The new trend of new industrialization: platform economy, green development

Industry paradigm shift driven by technological change reflects the change in the law of development of industry and enterprise. The new paradigm of the traditional industrial industrialization industrialization has changed fundamentally compared. 40 years of reform and opening up China’s industrialization is rapidly advancing for 40 years, it is the industry has witnessed tremendous paradigm shift for 40 years. If the traditional emphasis on industrialization based on resources and factor endowments, give full play to low-cost labor and other basic factors of production price advantage on the use of high-end global division of labor gradually upgrade the value chain from low-end to the, then, new industrialization is more He stressed that rely on innovation and technological progress to promote industrial chain and enhance the value chain. Among them, both to upgrade the value chain vertically extend from simple processing and manufacturing labor-intensive, low value-added to the design, development, supply chain management, marketing, services, high value-added sectors, including through the application of advanced technology, value each link in the chain of value-added reconstruction, reorganization of production systems to improve the overall efficiency and competitiveness of the industry chain, value chain jumped parallel way.
currently emerging in this new industrial revolution, a new generation of information technology as the core, new energy, new materials, bio-technology as the representative of emerging technologies group breakthrough and collaborative applications as the main body, people, machines, and smart + Connected between digital and manufacturing resources, network, intelligence is characterized, as we make full use of modern science and technology to enhance the industry chain, value chain provides a significant opportunity. Integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and manufacturing more and more extensive, intelligent manufacturing, intelligence services are becoming the main direction of the global transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and manufacturing of. The rapid development of a new generation of information technology and extensive application of the traditional industrial model presented a huge challenge. Intelligent manufacturing and customization will allow economies of scale in many industries become obvious, such as the original competition in terms of R & D and design of the force developed countries will be strengthened, a country increasingly difficult to rely mainly on natural resources and labor resources to achieve industrialization and ultimately achieve modernization. Coupled with localized, decentralized production methods may have developed rapidly in developing countries and catching-up economies, including China presents new challenges. How to seize opportunities, meet challenges, it is to promote the new industrialization must confront contemporary issues. In this sense, we must further implement innovation-driven development strategy to accelerate and promote a paradigm shift in the industry, changes in the quality of economic development, efficiency change, power change. Economy has become a new platformThe industrial organization in recent years, the global Internet sector has shown a trend of rapid development, cloud computing, big data, block chain, artificial intelligence technology matures and to apply, is to achieve the integration of manufacturing and the real economy. Some countries or companies proposed a new concept of the digital economy and the depth of integration of manufacturing, such as Germany’s Internet industry, “Industry 4.0”, the US General Electric Company and other proposed. Germany “Industry 4.0” intelligent equipment, intelligent and smart production plant as the core, hoping to resolve their manufacturing information technology, digital level is not high, by extending to the Intelligent Manufacturing Intelligence Service. US Internet industry proposed by General Electric Company, with its strong tend to the Internet and big data technology, large data analysis and intelligent decision-making and improve the efficiency of existing industries and promote the development of new industries. Whichever model or concept behind all forms of industrial organization transition to platform direction. That is, the economy has become a platform for new industrial organization, both areas of production or consumption areas are entering the era of revolutionary platform. This constitutes a new industrialization of the characteristics of the times. In this context, a number of domestic Internet technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Jingdong, has quickly grown into a platform-oriented enterprises; some foreign manufacturers such as ABB, Bosch, IBM, GE, Luo Luo and other structures through the integration of manufacturing and service ecosystem evolved into the platform business. Compared with the traditional mode of industrialization, economic platform more emphasis on manufacturing and service integration, service-oriented manufacturing become a new trend. On the one hand, inside the traditional manufacturing enterprise product design, technology development, quality management, testing and certification, supply chain management, marketing, logistics and service sectors continue to separate out, to enhance the professional level by the manufacturing sector to provide more accurate and efficient support. On the other hand, manufacturing enterprises through innovative forms of production organization optimization, operations management, service elements in increasing the proportion of inputs and outputs, especially the development of design services, networked collaborative manufacturing services, value-added information services, and the continuous extension up the value chain. Platform economy is still in a certain division of labor has changed the relationship between organizational structure and internal business degree. Internet penetration in a wide range of applications in the field of business management and production organization, reducing management layers, compression functions of departments, Internet-based remote collaborative manufacturing become a new model. Changes in productivity shows that both the new industrialization drive technological progress, but also the management of innovationChanges in production relations in the drive. China has proposed to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing, the purpose is to seize opportunities in the new industrial revolution, to fully promote the integration of interactive interactive integration of industrialization and information technology, integration of interactive technology innovation and business model innovation, manufacturing and modern service industry, in promoting new industrialization process in efforts to achieve manufacturing to China to create change China, the pace of change to the quality of China, Chinese brand products shift to China, the final completion of China’s manufacturing industry to grow stronger strategic task. Green development of new industrialization not only become a new industry, the manufacturing sector internal things strategic task, but involves factors of production, resources and environment and systemic mode of production, holistic change. From a historical perspective the industrialized world, the unprecedented scale of the industrial revolution the economy to expand , the industrial structure has undergone profound changes, a substantial increase in living standards. This is undoubtedly a great achievement. However, each time in the history of the industrial revolution did not solve the problem of green development, “pollution , later” almost became the fate of the industrialized countries. Even in modern times, many developing country still repeating the mistakes industrialized countries have committed on this issue. If we consider the intergenerational impact of traditional industrialization drive rapid growth is actually at the expense of future generations living environment for the price. Today, we must not re-take the “pollution , treatment later,” the old road, must be green development as one of the core content of new industrialization. Not only new industrialization of technological progress and economic growth, but also a resource-saving and environment-friendly. In this sense, the new industrialization will bring a new round green revolution. Since the party’s 18 large, innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development of new ideas in the whole Party and people firmly established. Xi Jinping stressed that “protecting the environment is to protect productivity, improve the ecological environment is the development of productive forces” profoundly reveals the basic law jumped from industrial civilization to ecological civilization, provide guidance thinking and action guide for the new era to promote industrialization. Promote industrialization in accordance with the concept of green development, need to do the following. First, be green or ecological transformation, including the development of new production processes, reduce or replace the use of toxic and hazardous substances, efficient and economical recycling of existing industrial systemsRaw materials, reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and clean governance and so on. These can reduce the pressure on the environment, and improve the efficiency of resource use, it is the transformation of traditional industrial sectors the task must be completed. Second, the development of energy resources-saving and environment-friendly green or green manufacturing industry, both capable of efficient use of energy resources and protect the ecological environment of new industries, including full use of the laws of nature and resource recycling principle of traditional industries. Third is to develop solar, hydro, wind, biomass and other renewable energy, accelerate the adjustment of energy structure, actively developing energy Internet, to achieve clean, safe and efficient use of energy. There is a certain level of green development “positive externalities.” Achieve green industrialization, we must strengthen government regulation, implement the most stringent environmental protection system, improve environmental governance; but also to foster entrepreneurship, stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises, so that enterprises play the main role in environmental governance. Entrepreneurs should not only be a new era of technology and business model innovator, it should also be green and eco-industrial civilization leader. Since the development of new ideas to lead the new industrialization of reform and opening up, China’s further economic reform, give full play to comparative advantages, completed the industrialization process of the developed countries for hundreds of years traveled in just a few decades time. In recent years, the external environment and internal conditions facing China’s economic development has undergone profound and complex changes, mainly rely on the resources, capital, labor and other inputs to support economic growth and development scale expansion is no longer sustainable. To effectively deal with the external environment and internal conditions profound changes to China’s economic development has brought severe challenges, Xi Jinping proposed innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing new development concept for China to improve the quality of economic development, promote industrialization offers fundamental guidance. Innovation is the driving force to lead the development. At present, information technology, intelligent manufacturing technology as the representative of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution gave birth to the rise and accelerate penetration into all areas of industrial development. Seize the new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution the opportunities and turned China into an industrial power by the industrial powers, we must implement innovation-driven development strategy, innovation and lead the new industrialization. To strengthen the national innovation system, create market-friendly institutional environment and technological innovation and scientific discoveries; deepen the reform of education and science and technology, and build a team full of talent innovative, fully stimulate innovation and creativity of scientific and technological personnel; strengthening intellectual property rights protection, to further enhanceTechnological innovation power; glued to the forefront of world science and technology, focusing short board industrialization in our country, and make breakthroughs “strangle hold” technology; basic research and applied basic research strengthened, made more original results. Promote the coordinated development of secondary and tertiary industries, the real economy and the virtual economy, and urban and rural areas, etc. CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , it is an important part of new industrialization. Manufacturing seize the digital, networked, intelligent trend, promoting new industry cluster development, for the first breakthrough in the high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields, to seize the high ground of a new round of industrial competition. According to China’s vast market demand and large differences in national conditions and regional characteristics and market demand, and coordinate manufacturing and service industries, the relationship between high-tech industries and traditional industries, the development of coastal areas and inland areas of industry www. , the whole industry chain jumped by promoting coordinated regional development. Place should give full play to its comparative advantages, a complement to other areas to avoid similar industry and overcapacity. Green industrial development is not purely environmental governance, but what kind of industrial manufacturing systems, industrial structure, the development of international division of labor and other strategic issues involved in the formation. To achieve our green industrial development, the key is to vigorously develop modern service industry, modern service industry and manufacturing industry to promote the depth of integration, improve total factor productivity and the contribution rate of science and technology to economic growth. Seize the new round of technological revolution and industrial opportunity for change, providing green products and services, build a green manufacturing system. Accelerate the transformation of development of the energy industry, and gradually improve China’s environmental standards CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and increase investment in energy-saving environmental protection industry, promote the realization of green low-carbon development cycle to solve ecological and environmental problems at the source. Open is the fundamental way of achieving national prosperity. Promote industrialization, we must improve the linkage between internal and external development. With two good international and domestic markets and resources, focus on strengthening economic and trade cooperation with “all the way along the” participating countries to explore trade and production cooperation in the new model, and expand opening up domestic and regional coordinated development and optimization of industrial layout adjustment promoted by a total of into. In expanding the opening up of international operations continue to enhance the ability of enterprises to enhance the status of our industry in the global industrial chain, value chain, pushing meThe development of national industry from relying mainly on cost, price competitive to rely on technology, standards, brand, quality and service as the core competitive advantage transition, to accelerate the realization of China’s shift from manufacturing power to create power. Industrialization development results universal access is an essential requirement of socialism. Deepening the reform of the distribution mechanism of interests, promote inter-industry through market-oriented, rule of law means, more equitable income distribution mechanism among elements form. Adhere to the principle of distribution according to work, improve the institutional mechanisms Factor Distribution, promote income distribution more reasonable and orderly. Pay attention to form a reasonable industrial structure, economic development and the promotion of basic Houzhi employment, to ensure the new road to industrialization of our country become broader and broader, farther flat.

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