The bathroom door is installed to prevent moisture

The decoration is a long line. As an amateur, few people can do everything properly; the bathroom is a relatively humid place, and it should be protected from moisture. It should start from the installation of the bathroom door. So, what should I do before and after installing the bathroom door, and what should I pay attention to? Let’s take a look at it~
Washing door installation

Preparation before installation

1, ready to install tools, such as electric hammer, hoe, plane, screwdriver , stamps, fine-tooth saws, square feet, tape measures, hanging hammers, drills of corresponding specifications, drills, etc.

2. Reserve a certain bathroom door opening, scrape the wall putty, and smooth it to install the bathroom door. Remember not to install the side of the wall, causing delays in construction and even damage to the door.

3, the humidity of the wall of the bathroom door installation hole must be less than 25%, otherwise the wall humidity is too high, the installed door cover is easy to get wet, resulting in deformation and cracking of the bathroom door .

4, open the package inspection, carefully check the style and color of the bathroom door to ensure that the part that can be detected by the naked eye has no quality problems. If there is any problem, contact the manufacturer to return the goods in time, and then do not rework after installation.

Installation actual process

1, bathroom door cover

First find out the two things of the vertical board and the door cover, then The joints are butt jointed against the number on the back side, the sprues need to be on the same plane, and the glue is applied to the joints.

Next, put the assembled bathroom door cover into the door hole, and use the wooden strip to fix the four sides of the bathroom door cover, so that the two sides of the door cover and the wall are at the same level.

Finally, check the quality of the bathroom, whether the door cover is vertical, whether the door panel is bent, the two corners of the two vertical plates are not perpendicular to the top plate of the door cover, and the iron piece should cover the wall on both sides. body.

2, bathroom door leaf

Open the hinge slot first, confirm the ratio of the height of the hinge groove and the bathroom door fan on the two sides of the bathroom door fan is 1:10 . Then check the details, check that the accessories of the various bathroom doors are complete, check whether the door locks and door switches are flexible, and whether the size of the bathroom door is completely accurate. Finally, according to the assembly sequence of the bathroom door structure, install and debug in turn!
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