The ceiling of the ceiling 4.0 is coming, the whole house ceiling will break through from the 7th direction

Ceiling 4.0 era 1, functionalization of gussets; 2. Diversification of electrical appliances; 3. Intelligent control methods; 4. Convenient installation; 5. Personalized appearance; 6. Specialization in production; .

The ceiling industry has evolved from the original traditional ceiling, to Yuba + traditional ceilings, to integrated ceilings. After several times, “change.” Nowadays, with the increasing demand of consumers, the ceiling industry is making great strides towards the 4.0 era, which means that the era of full house integration is coming.

The advent of the ceiling 4.0 era is a new industry enthusiasm for all integrated ceiling companies. Then, how should enterprises pick up the move? Don’t worry, Xiaobian first analyzes several possible development directions of the ceiling 4.0 era:

01, functionalization of the gusset

The integrated ceiling realizes the gorgeous turn of the gusset from practical to style. However, the style must be there, but it is definitely not a long-term solution for the development of the ceiling, and the complicated colors are not. The author believes that the functional gusset will be popular in the whole house ceiling. The so-called function refers to aldehyde removal, purification, smoke removal, dust prevention, and antifouling.

02, Diversified appliances

The ceiling is extended from the kitchen to the whole house, and the functions of the appliances must be diversified. In addition to heating, lighting, ventilation and other basic functions, environmentally friendly purification appliances and lighting will occupy a larger proportion, especially in addition to aldehyde, smoke removal, fresh air and other environmental purification host will replace heating to become a master.

03. Intelligent control method

The traditional integrated ceiling control method uses mechanical switches. As the ceiling enters the guest restaurant and bedroom, the control will be more toward the smart wireless direction. development of. The popularity of local area networks and networks has made remote control possible, and it has also made the intersection of smart homes and the entire roof. The crossover of the two is likely to produce a brand new industry.

04, Installation Convenience

The 21st century will be a century of professional craftsmen’s scarcity. The shortcomings of the implementation of the one-child policy for decades will gradually emerge in these years, and the craftsmen and crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years have repeatedly emerged. The scarcity of professional craftsmen, coupled with the fast pace of life, the convenience and speed of installation will be an important indicator of whether a product is competitive. We are looking forward to the birth of a new structure of fool-like ceilings, so that perhaps one day, consumers can DIY ceilings at home like many movies.

05, personalized appearance

90 has gradually become the mainstream of consumption, with the big stream is their taboo, therefore, “small custom ceiling will be a difference Competitive Strategy. Personalized design and order-based flexible production may be the next step for the company to practice.

06, Production Specialization

With so many materials, such a large number of different professional areas of electrical appliances, no matter which company is not competent. What to do? Find a professional manufacturer! Therefore, the spring of specialized ceiling materials and electrical appliance manufacturers is coming soon!

07, show big storey

The display is indeed a cost-conscious product. A good image requires a big facade. Even if it is a network merchant or O2O, it needs a big image store. Therefore, large, good store resources will be even scarcer. However, big stores mean big investment, and big investment does not necessarily bring big output. Therefore, the choice of the store and the choice of the brand will be a long-standing and outstanding problem for the franchisee.

From the inferred development direction, the big industry era of the ceiling is coming soon! Faced with this industry’s new enthusiasm, companies can seize the opportunity and fly away! Whether in products, processes, technology At the terminal or service, the ceiling enterprises can seek new breakthroughs to fly through the wind of the whole house ceiling and integration! (Source: China Ceiling Network)

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