The server will be no future of cloud computing?

Infrastructure as a Service is a boon for businesses , the chief information officer can no longer use physical server or even shut down the data center, while achieving new levels of business flexibility. However, CIOs need to ask: What is the next important matters that can bring business results? Scott Buchholz consultancy Deloitte’s emerging technologies research director, said the answer might be “no server computing,” which is a new software architecture that dynamically allocated according to the request for higher order services (such as a database or code function) computing, storage and memory. According to Deloitte’s 2018 survey of global chief information officers conducted, 69% of IT leaders believe that “process automation and transformation” is the main focus of its digital agenda, no server seemed a good fit with the actions and measures to the Chief Information Officer . Buchholz said , “we are getting closer to such a stage that IT departments will no longer spend more time focusing on the details and mechanisms of technology, but pay more attention to business outcomes.” Defined no server computing in the traditional cloud environment, infrastructure and operations (I & O) team to design and configure the computing power, storage and other tools provided by supplier partners. No server role on the business logic to automate these tasks, as well as patches, backup, security and database management resources associated with it. Buchholz said , which may be the infrastructure and operations (I & O) management costs by 10%, while the infrastructure and operations (I & O) leaders to focus on other tasks, such as managing API and service level agreements. It should be noted that non-server computing is still using the server. However, Ross Winser Gartner analyst in 2018 infrastructure and operations (I & O) Trend Report wrote, cloud computing providers (rather than infrastructure and operations staff) responsible for configuring and extend all the underlying runtime environment involved resources. No server benefits in its Deloitte Technology Trends Report 2019 pointed out, no goal is to automate server and abstracted from the underlying infrastructure, “NoOps” IT environment. Because of the operating capitalSource of demand reduction, CIOs can reallocate the remaining human resources to develop new features that support the business. Buchholz said , “mean an increase in options which we are changing the nature of work. Need to get more IT staff as CIOs and business users as to think, not like NIB, NOBS, patches and other versions. “Gartner company in April 2018 released the report pointed out that despite the publicity and hype, but no server is still in its infancy, only 5% of organizations use it in some way, but the researchers He said that by 2020, over 20% of global companies will not deploy server. No server case studies such as Control Engineering Copyright , Nick Rockwell “The New York Times’ chief technology officer believes that no server computing cloud computing will be the next step in the journey, so that developers no longer worried about their code the server is running. “The Times” run on the AWS cloud platform most of its business applications and e-commerce platform, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provide support for consumer-oriented applications, including websites, mobile applications and the crossword puzzle. But Rockwell’s infrastructure team still take hours to determine how much the company AWS and Google cloud instances they need, how should these examples, as well as examples of the need for additional input, output, or memory. They must be configured for each instance, and repair and installation of software on the operating system. In addition, they must carefully manage the dependencies and relationships associated with each application, and figure out how each part of the application will be extended. Moreover, we should note the, IaaS and SaaS pricing involves payment of a fixed monthly or annual fee, whether or not to use the full capacity of the offer. Rockwell said , “depending on the customer and optimize resource utilization. If the lease 50 instances, if one instance is full, while the other 49 instances idle, this is the improper use of the problem. “no server rendering issues can not be resolved idle instance. In contrast, when a predefined event occurs, the code will trigger a special function to perform written, and no server platform to perform this task. Customers do not need to tell cloud computingThese business functions will be triggered many times, and each time the function is executed they pay only a fraction of the cost. Rockwell indicates no server can be increased 5 to 10 times the efficiency. Rockwell said: “No server so that product is both reliable and extensible.” He said his company is working with Google cloud platform, to provide free server program. In the long run, from an economic point of view, it would be a better, cheaper, more efficient way. No server option if no server to be the next important matter remains to be seen in computing, but vendors are actively seeking this emerging market opportunities. AWS AWS Lambda has introduced its first commercial-free as a server platform in 2014. Microsoft and Google is strengthening competitiveness of similar products for customers to create more choices. Lambda is still in the lead. According that migrate through the Coca-Cola Company from AWS EC2 instance to the vending machine without the Lambda server instance , will cost from $ 13,000 to $ 4,500. pointed out, Netflix company to use Lambda production, processing, reproduction and protect their content. Deloitte said Cargill and Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group is no other testing or deployment of enterprise servers. No server is a risky business enterprise server applications do not apply to non-cautious, especially for large-scale deployment planning application companies. For example, Copyright Control Engineering , without migrating to the server application typically requires rebuilding or exchanged major system components (such as a database). This may prove to be costly and disruptive. For this reason, many people, including Rockwell, including, believe no more secure server for green space development program. Buchholz said that given the serverless transient, monitoring, and debugging is also challenging. For example, Control Engineering Copyright , using non-server model to capture data more challenging, because the machine can not log on. But Buchholz represent CONTROL ENGINEERING China All Rights Reserved, a new generation of debugging and monitoring tools are emerging to help. Another problem is vendor lock-in, chief information officer, he has been trying to migrate services to the public cloud. Buchholz said , no server is currently not on industry standards, which raises concerns about the early adopters who are afraid to make mistakes. With server-prompted CIOs continue to promote the free server program, Buchholz offers some advice to this end. Chief information officers need to understand their data infrastructure. When carefully consider the vendor options, understand the data and processes, how to store and manage it, and how to integrate it with the front end of the platform. And need to ask yourself: What is the data storage and manipulation? It is how to deal with? For example, Control Engineering Copyright , those who manage unstructured data and a large number of large-scale data management and transaction data may need to deal with the relationship model of different things. The answers to these questions will help determine which platform to use. People Do not be confused by the new tool or new technology. No server service is growing fast, so pay attention to those features and cool new tools hype. Organizations need to achieve business results select the most meaningful technology. Understand their employees. Chief information officers need to understand their organization and employees. What skills are required such as the current? Do I need to streamline or repurposing? Or hire new workers as members? “If you can not drive, so have Ferrari key is meaningless.” Buchholz metaphor. Green. In order to avoid the risk of reconstruction, many companies adopt green field applications, and these applications can not enter the server. This is the code and countless other systems without interdependencies of new services. Even small changes in legacy applications will have a huge ripple effect.

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