The advent of the Internet industry: how to do? Difficulties? What is the value?

When the consumer Internet sweeping the world, the ascendant, the Internet this “fire” has burned up in the body much larger amount of industrial areas, industrial concept of the Internet began to spread. The construction industry of the Internet is undoubtedly a “protracted war”, now still in the “exploration” phase, though already there are ongoing efforts to pioneer, but for a large number of enterprises, especially SMEs, is still in the “Industrial Internet Eve.” What should be how to do? Where is the difficulty? In the recently held 2019 in Guiyang, China International Industry Fair data, expand the number of industry experts discussed the topic of the Internet industry.
on the “Industrial Internet and smart +” fair number of high-end dialogue, many industry insiders discuss the topic of the Internet industry Source: Every time there was correspondent Gu Lijuan photo
oriented manufacturing industries to service the Internet from a production-oriented manufacturing exactly What is? What is the significance of economic development? “Industrial Internet, simply put, is the machines, control systems, network interconnection between information systems, products and people as well as customers, based on it, to achieve intelligent production through the full depth perception industrial data, operational excellence and changes in production methods, that is, OT + CT + IT. among them, the data is the core of the network is the foundation, is to protect the security. “Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese information and communication Technology Group Co., Ltd. Party Committee Yu Shaohua this introduction. Yu Shaohua said that the transition from the national point of view, the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea are also in the stage that extends from the consumer to the Internet industry, while China’s Internet industry, compared with developed countries started a little later, we have to catch up. “Digital economy is the fourth leading force in the development of the industrial revolution CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the main battlefield digitization of traditional industrial sectors.” China Information and Communication Research Institute Yu Xiaohui said. Manufacturing competition heating up, the rapid development of the market CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but also to continue to reduce costs, it will face many supply chain problems. Yu Shaohua said that, then you need to make physical plant networking, overlay a “nerve layer” on top of the original physical plant, the logistics, capital flow, the flow of people to interact together and improve efficiency. “Production will Makeovers way, the transition from mass production to customizationTransition from a production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, the transition from factor-driven to innovation-driven. “Yu Shaohua said. Yu Shaohua to such enterprises as” agent “, which has machine learning and upgraded features, you can always refresh, will greatly enhance the efficiency can be seen in all aspects of their own problems through the microscope, telescope by see future trends and patterns. “enterprise agent is to take the results into perception data, the data to be transformed into information, information to extract knowledge, knowledge to better serve the intelligence services, but also to improve business intelligence operational processes and the entire system. “The first step in the Internet industry:” cloud “sounded the Internet industry will be huge construction project, and where should it start?” Industrial Internet to the floor, the integration will require new IT technology and industrial technology depth. “Wave cloud CEO Yuan Yi Chan said. Prior to fusion, first to” the cloud. “” Achieve cloud on our products, cloud on the device, the cloud industry chain, constitute our Restore to restore part of the physical world in this system. “Yuan Yi Chan said, and then use intelligent tools, the use of big data, to enhance awareness of the virtual world, to bring greater value-added. He further example, such as some companies want to reduce costs through improved yield ., then they would through a lot of data “cloud” and then to know which part of the process to improve, and ultimately improve the yield by intelligent analysis of Huazhong University of Science professor, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Lee Bacon told two examples: a Haier, which digital technology, intelligent technology for product development, through the industrial internet platform and user interaction, the user absorb ideas come in, the development of new products; energy conservation is a Jiuquan Steel, it is the big data and in-depth learning for blast furnace emission reduction, productivity can be increased 5%, reduce the cost of 15 yuan per ton of iron of these cases have demonstrated the path of the Internet industry landing Yu Xiaohui also summed up the “three paths”: first, the production level, increase productivity, by connecting the device to get through production and operating systems, to improve product quality [1 23], reduce production consumption, which is a data-driven intelligent plant; second, the industrial chain level, the Internet opened up by industrial enterprises inside and outside the industry chain to achieve value-added CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , possibly through industryCoordinated implementation architecture, but also possibly through product innovation, service innovation and business model transformation to achieve; the third is the platform level, mimicking the consumer Internet ideas Control Engineering Copyright , constitute a platform for the economy, for the first tripartite provide services, to create data-driven ecological operational capability. SMEs difficulties: too much homework to make up the undeniable is that China’s Internet industry is still in its very early stages. Insiders said, it is still “Industrial Internet Eve.” Compared consumer Internet, a significant challenge facing the industry is an open Internet is not high. “After all, many industries and companies have their own intellectual property rights, have their own data and some of the trade secrets, these things are usually in a closed loop inside the run. All of a sudden these things out in an open and shared on the Internet industry is certainly not reality, only gradually open. openness, sharing, intellectual property rights and business and industry, the balance of trade secrets of the Internet industry, requires a process. “senior Vice president of Huawei technologies Co., Ltd. Zhang Shunmao representation. Extending therefrom and the other problem is that the “language barrier.” “Industrial Internet community needs OT staff, room and IT, CT sector personnel and management systems to achieve cross-border integration. And their language is inconsistent, how to unify the language, this is everyone’s values, perspectives, management can form the process of consensus. “Zhang Shunmao said. In Germany, president of the Bosch Group Division intelligent network linking China, Chen seems, the construction of the Internet industry is a protracted war. “With our exemplified in the Bosch factory planning Changsha, we have the end of 2016 plan, in 2018 put into operation the first industrial 4.0 model line, while construction five new model line, parallel transformation of eight existing production lines, the entire plan to 2025 to complete. “in the future, large enterprises and small businesses transition path will be very different. “Large companies such as GE, Siemens, Schneider, etc., which is to make industrial data and industry models, artificial intelligence, collaborative optimization do together SMEs from the international point of view is relatively small, because it does not solve the past to solve issues, such as MES and ERP remedial problems. “Yu Xiaohui expressed. But this does not mean that small businesses living environment will be worse. Senior partner of Deloitte Consulting Greater China Matt Huang’s view is that the future of the Internet in the industrial field, not a “feeding frenzy”, but “small fish groupEat fish market share, the share of fast fish eat slow fish, eat the rapidly changing business slowly changing their market share. “He gives some data:” Global FMCG products before 25, over the past few years the growth rate at 3%, but the rest of the small and medium enterprises is almost 100% growth. Because of the Internet industry, with big data, smart manufacturing, including virtual reality, augmented reality, 5G, these measures will make the whole industry segmentation, and then turned into a ecosystem, a platform operation, this is the future of the whole industry Direction of development. “Matt Huang also noted that” many companies are like big, do the whole, want to make any money. In fact unrealistic, then came the Internet industry, and certainly can not do more. Many data indicate that small and medium enterprises in the future will be living longer and ecological circle is good. ”

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