The global development of the Internet industry practice and inspiration

Human society has experienced agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, the information revolution is going through. Full depth integration of the new generation of information technology in various fields of economic and social Internet, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, gave birth to being online and offline integration, information and physical characteristics of the new model for the integration of new products, new formats and push the global industry digital, networked, intelligent change, to create a new momentum for the world economy, opening up new roads to explore new boundaries. Since the international financial crisis, developed countries attach great importance to the coordinated development of the virtual economy and real economy, have “re-industrialization” strategy, reshape manufacturing new competitive advantage. Some developing countries also accelerating the planning and layout, and actively participate in the global industry to a division of labor. Internet industry as a new generation of information technology products and manufacturing depth of integration, is increasingly becoming the key to support new industrial revolution, resulting in comprehensive, in-depth, revolutionary impact on future industrial development. First, the development of the Internet industry is a common choice for the future of countries in recent years, the world economic downturn, lack of global growth momentum, the traditional engine of growth stimulating effect on the economy weakened, but the new economic growth point has not yet formed. To create a new growth model dynamic, mining countries and world economic growth, new impetus must change the traditional growth mode, to find a way in innovation. Industrial Manufacturing Internet an attached, one attached to the network, both through technological innovation to promote the development of productive forces, but also by a rich model innovation and reshape the relations of production, competing to become a national investment, must not be lost of the common choice. First, the Internet industry is a key infrastructure of new industrial revolution. Internet is essentially based on industrial manufacturing digital cloud platform, networked, intelligent infrastructure, providing a cross-device, cross-system, cross-plant and inter-regional comprehensive interoperability platform that allows enterprises to design a global level to optimize the production, management, services and other manufacturing activities, providing basic support to technological innovation and organizational change management companies. Meanwhile, the Internet platform of industrial enterprises, and to obtain the ability to break the physical boundaries of the tissue in a wider range, easy to open up the internal data island between the upstream and downstream supply chain, supply chain, resource effective synergistic, tissue forming borderless , value creation to expand from the traditional value chain to value network. Second, the Internet industry to become a reality path of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector. Internet industry is a new generation of information technology and modern technology, the depth of integration of industrial product, is intended to encompass digital, networkIntegrated technology system, intelligence and other general-purpose technology. The nature of the industrial Internet is by building accurate, real-time, efficient data collection interconnection system, to achieve total factor industrial economy, the whole industry chain, the resources of the whole value chain of optimal allocation, increase total factor productivity, promote economic development, quality change, efficiency change, power change. On the one hand, the Internet industry can tap the development potential of the traditional manufacturing industry, by introducing new technologies, new management, new models for manufacturing of Internet plug in the wings, into the gene information technology, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing. On the other hand, the Internet industry to accelerate the pace of development of advanced manufacturing, gave birth to intelligent production, networked collaboration, customization, service derivatized, digital management and other new manufacturing model, promoting open intelligent manufacturing processes. Third, the Internet industry help countries obtain new competitive advantages. Based on the platform of the winner-take-competition model is accelerating the evolution from manufacturing to consumption, who can stay ahead of the competition in the Internet industry, we will be able to seize the initiative in the future Reconstruction manufacturing R & D model, production methods and organizational forms, with the Internet industry as the core of the ecological struggle is becoming the new focus of major national competition. US Internet Industry Alliance, the main purpose of the German Industry 4.0 platform is established, through the integration of research breakthroughs in core technologies used all resources to carry out testing and certification, to promote the development of industry standards and solutions and create new ecological manufacturing, continue to strengthen manufacturing competitiveness advantages and monopoly. In the new round of global technological revolution and industrial revolution, the development and integration of information technology in all areas of the industry has unlimited potential and broad prospects, has become an irresistible trend of the times. In addition to Germany’s national strategy “Industry 4.0” US “national strategic plan advanced manufacturing,” Japan’s “robot new strategy”, etc., the United Kingdom, France, South Korea, India, Russia and many other countries have also launched a series of strategic , although different names, different emphases, but the depth of integration to promote a new generation of information technology and manufacturing, to speed up digitization, network, platform, intelligent transformation of the manufacturing sector is the common core of these strategies, countries are expected by reducing reliance on the technological revolution of the people, to better maximize the value of people, to achieve their national development of high-quality, high efficiency, high-end green direction. Second, the main course and the practice of national industrial development of the Internet in the last round of global development boom, the United States, Germany, Japan, led by the developed countries have implemented “to the workersIndustrialization “strategy, the value chain in the lower value-added processing, assembly and other sectors to low-cost countries and regions, the main focus in their research and development, production of key parts and brand marketing high value-added sectors, through the global resources integration division to achieve maximum benefit. but as the situation changes in the global division of labor and competition, particularly in the occurrence of the international financial crisis, the developed countries renewed awareness of the importance of the manufacturing sector, the situation in urgent need of continuous growth and rising demand for digital transformation in emerging countries under find a new way to establish new advantages. this strategic shift demand with national industrial reality, forming a distinctive different development paths. (a) the United States continued to lead the global development of the Internet industry since 2014, the United States GE, IBM, since Cisco and other leading enterprises in the leading industrial Wide Web Consortium (IIC) was established, the US government and coalition members trends became the benchmark global industrial development of the Internet in the strategy to promote the United States pay more attention to innovation-driven, play Internet, information and communications, software and other advantages, the use of information technology Top-down “reshape the industry. First, after the government vigorously implement the re-industrialization strategy. In 2008 the international financial crisis, the United States realized that the” de-industrialization of industrial hollowing out “problem” brought “to revitalize the manufacturing sector as a important long-term development strategy, intensive and sustained issued a series of policies and measures. the US government implemented the “advanced manufacturing partnership Program” build “national network of manufacturing innovation”, focusing on breakthroughs in information physical systems, advanced sensing and control , big data analytics, trusted network, high performance computing, information security and other key technology of the Internet industry to provide strong support for the development and application of the Internet industry. through these measures, intended by the relations of production, production methods and technological innovations, the industry renewed strong vitality and competitiveness, and lead the transformation of other industries, and by the results of a new round of technological revolution, promote industrial upgrading, accelerate the process of the fourth industrial revolution. the second is the US industry leader to lead the development of the Internet as the United States .GE traditional manufacturing industry giants, the first to realize that digital The importance of the transformation, in 2013 launched Predix industry Internet platform, and vigorously promote the industrial development of the Internet. Then GE invested a lot of resources to Predix as the core of the establishment of a new business unit GE Digital, as a key part of its strategy, but also with .GE GE Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and other giants partnership,And jointly promote the development of the Internet industry, to strengthen the platform service capabilities. December 2018 GE announced private equity firms Silver Lake will sell part of GE Digital business, and will invest $ 1.2 billion in the establishment of new industrial Internet companies, independent operators Predix platform and related digital business, a new road on the industrial development of the Internet round attempt. In addition, US Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) by virtue of ThingWorx platform by many research company named 2018 global Internet market industry technology leader, has become the world’s most widely used Internet platform industrial enterprises. The third is outstanding start-up companies to obtain capital favor. Uptake in 2014 established companies to obtain financing more than $ 250 million in just four years, the market valuation of up to $ 2.3 billion. Provide edge intelligence software company FogHorn current total financing of $ 47.5 million, only 2017 B round of financing to get $ 30 million. Unicorn business C3IoT Internet platform based on industry developed a series of industry APP, the current number of access equipment has more than 70 million, four-wheel cumulative financing of $ 110 million valuation of $ 1.4 billion. Fourth, to actively build eco-industrial development of the Internet. March 2014, GE, AT & T, Cisco, IBM, Intel and other companies jointly established the industry Web Consortium (IIC), the promotion of industrial standardization and pilot application of Internet technology, the Internet industry to build eco-system. 2015 IIC Internet publishing industry reference architecture, industrial systematic definition of the Internet architecture system. March 2016, Industrial Alliance and the Internet “Industry 4.0” platform represents explore the potential of industrial consistency were introduced 4.0 reference architecture model and reference architecture of the Internet industry in Zurich, Switzerland. More than 260 members of the unit as of now, the US Internet Industry Alliance has come from 33 countries around the world, committed to the development of industrial ecological construction test to verify the Internet, standards development and international cooperation. (B) the German Internet industry continues to accelerate the pace of construction of Germany’s leading global manufacturing equipment, to meet the challenges of a new round of technological and industrial revolution brought the German pay more attention to their own advantages in terms of manufacturing equipment, automation systems, process and other use Internet and other information technologies “bottom-up” transformation of the manufacturing sector, 4.0 proposed industrial strategy, its essence is constituted by connecting the machine to get through the production of the “real” worldInternet community and constitute a “virtual” world, reshaping the new production system based on industry Internet service, improve efficiency of resource allocation. First, the government introduced a series of strategic plan. Under the impetus of the German National Academy of Engineering, the Fraunhofer Society and other research institutions, the German government will Industry 4.0 national strategy, trying to full integration Information Network and the industrial production system , create digital factories, companies achieve horizontal integration between the value chain, vertically integrated manufacturing system and the network end-to-digital integrated engineering , stressed interconnected to change the machine to the Internet the current industrial production and service delivery model. 2019 Germany further proposed “National Industrial Strategy 2030” development strategy, and the two countries’ economic platform for the Internet’s global monopoly “as a challenge of one of the German industrial development, is intended to increase by an additional force of government policy, consolidate the new form of comparative advantages. From the strategic point of view the German series, which aims to further build the industrial production of all the elements, the whole value chain, the whole industry chain fully connected manufacturing services system. The second is to actively promote the industry leader in Internet distribution. Siemens digital business annual revenue of up to 14 billion euros in its just-released “Vision 2020+” “digital industrial” strategy in the future as one of the three major carriers direction, and start the “Rocket Club” Global start-ups plan to launch MindSphere platform version 3.0, a joint library card, Festo, Eisenman Group and other 18 partner companies together to create “MindSphereWorld”, to build ecosystems around MindSphere platform, and expand its global reach. Siemens also recently acquired a low-source technology companies Mendix, significantly reducing application development threshold, it will make the efficiency of industrial development based on APP platform dramatically. Construction of the SAP covered by the edge calculated on the basis HANA platform, large data processing and application development capabilities of Leonardo internet. (C) other countries followed the introduction of national and regional development strategies other advantages of the present situation and the development of domestic manufacturing sector, have also introduced the Internet industry development strategy. First, the industrial countries to create local Internet system. Britain introduced manufacture 2050, France developed the “new French industrial” strategy, keeping up with the worldInternet industry development trends, increase support for domestic industry breakthrough Internet technology, industrial distribution, financial services. Japan proposed the “Internet industry” strategy, trying to interconnect people, devices, systems and technology together to create new added value and solve social problems. South Korea will robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing autopilot and establish the main direction for the development of intelligent manufacturing industry. Second, the increasingly close international cooperation and exchanges. In early 2019 the Internet industry alliance with Australia Things League (IoTAA) reached an agreement to jointly coordinate the development of the Internet industry to help improve the digital economy. 2018, Singapore, Indonesia and the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution conclusion of cooperation to support the revitalization of the Indonesian Industry 4.0 food and beverages, textiles and clothing, automobiles, chemical products and other five areas. In addition, India’s Infosys, Tata and other major software companies and more extensive cooperation with the United States, Germany, Japan and other manufacturing companies, is deeply involved in the Internet industry coalition and other international organizations. Throughout the Internet industry practice all major countries of the world, basically formed a “government guidance, market-led, corporate body, the Union supported” road of development, in terms of technology research, industrial layout, services, capital, and increase production and research cooperation efforts to join forces to jointly promote the innovation and development of the Internet industry. Third, the development of China’s Internet industry Revelation construction industry development trend of the Internet to follow the historical evolution of a new industrial revolution, is the trend. But there is no royal road to promote the new things, the world in advancing the process of development of the Internet industry, a useful exploration, but also exposed some problems. For my country, to fully grasp the current important opportunities the Internet industry building, fully absorb the lessons of overseas development, combined with our own manufacturing base and industrial structure, to build China’s Internet industry platform system. First, to platform-centric, radiating the whole Internet industry chain development. Industry leading Internet companies from abroad Practice Control Engineering Copyright , Germany and the United States Strategic Industry 4.0 Industry Internet have raised important to create a platform of practice, core carrier development of the Internet industry is the industry Internet platform, a aspects of information platform brings together elements of all aspects of the entire manufacturing industry, grasp the platform to grasp the initiative, through the construction of an iterative platform on the other hand can pull data acquisition, network access, security, application development and other industrial chain collaboration hairExhibition, driven lifting platform supply capacity. The second is to to apply for the pilot, step by step to create a multi-level platform system. The development of industry Internet platform is not simply to build several platforms, but starting from the scenario CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to find the real scene of industrial real bottleneck, bottom-up form the actual operational, can copy of a series of system solutions, and industry in the form of APP, industrial micro-services industry gradually settle to the internet platform, the application by a single point to multi-point promotion, by a particular industry, region-specific cross-cutting push up cross, established covering the whole production process, all aspects of a range of platform solutions, the formation of a multi-level platform development system. The third is to be based on cooperation Control Engineering Copyright , and actively build collaborative Ecology sharing. Internet industry needs sustained high investment and long period of accumulation, we have experienced recently from GE Industrial Internet business in the short term from “sell” to the twists and turns “stripping”, as well as Germany timely adjustment strategy promulgated the “National Industrial Strategy 2030” to increase government support point of view, the industrial development of the Internet requires not only leading enterprises, more needs to multi-power government, business, alliances, and other collaborative research institutes, science and technology, industry, finance and other fields intermediation. This fully confirms our country always adhere to the “production and research with politics”, we strive to get through technological innovation, the correctness of industrial development, the development model of Internet financial services industry ecological chain, to further build a more dynamic ecosystem, promote the industrial Internet applications landing.

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