The next outlet: the Internet under the new industrial infrastructure

Recently, the Internet industry favorable industrial policy frequent Control Engineering Copyright , first in 2020 February 21 Politburo meeting mentioned the need to accelerate the development of 5G, the Internet and other new industrial infrastructure, after the Ministry of Industry February 25 announced the “2019 Internet industry pilot demonstration projects list” to define the 81 demonstration projects. March 4, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to study the current new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and stabilize the economy focused on social work. The meeting pointed out, to increase public health services, emergency supplies to protect areas of investment, accelerate the 5G network, the Internet and other new industrial infrastructure construction progress.
Internet industry is the basis for the industrial development of the Internet is the foundation of intelligent manufacturing intelligent manufacturing development, can provide common infrastructure and capacity needs intelligent manufacturing base mainly two aspects: one is industrial manufacturing base, including advanced technology, materials, technology and manufacturing capabilities. Second, network and digital basis, it is network equipment, products, customers, business processes, employees, orders and information systems connected together, collect and analyze data over the network, relevant results to improve production efficiency, reduce resource consumption based on the ability of the two aspects of demand, intelligent manufacturing there are two routes available: one is Germany’s “industry 4.0” model, with its strong German manufacturing process technology, automation and digital technology, intelligent manufacturing development of key “intelligent factory”, “intelligence workshop” or “smart production line.” The other one is the US tend to route the Internet industry, the advantage of the domestic IT technologies and solutions, relying on Microsoft, IBM and other IT companies, to create universal solutions or industry type. Domestic Intelligent Manufacturing choice is a “middle way”, the Internet industry as an important infrastructure, provide support for industrial intelligence. In this way selection of domestic, industrial Internet could play a greater role. On the one hand, the country has a strong industrial manufacturing capacity, industry wide range, a complete industrial chain, a large number of factories, workshops and production lines have the potential for network-linking of , but the level of automation with Germany quite different. On the other hand, home networking, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data technologies in the rapid development of the Internet industry gap with international standards , significantly less than traditional automated, NC field. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing systems, intelligent factories, workshops wisdom, wisdom will focus on domestic production line to do, but which will increase the industrial application of Internet technology, take full advantage of the domestic information technology, to make up short in the traditional areas of automation board.
Internet business needs to see industrial demand from the business perspective, the Internet industry can be discussed from two angles and the Internet industry. Industrial point of view, the Internet industry mainly for internal production systems to external business intelligence activities, the use of ICT technology to achieve between machines, machines and systems, real-time connectivity with the intelligent interaction between upstream and downstream businesses, bring business optimization technical applications include the ubiquitous perception, real-time monitoring, precise control, data integration, supply chain collaboration and so on. From the perspective of the Internet, mainly from the outside but inside, the outside of the commercial Internet business innovation and stimulating the transformation of internal organization of production manufacturing model, the main business includes precision marketing, personalized customization, crowdsourcing public record, collaborative design, collaborative manufacturing.

business architecture perspective Control Engineering Copyright , the Internet industry from the perspective of business architecture Control Engineering Copyright , the Internet industry by the network, platforms and three security constitute a major factor. Where: is the core platform, based on the traditional industrial cloud platform, through networking, big data application technology, artificial intelligence, to achieve open manufacturing capabilities, knowledge and experience reuse and developers gather to enhance industry knowledge production, dissemination, use efficiency, promote each other to form massive open APP applications and industrial users, ecosystem bidirectional iteration; network infrastructure development of the Internet industry, especially the development of 5G CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to the industry bring significant opportunities for development and change; security is the protection of the healthy operation of the Internet industry, the importance of continuous improvement.
enterprises to benefit from large industrial Internet deployment, medium and small businesses benefit from the Internet in the industrial deployment. large enterprise. Internet companies will be used to optimize industrial equipment or design, production, operation and effect is obvious. Among them, Shaangu industrial companies use the Internet platform for remote unit status is analyzed, health equipment for the operation and maintenanceRepair and maintenance to provide effective guidance for normal maintenance period shortened by more than 33.3%, the average saving device management friction costs 42%; aerospace electronics use INDICS platform, equipment, process, detection data quality by analysis, to achieve defect rate decreased 56 %. SMEs. On the one hand, management class platform for SMEs to take advantage of cloud SaaS service deployed applications, a “fill capability”; on the other hand, into socialized production system by industry Internet platform to get potential orders and loans, platform to “grab resources”, some companies have in obtaining loans, orders and other resources by industry internet platform.
Industrial Internet industry prospects 2018– 2020, three years is the foundation stage of development of the Internet industry, the focus is three years: initially built low latency, high reliability and wide coverage of the industrial Internet network infrastructure, the initial construction industry internet identity resolution system, the initial formation have focused, collaborative cluster development of industrial internet platform system, the initial establishment of industrial internet security system.
June 2018, the Ministry issued the “industrial development of the Internet Action Plan (2018-2020 years)”, clearly stated, “By the end of 2020, the selection of batches of about 10 cross-industry cross-cutting platform. Push more than 300,000 industry clouds on business, cultivate more than 300,000 industrial APP “. Ministry in the country’s industrial and information work conference that in 2020 to implement the “5G + Industrial Internet” 512 projects to speed up manufacturing digital networked intelligent transformation, continue to promote the car networking, industrial Internet and artificial intelligence innovative applications pilot area construction. 5G integration with the Internet industry and industrial integration 5G Internet, can be combined with existing R & D system, production control system and service management system, but also promote the 5G and vertical industry research and development, manufacturing, management services and other profound changes in the production process, from manufacturing to achieve a single point, local application of information technology, networking and intelligent transition to digital. According to the Ministry of Industry issued in November 2019 “” 5G + Industrial Internet “512 Project to promote the program,” the plan target by 2022, will exceed 5G number of key technologies for the industrial Internet specific needs, “5G + Industrial Internet” industry support capability significantly improved; to build five industrial public service platform to build innovativeCarriers and public service capacity; accelerate the vertical field “5G + Industrial Internet,” the pilot application, network construction and renovation covering 10 key industries; create a group within the “5G + Industrial Internet” network construction and renovation benchmark, model projects, forming at least 20 large typical industrial application scenarios. More To achieve this goal, in 2020 February 25 day laborers Ministry announced the 81 demonstration projects, “5G + Industrial Internet” integrated innovation projects have 10, covering large aircraft manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, port management, equipment and processing field. 5G advantage of the high bandwidth, low latency, support mass access and other aspects, has the potential integration with the Internet industry. According to industry reports released by the Internet Industry Alliance, the future of the eight categories in the new scenario, the possibility of cooperation in the Internet industry 5G and higher, respectively, 5G + ultra high-definition video, 5G + AR, 5G + VR, 5G + UAV, 5G + Drive robot, 5G + remote control, 5G + 5G + and machine vision cloud of the AGV (automatic guided vehicle).
Under the background of the epidemic, the Internet industry and 5G together, become the focus of domestic “new infrastructure” investment, related construction is expected to speed.

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