The global market for smart homes will reach 140 billion yuan in 2018

The smart home industry has been a popular hotspot for many years, with The home industry has entered the scene era from the single product era. The good wishes of smart families in science fiction movies have gradually turned into signs. Smart home has become a new outlet for industry development and brand cross-border. Home furnishing companies such as Ou Pai Home Furnishings, Shangpin Home Furnishings, etc. mostly use the whole house customization and smart home as the development direction. Haier, Ou Ruibo, Ziguang IOT, Yunqi Intelligent, Ximo Technology and other smart home manufacturers have also received billions of capital market investment, GVS also officially landed on the new three board. According to statistics, the smart home market has great potential. In the future, companies engaged in the smart home industry will increase by 30% per year. By 2018, the global market for smart homes will reach 140 billion yuan.

Suning test independent brand, open “Youqu Experience Store”; Haier released Haierhome, a new home furnishing product, and plans to open 400 new stores this year; Huawei develops HiLink, a smart home open Internet platform; Midea’s smart home brand M-Smart Even the airport has set up smart home experience zones, and smart homes have ushered in the best times. At the same time, this is also the worst era. Under the enthusiasm of the market, smart home enterprises are becoming more and more impetuous, and the most direct manifestation is the “pseudo-intelligent” products that have been criticized. Smart chopsticks, smart coasters, smart egg boxes… a series of incomprehensible products that look smart, but the simple way of eating, drinking, and omeletting is extremely complicated, and the impractical intelligence is only forcible. Stacked waste.

These products have been market-tested and soon disappeared into smart speakers, smart locks, The aura of smart home appliances, especially smart speakers, has exploded in 2017, which has forced many smart merchants to “think coldly”, redefine the meaning of smart homes, and think about their future development direction.

Where is the smart home road in 2018? From smart homes to smart homes to smart communities, the concept transformation is followed by the iteration of new technologies and the evolution of consumer scenes, as well as the emergence of new landing windows. In 2018, smart homes will likely have the following four trends:

I. Smart Scenery upgrade of the home. In 2018, smart homes will not only be related to the family life of users, but will also extend to the four core scenes of consumer work, study, life and entertainment. Smart home will develop more diversified and diversified products, content and services. .

Second, smart item optimization. With the maturity and popularity of smart homes, single product optimization will become another development direction of smart home in the future, that is, based on the original products, through technology upgrades and big data feedback, optimize the single product function.

Third, the omni-channel development of smart home. Similar to other sales products, smart homes can’t rely on a single online platform or push platform to achieve sales improvement. Only by opening the omni-channel sales path can more users be affected.

Four, home improvement and real estate promote smart home landing. This is mainly for the practical application of smart homes. The users who purchase smart homes are basically decoration companies and real estate developers. These two categories are also the main consumer groups of smart homes, especially the home improvement companies. Quickly cut into the smart home industry.

At the moment, smart home is at dawn. No matter how it develops, smart homes are all for the good life, and they are born to solve people’s actual needs. Only by insisting on the initial heart can you ask the West.

(Source: Consumer Daily)


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