -50GK” things sensor! (Note: The test sample is available only to companies and organizations, not to accept individual applications)
A typical application of ultrasonic sensors UCC * -50GK wide range applications, and can be combined with other hardware components constitute a real sensor IOT possible to provide data such as fill level information. 1. Treatment
water / wastewater treatment applications, harsh outdoor conditions, moisture, dirt …… most sensors, is a severe challenge. However, UCC * -50GK series risen to the challenge – having IP66 / 67 degree of protection, the PTFE protective film to prevent adhesion of contamination on the sensor. Such sensors can detect durable sand trap, a clear height of material level in the tank and column digested wide ambient temperature range: -25 ° C … + 70 ° C , and with temperature compensation. Silo 2.
in the material reservoirDeposit, whether it is the construction industry, agriculture or operators can benefit from it. Rugged sensor is ideal for multi-function monitor is equipped with cement, gravel, sand, or grain, animal feed and mineral nutrients silos. Three kinds of modes and sound cone sensing range up to 4 meters combine to make the user the flexibility to choose Copyright Control Engineering , a breakthrough space constraints. With the protective film of PTFE, without fear transducing head on corrosion material. 3. Recovery was treated
recovered from plastics, glass, paper and other trash into the compactor, UCC * 50-GK may be implemented smarter, more efficient recovery of product management process. Compact housing thread design, UCC * -50GK can be easily installed in a closed vessel, and three distinct modes sound cone, which ensures accurate sensing in these narrow spaces. More importantly, through the power saving mode and a standby function, the running time becomes longer Copyright Control Engineering , or a solar battery to power it. 4. The service class and small robots AGV
AGV smaller (the AGV), and the feed cleaning robots may be equipped UCC * -50GK ultrasonic sensor, an economical and efficient collision detection. With its compact size of the housing, this sensor can be easily integrated into the AGV. Cleaning and feed robot, often exposed to environmental pollutants. Because of the wide range of temperatures and integrated temperature compensation, both indoor and outdoor use. Wonderful case review “Heidelberg, Germany, Smart City” project-based UCC * -50GK series of things sensor, in Heidelberg, Germany, is being applied to innovative projects intelligent recycled content management system, this solution also uses SAP IoT software and WAN (LoRaWAN) technology. Recalling the wonderful case, please click: Heavy | Fuchs enabling new ecological things, help Heidelberg “smart city” re-upgrade!

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