The development of industrial robots for domestic brands will be the effect

Current , whether it is the world’s industrial robots market or the domestic market, the development of common maintained rapid growth in the state. Data show that , from 2013 to 2016, the average growth rate of the global market remained at over 16%, while China’s market growth is ahead of the global average [123 ] control Engineering Copyright , and for three consecutive years has accelerated. In recent years, by automation trends and impact of the demographic dividend disappeared, ushered in the rapid development of China’s industrial robot, from the beginning of 2013, China’s five consecutive years as the world’s largest industrial robot market demand. During major foreign companies competing to build factories in China, outstanding technical talent to bring advanced robotics, domestic enterprises at the same time experiencing fierce competition, but also made certain development results, the domestic robot brands gradual rise trend. However, while domestic industrial robot sales double growth, the market share of domestic brands has a problem. Recently, the Chinese Robot Industry Alliance released data show that in 2017 China’s industrial robot market share of domestic brands dropped six percentage points
, the end of the period of rapid growth for five consecutive years, the first decline. The Government has proposed in the robotics industry development plan through the target, it requires that by 2020, annual production goal of domestic brands of industrial robots is expected to reach 10 million units, now the sharp drop in market share of domestic brands, letting the realization of this goal becomes even more difficult. At present, the domestic industrial robot market is still occupied by four families abroad, domestic enterprises and the gap between them in the technology and the market is still large; in the industrial structure, domestic brands still remain in the system integration level, low-tech, profit modest, high-end industrial low-end offset is serious. And many domestic enterprises due to technical limitations and invested heavily, unwilling or unable to engage in basic research and development work, it also allows industry development status lingering fundamental change. Many experts believe that long-term growth appeared in front of the state, partly because foreign brands capacity in short supply, to the domestic brands alternative space, on the other hand domestic brands robot uses channel Yahuo sales model, a little living beyond the means inside. While domestic brands in this way to get temporary growth, butAs long as foreign brands to expand production capacity, or recovery, while the side effects of living beyond sales model, once revealed, the market share of domestic brands will naturally decline. Since 2018, Sino-US trade war intensified CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the United States is on China to levy tariffs of industrial robots and a technical blockade, the price advantage of domestic brands gradually decline, related technological exchanges may also be cut off, the development of domestic industrial robot encountered a more difficult challenge. The decline in share of domestic brands release a signal, if domestic enterprises are still only stay in the industrial end, will eventually become foreign brands foundry, the development of Chinese industrial robots will lose the future! Therefore, personnel training, technological breakthroughs, the rise of domestic brands to enter the high-end to become the only way.

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