The Cloud and months, twenty-fifth contained Fuchs – Fuchs China the 25th anniversary celebration was held

May 23, 2019, with “The Cloud and months, twenty-fifth contained Fuchs” Fuchs Chinese-themed 25th anniversary celebration was held in Shanghai.
festival site
Mr. Fuchs Group owner Michael Fuchs, Michael Fuchs Mr. Jr., Ms. Monika Mueller-Michael, CEO Dr. Gunther Kegel, CEO of Pepperl + Fuchs Group, Mr. Fuchs Group CFO Chief Financial Officer Werner Guthier Mr. Fuchs, president of factory automation Group Reiner Mueller, Mr. Fuchs Group factory in Asia Pacific CEO Matthias Gunkel automation, process automation Pepperl + Fuchs Group Asia Pacific CEO Mr. Shane Parr, Fuchs Germany sales Co., Ltd. Managing Director Mr. Stefan Albrecht, Pepperl + Fuchs, general manager of Shanghai Mr. Daniel Winkler and other company leaders, the leadership of Shanghai Jing’an District, City Shenbei leadership, important guests at home and abroad as well as Chinese customers and business partners, nearly a hundred delegates witnessed this grand moment.
guests posed
Dr. Gunther Kegel, CEO of Pepperl + Fuchs Group CEO
eventful years Control Engineering Copyright , the brilliant achievements in the speech part of a highlight than this: you doubly debut since the founding of China Fu served as general manager, and they were Reiner Mr. Mueller, Mr. Matthias Gunkel, Mr. StefanAlbrecht, and Mr. Daniel Winkler control Engineering Copyright , respectively, each review Fuchs in China development process, counting with Chinese colleagues to work together bit by bit memories. In the eyes of every Fuchs, precisely because the team “Relay successful” efforts to pay, only now the fruits of development Fuchs China.
high-level group photo
“Blessing” and “thank you” to become the most mentioned on the day of celebration of keywords, the guests said: “Since entering China in 1994, from an industry pioneer grown into a mature business, success Fuchs made both from ChinaHelp and try not to open the Chinese partners and all employees. Fuchs from future customers, products, processes and organizations, four teams continue to improve, continue cultivating the challenging Chinese market and create greater glories. “China, as Pepperl + Fuchs global distribution of key emerging markets, and achieved global success for Pepperl + Fuchs is critical. Since 1994, China has entered Fuchs, Fuchs has 25 deep plowing contained in China, the development of sound, the establishment of Beijing in China, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi’an and other places set up an office in Taiwan in 2017 Fuchs was founded, the Chinese market to further expand business throughout Greater China. with a comprehensive sales and technical support network www.cechina. cn , and the North industrial Park in Shanghai’s modernization Greater China headquarters in Shanghai Pepperl + Fuchs customers in China to provide professional, convenient services. Fuchs always adhere to uphold the company’s commitment, along with the vigorous development of China’s industrial automation market, and customers and partners to grow control Engineering Copyright , made an outstanding contribution to the upgrade and development of Chinese factory automation market. from the invention of the proximity switch, the station on the air outlet industrial age 4.0, as industry pioneer, Fuchs continued to promote the development of the field of automation. innovation has always been flooding Powerful engine Fuchs high-speed steady forward, is deeply integrated into the enterprise veins of distinct genes, but also Fuchs a consistent development of “key words.”
Shanghai headquarters
Looking ahead, temper forward Jing’an District, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and North High (Group) Co., Ltd. leaders came to power speech, congratulated the great achievements China has made Fuchs, and eagerly look forward to extend Fuchs China’s future development. Looking to the future, Dr. Gunther Kegel said, Fuchs will continue to innovate and develop new technologies, the full implementation of the “digital strategy”, respectively, starting from these key areas: intelligence products, intelligent connection, intelligent manufacturing and business processes, intelligence cooperation, so as to stimulate performance potential of digital technology brings, improve efficiency, the future of the company will be fully digitalized. in addition, also contributed play its role in the era of things.
party scene
believe, Fuchs will not forget the early heart control Engineering Copyright [123 ] times, in the context of the Internet and big data industry, creating the world Chi IndustryThe new can of brilliant success on the road, forge ahead!

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