The price of xenon lamp will be very expensive. Which brand of xenon lamp is better?

The xenon lamps currently on the market are lighter in brightness and brighter because of their lower energy consumption.匜 is very long, many car owners consider long-term interests, they will choose to install xenon lamps, but most people know very little about xenon lamps, then Xenon lamp priceWill it be expensive? Let’s take a look at it with a small editorXenon lamp priceWhether it is expensive and which brand of xenon lamp is better.

1, Xenon lamp pricewill it be expensive

1,Xenon Light PriceIt is more expensive than incandescent and halogen lamps, but its performance is much better than them. Xenon lamps not only have a longer service life, but also are more user-friendly. It will not affect the passing vehicles, and it will not appear suddenly or suddenly, allowing the driver to have time to adapt to changes in the surrounding environment.

2, the cost of modifying the Xenon lamp for vehicles is about 2,000-10,000 yuan. It is recommended that you do not use the price too low. Xenon lamps, although cheap, have no security and are prone to safety problems. At the time of modification, you should also let the professional install it to ensure that the xenon lamp can be used normally.

3, the brand of xenon lamp is different, the price There are also certain differences on the market. The cheap ones are only a few hundred yuan, and the expensive ones are thousands of yuan. Many car owners will modify the xenon lamp after buying a car, but everyone should be cautious when choosing a xenon lamp. If the purchase or modification is inadvertent, Not only will the passing vehicles be affected during driving, but it is also not conducive to their own safety.

Second, which brand of xenon lamp is better

1, the first thing to introduce to you is the Philips brand. The xenon lamps produced by Philips are made of ultraviolet quartz glass, which can effectively protect the lamps. Moreover, Philips has various types of xenon lamps for everyone to choose from. Each type of xenon lamp is equipped with different colors and prices.

2, then Xiaobian wants to recommend with everyone It is the Hella Xenon lamp, which has a high reputation in the world. Whether it is bright or performance, it is very good, and after one second of Hella Xenon lamp, the brightness can reach 20%, and the quality is outstanding. Performance.

3. Finally, we recommend the Shelly Xenon lamp. This brand is independently completed in Asia and currently the brand Xenon lamps have sold more than 50% in Asia, and the quality of the brand has made Shelly the largest manufacturer of xenon lamps in Asia.

Small summary: The above is Xenon lamp priceWill it be expensive and which brand Xenon lights are relatively good related content, I hope to help everyone. Xenon lights do have great advantages, but Xiao Bian here reminds the owners that it is necessary to pay attention to the modifications before the modification. Not all vehicles are suitable for installing Xenon lamps. Don’t neglect their own safety in pursuit of fashion.


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