The real pillars of the fourth industrial revolution! 5G market is much greater than you think

5G technology around the world has set off a wave of innovation and investment, and commercial deployment of competition. According to “5G economy” Qualcomm’s latest report commissioned IHSMarkit completed by 2035, 5G will achieve 13.2 trillion US dollars of economic output, in its 2017 forecast of an increase of $ 1 trillion. Growth forecast data clearly attributed to accelerate the introduction of 5G 2019: As of November 2019, the world has deployed 46 commercial 5G networks. 5G network is an unprecedented expansion of the value of wireless communications. At the same time , according to the above report, the global value chain 5G will affect the global economy, 2035 will support up to 22.3 million jobs, is a similar level of economic output to support employment 3.4 times the post. In order to continue to expand and strengthen the technology base 5G, 5G investments in global average will reach $ 235 billion per year.
ReportsnReports also raised Forecast: 5G global market in 2020 to grow to $ 31 billion in 2026 from $ 11 trillion. This phenomenal growth covers virtualization, cloud computing, edge and split functions, including all 5G markets. In addition, according to Ovum’s forecast, by 2023, global 5G users will reach 1.3 billion. The above data shows that the development of 5G technology, application and popularization of various industries will change the face of the depth of the world, change our daily lives, and have significant and far-reaching impact on global economic growth. So, 5G most influential industry in the end what, 5G bring new market Where CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , what new business opportunities? Recently, the Americas and 5G LTE industry trade association 5GAmericas released a white paper “5G service innovation”, the above issues were discussed, but also interpretation of some important trends related industries in 5G technology applications involving fixed wireless access, cloud gaming, smart grid, augmented reality, 5G non-terrestrial networks, unmanned aerial vehicles and healthcare sectors. According to the report, the president 5GAmericas ChrisPearson said: 5G networks exciting future. This technology can reach almost every aspect of the new economy, It is the fourth pillar of true industrial revolution. All in all, 5G may be much greater than you imagine. 1. Fixed Wireless Access 5G, fixed wireless access (the FWA) approach eliminates the need for costly fixed access dark fiber can be used as a home or business broadband alternative or in addition. These solutions offer a variety of options for the wireless broadband access, can achieve more than 10 to 100 times the conventional 4G network capacity. It SNSTelecom Prediction: By the end of 2019, the global fixed wireless access 5G revenue will reach $ 1 billion; 2025 global market worth more than $ 40 billion in 2019 – a compound annual growth rate between 2015 to reach 84%. 2. Cloud games Cloud games will compute-intensive graphics rendering and processing from the user’s device to the network server, represents a fundamental change in the gaming industry, and provide enhanced on a mobile device cloud gaming service will need to edge server support 5G low latency connectivity.
It is predicted that by 2021, the global games market is expected to grow to $ 180 billion, of which the share of mobile games will increase to 59%, worth $ 106 billion. According ABIResearch data CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , by 2024, there will be more than 42 million active users of cloud gaming, 2018– compound annual growth rate between 2024 to 61.7%. 3. Smart Grid Reportsand Data According to a recent report predicts that, with the steady growth of investment in 2026, the smart grid market is expected to reach $ 92.97 billion, a CAGR of 19.4% over the forecast period.
the rapid development of the smart grid market is also without the support of 5G technologies. For example, two-way communication network grid will allow the wireless connection equipment remote detection, monitoring, and adjusting power. In this process, 5G will become a catalyst to provide a network for smart grid applications required throughput and low-latency. 4. augmented reality augmented reality (XR) are some of the industry’s most critical edge applications being developed, 5G will be augmented reality (XR) market with new impetus.
According to SuperDataResearch data, by the end of 2022, the market size will reach 339Billion dollars – that’s just data the consumer side of the market. At the same time , as of 2018, the virtual reality equipment installed capacity has reached 14 million units by 2022 this figure will increase to 51 million units. 5.5G non-terrestrial network due to low Earth orbit (LEO) and high altitude platform stations (HAPS) systems in the field of innovation and investment, the aerospace industry is on the verge of a revolution, which will allow operators to 5G global reach of traditional terrestrial networks usually hard to reach areas. For example, the global maritime satellite communications market value of $ 1.84 billion in 2017, projected to 2024 will reach $ 3.4 billion, a CAGR of 9.2%. 6. UAV 5G ultra-low latency combined with advanced robotic technology, will usher in a new era of remote and autonomous flying machines or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is. At the same time , 5G capacity will be enhanced by the drone of complex traffic management systems. It is predicted that by 2019 the UAV market size of $ 19.3 billion by 2025 will reach $ 45.8 billion, 2019– compound annual growth rate between 2025 to 15.5%. 7. 5G impact on health care healthcare industry will be everywhere, and medical sensing and monitoring is one of the main scene of Things applications is expected in the forecast period 2019-2024, the fastest-growing spending compound annual growth rate of about 21%.
According to Ericsson predicts that by 2026, telecom operators total revenue potential in the medical field 5G will reach $ 75.7 billion. This includes patients with US $ 49.2 billion, $ 19.8 billion hospital applications CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , health care, $ 5.2 billion in other areas, as well as medical data management $ 1.6 billion. In the new era of communications, new treatment facilities will depend on the ultra-reliable, low-latency communication and time synchronization 5G to support accurate and timely information sharing and control CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and from video to share complete diagnosis, the insulin pump from the control to perform tasks such as robotic surgery. Overall, the points made in the report and the relevant number fromIt can be found: the development of 5G will rely on the development of the industry itself, with the formation of complementary and promoted by each other into the relationship, the next opportunity is tightly integrated with the 5G multi-industry. At the same time , in power 5G technology, the industry application market will arise related to exponential growth trend.

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