The Korean people celebrated the Shangyuan Festival and embraced Kim Jong-un as a “father”

China News Service, February 16th According to the Korean Central News Agency, the Korean people happily spent the folk festival on the 14th — — Shangyuan Festival (15th lunar month).

North Korea’s national households are filled with joy.

Family members and neighbors reunite, sharing traditional meals such as rice and 9 kinds of dried vegetables, and playing folk games such as chess and Yuz.

The catering units in the capital offer ethnic dishes such as Pyongyang cold noodles and mung bean pancakes to the public, adding to the fun of folk festivals.

The various service units known for their specialties, such as the restaurants in Shariyuan Folk Street, and the Yuxi Pavilion in Haizhou City, are also full of national atmosphere.

The sun sets, showing a unique view of the moon in Pyongyang’s Peony Peak, Datong River and scenic spots.

According to the report, since the ancient times, the Korean people have had the custom of making a wish for the moon every month. This year’s night, the Korean people are full of enthusiasm for the hope of achieving the happiness of family and the prosperity of the motherland.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

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