The architects completed the holiday home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

In 2010, the architects completed the holiday home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The homeowner uses it as a seasonal holiday villa, they want to have enough space to entertain guests, and there are comfortable private areas available to their guests. Putting these two features together is not a major challenge. The architect divided the house into two structures. The downstairs area is an entertaining space that includes social spaces such as the kitchen, living room and dining room. Upstairs is a private area with a bedroom. They can be turned off to provide more privacy, quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The location gives the architect the opportunity to open the house to the surroundings, providing an amazing and unobstructed view of the sea and the rest of the landscape.
The interior and exterior areas maintain a seamless and strong connection. These two areas are connected by sliding doors and have a very comfortable and intimate feel.

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